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Color psychology: How to Influence your Customers choices.

teacher avatar Mike Ingram, Skillshare Teacher. Follow me

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Color Psychology Intro

    • 2. Color psychology the way to improve sales

    • 3. Your class project

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About This Class


Color psychology: Influencing your Customers choices.

Do you know that Psychologists have determined that your sites sales and likeability can be improved by the right choice of colors? The Sites we visit so many times like Facebook, Twitter, and most other main sites have been color coded to improve branding. This course goes behind the scenes to show which colors are most popular with Men and Women and why they convey psychological messages to you.

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1. Color Psychology Intro: welcome to this course color psychology influencing your customers choices. Do you know that psychologists have determined that your sights, sales and likability can be improved by the right choice of colors? Sites we'll visit so many times like Facebook, Twitter and most other sites have been color coded to improve their brandy. This course takes you behind the scenes to show you which colors are most popular with both men and women and why they convey psychological messages to you. So you're me inside this course color psychology, influencing your customers choices. I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Color psychology the way to improve sales: this lecture is entitled kind of psychology and social media. There are a number of ways you can use color psychology to increase your social media likes and sells every spring from a font of posters. Returning to the color of your whip page can send signals to your readers about your brand on things like class trustworthiness on several other qualities, which will distinguish you from your competition. For instance, kiss metrics have produced the following statistics based on the colors used in websites. Colors men don't like. First of all, last men dollar the color purple Second way. Don't like the color orange and last of all way, don't want the color brown onto women. Women like color gray. They also don't like the color orange, and finally, they don't like the color brown over. Let's look at what those colors signify gray. When talking about gray way, think of a boring, drab tone. It's a neutral color, which can look dull and even dirty. It's very conservative and emotionless. It's associated with older people when their head turns gray. Think of how many women like to color the hell. It also signifies that middle life wisdom, intelligence and security grace used as the color of camouflage Jews by many navies and air forces. If you're going to use ground a website to signify intellect, all security, try to balance it out with a different color on color Will. Most other colors will combine particularly yellow and orange, and you can see them solved by side there and blue and green tones. You may also blamed grey with pink and purples to give your site a more feminine quality. We associate orange flowers and the fun and happiness of spring and summer, which comes after long cold motors, oranges, Brian Bold and components, a happiness that yellow signifies. Together with the energy of raid. It signifies energy and healthiness, and you'll often see vitamin tablet box is aimed at Children in this color, However, it's a color that many people also dislike as it signifies flamboyance and success that many people find annoying. That's why you'll find many sports teams using this color to show their fun but energetic sides. It's also used in places to show construction areas and also for traffic cones. Therefore, a sort of action on to brown. What do we think off when we think of brown. Apart from the obvious color of sewerage way, Think off leaves dying and going brown. Arrival of cola Shorter, less happy days. It's also the color of the earth trees and some types of stone, showing a warm, neutral color with a certain dependency and natural disassociated with the American firm, UPS uses it to good effect in their corporate branding. If you're going to use it on a website, match it with other natural colors like green, yellow and orange. And again, you can see the suit each other set there side by side. As you can see here, both sexes don't like either orange or brown. It's while advisable Teoh not choose him as the main choline. Your website now, As you see here, it says, don't use them apart from Bob. Now that's not Bob. The person Bob signifies the big orange button, which is here, and you can see it quite clearly. This site is Amazon. The orange of the big orange button attract you to want to buy something. It's a very impulsive color, so if you're gonna add a bite now, button on anything, make it over orange or yellow So let's go into the colors that men like. First of all, there's blue thing, there's green, and then there's black for the women. Women. Oh son, look green, they will say like blue, but they like purple. Many people think that women's favorite color is actually pink, but it's not is actually Purple Way. Draw a conclusion for those both sexes, like blue and green. Now let's talk about some of the colors we like. Purple is the myth most contentious of the dislike colors as its dislike bond men but liked by women. Purple was used by the ancient Romans to show power and wealth is often associated with royalty or nobility and as a mixture of the calmness and stability of blue, together with the energy of rate. Using the color purple shows your sensitive, compassionate and understanding it confused by luxury brands to show wealth, wisdom, dignity. Together with Aly other traits we associate with a king or queen. So why don't men like purple while maybe is an inherited deep seated hatred of roti going back to the days when way used to fight leaching battles for and against king and country, or maybe men don't like to be in touch with their caring, compassionate side that purple represents. So let's look at the two colors of both sexes. Like most people, like the color blue is the color of both the sky and the sea and symbolizes safe nous, trust, calmness, truth, responsibility, conservatism and lortie. It can also be used to show both spirituality and heaven. Blue promotes. Relax ation on reduces stress way often. Use blue for a baby boy. Blues could be combined with white, a warm colors let rate orange and here avoid using blue with food websites. Aziz Blue is also the color of dieting now on to Green Way like green because it reminds us of nature and is the color of grass, trees and bushes. It signifies the growth of plants and flowers in spring and summer, harmony and growth of nature. Together with safety green of traffic lights and progress way, expect to see green when we think of outdoor events and of charities and environmental causes. Of course, green is also the color of money and signifies prosperity and abundance, and therefore had an association with financial services and markets. It mixes well with yellows, and Browns Way also show that men liked black black shows, elegance, luxury, power and sophistication. Think of a black sports car. It also makes us think of night and the air of mystery of the unknown. Black absorbs light, and the color is used as protection both from the sun and as a color warning. Morning black shows, control and power. It's a very sophisticated tone. When we think of black, we think of that little black dress or that black tuxedo wear toe high powered social events. You'll find black mixed with white. For contrast on a lot of luxury item websites. It shows items of great. It should be noted that too much black signifies depression and coldness or use it sparingly. So let's look up the color that most social media sites use on. Funny enough, it's a color we've already proven that both sexes like and there's Facebook for you, primarily in blue. It's already been proven by color psychologists that both sexes like a blue. So it's no coincidence that Facebook is actually colored blue, and if we look further, Twitter is also colored blue, and the 10 family enough is also colored blue And if we look at some of the other social media sites there colored very similarly all of contrast in colors such as red. They all go together well. And if that most banking sites again are colored blue, it's been proven to be a color. I think both sexes light, that's all for this lesson, we'll see in the next one. 3. Your class project: Hi. Your car's project is shown in the box just below the main screen net to the community books Creature Project on Uploaded under the Class Project section. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I want to congratulate you for completing this course on hope It helps. Have you enjoyed the class? I really hope so. If so, I would be grateful if you could leave her of you in this. Bob's here. Thank you for watching. And I'll see you inside some of my classes.