Color Correction with Adobe Camera Raw: Practical Techniques

Mark Johnson, Photoshop luminary and encouraging teacher

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3 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Color Correcting: Part 1

    • 3. Color Correcting: Part 2


About This Class

If you've ever dreamed of mastering color correction in Adobe Camera Raw, this class is for you!

As a photographer, you know that capturing a great shot in the field is only half the battle to producing a truly stunning image. In this digital era, it's critical to know how to properly process images on the computer. An inability to do so can leave you with images that don't come close to realizing their potential. Using crystal clear language and step-by-step instructions, I show you how to use Adobe Camera Raw to optimize color, contrast, brightness, and saturation in your photos so they do justice to what you saw (or imagined) while you were shooting. 

Note: Although this series does not focus on Lightroom, Lightroom's Develop module is virtually identical to ACR.  Therefore, Lightroom users will definitely benefit from the coverage of ACR.