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Color Tools and Resources for new Designers

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Color Tools and Resources

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Meet Your Teacher

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Introduction: Welcome. Main aims Stony. In this class, I'm going to share with you some color tools and resources, the level of your coloring skills. We know Cooler is important. That's not decide to new graphic designers that that's of combining Kohler is quite difficult. So in this class and share with you the tools that may help you deciding killer corner palette and run now and see you inside the class. 2. Color Tools and Resources: Hello and welcome. Thank you for enrolling in for this last May Name is just Tony for this week when I'm gonna do any designs, unless you have unfinished some of my classes. So let me share if we do a deep or let's say, a cooler resources. I know this would really help you and, of course, level appear design with color. The country in stages, another set of problems for any designer to solve, from sketching to liner, then color color is like a different world and can make or break our design. So I proper color combination or a good color palette is vital because up so much emotions with it. We're not gonna talk about color theory in this class on set another class about color. If you're using Adobe CC or your subscribed toe Adobe products, you're probably familiar with the first resources that I'm going to say and did this class because I know some are still using the older version off a dog products. So the first tool and that I think it's almost complete. It's decoder that adobe that come this formerly known a schooler that adobe that come what I like about this website is the simplicity off. So you I or user interface Sivensa right here we have a very big corner, Will And we have the previews here on the, uh, long part and weak unaided. This we can use me is like the right here. Or begin use individually. Originated individually. Oh, dear. We can usually seem like a in case you want to print the design or exactly get the color in same way, K g b love just be this one the one the one that I use a lot. It just be It means Ah, you on the topside here and that we have the saturation, the saturate in saturate and night m Look right there. All right, so I used mostly the HSB and then from here we have the cholera rule. We got analogous. Monochromatic. So basically, yes, our example here is the right here. Complimentary analogous May have tragic, tragic or actually try it. The tragic and split complementary Disney example. If you go back here and, uh, if you're subscribed Oh, don't be a foot ship or the adobe products or Adobe. Make sure you're signed in so you can edit and save the colors that you did the right here . Okay. May just clicking save, and it will save on the library's. So let's go back. Go And then the whole ship a person, It's, Ah, another favorite of mine here. My favorite is the explorer you can type. You are Doug's or gay words right here, and it will show up here. Okay. What? I mean, Isa, Let's say I'm gonna you see, um, retro right here. Yes, time is like that, and it will show all the corners available in that dog's about retro right here. And we can save you. I throw a party rental posters and get something gonna select. I already have something like this. Hey, believe so. Let's use something like this one. We can click on info if your not subscribed toe adobe. All you have to do is yes. Over your mouse. And it really show what the X code, and you can cap it or you again. But print screen on your keyboard and ah, yes, space on your approach ship. All right. But in screen. Then goto our shop control. Be there and you get precise. This one and then get all the colors and just like that, all right, and you can open. If you're using the CC version. You can open the libraries by going toe window libraries in their second. See I already absurd off some of the quarter palette in that, I said, And you can say abusing the that website right here saved a luxury as I remember the name and say, It's retro retro. I can send it on the library, the categories. It's, ah, palette. I already have some here. I can create one, but let me save it invalid. Except, of course, I can change the name on it and click on Same and it will sink on Mad of airport shop, right? And also, I connected it using the egg copy right here, and it's already published. But I'm you can publish this design or delete this or Discover. I mean, you can go toe courtship again and see our in your palate right here. It's retro retro on the library's okay, I think you see, I already also Another category here is the Golders. This one available came from the adobe themes. Explore right here, IE such. It's like going to the same thing from this website cooler dot Adobe. All right, so if I say it is struggling, I want this pallet right here. I can click on this three. That's right here. And then I can save it to swatches. All right, let's remember that name onto swatches or I can view online. And in this team metallic city add dislodges. And there. So let's go back door Landry's and right there. Yes, a dragon. 3/4. My dinner. Right. I'm gonna make sure you select the proper layer. This color idea. I'm gonna just click on this chord or green right there. It will apply. All right. Another one idea and it's on its blue. This one, I think. And in different cities. No, You look older right there. Very simple, isn't it? And, uh, yeah, you should check out this website corner that adobe that gum is really helpful for a designer like you. And I can click on my teams and see all the pilots that I saved. All right. Can go about to create in great another set of colors. Save it. Let's say we want to save it. Click, save and ideally weaken published or unpublished. If we click on publish people, people would see our palette that we created. I prefer in that door. Um, publish it. I know. So I can select my memories right here. The palate I actually created on this website. Stand up. Ah, here on the library's. Because if I create on new library, what will happen is the between the show, the something like this. I didn't like this one. I like all my colors are in one in one place in my palette. So yeah, something like this. All right. No. Like I said, it's almost the same thing with the other administrator. Everything that are, um, a seven year all the palate. It will sink. Also in my ad Administrator Aiken, open me. Landry's right here. And remember the cooler that we saved. It's retro retro, my dear. Also in Golders Dragon right there. Now begin edit our This is the same sample illustration that we can edit this change in just a cooler and darker one. Right in there. 