Colorful Creatures in Gouache & Mixed Media: Explore Your Creativity | Marie-Noëlle Wurm | Skillshare

Colorful Creatures in Gouache & Mixed Media: Explore Your Creativity

Marie-Noëlle Wurm, Artist, illustrator, stargazer

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12 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What You Need For the Classs

    • 3. Tap Into Your Creativity

    • 4. Make A Blob

    • 5. Make One More Blob

    • 6. Color Your First Blob

    • 7. Blob to Creature: Adding Eyes

    • 8. Blob to Creature: Arms, Legs + Finishing Touches

    • 9. Color Your Second Blob - Ideas for textures & details

    • 10. One More Creature - Eyes, Legs + Finishing Touches

    • 11. Switching Up the Formula

    • 12. Takeaways + See You Soon!

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About This Class

In this class, we're going to transform simple blobs into playfully colorful creatures in order to explore your creativity, and expand your sense of what you're allowed to do when confronted with a blank page.
I"ll take you along into my creative process, showing you exactly what my starting points for creating creatures are, and how I make decisions along the way. You'll be able to explore gouache, and mixed media, and hopefully taste some fo the freedom that creating creatures allows.  
You'll learn to: 

  • Start small and simple and complexify your image little by little
  • Add details and elements to make playful, recognizable creatures
  • Explore and expand your comfort zone by learning to go with the flow and improvise with what you have! 

I've always loved painting creatures, and I really hope that you'll fall in love with creature-making too — and that you'll come away with two colorful creatures to populate your walls or sit with you on your couch and make you smile.