Comic Painting Simplified For Beginners : Painting Dino Set | Shivangi Dubey | Skillshare

Comic Painting Simplified For Beginners : Painting Dino Set

Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Outline & Tracing

    • 4. Layer Setup

    • 5. Base Coloring

    • 6. Highlights & Shadows



About This Class

Hey Guys! 

Welcome to my Series of Digital Painting Simplified Learning Classes - This is the first part of the process explaining about the simple and how to use workspace in Photoshop to paint realistic organics like fruits. 

In tutorial I will be painting Dino set; you can do it too. Files are in Project Resources Tab. You can choose other images too.

In this class, you are explained :

1. Simplified Process

2. Simpler use of Brush and Mixer Brush

3. Layers Setup 

and more.


If you are

a. Graphic Designer

b. Artist

c. Fond of Digital Painting


here to fun and explore - Join the Class Now!

Also Learn Animation In Photoshop , Caricature Making In Photoshop , Photoshop Basics here. Check out more tutorials at my Profile too.


1. Introduction: wondering, do long destroy painting, but sometime it's get confusing on how to full up. Don't worry, we are here with the best solution for you that it's common painting simplified the school show, plus by me, she monkey, your friend and future. I'm grab it isn't an enemy, and this list I'll be teaching. You guys see comic coloring in photo shop and this you do real all of a six to get clear from the base to the feeling off, bro. And also this is that usual, really, for you guys who are searching how to paint with the mouse BC I'm using the tool is just a simple months, nothing else. So this less is for you. And also there are easy to follow instructions on step by step tutorial, so that it is easy to follow with me. Andi, achieve your own dreams. Characters. You can paint your dream characters offer this glass if you are graphic design. Oh, on out pissed all you want to personally, any off those Whether you are a beginner or a pro are your form of digital bombings and characters. Oh, you are here just for fun and exploring the slices for you so and drawn out on Let's get started 2. Class Project: before we begin the hour class of a process off painting the characters that make you clear they will task is to change any a few dream characters. You can use any sketches or anything that you have already done in your sketchbook or something like that, keeping it digitally like this that you are strike now seeing on the screen and also share you within the process picks. So that and also the process so that I will be able to connect with you and also any issues that are covered you. You can easily connect with me in the discussion cabs. In this last, we're gonna use the oval cremated sketches, just a scandal solution into your computer's Andi Get really with your photo shop screens. 3. Outline & Tracing: once ready video scanned initials in computer open for the shop on the rise on then control and hit control. And from your keyboard to get this new dialogue box on your screen are you can also go to file and click on you. I mean, this would be the diesel that I'd lock. Spots will appear on your screen on the style of Boss says you can write No, See, here it is Untitled won. The preset is custom whether we can switch you to us Paper, International paper photo before size and many other son wartime me I'm using international people with the Squire pixels in the aspect ratio on the color before Calamos departed Ford s RGB The walking on TV That is s rgb So that is good to go. And also in the qalamoun that IHS eight b for the better processing off you put a shot Also the background contenders stone the divide I will make it You know I don't lied about room resolution. Nice Make it here that you have the resolution in pixels per inch as 300 or more You can even choose for more For a better resolution Picture but 300 is beautiful like screens and also for it's best four screens. I think the 300 beautiful be green jobs and in size you can see and hear was having a forward. Now I'm switching to a tree, know much more. Pick up from on just replicating the We're to the heights so that it is in now in the landscape you can also do it after going okay, photo image and then image relation. You can just rotate it horizontally there. So now everything is fine here, John. Okay, find is in progress. We have the document full here. Just I'm having some references for sketching you like thes some of these. Some of Dino's you guys move wherever you have the photograph. You have already scan moved through that fohlen and just drag your image photo shop like this on Drop it on the granddaddy of all really made. And now click on comet transforms are you can just simply end up from keyboard. So this is our image that I have raised out can see it isn't differently. As I have Dragon Rock, the background is different. Okay, often off the bathroom layer you can see the skies having right in the background. What if I don't want that right? I might be wanting just outline. So no burn on the bathroom, Leo. On select that particle image layer that you have drag and drop. Now go to select menu. In the manoeuvre, go to select menu font color range. Here you can see this new dollar walks off color ranges over here. Just you having this Cilic in that there are various colors