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Fred Trevino, Colorist

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14 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Color Correction vs Grading: Yes, there is a difference!

    • 3. Grading Vocab Part 1: Painting a Picture with Words

    • 4. Grading Vocab Part 2: More Building Blocks in Painting a Picture

    • 5. Training Your Eyes: See Images Like a Colorist

    • 6. Picking a Look: Color Grading is a Team Effort

    • 7. Color Grading Environment: Why it Matters

    • 8. Da Vinci Resolve Basics

    • 9. Reading a Waveform: It’s Pretty Simple

    • 10. Order of Operations Part 1: Primaries

    • 11. Order of Operations Part 2: Secondaries

    • 12. Pro Tip: Walking Away to Prevent Over-Grading

    • 13. Pro Tip: Set Dressing & Lighting Matters

    • 14. Final Thoughts & Thank You.

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About This Class

This beginner class is about learning to look at images like a professional colorist, break them down, and get you started in creating a grade for yourself or a client.

It's for anyone getting started in color grading or anyone wanting to improve their skills in manipulating an image and articulating on a technical level what was done. (an essential skill in the real world)

Students will learn:

  • The difference between color correction & grading.
  • The right vocabulary to use when communicating with a client or colorist.
  • How to pick a look for your film.
  • Why the proper color grading environment matters.
  • The proper order of operations in color correction and grading.
  • How to read a waveform monitor.
  • Da Vinci Resolve basics.

Students will get a deeper understanding of the field of color grading and develop the confidence to start grading their own or other projects on a professional level.

About Your Teacher

Fred Trevino is a colorist with over 10 years experience.  He's graded over 40 feature films and hundreds of projects for high end clients such as HBO, Versace, ESPN, Under Armour and more. His narrative color work has screened at well known film festivals like Sundance, Cannes, and Slamdance. His goal is to use the experience and skills he's developed over his career to accelerate your learning in the field of color.