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Colorize your pencil drawing in Photoshop!

teacher avatar Peter Nagy, Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. 01 - Prepare the pencil drawing

    • 3. 02 - Define the basic shapes

    • 4. 03 - Create the windows and hubcaps

    • 5. 04 - Lamps and mirrors

    • 6. 05 - Add paint to the car and the background

    • 7. 06 - Add glows and atmoshpere to the scene

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About This Class

Add realistic car paint look to your pencil drawing!

We start with a simple pencil drawing. You can find my car drawing as attachment or you can use your own one if you want too.

In this course I will work with the pen tool mostly in Photoshop. And step by step we will add details to our car, by using shapes in many layers, and after that I will show you some tips how to create the car paint looks. simply but necessary effects and gradients that are important to build this realistic style.

Finally the scene will get atmospheric brights and glow.


What will you need to know before starting this course

- You need a pencil drawing.

- You need computer and photoshop. Mouse will absolutely enough.

- You need to have a willingness to create awesome digital illustration!

This course is for you

- If you want to take the leap from traditional illustration to digital! 

- If you want to learn some tips and tricks of digital illustration in Photoshop.

- Please do not take this course if you are a digital illustrator master! Or do... :)


Additional materials:

- Reference drawing for this course.

- Bonus FullHD wallpaper.

I will share all my tips and tricks during the process, but if you missed anything, please feel free to ask,

I am here to teach!

Come and join the course and create amazing digital illustrations right now!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Nagy

Illustration, Drawing, Motion design, 3D,


Hello everyone,

my name is Peter, illustrator, motion designer and 3D artist for 20 years. My playground are
Procreate/Photoshop/After Effects/Blender/Cinema 4D I live in Budapest, Hungary.

The framer /

I work as motion designer at a leading commercial television channel. I create digital paintings and illustrations in Procreate, Photoshop and vector illustrations in Illustrator with iPad and Wacom tablet. I Usually create 3d models, scenes in Cinema 4D and Blender. 

One of the most important things for me is to create atmospheric scenes with impressionistic lights and lovely stories.