bird for this kind of thing. I mean global Samper colors. And with this eyedropper Aiken, you can just flick over the color that you want to write a poem, selecting the right idea how you can see the selection previews below, so that now I'm going to change the selection tribute to put masks. You can see the selected color that is white is visible and rest. The blackest storm blew quick mask alot That was your apparently Usually if I click on the black, you can see all right has strong grid. If I click on right all teams now the blackest younger Also you can see here if I want to add any move colors are anymore. Selection to it. I can. Just with the plus one. I can just click on there and with the minus I can again click it on a group. Cancel Oh, from those selection. So I'm doing this to control that because we don't need these things. It was just an exploration guys for you. I'm just selector you with the white, not the blacks. So now if you can see one more option here that in the settings that is fuzziness if I completely zero, you can see how it's reacting or the image. If I completely Bhutto maximum, then it iss like much. So I think a good is a good one is in the middle back added in the sixties, seventies or hundreds. I haven't go with this and number two quite nice. It is not too much and is not a well Liss who wants it. Opie. You can see these marching ants selecting the white color off your image once you zoom in with the control. Plus, you can see that there is a gap between the black color in the white. So go to select a vein, modify and no expand you is going to see here now select, modify and then expand the new dialogue box off. Expand selection is here. I will just go with the minimum. That is for I think this is nice selecting all those clear adjust norther bloody ones. So just right click or the layer can see It's nice selection and the love You knew you were having your earlier emissions Just right click on it and select rest arised there So it is not restaurants you can see there's the ICANN is one from the layer Come name So it is no rest arise on you Control the for the selection. Now you get I don't know the bathroom layer You can see just the border line Just an outline off Our sketch is now appearing nothing as wide or nothing other Then that is over our screen. So we're having out hanging off our sketch Nicely creased on what a shot 4. Layer Setup: so once done with the tracing or outlining off our sketch now it's time for a basic layer set of before we begin to paint. So for this, we're having all really it. That is your mission. Having the outlines on just double click on that and renaming it as outlined and now and see you're in the Leo panel there is is the cycle sing Creator, New Leo. Just click on that as the Lear is horrible. I don't want it above the airplane, So just hold on. Dragged down with the mouse, you can see the layer line between Just place it over there. And for this I'm going to write a based hello layer because we will be doing a based a little hell. And now we're being recorded this newly writing a new layer of above the base color and rename it as Don's now in. Keep on that and rename it as, um, shadows. One more new Leo for highlights for renaming and just living on the layer name, and it is unable to rename it. So what is the difference between all these three? Awful is that for the basically all the layer blending more will be normal as it is the best. Formic knows I will change the little blending too soft, like you can also change your toe overly. But it isn ice with the soft night on for the shadows as into dark. So I'm going to the multiply because it the action, the little blending. Is Marty playing the things the colors up. You don't We are ready to go with the our This basically are set up for our coloring. But beforehand we need to do some color palette like what color will be using our characters. Either you can use some shapes for making the color palette are you can just go with the brush for the brush to. I'm using the stand rushing on doing it with the hardness off like angle. With my middle middle time, you can choose the size of to your tress, using the hardness off 66 with a round brush, you can either do the setting off size of brush manually from there are used to keep your shark curse down here. Just click on the color palette for wrong diaper in the Duma, and now I'm just changing it. Oh, something chrome yellowish might be a golden. I think this is nice. This girl was nice for this painting. I'm going to use a new Leo, which will be having a blending color blending Lear as normal on our really may discolor search. I'm not liking such a hazy outline, so I'll go with the maximum hardness with this 100. I also that extreme cheesed off duty hundreds from the rest roper feasible and see this is nice. This is giving the original you a green on just changing by double clicking or clicking on the icon for wrong on just changing it Will library base still lemon yellow? Yeah, this is this is this will do for the, uh, insight that you know, corrector. I mean, this quick on that, um, Mr for his lips, I will be using very ready 10 thing. And for its striking eyes, I will use this striking blue, this nice woman. So we already the double busy color palette. These are the basic Elice that we'll be using for painting our character on as I have