14 points, like you know? Yes. Clicking. Click right there before we give you some. Before I give you some sources where you can get some colder. Now it's the color guy. Right now. If I select this green, it will be the base of the muted or the vivid color. Now, let's Ah, let's change in this too. Dance and change. So you're familiar with that? Okay, so if I click on this Green said the base and it will create a new tents and new shades right there, you see? And if you want to see more on you have to do is just click on this, uh, far rights idea. The option color. Good options. And really, we can add some steps right here. Right now we have four, as you can see, right here to and for No. 41234 Right there began. Make it six. Right there. You can see it will add another shades right there. Anything Indians click on. OK, right there. And we can select the science of this green. All right. It's really good. So make sure you check out this color gate in Adobe Illustrator. And also, I mean, you play contract down narrow. You can see the, uh, cholera rules. Complementary Sprick. Um, complementary. Right there. We have the shades They won the shades compound, my dear. So in this Ah, Miss Kenya. A nice way door on the aura arsenal. Okay, no need. See other websites. Let me cancel these one. So let's find some, um, caller, you can goto flat you. I called her picker dot com. What I like about this is you consider it the ah you that you want and certainly read on the pink. You can go purple, so they're separated in categories. Another one is the flat dry coolers dot com. So this one or you have to do is just click on the color that you like, Say, the bitter river. Yes. Click on it and it will. Happy on your Liburd getting up. And now you're doubly boat shop and click on your color picker and click on your hex code Control V And right there, our color Nick. Okay, so this hour Peter River, another sources that you can use is flat colors that net almost the same thing. Yes, click and, uh well capital Clippard. And also it shows the hex code so you can get me another one. We have the color drop. This one is sent off ballots right here that you can God be saying this one. It will show on the right side on the X code and the RGB. All right. You cannot veto favorite. And finding the resources would be the color levers dot com. All right, now this one is Ah, this one, I think popular one for the signers you considered on the categories right here. And it say for also you can search on the pallets on the trains, right? Branding something that I like to do is say branding. And it will show all the color palettes for the different designs like this one. They have some examples. See, it's really, really cool If you haven't seen this website called her lovers, I recommend it. They have the color, uh, guns here. And you can copy like this or, you know, a sprint screen again. All right, so these are the resources that you can use to help you. Ah, level of your call your skills. Right? Uh, much better if you have these color, not adopt that. Come. So I prefer this one. And also, if there's an image that you want Oh, get, you can click on this, uh, common right here. Great from image. And there I I'm some image from my they stop this one, I'm gonna click on it right here. It will create a palette from an image. So it's really good, right? Really? Go. And you Canadian disc orders, Of course. It's really up to you how you read it. And you can. They say there's a color that it didn't part of the palette. When you have to do, just click and drug right here and you can find the good in that corner. See, very simple. And it's really fun. I have some images from place that I went toe get the color by threatening or making corner planet and just uploaded here in color that adobe that home. And you said they Ah, a nice nice ah color palette and then save it either, and click on Publish may cancel that one. So it's like not the right. And like you said, uh, click on color color wheel and you can edit the U N saturation Dishonest? You mean it? Goto. Let's goto HSB right there. Hi. It's really cool. You should try this Condor data, Toby that Come It's really helpful. Especially for the designers, like you and me that always designing and that has my guns idea some designs and see what we have here. For example, I went toe at this divider at me. Find a divider. I decide. All right. The year hopes this one. I'm on attention. Don't go there. Yes, let's see. Stopping our libraries. Fine. Let's say this color. That's not good. This one? Yeah. Maybe he summer. It's closer if one on that one looks fine to me. All right, So yes, it, uh yeah, that's what for speed. Your guys. I hope you find it are useful. And please try some of this. You know, I know it will help you a lot, especially if you have some problems with the guard. Or I used to have some problems applying some callers some combinations. So our palates, color palettes, the main signs. So I tried toe find some free resources on the Internet as well. And I There's something you and I'm gonna tell you guys, I'm gonna share it with you, So yeah, yes, that's all for this medio. And, um you know what you things and yeah, if you have any questions and just supposing the discussion. That's all I see you in the Knicks. Bless. Thank you so much.