Color Theory 101: Using Color in Art & Design | Arielle Rassel | Skillshare

Color Theory 101: Using Color in Art & Design

Arielle Rassel, Maker of Things

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9 Videos (44m)
    • Color Theory 101: Introduction

    • Color Theory 101: Class Supplies

    • Color Theory 101: The Color Wheel

    • Color Theory 101: Mixing Colors

    • Color Theory 101: Project 1, Step 1

    • Color Theory 101, Project 1, Step 2

    • Color Theory 101: Project 2, Step 1

    • Color Theory 101: Project 2, Step 2

    • Color Theory 101: Project 2, Step 3

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About This Class

Apply the basics of color theory to make your own piece of abstract art with acrylic paint!

Have you always wanted to do more with color, but found it intimidating? Or perhaps you love color, but just aren't sure how to make it work together? This class is for you! 

In about 30 minutes, you'll learn the basics of color, how to mix your own colors with acrylic paint, how colors work together to create various color schemes - and finally, create your own piece of abstract art with the skills you just learned. 

Whether you've never picked up a paintbrush before, or you're more experienced but looking to truly understand the theory of color and how to use it, you'll gain useful skills that you can implement in this class and beyond in all of your artistic endeavors. 





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Arielle Rassel

Maker of Things

Arielle is a designer and producer in the theme park industry by day, and an avid pursuer of all things creative in the rest of her time. Art school educated, Arielle is an interior designer by training, but always enjoyed all the other pursuits that her university offered. Now, she runs a jewelry business, Lemesto, and is in the process of launching a hand lettering biz and creative blog. 

Using creativity as a form of expression, Arielle believes that everyone has the ability to...

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