already made it in a new Leo. Sylvia not going to hamper that. Live for any of it. See if we are ready to go with a base salary 5. Base Coloring: So now it's transpo coloring guys. Andi, for that, I'm for the base colors. I will be using the base color Leo on the outline from the Leo panel. You can see these two layers and also from the Cuba. I will be using this magic. Want to the shocker? It is W on the paint bucket, too. That shocked with this G? The color palette obviously be picking the colors. But with the June Oh eyedropper, that is the shot good I so that I will be able to just pick the color from other you already the meat color palette, premed color palette, just like on your magic 1 June. I'm selecting his upper body part and see these marching and said here, but I would like more refined. So go to select, modify, expand and the son Ivan expanded really do to with one. So it's nice much redder than before, like nicely duty black. Hello, so I'll just go based on there now. But the scar Leo on usti paint bucket, too, pick people from the eyedropper full that is a piece room color and just being with the help of paint worker to just quick on the on. It's painted. No going into the outline, click or his in a bar on this time again, Go to select Modify. Expand with one big. So go back to the base color. Leo. I have to pick the color with the IRA Opper Tool. Yes, now, with the strong down and with the help of being book it, just click there you want to paint it? Some more parts are left. Just recall will do run for re selecting the selection on using controlled only for this election. Similarly, and painting Hiss left for, I mean his writebol. So this is gun just his lips and eyes are live. Let us complete them with the same nether off, selecting with a magic wand, then going to select menu who then modify and then expand. Did the ikey click on the color that you want to pick up for the coloring purpose? And then the geek Lee just paying toe are going to the W. You can use the magic one for the next election. Keep spending like that really magical in the eyes I want to add. But so for that you have to select this Aiken that is there in the properties of that noticing active selection. Are you going? Also, hold ship from the keyboard, be at on this selection we go to select modify that expand, expand according to the requirement that you have for that and just to the I select a color for the G painted. So here we are ready with our basic, very basic coloring, full of character hope. At this point, you guys are also at the same page off basic covering off your own characters. You're free to comment me any issues if you're have until now. 6. Highlights & Shadows: once the coloring basically brings Dan. Now we're left with the our district. The layers that are highlight shadows and midterms. Basically what are they Mittal's? It's not the highlight, but they are lighter than the huge shadows are basically the shadows as common our lives Onda highlights at the partner the lifeless getting one poor pending. I'm going to use the simple paint brush guys from the toolbar and select that restroom on in the brush properties here I'm selecting the simple wrong brush with not such a hardness . I think all science you to 60 is good enough. And also you guys know for sizing off a brush. You can either use Freeman Really? From the from there or you can just roll the shot. Gerbes, um, for flu, I will be making the flow like somewhere for these are sixties thing. This is it, Mitt. This is much better than before. So no, as I'm sure you guys the highlight shadows and Rick tones. Basically, these are just a the the light is falling on your character, any character or any drawing the like how the light is falling. That is the basic idea off painting the salads, shadows and millions. For that, let me as you, if the lightest strong his hump site or you can see from his that site like this year like this. This is the light direction, then, or like Maybe this would write the right direction you have to understand from Were the night is stunning can come from top from bottom, some less Portmore the right any there you've won. But either you can also add a delighting me like probably like in the foot in, as we do with the photos and the studios began to it seem for our characters in Vitaly up. Indeed, if the like a strong that direction where the shadows would be like from this direction, the shadows would be hell. Are any of their source up you? If light is from the oval, lift your direction up or calmer than shadows will be on his neck and homes will be great. Also, some shadows fall on his face. So for the stand guys, don't worry. I'm going to be a dude. It step by step. If there is a three point writing, then, like the shadows will only fall on his next side. more very guys on will be doing the step by step. But this particular time this is gonna be easy level. So for this particular time, I'm going to use the light from this, right? No shop the screen. Oh my from no longer guys on just using the light from the right. This is the right direction. No, for painting the and using the beast below that his mean body part on I'm on the big toes. Let us see how tongo just making over Shell's smaller and now painting over here. Even basically, you have to just floor with the mouse. Don't constraint your hands and just moved slowly