Comic Paneling and Composition

Holly Brown, Comicbook Artist

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7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 22 Panels that Always work

    • 3. Open and Closed panels

    • 4. Grid Paneling

    • 5. Z Paneling

    • 6. Widescreen Paneling

    • 7. Word Ballon Tips

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Project Description

If you used any of the tips in this video, upload your own comics here!

Try to do at least one of each panel type,

The Widescreen panel : Cinematic, looks good for small dialogue and a focus on scenery and aesthetics.

The Z Panel: Made for short conversations, fast paced, great for comedy and all dialogue.

The Classic Grid: 6-9 panels that come together in some dissemblance of a grid. Can work for a variety of different types of comics, action, dialogue, scenery, this one can do them all.

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