Comic Art: Introduction to Penciling for Comics | Ario Anindito | Skillshare

Comic Art: Introduction to Penciling for Comics

Ario Anindito, Art director, illustrator, comic artist.

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4 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Creating Your Three Characters

    • 2. Translating Into Rough Panels

    • 3. How to Finish Your Panels

    • 4. Finishing Touches


About This Class

Don't let your history notebook from Elementary school be the only place to find your fantastical illustrations. Sharpen your fancy pencil work in this course on drawing a one-page comic.


A passionate comic artist myself, I've penciled comics for DC Comics, one of the biggest comic publishers in the world. In this class I'll take you through my process for penciling a one-page comic of your own. You'll learn all the skills you'd need to create your very own comic collection or level up the skills you already have. 

What You'll Learn

  • Creating Your Character.  You'll create your three trademark characters; protagonist, antagonist, and supporting. 
  • Rough Layout Panelling. You'll create a layout using different perspectives. 
  • Finishing the Panels. You'll transfer your panels from a rough layout to a refined comic page.
  • Finishing the Comic Page. Your final process entails placing emphasis on character details, sounds efects, and panels.


What You'll Make

In this class you're going to make one penciled comic page. This is not necessarily from the beginning to the end of the story, just a slice of it. You can use any drawing style: cartoon, manga, or even your own style. The purpose of this course is to practice the essential skills that are repeated throughout the comic making process.