My Behance portfolio here 

To follow my work you can view my portfo... See full profile

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1. Promo: Hi, I'm Peter Illustrator, video artist. I'm working as a motion designer at leading commercial television in Hungary. In this course, we are going to colorizing a hand ground car in for the show as a reference picture. You can use my scan fancy andro. I show you how to drove on. Use the shapes with a Estai in for the show. At the end of the course, you will learn how to free a pencil drawing with beautiful colors on. Give it a realistic paint look to your traditional throwing. 2. 01 - Prepare the pencil drawing: the start with open the reference picture. Feel free to use my past year drawing. Find the attachment. Actually, this is a simple pastoral growing. I used one soft pastor for it. Do or for B is perfect for droving like this, and after that, I scan the picture. As you can see at this time, the background isn't perfect, right? Actually, it is great. I have to change it. Do white because I don't want nasty background for the better result. We should change it with exposure or curves, but first desecrate the picture with the saturation. Any colors in the reference picture will be annoying. Then go ahead. Do the exposure. Gender, gamma correction and exposure to the brighter resigned. I think it's good. Okay, then create a new layer for the background. No, unlock this layer. Jazz rubbed a little. I can do trash. Fill it with kind off warmer gray breast shift of five in a new layer. I'm going to define the car's main color, maybe, or injury will be fine. Then change layer mode off the reference picture. Try it with multiply in the new layer. I'm going to create a little square with the color I found before. This is a quick reference color for me. Jumped the layer mood off the car and find the best reside. I mean, I'm looking for the same result. The overly mode looks great, but we need to adjust it a bit to catch a reference color with a hue saturation. We can do it easily. Change a lightness to darker. Done the separations like that. Too good. It looks quite similar delayer and hide the reference picture because we want to see the new cutter big discolor than clear this layer. 3. 02 - Define the basic shapes: Okay, Grab the pen tool and use the new color as feel. Only choose the shape mode, then defined the car's main shape. The shape mood will be better. Damn picks a mode for this work because we can edit their points if we want. We can add or delete points. It is possible to comrade them too busy air or etcetera? No. Select a background layer and wrote a floor partner, We accusing darker color. No need to create new layer for it. The photo show. We'll add it automatically. Okay, No, I'm going to draw the with. Do drove the a pillar for this. I'm going to choose medium war gray color. Okay, With occurs, you can add more brightness and contrast to the reference picture. Be afraid to use it. The next part is the B Pilar. We knock a gray color. I'm going to draw its edge If you need to air engine the points Do the direct selection tour. There is a gay arrow in the opener. Pick up the main color and defined the roof. I just the busy hours a bit. Then continue withdrawing its in our side. It will be a bigger part. Darker brown color will be nice for it. Okay, Don't arrange the layers. Fine 4. 03 - Create the windows and hubcaps: The next part is the rare win cheered for these Jews bluish color and row it with the panto again. Without stroke, I usually use simper hard at it. Points later, I can modify them easily. Okay, Jodi. Front door grass with the same color. No, I'm going to change its color. If with Lasd jumpsuit Air lasd on Chek Degrade ian toe really click to the color radiant to add it. The colors inside. In here you can add or delete colors to define the Grady and you want. Pull down the two litters crafts to delete them and change it to bluish gray. Choose a darker color and the brighter one. You can change the direction of the Grady, and with the anger, the glass has brighter color in its curse. Now I'm going to draw the windshield. That is a simple trick to represent the reflection in the glass, create an ESP line with the bus here, then modify the LASD used brighter and color to it. And after that adjust the busy Arabic looks nice, but maybe to beat much for this car, forget it. If you want to keep this adjustment, okay, lets dough the other front door glass roll down because it looks more cool. No need to create new layer sty for it. Just right. Click to the layer and copy Delay Estai or select the effect Press all and drop me to the other earlier layers. If you can't see the contents on the layer upon l choose bigger Tom. Their size for these jumped in a layer panel option. Okay, in the next step, I'm going to create the right paint on the tire, Choose a circus shape with lighter color and transform me. Duplicate the shape. This will be the hop cap. I'm going to duplicate it again because I want a small circle to represent the center of the hop cap. Moved this and the other shape. Few picks us too, right? This streak halves me. To add perspective, look to the were duplicate again the hap cap and delete the point on the bottom transformed the two points and change the shape scholar do brighter within grey stroke, it will be looks better for the other hubcap shaped. I'm going to use Grady Antonelli to define chrome. Look here it is for your free to test it with these basic colors than change them to please rate on warm gray. Probably the shape in the center may looks better with darker color. Nice like a chrome paint like the Four Shapes and drop them into the litter for their icon named this group as well and duplicated or hold out and move it. It is absolutely same committee and transform it Good. Now we have do grown hop gaps. 5. 