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Colorful houses with Procreate

teacher avatar Cécile Yadro, Digital & Traditional Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Setup and infos

    • 4. Colors and light

    • 5. Selecting photo

    • 6. Sketching from photo

    • 7. Sketching from imagination

    • 8. Final drawing

    • 9. Filling shapes

    • 10. Morning light 1

    • 11. Morning light 2

    • 12. Grey light 1

    • 13. Grey light 2

    • 14. Outro

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About This Class

Welcome to class!

In this class I will show you to give different moods and colors to one single drawing. We will use Procreate 5 in class, and you’re welcome to use your favorite drawing app to follow along. Instructions will be detailed so you don’t need to have a prior deep knowledge of Procreate. 
You can work either from reference photos, I have gathered for you a Pinterest board with copyright free images, or you can work from imagination, or mix reference photo and imagination. All images in the Pinterest board are from Unsplash or Pixabay and you can follow the original link to find the photographer  


Once we have our final drawing, we will fill shapes to have a master drawing that we will tweak in different colors. 


I will talk abut color saturation, and different moods you can achieve with colors. 
I have provided a color palette as a basis as well as a set of brushes, you can find them in the resource section (available from a laptop or a browser)

We will be playing with different brushes, you know the ones you have in Procreate and barely use ? I’ve gathered a bunch of the native brushes as well as personal ones so you can have everything handy to make the foliage part of the paintings. 


At the end of the class you’ll master alpha channel, clipping mask and more functions in Procreate that will help you in your digital paintings, and you’ll be able to express different moods from one single drawing. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist



New class available! 

Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.

You may want to subscribe to my newsletter about gouache. 

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

I post a class per month, more or less:

- Procreate classes

- Gouache classes

- Sketchbook classes 

I would love... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to my new dress on Cecile French artist, both digital and traditional. And this casts I want to show you how to take a reference for two or your imagination, make a simple line drawing and feel the shapes with this mustard throwing, as I call it. We will at different lights and colors so we can achieve you from foods. This is a very easy technique, and it just requires that you learn some technical stuff in procreate that I will show you step by step like clipping mask or I'll fill up child. This does is meant for alleles, as I really explain everything in detail with step by step instructions. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with this class, so let's begin. 2. Your project: welcome to pass your project would be to take for two or drawing from your imagination on to translate it in different color scenarios to give different moods. This is a small example of what can be achieved from a photo and different colors. I would working class from this for two, which is my reference, and you can't find the link in the resource section two. That Pinterest board and we will make a master drawing was flat colors and feel shapes. And then we will give different lighting different colors to achieve different moods, so your project would be to sector for two to give it different moods. Andi To post it in the resource section, I'm very happy to see you in class again that's died in 3. Setup and infos: I have provided some pellets. Brush sets on reference for two. This is in the project on resource section on. It's accessible from a Broza nut from the APP. So be aware of this. And I'm showing you this on another class. Obviously. So to download a swatch is your will, depending on your brother. A musings that Harry hold long on you can download. And now we have download Here on this is a zip. So you tap on it on this will open a zip somewhere here swatches and you will sound it, Maher. Open in procreate. And this should work importing. And now, whatever I open, I will get mine switches. Yeah, this is the last one. Same for the brushes. Really? I'm showing you this, but it might be very different for you, depending on the browser you're using. Another thing interesting for you to know is how to set up the canvas. You will need about 30 layers. 35 layers for this purpose. So you will tap on the place. And here you have a little folder. It's not very obvious, but this is where you can create a custom canvas. I'm used to work in Santa Matters. But please be my guest and use whatever you use in your country. I know you have to make some tries so you can get the correct number of layers with the maximum size possible, because you never know what you will do. When was this work? Maybe you want to print it one day so it's better if you have very large size and 300 GP. I says he is what you need. So if I place 30 centimeters by 20 gives me 60 layer 60 layers, this is very much so. What if I go 35 by 25 gives me 39 layers Very good. And here are real type on the entitled Canvas on Rename it campus houses And no, let me show you this. If you go back to your gallery if you want to make Plus, this is the last one, the very last one in the list. Also another thing that I use a lot and this is something I'm often asked about. This is how to pick up the color with your finger directly without using this. I think this topping here is a waste of time, and I like to just select directly with my finger. So for this you will go to the wrench preference, Chester Control. And here you have the quick known Um, sorry, sis is black on the tree. Can see everything. Andi, uh, this is I dropped her. I have selected tap tapping Will invoke. See eye dropper. If you want to do this, it's very convenient. I think we're good to go now. 4. Colors and light: before we dive in. I just want to talk a bit about color not too much, because it would make an entire class in itself. Just for a thing is you. This is what we call color in the common language, like yellow, green and blue etcetera. On the other important thing, I'm going to talk about his saturation Saturation is the amount off pure color that is inside you. So you can tell if you look at the blue, for example, that the very dark blue is very saturated, so saturated colors gives a different mood than low saturated color. And this is what I want to show you now, in some example, off photos. Let's begin with low saturation colors, and here you have some examples and there's snow or in the morning light, and you can't see that old color are very soft. Very almost tender, I would say. And there is not much contrast, meaning that if you blink your eye and look at the photo reference, you won't see much dark or much light, different parts. It's almost everything in the mid value. Those This is something you can use that your benefit when you want to have a specific mood . Very quiet. For example, high saturation colors are very different, meaning that you will have more vibrant colors, more dynamic colors, and you will have this in full summer days. Full sun was a dark shadows on very like ports. This is something also you can find in sunset. And, um, you have very dark and intense colors. I would say Let's say you have chosen photo and you want to extract the color from the photo. Of course, you can just select your colors directly in procreate. But here is another tip. You will import Fortuin procreate, create a new palette, and then you will go on the photo and pick up the color directly on the photo. Then you will click on the