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ColorTrap | Create Super Cool Refractive Art in Cinema4D & Octane

teacher avatar MadeByStudioJQ, Love What You Do

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. C4D & Octane Composition & Animation Setup

    • 3. Animation & Materials

    • 4. Conclusion

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About This Class


In this class you will learn how to use Cinema4D & Octane to create super cool abstract graphics to enable you to use for motion and video or poster art.

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing feedback and also seeing you designs.
Follow my latest designs on Instagram and tag when you post your designs :)

Email for source files.



All Works Copyright © 2019 ∆ Studio–JQ

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1. Introduction: Good morning, and welcome to a new territorial that I'm going to. This is a very quick one. Um, but its point point of mines people on instagram. It's following the same similar methods to my in the mix for Japs, which was lovely. Received, featured on the hearts, uh, for these other motions here. Says playing with fractions, Uh, on top of images on this is the one that we're gonna be doing today, um, plane with the reflection of the shape and then other ships behind it and then, uh, just playing. If we can introduce color ah, into that as well. It is a very simple on a quick 1 to 2. You do need to obtain, um, of reporters, people that hasn't calling. I'm gonna make it work. All my head of tutorial class this time, that is, I think there are ways to do that glass in physical fiscal render some people take me to, but for now, this one's gonna be in octane, uh, just to work with for fractions. Um, so, yeah, where do we get started and set the scene up, and then we will look at different animate I'm emotions using wind turbulence and then look at a few objects that could go into the background on then these. You can use his animations for your daily up up loads or four poster stills, that sort of thing, yet let's get started. 2. C4D & Octane Composition & Animation Setup: So here we are in, uh, 40. I've had my ups A, uh um we're not gonna load up yet because i e I want to get the elevation sort first. So I've just got a, uh, a camera set up with, um, just about grounds, not backgrounds. Just to make you know that the source files in this Do you come with the project? So, um, you do get stuck on the point I have You can't. You can loves you, start on your own, which is more vice. But if you need any backup Ah, you can always refer back to my so Murray artwork. Um, so, yeah, on Pernis at 12. 80 tile 80 with the ground. That's the sections are used. Uh, so we must start off with, uh, we're gonna do it. About 400. We just kept receiving that in the middle. No, I know what click. We're just gonna protect that. So count me that. Gonna Then put this one. So I come something song for not senator without to 50. Said once, just for about so no plans, remember? That's it. So we've got the interval, which is going to be the bulls will be moving around. So we're gonna use the glass. Um, material? Not so. Basically, this is going to reflect what was inside it. Um, we are then going sieve cheap. Make it slightly big up smooth. It's too. All right, so that's in the middle. Uh um, this outside Ah, circle sphere is going to be like the boundary. So, um uh, in, uh, sir, with the wind and turbulence is gonna be hitting that went, escaped, went one off the edge of the paint off the screen. Sorry. So it's just like a boundary box. So this is gonna be what? We're gonna make this a cloud of pottery. So, um, it will hit this software. Just start immediately. What's Children like? A mess. What we do Still active, but we don't want to see it. Just wants to be invisible. So then we've got the soft bodies. We're gonna go to simulation types or what? Do you just make it something that ah, immediately Yes. Made a mess. You could have a play around with these sentence to set us up. Who? The things we let it on them. We're going to go up to right simulates. I'm gonna put turbulence off. So for the arrival of a friend of the Jets, and that's playing out money to turn that yeah, still friends to the strength of 50 it's It's slowly moving that, but what role did fast enough? For the moment, it is just in school 300. It's a strict one. Hundreds. His name is slightly because we got this off for the, um, you can play with the, uh, structure and stiffness that's just shook. Well, yeah, home. Well, that one's is 100. That's That's this. You could try. I think I need is a converted Teoh, not just turn. This isn't strong for the men in this truck. No start to move about. And then when it should. The small, I think, is into the well, this one. That's right. You can see that you thought the in size soft body hitting the clothes off the outside so we just preview that. Turn this off. You see that? So you go. It's doing the same thing. That surveillance is spinning it around. Um, but stay move in the stairs. You can make this shape any shapely once well zone. It's America. It's where Trans you hear that Mikis going around saying with Put on the same attributes was a Kleiner said. That will not Let's make this. That's right, Like it's a little We got no gravity on this. It's kind of is this obviously flow in their gravity. So you kind of growth is that dropped down to the bottom quicker? But in court, like Kyle, it's just front flowing around, doing the same thing, most to walk. Just uh, no excuses of the class level, son. You can play with the clear the grass grass blast. I'm Phil. Yeah, I don't want to get too high, so just use a little That was under what we'll find. No, that in debts. It's how much you can see through it, I think. Glasses one one. Someone left. Change. Just trying to put a full that What? What wolf? The servants. This is stuff in scale, but try force with separation. Four. Trick off the what? School for them. Sorry, that's wind. Tried that. I love you. Sure about that. Just pumped up with Let's put the so and so so vision. So so And then this shit feeling rounds a lot smoother. It's got more SOF. More details for the strength for full Munger's. So, uh, we're definitely moving, so it's just the That's just a great way of setting up the boundary and soft body within. We're in the shape you can then play with serve lunch. You