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Collecting quality feedback from Customers

teacher avatar Ana Galv√£o, Always learning new things!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Preview

    • 2. Welcome and overview

    • 3. Types of inquiries

    • 4. Types of Channel

    • 5. The details of a simple inquiry

    • 6. How to measure the results

    • 7. Round up and class project

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About This Class


This course is about collecting feedback from customers or suppliers and the way that we can measure their satisfaction, discovering what most of the times the things that don't tell us, by evaluating products, services and process. 

In this class we will cover the details of an inquiry, what kind of questions we can ask, different types of inquiries, the channel to choose to collect feedback, how we can measure the satisfaction, and next steps to improve your product or service. 

This is a basic class. You don't need any experience or knowledge in statistical or mathematics area.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ana Galv√£o

Always learning new things!


Since I was little, I like to paint and be creative in any area. Later I discovered a new passion: engineering. Initially, developing automatos and robots, that would allow to check quality of products, through artificial vision, among others.

Being young, we are always exploring other horizons and in this way I started to work in the marketing area developing complex propensity models that use neural networks, fuzzy logic and other models. I continued to develop knowledge in the mathematics and statistics area, related to studies carried out on services, products and processes.

Later I discovered data quality and its impact on the day to day life of a company.

For nearly two decades I have worked on quality of service and data quality in information syste... See full profile