parrots you made, and you will add the colors as long as you go. This is just a basis to help you begin with your own painting. You're not compelled to use this color exactly, but sometimes it's easier to have something toe work from because you can get lost if you want to select everything with, um, just turning your sphere looking out the colors. Another thing you can do is using online palette generators. You have different websites that I have shown you here. Basically, you import your photo on. He will extract main colors of the photo on. You have a different ways to do this. Some are more accurate than others. Some are even extracting the matching colors of the photo. So beware when you select the application you want to use for this. Anyway, you will have to import your photo from the website with the dots off colors and pick it manually and added to your palates. The best way is also to add the missing colors like the pink here that the website didn't see because it was a very small quantity of color. So different ways I let you choose the one you prefer. And now we can't begin by selecting our photo. See you soon. 5. Selecting photo: The first thing I want to show you is how to select a reference photo. Either you are using your personal home or a photo inspiration from the country's border or from anywhere else, or you are drawing from imagination. Either way, there are some useful things you should know first. I think it's very interesting if the house is a bit twisted and we can't see two walls, because when we will have to place some shadows, it's more interesting than, ah, house strictly facing us. This one is very interesting because you have a nice angle on. The main war is very visible. It's not too tired, so it's everything is visible easily. Accept that. I think there is a lack for, ah, a door, but it can be a good basis. This one is also interesting, but I don't like this site wall that is really huge. Andi. I think it's too angle. We have a very narrow space for the windows, so it's better if it's a bit more facing us. Maybe something like this would be cool. Small wall on the side, large windows, large door. We can remove this if we won't even move that chimney on the other side. We'll add another one and remove the plants growing on the wall. I don't know. This one is quite interesting, although it's facing us. But I like them. Tropical garden Maybe. I think there are some elements we can use here. I have gathered different inspiration on. You can still pick another mint in one for 21 another element. Another photo. I think for the class I will go with this one. There are a lot of things I like in this photo. I like the organic roof that is not two traits very interesting. And I like the path going to the house and the fact that we are just a bit above the house small side wall. But I don't like this mess off trees and bushes, so I will get my inspiration from this foot. Okay, I'll let you choose for you won't work with. Let's begin with the sketch 6. Sketching from photo: Let's say we will work from this one. So you click in the three dots download image. Now you go to appropriate. Now we have our canvas. Let's click on the ranch at insert photo and we will get a photo with just one noted tap on Fichter Scream, and it will be too large. So produce. I want to have enough room for the sky. I want to gutsy here, but houses the main focus as well. So it's a balance between the size of the house inside to countless. Okay, once you're sets, tap on the arrow to in select growing top at a new layer and the photo layer. You will click on the end and lower the opacity about 40% because we want to use it to trace. And for the brush, I will use the six B pencil in black. I want to trace over the photo. You can, of course, if you won't make you sketch directly without tracing, I think tracing makes things easier. It's important that you follow the angles to respect to perspective that states around did something for the windows. I want to tweak them a bit because I like this porch here and the door as well. I want to make one here one here and move this one because it will be difficult to read and also on the lower part of the wall. I want to have the same windows just below the other one. But I want to be sure that my perspective lines are correct. So for this, hide the photo layer and I will use nine roof line here and there to find out my correct some perspective Line invention points So reduces size of your canvas. Go to the wrench canvas drawing guide and you'll have a crit edit drawing guide. And here you tap on perspective. Now you can set the color off your vanishing points and I want to be sure that you can see everything. So I get a very dark blue and I push my capacity on sickness. This is just for the sake of the camera. But you don't have to do this in your own poor create. You have to tap somewhere to place a vanishing point and you have to top outside somewhere . Maybe here to begin. I don't wanna plus place another one. Maybe here on you See, my roof line is aligned on the horizon line, and this is very cool like this. And now I have a line that will be the bottom of my house. And to help us, what we're going to do is tap on a city drawing, meaning that now we're gonna have ah, guide underlines will come along those perspective line. So Chapel Doan and I will trace the bottom my house going from the younger I'm sure this is correct now. And so for the bottom of my windows, it's the same. I can just follow along the lines. Let's say this line would be the bottom of my windows. And beware because when you're raising, it's always following the perspective