and in a flurry manner. So you guys get my point. How the mid tone slayer is reacting. It is making the follow who slightly brighter than the U, Also the same. You guys didn't say that this is a part of a hard day, but it is not as sharp as a striking highlight would be. Just Spain. Think how the light will be falling. It's just from the back this home food and dried his back side of the head will be bright slightly on the trail and slightly under his feet strewn might be the victor. You can just control zero farce having all the your screen full on your I mean, you speech full on your screen now in Zubin and painted in on pending on his feet as that light could be falling some part on his feet too. I just can't remember. Don't ever or do it somewhere. This could go in a much over room. I know so And each time if you guys have any confusing just going balls you as you better torches mean place from there or a light source Then how could it be swelling on that particular object? No staying for shadows as its neck is long shadow part will be on his backside. Something is too much overdue for it. But let us try anything. Yeah, this slightly This might be the shadow from his neck on is there But still if I wanted, it is much in focus. This is not Do not show it is dry for the smaller brush. I'm still not happy is let us to go in another place Acting this is the sculler is going too much. So just play with the flow. I'm just luring the flow. Now you guys can see Yeah, this is much nicer than before and easy. Um, it's nice According to delight, the shadows are good for the eyes of the shadow because his eyes are too much. No. So you have your shadow. It was a thing around. Like, where the naturally home, Actually, the shadows could be placed slightly room very low over the brush size and play along. Uh, no, I'm just using air easily. Four years in the shadows from the next side. Those that is too much striking as I'm in the shadows, Leo. So it is just raising the shock collar from the shadow. Nothing is going hampering over the base color. So that's way the leader Second is necessary. No, I mean, I'm just spending slide. - Yeah , that's so cool for his shadows on the back. Also, that his little seen feed over there on the left side of the screen that he is heavy. We'll have too much off the shadows because the got a cruise using the sign and the lightest from the sideshow. So this body shadow obviously go on that few. So just rained into the laws of shadows. Also seeing as how the basic goes off you producto other so paint According to that, obviously the night is from the prompt fish below part will be in the shadow and also like his, having some with his foods. There are some girls and burns with the saying there some girls in but on that goes obviously you would having from shadows. So just strange it evolved into that. You can see how nice it looks once painted on the shadow that we look common like more of a treaty story. But he gets really any time. If you're unhappy with your character on the painting, then just controls controls for that on a V. His woman. I'm close your eyes on zooming in and then painting your character so that you can see it much clearly. So I think we don't. With this map now moving to hiss face, you can see some shadows might be near his nostrils there on that side. And with this right sign one, it's likely very slow because as the lightest from behind off the suit movie, not making the shadows who very dark over there already long. So it's nice. And also, if on his nostrils, enough as he's having a giant nostrils. So some part will obviously have some shadows like this. Men, women and check out Yes, it's and us and see what agree. Difference is making the shadows now switching to the different color. I'm lower back. Hello. No, This time you can see as you having a giant face. The shadow will always be on the next site. Just pain. According do this head size. I'm painting the shadows much bigger. This is nice. The little part Obviously they reload. So shadows so just trained according to that being whatever you like. How much then some of the shadows you want being there you are free to go ahead. - No , Horace Lips as he's having. This is so somebody off There is some no build their shadows on some calls like, Well, it might have some shots. Bill 01 Just strange over there. Like I'm having painting really like this. This is giving up Good. Nice feel to it. This is not just being just a duty, but now there's going alive. This can see how the shadows are trampling are very good role and adding that I'm making you got it through alive. We are pretty much ready with the shadows and Don's no, we don't know. Highlight, try. You can see this too much more striking. So just go to the layoff fill option the fill property in the layer on below it through the 76. And also make sure that we were painting where the striking part of light could come. Ah, huge amount will be focusing on that one. Point me because there's such a striking headlight. Looks nice like here on this stage on hell. So on his one organs feeds because they are pointer, they might reflect with the life getting on there. Also, it's the lightest from behind that gorno. So this pump, it also might have some striking highlights. Very little this like this. You can see this having and also this is living a range of your