Combating Identity Theft: Part 1 | Kim Bellamy | Skillshare

Combating Identity Theft: Part 1

Kim Bellamy, Learning is the Key to Life

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4 Videos (21m)
    • Combating Identity Theft!!

    • What is Identity Theft?

    • How does it Happen?

    • How will I know?


About This Class

This class will be a Two Part Class about How to Protect Students from Identity theft.


Upon completion of Part 1, students will be able to define Identity Theft, identify methods in which Identities can be stolen, how to check for identity theft, and How to prevent it.

Upon completion of Part 2, students will be able to understand which actions should be taken if Identify Theft occurs, how to gather evidence, who to contact, what to request, and how to place a fraud alert on their personal identification information.

Level of Experience Required: Basic Computer User

By: Kimberly Bellamy






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Kim Bellamy

Learning is the Key to Life

Greetings Skillshare Community,

My name is Kimberly Bellamy, I am a student of life here to share my experiences and learn from others.

Remember, Learning is the Key to Life!


Kimberly Bellamy

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