lines. Great cistern. I'm sure my house is a curate on. You have this cell slight, strange angle here. You can if you want correct it. And you cannot make this line because it's not following a grid. All you can do is follow the grid or make vertical lines. I think what I'm going to do was chimneys. So I have my correct angle as well. Okay. I want to see tap on the layer and tap on drawing assist to remove it on Andrew Drawing guide. Sorry. I want to let drawing guide and trace. My HRH is online because this will be the sea here. So you troll line, you keep your Tancill holding the line. And when you wait the seasons trade, I'm coming. And if you made a mistake, you tap on edit shape You can't move the edges off your line. Okay? Now I have my hurries online. I can remove my drawing assist. Andi, I'm not quite sure about the angle off the roof. So either way, maybe it's better if I follow my perspective lines she and move my chimney. Okay, I think we have our basic structure. What I don't like is that the roof is exactly on the arisen line. So I will select my eso to get the house and maybe moving a bit up just like this is creating more interesting drawing, I think because here I have, um, slight corner. That will be interesting. How am I seen? The door is a bit too narrow. So here we are. Let's please back out drawing. Of course. Ah, house has moved. So let's get to photo and place it up, and I want to had, um, path. This is kitsch for now, so I want to place the main elements. I know this is a scene, so that's moment. A bit to the rights. It's interesting to have something in the foreground like him, Bush or something like this. And maybe some kind of an island in the distance. A tree maybe makes a frame on the left side, so it's opening up through the horizon, and here we can have some. No, Bush's were something like this. Would see that as long as we drove, maybe hot the past year, bit more okay before the sketch. This is one way to do it. Let me show you how you can do it just from imagination. 7. Sketching from imagination: Let's work from imagination. I will use the same canvas just did. It's the last one in the list, so sri 30 centimeters by 20 centimeters. It's still my six. B. Been so And here it's interesting to make some sudden nails. Maybe so I said, a landscape mode. I want to compute these four times. I don't want to make it for time. So I click with the arrow, slide down three fingers and I will copy, Swipe down three fingers paste again and again makes four layers. I will merged him and rule on top of this. I think what's important in this technique is to have something in the foreground very close to us, very detailed and perspective going far away to give deep nets to our painting. So maybe house here at this stage. It's a rough sketch. I will add them more detailed, more accurate lines. Once I'm said to drawing, there is way a past going to somewhere who knows where we can have some clouds as well. It really depends on the mood you want to have in your drawing. We could also have a house always have a Sybil visible on top of a hill. And even if it's from imagination, you can still get inspired by either photo reference or your own house talking off my own house. So that's it. And from there you will use the same technique as before. Was great and perspective lines you could as well makes reference for two and your imagination. I like this little house. It's quite funny, so let's lower the capacity. Place a layer on top. I just want you outline house just as a rough sketch, and I don't want to drove the foliage at this stage. I will. At this was my specific brushes later. So I need the structure of the house and I need to play some some elements. There is already a pass Joe, my baby, some foliage around here, enough room for the sky. So let's lower this. I'd like to have really a large space to write clouds, maybe the see, hear, or some phoned or lake or whatever piece of water we will at some foliage around here. And it's interesting if the path is entering the droning from the lower part on something and foreground, like very large leaves. Um, the house is facing us. But if you like this, that's perfectly OK. Maybe good to leave it open, right? So let you select where your prefer is a reference for tell your imagination or a mix of both. 8. Final drawing: Let's say you have a skits you're happy with. Now it's time to make a more defines kitsch. And for this we need to change our brush on Get on in brush on very I would say like Come gel pin. We don't want any variations in the wit of the line. So let's make a layer on top and lower the capacity of this catch. And what you want to do now is make closed shapes. What I mean by this, you want to be sure that everything is connected because we will feel those shapes on. If you don't connect correctly, here is what's going on. You will feel everything. So you have to be very careful on also something very important. We need to have one layer per shape, meaning one layer for the site. One layer from the front wall, one layer for all the windows, etcetera on. We want to be organized and rename our layers as long as we are going thinking about the order in which we place our layers, let me show you this. So remain this Sybil. I will make a two large shape. So you have different ways to do this first way you will trace separate lines, making sure they connect in the corners and you want to be sure it's working by filling the shape. But you have monkey lines. Okay, this is away. So let me clear this second way we will make a close shape in one single line on hold or pencil. And you see, this is a monkey shape. So