Color Theory: Get Inspired by Color!

Sarah Parkinson-Howe, Graphic Designer

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7 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. ColorTheory - Introduction

    • 2. ColorTheory - The Language of Color

    • 3. ColorTheory - Creating a Color Scheme

    • 4. ColorTheory - The Psychology of Color

    • 5. ColorTheory - Choosing Colour for a Brand

    • 6. ColorTheory - Applying Color to your Brand

    • 7. ColorTheory- Choosing Pantone Colors

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About This Class


My name is Sarah and in this course I want to share with you some of the knowledge I have gained in the almost 20 years I have been a Graphic Designer, from the basics of the colour wheel and the color harmonies to the psychology of colour in branding.

We take a look at the color systems used in design and technology, (RGB, CMYK and Pantone color). With some class projects filled with useful tips on where to find great color resources in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Color.

By the end of this course you should feel more confident when picking color schemes for your projects, you will know the basic theory of colour and how to create killer color combinations that work.

Thanks so much for enrolling in my class - I’m so excited to have you here :)



Some Reviews...

"I love the class. This is an easy to follow guide to the fundamentals of color for illustrators and designers. I definitely recommend it. Thank you, Sarah!"