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9 Videos (53m)
    • Color Theory course INTRO

    • Color is relative

    • Charactiristics Of Color

    • Value Exercise 1

    • Value Exercise 2

    • Theory about color matching

    • Color matching exercises

    • Color matching exercises 3 and 4

    • Color Charts


About This Class

Welcome to this course about Color theory and exercises.

In this course, you will learn characteristics of color, how colors change their appearance, the theory and workflow of color matching and we'll do all this through various value and color matching exercises.

My name is Mandar, a Fine Artist, and a sculptor. I will be leading you through this course.

One of the major challenge which painting students face is mixing appropriate colors for their paintings. So, if mixing right colors is a challenge for you, you are not alone and you are here in the right company.

I've designed this course for the artist in you who wants to improve your knowledge and expertise about color mixing. By the end of this course you'll know all the necessary theory behind color mixing but more than that you'll find out what exercises to do to gain color mixing mastery.

I have simplified the technical terms while explaining the theory and have used a limited number of colors to do all the exercises. You don't need a lot of material to gain from this class and this will also save you money when you'll know how to mix just about any color from a very few basic colors.

This course is good for complete beginners as well as for artists who have a few years of experience. Even if you have never had any artistic experience, you'll gain a lot from this course. Digital artists or even those who are just curious about colors will find this course rewarding.

Color theory remains the same irrespective of which art medium you use. So, this course is not just for oil painters but for all kinds of artists.

Join this class and start your journey towards color mastery.

See you inside the class!





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Mandar Marathe

Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

My name is Mandar Marathe and I am a fine artist, illustrator, and sculptor based in Pune, India.

Have a look at the classes that I teach here on Skillshare, see my projects and join me here to learn from me and feel inspired to create your own masterpieces! You do not need any previous knowledge or art experience to benefit from my classes. I'm here to answer any queries you might have.

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