poor create does not understand This complex shape is making something the closer for him. So let me do this another way. I will make a kind off a square added shape. I want you move my corners until I made lines of my sketch below. Because I don't want to mess up was my angles anymore. And I will make a triangle on top of this. I did shape and this were like my side will. If I feel everything there is no white perfect. And did you notice my shape went under the roof? Because I know the roof is coming on top of this world, so I can't really overlapped. So I'm sure there is no white space here. Sidewalk is done, and I won't feel it now because I It will disturb me when I'm working. So first thing first, get older shapes. Don't the same way new layer rename its on Let's call this probable. I can do this in one single line. I don't mind if it's one keep because I hold my pencil at its shape. I move my corners. I just want to be quite precise here because it's overlapping on the site wall, and once it's don't I'm checking out you layer gray name, roof and roof is not made off only straight lines. First, I want to hide the two walls below not to be disturbed, so maybe my brush could use a bit more streamlined to help me have smooth lines. So for this you will tap on the brush and the first here stroke path. You will increase his streamline about maybe, I don't know, 80 percents. This is an organic roof, so it doesn't really matter. The only important thing is that it's closed, but Terry is here a little mistake mejust zoom a lot, and I've seen here there is a little monkey corner, so it's a logical you had a side front and roof from top, and I would go back to my side wall and this is all the walls facing this way. So I will make the two sides of the chimney one single blind shape. Just check Every time that you're shape is really closed and same with the front wall, we'll make the other side of the team Nus Andi on top of the frontal layer but below the roof layer, I will add a new one, and they were rename it windows, so it's always the same way to do it. So maybe I will do this and go back after. So I've traced everything. I have a first layer that is called site wall, where the two sides of the chimneys I have another one that he's from fall, the two sides of of two from sides of the chimneys and the little let's call this a tower. I have one with the door, one with the windows on one with the roof and in the roof. I added the porch roof as well at the tower roof. So makes everything together, and I want to select all this and group and click here Rename house. We want to be organized as I said. So now I can switch this off and at a new layer, put back nice kitsch on this one. I will rename it Sky Um, Sky. I don't really need anything. This is the fathers. Let's rename this one. I call it Island. Another one. See, I'm going from the father. Tuesday closes to me another one. Grass path ambush. Bush is and quote this rename. Let's say the call so I can hide this o'Nuts just a whole group together. 9. Filling shapes: Let's create the shapes for the background on I will hide my house because I don't need it . At the moment we go back to my folder. I namely decor. But you can name it whatever you want. I found I will begin by the fathers, which is sky. So I have gathered all the brushes I will need here on firsts. I won't get my ink as usual on black. I will trace a terrorism to line just here. Hold your pounds so itself perfectly tight Now Maybe it's interesting that I get the correct color directly, kind off, generate colors. So let's say the sky will be blue. So I have to feel everything in black and get a Pyott. Let's get a blue right correct on top of this there in the sea. And now I will select directly a color that will fit my purpose. It doesn't matter really a this stage because we will tweak everything After for the island , I will select flight Green City Island layer. I will make a wonky line toward the top of the island and down will make a straight line. But this is entirely up to you. You can have a line that he's home drowned just a matter of taste. And I will let this with the shape field with color and hide it for the sea. Let me get another blue so I can make the difference between the sky and sea. On this you will stop behind the house and we'll be covered by the grass. So that's fine. Talking of the grass. Let me get a green. There is one big shape here. I found another one here, right and the past Get bej or something and I can go very large because I know it's covered by the grass on and I want to make everything come out. Our ingress should be on top off the path. And you see here I have a slight problem. So let me raises rights ambushes. Actually, I won't need a layer right now. It will be a layer I will use when I will be using my specific brushes. So for now, we don't need to feel it. That's high everything and go back to the house and we will feel the shapes of the house as well. And this is the same thing. We will just use, um, generate color and our lines are black, so you go to the side wall. There, you get pure black, you will feel your shapes. And don't forget we have side of chimneys as well. And now I will get a gray. Let's say blue grey, just to show this isn't a shadow, and you go to your layer upon its and you click on Alfa Lock. And now you have those squares appearing around the shape and click ago feel layer, and now your line is now the same color off the shape just is very convenient. You will know, make the front wall and the chimney is the same way, so black feel tap. I'll flock. Select a new color. It's a badge. Tap feel layer, right? Let's go to the door black it a brown. We don't know it is fun. I'll folk feel that. Now I see. I have forgotten this little piece of the house to go back to the front layer. You will antic Alfa lock because otherwise you wouldn't be able to have more paint to your layer, and I will select the color and fear it's and I see this is a bit wonky, so it's time now to fix some mistake. I want to hide sketched below. I want to have very clean edges. And also I don't like this. I go to my roof layer, right, Go back to your front fall and I'll fuck. Let me have the background appear. So now we have all our basis and we are ready to move and idle different colors at different moods and a lot of bushes and trees and foliage and everything. 