Color Splash - Photoshop Tutorial

Noel Byrne, Learning / Sharing

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4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Color Splash using the Erase Tool

    • 2. Color Splash using the Quick Selection Tool

    • 3. Color Splash using the Pen Tool

    • 4. Color Splash in Photoshop using a Layer Mask


About This Class

Sometimes you may want to highlight or emphasize part of an image.

The Color Splash technique in Photoshop is the perfect way to subtly or dramatically draw attention to part of your image.

In this class you will quickly learn how to achieve the Color Splash effect using a layer mask. Other techniques covered include using the Erase Tool, the Pen Tool and the Quick Selection Tool.

This class really is step-by-step and will suite all skill levels not familiar with the technique. The full Color Splash technique is covered in detail in the first video. Familiarize yourself with this technique in under 6 minutes!