Color Masterclass: Simple Steps to Create Vivid Art | Victo Ngai | Skillshare

Color Masterclass: Simple Steps to Create Vivid Art

Victo Ngai, Illustrator

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19 Lessons (1h 36m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What We'll Cover

    • 3. The Power and Pitfalls of Color

    • 4. How to Talk About Color

    • 5. Principle 1: Relativity

    • 6. Principle 2: Consistency

    • 7. Principle 3: Value Contrast

    • 8. Principle 4: Accent Color

    • 9. Principle 5: Ratio

    • 10. Color at Work: Masterpieces

    • 11. Color at Work: Client Project

    • 12. Prepare Your Piece

    • 13. “Steal” a Palette

    • 14. Personalize Your Palette

    • 15. Refine Your Palette

    • 16. Finishing Touches

    • 17. Export Your Piece

    • 18. Final Thoughts

    • 19. Explore More Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Have you ever created a great sketch only to get stuck when it's time to add color? Learn simple tools to unlock your color confidence!

Join award-winning illustrator Victo Ngai for a masterclass on the most powerful (and intimidating) tool in the artist’s toolkit: color. Borne of her own early struggles with color, Victo’s approach simplifies color theory into a set of mindful practices you can apply right away, whether you’re an illustrator, designer, fine artist, or art enthusiast!

Starting with a deep dive into the principles of color, you’ll see how successful color works to grab attention, evoke emotion, and communicate ideas. Then you’ll have the opportunity to put those principles into practice, developing a harmonious palette to transform a sketch into a full-color illustration.

Guided by real-world examples ranging from fine art to pop culture, you’ll learn how to:

  • Communicate with color using Victo's five principles
  • Dissect any piece of art to understand how color tells a story
  • Develop a custom palette drawn from real-world inspiration
  • Create a vivid illustration using simple tools in Photoshop

Plus, Victo shares her tips and tricks to demystify every step of the color process, from preparing your workspace to saving and sharing your final piece.

This actionable and insightful 90-minute class is designed for every artist who’s ever felt intimidated by using or talking about color. Follow along to conquer your fear, transform the way you work, and unlock your ability to tackle color with confidence and nuance!





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Victo Ngai


Victo Ngai is a Los Angeles based illustrator from Hong Kong and a Forbes 30 Under (Art and Style) honoree, Hamilton King Award winner and Society of Illustrators New York Gold Medalist. A Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Victo has created newspaper and magazine illustrations for The New York Times and the New Yorker, storyboards and art for animations for NBC and Dreamworks, books art for Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Follo Society, and Macmillan, and packagin...

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