10. Morning light 1: before we move on, we want to be sure that every layer has selected was I'll fuck. This is important. So make sure every layer is all talked. And now that it's done, it's time to move to our first house. We need to keep this house us our basis are mustard drawing. So for this you will sweat right tap on duplicates and this one we won't touch it anymore. So maybe it's good if we rename it master drawing so we don't touch it and we will open the other one. Now we are ready to tweak everything and to give it a quite interesting mood. I like to begin with the sky. I think this kind will give all them all the more to everything so you can decide it's morning, its sunsets and rise. It's midday summer, winter night. Whatever you want, we will begin by, let's say, spring morning. You know, when the light is a very cool and a bit of pink and pale blue, something very light. So go to the sky layer and you have a bunch off brushes that I have gathered together. Um, I would get the measure average sh to begin with quite a large size, and I have provided some pellets. This is just to give you some ways to begin. You're not supposed to use it exactly. So very likely I want you and light my sky. Give it a bit of pink on the real challenge. My brush. I will you This one which is called grain. It's very interesting to my feathered clouds. This is not interesting. Once you're happy with this, you will go to the island. Now you're and you have now your sky will give the role colors shapes of everything. So this is a beautifully too dark I need to soft and is a bit. And for this I would get the wedge tail brush just slightly. And I think this is a bit too harsh. So you will unlock the Alpha Channel, become the magic wand on the 2nd 1 is go, Schindler. And here you have a slider on top to suggest a blurriness. So you place your depends somewhere and you will slept Rights. You see, I gave a slight blurriness tomorrow island, and it's some giving this kind of smoky effect when something is very far away. from you. Very interesting. Okay, Now go to the C and C. Obviously doesn't have the right color. Well, ghetto, maybe a tune from the sky. A big gray er, because it's a morning. And then I will get the oceans brush and, uh, color from this guy because it's a reflection of the sky on the sea, right? And same here unlocks your foot, shall well, and I want a blur a bit. Just a bit too soft in the whole reason line. Yes. Let's go to the path. Um, remember, this is spring morning. It's very cool colors. I'm very soft tones. I will at the some texture to my path at very end when I know war and everything is really now go to the house on get the cycle to begin. Um, self Chad Oh, maybe taking one from the scene and feel that your now you can just vary your colors like this one. Let me check the front wall. So you have to decide which color is your house. I would like it to be paid pink. Maybe, um, old colors are related to each other, so let's change the color of the roof. because to seize too warm for our purpose. So I will take the color and I will, um, make two things of dark, Turn it a bit and also lower the saturation. So for this, if you want to dark and you go down and if you want to lower the saturation you go left and feel they are much better. But I want you out a bit of light coming on this side before they said, we'll change my brush, maybe get Nick Arrgh! And I'm going from the same color and going to be upwards. This is just to give the indication of the light coming here. And don't forget the little roof here when I want to keep this very dark. Maybe I can dark in it a bit more, Gives more volume to my roof on some texture on the woolls as well. I like me. Karol really might be a bit blue, so I'm saying to give a bit light. This is really a matter of taste now. And windows, um I think I would like to make a slight shadow on the edge of the window. Um maybe use Imagine airbrush to low size and get a kind of a brownish just like this. So it gives more volume to my windows. See, this is cruel. And also the door is a bit too dark. Sony, Carell Agan and I want to give a bit off shadow because this is supposed to be around it and forces. So we'll go to the front wall section, get the last ritual on free hound, and we'll select just a sport. And now, if you just go to the Brush Tool with Nick Carell, get a slightly darker color and this will stop just where you have selected everything and too and select Just click on the last two see is giving a lot more body and also some texture in this one. I'm sorry. Before I leave, I have to go back on the chimneys and give it a bit of light. So I want to get back this color So you go to the color, open it and you have a history here Very convenient. So I get just like pink a bit more light here a bit more. Even so, I was saying texture on the side wall and you can very I like watch tail as well. So I have tweaked the