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Collecting quality feedback from Customers

Ana Galvão, Always learning new things!

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7 Videos (15m)
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    • Welcome and overview

    • Types of inquiries

    • Types of Channel

    • The details of a simple inquiry

    • How to measure the results

    • Round up and class project


About This Class


This course is about collecting feedback from customers or suppliers and the way that we can measure their satisfaction, discovering what most of the times the things that don't tell us, by evaluating products, services and process. 

In this class we will cover the details of an inquiry, what kind of questions we can ask, different types of inquiries, the channel to choose to collect feedback, how we can measure the satisfaction, and next steps to improve your product or service. 

This is a basic class. You don't need any experience or knowledge in statistical or mathematics area.





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Ana Galvão

Always learning new things!

Since I was little, I like to paint and be creative in any area. Later I discovered a new passion: engineering. Initially, developing automatos and robots, that would allow to check quality of products, through artificial vision, among others.

Being young, we are always exploring other horizons and in this way I started to work in the marketing area developing complex propensity models that use neural networks, fuzzy logic and other models. I continued to develop knowledge in the mathe...

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