character. Oh, this is too much. I'm just controls in once This This is nice. This is better than what I had. Yeah, this is nice. Um, it's look being pretty natural with the character now. So here's what we have learned from the highlights, shadows and middles. How this these all? Oh, giving your character a liveliness. So I hope you're also having much experiment with your characters. I would like to see them and such a different zones, like from the jury sketch from such a three. Any questions or any issues with you process just that, you know, in the decision staff. And also secure verdicts. No. In the foot of this bonus class, I'm gonna make you wise long about a different kind of lighting and then coloring according to that. So now is the momus time. So just so. Shooting bonus. Listen now. 7. BONUS LESSON: - so once then with the beast coloring as we have done with the prior home you guys can see it is a nice creation. Tonight's it is I strange you're not looking on the screen. First time to make thes the basic highlight shadows on widows. This time I'm gonna meet these lives go from two different. It's like they do side angles. Basically focusing on hiss wins. Either It can be from the drop like Rob at Angola toe site. All they can be from the bottom and the upside like this. So this purpose that they're the true side angles both the size of the dining is little severe. The shadows in the highlights could go. I'm starting with the middle names as he is having this side is as much of the light. So they don't steal also fall on his street annals on his arms. So just paint According to that, with the border lines, I'm beating the base blue below. See you guys. And now on his arms on his house, he might have Ah, Mick Dome check. You guys have a doctor opacity according to your choice. Now, as a here following his knees as a skin notice from this lift say so. Human. Oh, good highlight on his space. It's a good midterm on this space. Also, the highlights will be there too nice this one. Analyze how the light will form on his face. I went and paint According to that, his jawline might have some highlights his to gin. You also have somehow didn't you stupid just on painting our own newcomers? What I'm doing here is and painting near with the lines that I would be sketch You're going to shadows with today's hello again see IHS his having his mult open So obviously some shadows on his spurs behind the girls on his fees off the next say, just warming only your eyes you can see basically, I love how shadows give all life Penis to together just free about the sketches around the Don's and to sustain. You have made a new character, Skitch. Basically, this is our line is our basic Bentley that is giving us how to paint the shadows have been the highlights which line out which stroke, and also this is the light of the second part that it's adding up when we are painting and the night shadows thing. As you can see, this system must you did like I'm bringing around his each go The light or some other form of any ago might be like from the ball. Then his lower jaw might have all grandma shadows as he's having the front light Formal stays like atmospheres from the very slightly left side. So give you behaving so very little shares. Also, this thieves any deal from anywhere if the light is gonna be the beast, any get troubled how the shadow on his base, you're his giant fears He would also have some shadows alone his that next. So I'm bending with their night. I really have a lot of shadows, so don't really just spring Basic parts that will be having shadows is you never know faces falling piece from the NYT that is funny when you use. That has on the other side will always have the Whether it is a hand over there is the neck . It's obvious we having the shadows on. Also, the second basic thing is that your neck, whenever the directors nick is falling like the light from the neck is falling, you will be having always the shadow barking due to his farms and bending his back bit intensity. Oh, shadows Ruby much cruder over here As his arms are getting holding up, his hand is in front. So you're every call will have shadows. The shadow part is stool indie guys. So I'm just making it possible for you. Baskin. Have a look and understand how nicey this is being done. And with each Sharlow, the characters going a liar on his struck back. He's having a lot of Lourdes off shadows. You do his things and also has been slow. When will also have some shadow on this back? No. Once done, this is the time for the highlights and basically to write. Highlights will be falling on his rings on his strings. I will be painting this loving this fellow and this is how will be falling little basically on the views off your understanding off lightings and help from there you writings are being done. U s agency how hard and how different lightings levels can add up to you. I hope you guys on the same pitch with me while the Studio Oreo and also I'm very eagerly waiting for you. Lovely class Rogers. Lovely characters becoming alive in my collegiate gone downhill for any queries and officials just come into in the decision tabs. Leave your reviews and feedback for the class. I'll be eagerly meeting for your lovely class critics for any bodies and questions while we were doing the process. Just let me doing the discussion staff you see in my next class.