watched A brush a bit to have a slight color variations. If you don't like it, you can go back to the vintage folder from procreate and you have the original which teh brush And I think for the house it will be okay. I like the effect you have A real effect off course is Green is really a four. We will change it right now. 11. Morning light 2: okay, So I can unfold this world and get to the grass so the color needs to be of it. Cooler, I think towards the blue. I'm still I have my watch. Tell you brush have to make some tries. I don't like this color. Yeah, this is giving some interesting texture. So if you tap if you slide, you have different effects. It's just a basis. And from now I will use layers on top off the grass layer. So this one was called Bush's. Why notch and I'd like to begin with this one, which is paper daisy and paper. Daisy is quite unpredictable because you will have different effects depending on whole hard. You press with your pencil. Um, let's change my green obits. You see clearly pounds if you have sliding if you tap maybe to be too dark, I don't know. You have really to make tries. Yes, it's better. So depending on how hard you press, you will have very dark or very light. Um, thieves. Um, this is what we won't also on top of the grass, um, belittle the bushes. I will add a layer and I will get the sward cross What I want to do is hide the bottom of the wall here, so this layer needs to be on top of the house. Let's go back to this layer on place, some on the horizon. So you see my horizon line is Maura Wavy organic. This is more interesting. Place another layer on top and I will get this liter one, which is called leaf luncheons. My color. Don't don't forget to vary your greens. This one is really not popping out. Maybe it's better on top of the bushes. Give some lights. We're trying Teoh. Be accurate, reproduce and the specific kind of plant, but we're just trying to give the idea of the voyage. This is important. Don't don't put too much pressure on you. It's just the impression, and you have different leaves that I made. This one is interesting. Kind off parents and change your color. Don't don't forget to vary your colors. This is important, very size and also carries another one, which is snow, gum and snow. Graham is quite harsh. Can be a good Fieler just to keep up something more dynamic. Um, I would like to go on top of the house, too. I had some foliage on the wall, so the house is not just sitting on top of everything. Wide grass also is interesting. It's as word Saiz, very high grass. So there is no exact science formula here. It's just you Playing was old, different brushes and what I like is something on my path. And I don't like the color. I think the color is a bit too warm. So let me que That's more darkness and will go on top with a light texture like this one, which tail again. And here it's dark in It's Doctor. Maybe this so I could use a bit of pinkish on top of it. So I taking the color just in the sky and what I see years I forgot to place back with keeping mosque the Al Fox Sorry, all flock is not. Yeah, it's better. Maybe a bit more in to see as well with the oceans right on. This edge here is a bit too harsh. So I go to the path and we'll unlock the Alpha Channel and I don't want to blur everything . What? I want to just blur the edge, so I will get My lesser tool will select the edge port. And now you can click your go, Schindler. And don't go too far. This is giving a softness to it. Same progress. Unlock the Alpha Channel so that the edge here come, Schindler. Maybe I could add a bit more aggressive here. It might be interesting to be light toe a grass so you go to your grass Lira Al flock as well as usual. I'll get them, maybe grain brush and take this very like green. I will just go here and there. Like if the the sun is hitting the top of the grasses And also I want to soft in this so you can soft turn as well With blur this much tool smudge tool is just using any brush you want. So I would get the grain one. I'm just stuffed in a bit the edge, So it's some more of a natural. Just don't Don't forget to unlock deal for channel when you do this. Otherwise he it won't work. All right. I think we're done for this one. Let's do another one 12. Grey light 1: Let's make another drawing. So you go to your master drawing swipe right to placate and you will open it and we will work from this copy. I would have to try something in the Lorraine. Why not? So go back to your decor On sky and for the sky I will use the clouds Brush on itself Grace Kind may be great Blue Who so bright? Be four? Yeah. You know when there is strictly no light I want to be safe on place A layer on top of my sky so I can make the clouds here. So let's name this clouds and get the clouds Brush going dark And you have another brush here which is called rainforest. Don't forget to vary your colors. This is very septal. I'm not sure you can see everything owned. A camera might be placed another layer below. If I can darken everything. Yes, I think you have the i d off the rain falling once you're happy with your clouds, you can merge them together. Just keep the sky going. The island. Um, the color is quite ok. Maybe just get the watch tail again. Owns slightly gray tone as we did before. Unlock Kocian Blur. I'm blurring about maybe three persons. The scene. The sea really needs to be blue Cray. Not very saturated oceans and maybe a bit more blue. And they will bluer the reason line as well. At this stage, I like to go to the house right now so I can fix the color on the house. Um, actually, there is much sun, obviously. So you need to have very de saturated colors