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1. Preview: I My name is Anna, and I would like to share with you some experience in knowledge about collating feedback from customers and the way that we can measure this inspection. Discovery what, most off times, the things they don't that there waas By violating brother service and process in this class, I'm exciting to introduce you to do world off enquiries. We will cover the details off inquiry. What kind of questions? We can ask different times off, inquiry to share, to choose to collect fee big and how you can measure satisfaction and next steps to improve your product or service for a class project. I propose building inquiry about committing feedback for a skill share class. If you are a teacher or inquiry about a specific product or service that you offer, you need to build a clear inquiry pending up channel. Choose if you can't put the survey online and share your results with the community. This is the basic class. You don't need any experience or knowledge in statistical or mathematical area. I think that we, this course you will have another perspective how we can collect the right feedback from your customers. Let's get started 2. Welcome and overview: welcome and I thank you for Johnny D's class. We will start with the types off enquiries and channels that we can use afterwards. We will see more in detail, inquiry and how we can measure the results off that inquire it and to finish the roundup. 3. Types of inquiries: different types off enquiries. There are many types off enquiries with different objectives. We have internal enquiries for employees and external enquiries for clients or suppliers. Examples off Internet in fires are motivational inquiry or enquiries about internal process or service inquires, a well being and so on. Examples off external inquirers are inquiry about the specific brothers or surface that you offer. 4. Types of Channel: different types off channel. We can collect feedback from all clients or supplies to a different channels. It can be by phone to a call center or personal call. It can be by Malik not so much in use, but still a good way to collect feedback by Web. The most inexpensive way to collect feedback in presence the expensive way, but with the capability to collect more quality feedback like, for instance, focus Group I will explain later to have better results with more responses is Bill that Enquirer are anonymous and confidential. You can ask always permissions to share the response with your channel site order. There are different ways to collect feedback by Web, which you contest. For instance, Google form Surveymonkey, Facebook, and so are we Do some development. You can use dot net oh, other programming softer, but these a little bit more complicated. It's very important that the feedbacks are unique for person 5. The details of a simple inquiry: details off a simple enquiry. We can divide the normal enquiries in eight blocks. Introduction charities about two clients Product service process. Prize loyalty recommendation overall satisfaction suggestions in comments for the most off the questions, the measure is between 1 to 10 where one is very inserts. Five and 10 is very satisfied with the possibility off without opinion referring that went toe five is a negative response and 6 to 10 is a positive response. Make your questions require it, except the suggestions and comments introduction. It is necessary to describe the proposal that inquiry it must referred the type off scale off. The answers went to 10 of, in most cases, the importance off the responses because it will make important contribution to continuous improvement and also must refer until the day that enquiries available and the contacts, preferably by email. If you they have an issue in feeling the inquiry, it's important also that you tell how much time require it can take. The best should be between five and 10 minutes no more than 15 minutes because it's more probable to give up Finally, which will thank you for their participation. This first part should be clear and a simple script carrot risks about two clients. You can ask the age, sex profession, country of residence, school aridity and orders that are relevant for your study. Deasy's information about your clients Other things that you can ask is how they knew the product or service, if was by suggestion off family or friends or by a Google search advertisement. And so on. These blocks permits to know more in details about your clients that this crucial for your marketing proposal. Brother Qin Service asked specific questions about your product or saris like you can ask about importance off the brother to service in the day Day life. You can ask about level service agreement about a specific service. You can ask about utilization, safety availability, facility speed information available. The clarity, oft information provided. Answer to the needs communication if a sissy off service and orders. If you are referring toa products, you can ask about to design the quality of the off that product, the reliability, the package, delivering the support to your product and so on. Bryce, Ask the client about level off the price off that service or product, and if it Is it quite or not? This works. Permits drivel waiting. If your price is a suitable for your private ourselves, these most off time is a triggered for your overall satisfaction. Loyalty. Ask the customers what they think about continuing to use the service or acquire the type off product involved. These blocks permits to segment your clients in question the loyalty off that clients and help us to see our the quality off your customers. Recommendation. Ask the client if gays, a colleague, family or friends ask about your product or service. What is the probability to recommend that brother to service overall satisfaction? These blocks measures, though, of rose inspection off the client. It's very important to cross check with the rest off inquired, allowing give awaiting the overall enquired and see if anything is missing off the global evaluation or not. It allows understanding the quality for off product or service if s a negative point that we can improve suggestions. Comments Asked to give some suggestions about your service brother to improve your just leave a comment. These locks help us to collect relevant opinions, which you can use to improve any service or product. It helps also to see if your enquiries missing some kind of affiliation for specific service or characters off the product. 6. How to measure the results: out to measure the results for improving. It's very important that you might get continuous evaluation collecting measure and take action to improve. For a statistical point off you two ever level of confidence off 19 5%. We must have more or less 200 response. Reward Elice off the universe inking account. First step is to make a treatment in your data cleaning to start work. Next, we must civil weight the average of different blocks like process Brother service, Bryce, the loyalty, recommendation and overall satisfaction. This is the average by question. We need the travel weight, the block off suggestions and divide comments, toe positive expects and negative expects. In addition, we need to proceed with the collection off suggestions for improvement. These will allow across clustering with Global's inspection. Also, we need spirit by profile off customs responded like age, sex, profession and oil card tricks off the client. If it is not the first time to carry out disarray, it will be important to make a comparison with privilege often results, allowing the calculation off its variation in Consequently, the measure off the main various off improvement and degradation. The evaluation off Ross Inspection it must be device in when wait off the very incidence five answers between 12 tree wait off the Earth's It's five and since peaking for toe, five wait off sits. Five answers between 6 to 7 wait off. Very satisfied, as is between 8 to 10. We also need the overall average and the average off the most satisfy variable that we need to improve constantly. 12. Annual objective we can define with 18% off toe white off the most satisfied. But it's just a reference. It depends off your actual results and what we can do to improve when analysing the results . The first step is to see if you were quiet is okay. It means that the average off the results off the block product service and price are similar to the overall satisfaction. If these don't happen is because it's missing something. You require it, which is not measuring how we can find these. He's using the block off comments, suggestions If we see the clients talking about anything that is not specific enquiry, is that a non option that we must use and improve? Our inquired when we have the similar results, we can west testicle and now is to see what are the priority areas, which you must improve to make our clients more loyalty and very sits fight when we cannot find the gap or in your enquired, and we don't have many in common stone allies, we can do a focus group or mystery clients. The focus group is a meeting with some clients that you can ask some questions in presence to improve our service or product and clarify what is missing in your inquiry. The mystery client is the client that evil. It's your servicing product. When buying or use your service, they feel a bigger farm with more details than unusual enquired and is not a confidential answer. January. We get some gifts to these clients to help us improve. It is possible to comply to simple ever with number off inquires that it tests. In the meantime, when they are few answers we accepted results obtained is a baseline. They are more complex models that we can use like linear regression, or to find the priority action factors is toe. See the importance off the questions just for your knowledge. They are specifically softer that this can measure the importance off questions using different statistical models like Espace. Yes, are. But I only recommend if you have some mathematical and statistical background, and these need is also a number off that consistent. 7. Round up and class project: round up in class project for everything that we offer is important to collect feedback from your community, clients or supplies. But we need to know how we can make quality inquiry to be possible to measure the rights inspection and to focus on the issues that is more relevant to your customers. These allow us to improve your business business with more quality for the project Class Extra Jess Building Enquiries about Clayton Feedback from Skill share class If you are a teacher or inquiry about the specific brothers or service that you off, you need to build a clear inquiry. Penny off channel. Choose if you can put the survey online and chariot yourself through the community. I hope that you enjoyed this class. See you next time. Thanks very much.