compared with wind claiming went well, um, the gun. You can have different eruptions. Want to go in. So that works out. Look, that's stronger, maybe with certain moments. So what's intelligence off? What's it to the wind? What? It's not really strong that for thinking playful. So yeah, this that's just is the perfect way of doing cook description of doing the shape of in the boundary box and then the nets that is, person ships behind their soft bodies. And then you get fractions and abstract shapes set 3. Animation & Materials: So now we have the animation cells set up. We're gonna look at the the way to make it look really cool. Abstracts and pretty. So we wanna work with objects that get behind the animators. So, for example, we're going used a, um, another shirts. Get behind it for the 50 seconds. Uh, I bring this back a bit back. Did you consume or that make it? They're bigger. They won't say. We don't want to take up too much. So now we can make it any color. So, uh, materials todo closer? Sure, but will. So, to this one tunes, Okay. Climbed aboard the owner. Even mess. This is the minutes. I hope that seen on again with these really cool obstruct shapes. That's really cool. This I usually plot to 600. Phrase just blasted out. I don't think Is it long enough on there on the animation? See here. Not against them. Really nice. Others coming for. But what if you want to go to the next level? Okay. If it's your artwork, it could be like on it. Could be cross it. What you wanted to with on that one have a normal material. Thank you too. Let us know what terrible material that get spectra. There's a texture. Now you know some interesting things that look good. You can play different auctions off the pass is there. This is what you might have seen in my life. Just gemologist. Ah, my daily up nodes with my space and obtain Siri's. I already love in this, I said to the moment. So slow. Random patterns, different patterns you can flavor. Computer is early. It's good crashes. And, well, that doesn't turn around. They sometimes the smaller the objects behind the soft wilder, the better it will be in terms of in terms of what you're going to see through it. Because I think it's too big. Just it was too much to form. Movinto. That's something. So you ready? I'm Neil. What's good about we'll get one step too far. You know what events we lost went through it some of this way back. Not one more. That's quite cool. Like the other day with circles, you can push the global scale up a little too far. No. What started from the muscle in the, uh, look at, uh, titles, uh, texture. So no one's along We had surface. So circus, too. What about the dogs? Get Teoh Phil, We are not just turn just the hello God's according like So keep that safe and then just proof. Europe, it doesn't crash. So as the soft bodies moving now consider they, um stay with the pattern on stage Still, so you can can't come out late, but I quite like how overlaps so no second stood in the so you can't come out. It's kind of quite nice for it. A lot. What's amusing rounds? You just get all these outside shapes. I think that really cool energy maids the It's the flying up about this morning. Uh, so, you know, I just felt different passes. You know what should be happening? This the Yeah, the back loans fears while you moves now so that that moves busy, rigid party. Then you got the soft body on top. So you've got to parts of animation going on, but they're working together as one. Then you get the results, just close it and so that and then if you want to get one stuff I was going won't step up. Remove it all burn in mind at the same time, you need to be going inside the inside the cloud. Sister Florence is what? So then it doesn't reacts with that's just, you know, five points there. It's another slips. I will not say that. Switch off the Florida, you know? Well, store was there. A city could make amusement. You can see you can make anything come to life this behind anything come to life this behind the why my touches make the So now it's all bouncing around and there's a lot going on. I was making some really cool colors and shapes. That's just, you know, for my car to let my colors, but to mix it up one more. We're mixing up more, more. I do like the thoughts I might keep the toss that would just duplicate that one on Sarah toffs. We'll make the middle one. So lines. Then you got thoughts on the outside, the lines in the middle one. I'm just gonna finish this part of rejects is gonna tell you this Surrender. Um, what do we just concluding? The nets won with this different shapes on then, uh, you can get going and you got to see what you create. Nothing with that 4. Conclusion: Okay, So for the final part, this troops loyal cast, um, just finish off with a few different features. Make it look more. I'm Watson, sir. Views in circles with these lines for the middle one. Uh, and then let's make that directions for and then you've got an old plan we're seeing now is just a lot of different things happen. Really fun. Maybe you want to make one of these. Well, there's cutters as well. The Paterson Summit on then for months to bring in this full. That's smaller. So hard that beginner. Let's bring them up in the middle on that. Uh what? Okay, that See now, Watson really cool shapes. So the wiki guys, they're still really nice what we're gonna render out just through Pretty sure you when I don't know how long, doesn't trust. So you can put any colors any lines 16 16. That's just run to that one out. I see along the news you too, too long because there's no touches on that that take forever. Now it touches on to in depth, so it's not too bad. Please use feels so deceiver. Now it's not taken to down, but you can get all these nice colors happiness and yeah, that that's the best cast. Ready. What would be nice for you Just to play with different different patterns in behind such a radical make up your brain. You're not Welcomes the fools. Um, yeah, that's the class. The, uh You can just type 1,000,000 Subscribe. That made by Steve Jake, you and then our arts, Our into story. So it was really good to push Christie different people learn skills on still done it myself, and she can tell. But I do like to share what I'm learning. So then we can all create some really cool stuff. Uh, yeah. Have have a good day on good form. This class useful. Give me any comments. Um, feedback and not for to the next one.