so more on the lower left part of the circle and not much here, because here it's really bright and vivid. Just another son. I'm taking the actual car. I'm just sliding on the left. No, I won't keep it dark. And then we'll go on top of it was lighter color. Hmm. Maybe a blue gray. And before I didn't texture. I like to fix all my colors because I don't know for you, but I'm really bothered by those two colors that are really too saturated for my great day . So let's go to the past. You really need to de saturate everything bit too dark. You have to really settle everything as you like. And there is another way I want to show you, if you want to treat your color is way are under grass layer you go the magic wand, hue, saturation, brightness And here you have a slider with you so you can vary your color hung, get something very different. You see if this green is the warm green, so it doesn't fit in the overall pattern because everything is cool. So I need to go on more blue side of the green to get us something cool before we go on. I think it would be interesting to add a kind of offense, and for this I will go back to my master drawing. Here I will go in the decor folder, go on top of everything, place a new layer, rename it fence and I want you drove founds going here so the color really doesn't matter. Let's get a dark brown. The brush will be. I think medium airbrush would be good and I just want to make some little bores. Maybe it's better if it's on top of the house. I wanted to be a bit lose something like this, maybe, and I want to get this layer and paste it in my other houses. So you go to the years here you tap and you were click on copy and here it's written copied layer. Go back to your gallery on Go to the one we were making going on top. And here you will swipe down three fingers and you will paste. And here you are. You're sure that your sense is exactly at the same place. Then it was on your master drawing so you can go back to your previous one and paste on. Here. You can play with the layer. You want to have it. Maybe it's behind the grass. Or maybe it's on top. And also, as a color is maybe a bit too saturated. You will Alfa log and from the layer, take something a bit less intense. 13. Grey light 2: Now I have my fence that is ready, and it's time for the for gauge. So let's go on top of it. Get, um, let's make change. Let's get relief. Number two maximum size on a bit dark. This is quite unpredictable. As I said, maybe I would like this to be on top of the house and you can still raise get, um, self tab Risch. For this I despise going too far. Let's add a layer on top of those leaves found use paper daisy brush on, get from the side of the pool. Maybe going but our current, the green very de saturated. This is too dark, so I can go back on top was something lighter. You can keep this on the same layer, or you can make different players. So if you're not happy with one, you can still hide it on. Uh, here as well. Some dresses. Swart Cross is always very convenience. This one has a slight variations in the colors. This is really messy. I like this something a bit lighter. I see. I forget to do something on the windows, so get back to the windows. Medium airbrush makes this little shadows really making a big difference. The color seems fine. And go back to the path. Place a layer on top of it and you will tap on the layer on tap on clipping mask. It makes a little arrow here, meaning that everything we will paint in this layer will only appear. Where is the bench color in the past layer? Um, for example, if you get the I don't know, maybe Tuffy get a slightly darker. You don't have to limit yourself to just one, um, brush. You can Off course. He was different brushes. This also is a bit too plane. Don't forget the chairman's have to get maybe. Oh, so feel so if you were making kind of a glaze, maybe it's better if I place a layer on top clipping mask. That's smart of it. This is always the same thing. You place a little you're on top on get, um, clipping mask effects. It's where you can maybe like, two bit the water. Actually, I think this edge is too harsh, So I will go to my ingress that you're unlock Alpha Channel and we'll go to capacity Goche number. See the edge is really merging into the past. It's better. And I think on the past here was, um maybe Crane. I could I had a bit more depth here. Not much, because, you know, there is not much light. So smudge exhibits. This is a new layer, so I can no word the capacity maybe make it less broad. I found also soft and a bit my edge. I want to see the volume up the roof. Maybe it would be called to at some smoke and the gym they So never mind. We are. You have to be very lights was your brush. There is also a brush cold smoke. But I think this one is doing the trick as well. Okay, I'll my grass and leaves and foliage are a bit too messy. Toe. Go back to this layer. I'm fellow. Never mind. You can still place a layer on top. Click on clipping mask. We'll get the Nicaragua all on. I want to give it a bit of light of blue lights. The fence could go a bit higher. I'm happy with it, so that wouldn't do it. 14. Outro: the class is now finished. I have shown you only two different colors Variations for the same drawing. But of course, you can be more creative and have different colors. It would be really too long if I would show you four or five or six different layers. So I have time lapse here to show you another color variations on. Basically, it's always the same process. So I hope you like the class. And I will be really happy to see you in another class quite soon. See you. And thanks for following the glass.