04 - Lamps and mirrors : Let's continue with the headlamps. But first find the car's body and add some added points to it. It is a tool for it, and I in them to the reference, knowing good. No. Create a circus shape for the perspective. Look, press committee them withholding common drag and move the lower point. After that, duplicate this shape and move it a bit. Change the opacity to lower value. No, Ondo, change the first circus color to dark. Agree. Duplicate the shape and find bride bluish color for it. Grab the left point and move it to right a bit. This is the lamp shade. Actually, a small and right circle represents the Bob in here. Actually, I don't know the name of this part. This will be the chrome cone in the lamp. So it is a really necessary part. Okay. A group of these layers name it and implicated transform it scaled down and aligned to the car. Good. Looks nice. Continue with the bumpers. There are two pieces in this car. I mean, in the front, of course. Use the band tour as always and add. Leah started to it. Okay, that's all. The mirror has different parts, so I'm going to draw them separately. Okay. The other mirror is more sketchy at this time, so I'm going to draw it by only one line. We need an air intake. Throw it in this old car. There is no area, but we're going to draw a cute smiley face. Okay? It is not through is just the curry shadow at Leah started to it. One of the end color is the cars orange. The other one is a darker brown color. Modify the busier point if you want. And in here, that is the logo of the car. Throw a shape like crest. The cresting ball is always looks Klassiker duplicate this shape and create a shaded part of this local good is a classic car. So I'm going to draw only one big letter seat brown color for it will be nice. Then change the opacity off the glass Looks much, much better. And we need a steering with two. You circle shape with only stroke. It is absolutely in a Ford is knowing and maybe change the opacity off the windshield. Nice 6. 05 - Add paint to the car and the background: the red lights are still missing. Draw its frame first, Then the two lamps choose red or orange. Carlos for it. Good. Okay, At this time we have a matte painted car. We'd radiance die. I'm going to add self Grady into it for this. First, I'm going to choose the car's main color in the bottom off the Grady and choose bluish gray color. This bluish color represents the indirect lights. It's a blurry reflection by the road. Maybe I can choose different angle where you okay and find brighter orange color for the top you can scale. The radiant with the slider looks much better. I think this gradient is fine for the roof to, so find a lay Estai copy, then paste it into the layer off the roof a little bit scared and delete the bluish color from the gradient. It isn't necessary. Jumped in the background and Adlai s tied to it again. Let's see the colors and find the best result for it. - No , maybe a green. No, I think it's Duke. Or for this scene, dark, bluish gray color for the ground and warm, lighter gray for this guy defined the horizon. February hard eyes on. Okay, we doctor ground it is much better. I think it's fine. I like it. There is no shadow of the car, so let's define it. Bantu it, of course. And add darker gray color. Three. A little bit modification. Okay. Named the layer shadow. I don't like really this brown color in here. Good parents the layers and named them for Adam. We're Windows No group or the layers except the background, the shadow and the reference picture. In the next chapter, I will show you why we did this. 7. 06 - Add glows and atmoshpere to the scene: In the following minutes we will add shiny met up into our car. I will use different layers for it first, I'm going to create a group for their for these effects drove away V shape to the B Pilar way because the surface on the pillar is not fret. We have the Graddy Anto were later it. As you can see, one of the endpoint is similar Like the pillars color. The other color is a brighter one. I going to color the card in a playful way to the roof. I'm going to create a scene Yellow reflection in the car body. There will be three similar layers with the same color with this yellow pain. This Michael were get mata effect adage Daddy points We're free to wash reference photos on the web. They always can help us to understand these reflections. Naturally, I checked most of them ambience. There are many nice concept in this side. No drawing. Bigger reflection following the shape of the car. If you use curvy shapes, you will get a classic design car. Look. Okay, one for the card hand up and another is for the gas door. Okay, I'm going to dough for the who'd do it looks like an Italian classic car added that points . I'm looking for the best looks for it. Perhaps this for me to be nice. Hostile drove Aston Reflection after the other headlamp. Good. My days are painted car has given new shiny paint, and now I'm going to draw a bigger shape to the side of the car. With this, I'm going to represent the varnish and its reflections on the car the way we part looks like. Here's or something like that. Go ahead to layer late last night and add ready Antonelli to it. One of the great color were nice, but the other one is not right at this time. I want the same bluish gray color that I used before on the body. Okay, here it is, copied these hacks code and based it looks nearly better. Right and orange change the anger a bit now. Looks great. No, I'm going to dro some white reflections to the chrome elements. It is a simple trick, but it looks so realistic. 1st 40 bumpers change the color of the white. Next vampire andro shapes for the frames off the two headlamps. Straight line for day bottom and curry to the top. Therefore, the logo do in here we have to create mask. Do this yellow reflection at layer Mixed Italy Year Little mask icon. No, you can see a white victim girl next layer. Not unless o Toole then make a selection. Then click to the white rectangle and feel the selection with black color in mask, you can use only grace care cutters. I messed up. Never mind. Feel the mask. Wheat. Right? Then drove this election again. Okay about there Jump today I don't need or I don We need some reflections for the mirrors to So let's roll them. I'm going to drove them separately like the area chrome. I like it. Okay. And no, I'm going to draw more right shapes to define the reflections of the chrome painting for the a pillar I'm going to duplicate the reflections dubbed Be pillars Reflection to the little paper I can in the layer panel Then transform it to a pillar. Good. And finally we are going to add some growing parts to our Reicher in your air Creator right circus shape then congregated to smart object jumped a free is there there? Motion blur. Do not rest. Arise because we want to keep the original shape. Breasts. Okay, Double clicked. Layer a new window. You can find the origin iss circus shape without any effect. Close this window and change a smart objects Layer Stuy from Norma Motew. Lena are George. Transform it a bit and place it on the body. Great. Some duplications hoard odd and move the shape. Play with the angle of the motion Blur downscale it, maybe place it on the roof. Owned the bumper Do 40 hop caps and it's now at least one for the door. Finally, I'm going to use an adjustment layer to the scene. These exposure were effect Do all the years at low Where you to the exposure. As you can see, the result is much bright and the scene gives atmospheric lights No high the difference picture to see what we did in discourse. Because all elements are rector shapes. We can print it with larger size. I hope you enjoy this course. I'm really interesting in your at work. So if we're free, share it by