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Collect Vinyl Using Discogs (How-To)

Viktor Vigh, Do androids dream of electric sheep?

Collect Vinyl Using Discogs (How-To)

Viktor Vigh, Do androids dream of electric sheep?

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Quick test

    • 3. Overview

    • 4. Sections - Explore

    • 5. Sections - Marketplace

    • 6. Sections - Community

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About This Class

In this class I'm trying to encourage every music & record lover to know and use Discogs.
I'll provide a quick walkthrough which will be helpful if you've never used this website.

I'll present you a quick test run and in the next chapters I'll break down the site's sections.

Grading Guide:


Note: every medium in the class videos are from my personal collection and are shown for representation purposes only.

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Viktor Vigh

Do androids dream of electric sheep?


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1. Introduction: way. - Collecting records is a great way to all music that you love. Instead of dreaming or downloading, you can actually grab and hold your favorite bands, albums or singles. And this Cox is a wonderful sight for every music collectors. You can sort out your collection, find and buy rarities and organize them as you want if you're a music lover and if you collect records. But you've never heard of this website and you never used it, I'm happy to help you out with this short walk through. Let's find that old Beatles LP or, if experience new singles. OK, my name is Victor Week and I love collecting records. 2. Quick test: Let's do a quick test run. Okay, so I have a copy off the Abbey Road therapy, which I want to find on the side like I look for the title, but I can just check out the catalogue number, which were Have toe identify my release. Now I can see that it's a reissue from Germany, and I'm going to add it to my collection. My copies condition is near me and for the record, because it's almost like it was never played and the sleeve is very good. Plus because it shows somewhere described in the creating guide he resulting to the creating guide. The marketplace shows that how many other copies are for sale off this release, statistics show ratings how many people wanted and what was its lowest median or highest pricing. Now it's in my collection, and I can create a supporter and movie there, but I want to buy another Beatles album on vinyl, which is reward her. So let's just search for it, okay? And we click Search marketplace. Now I have almost 4000 items in a list. I create the theater for vinyl on the left side. That's just change sorting toe price lowest and you to my location, which is Europe. I only want to see Euro currencies. I want to release from 1966 which is the earliest release and which is in a very good plus condition. I see a very good plus copy that's coming from the in advance for 25 year olds, and I can see that the seller has a very high rating. We've good reviews, so I'm going to trust the seller. If I have questions, I can contact him anytime below price. I'll track shipping. Cost the seller real odd. 10 euros and here choirs, bank transfer or paper. Now let's just check if he has something as that I want to own. I've just found a copy off Princess Money don't matter tonight Single, which is also in a very good plus condition. I want to order to my shopping basket, too, and we got to check out and then waiting for the sellers. Messages be obtained voice. So when payment was completed, the seller been send the items to me in the desired way. Let's say a mere or trucked, for example, and when it's arrived, I just put it under the needle and add to my collection. Is that simple? There are many more options, for example, searching and buying using a want list. But I just wanted to show you how quick and simple the processes Please stay with me and our Goddio through the side sections and options. 3. Overview: overview off the interface. Now, when you've completed registration, this is what you will actually see. As you see, you can search for artists or releases in the search bar. Then there are links for three main sections off the site on the top, right, you will see I consider your basic it messages and use Americans. The basic it is where you can navigate to a shopping cart. Messages is where you can communicate with other users. You can simply rearrange into dashboard odd. Remove modules up a request beside the dashboard button. There are links to your collection, want least least submissions, draft and export collection, and one faced will be discussed later. In list, you can create lease for favorite artists. Create top tens. For example. Submissions is the place where you can attribute info for a release, so you may add a new release by describing it in detail or correct another release. On the right side, you can find set things in which you can set language, time zone and customers. Your provides that things such as adding a profile photo, a short description location and many more. You might change your notification set things about which even see want to receive messages , for there are privacy settings, which you should consider changing and notorious for collection by a settings is for setting your default currency that you want to use on the market place and for shipping information. There are also sellers and things that you can change if you wish to sell items. 4. Sections - Explore: the site is built up by three large sections. Explore marketplace and community explore is where you can find artists, releases or labels you can search. She was in Generous Dies, former and So Demus, you want Just let yourself explore by Generous or STAIs. But for now, we look for artists, provide ice. I'm going to search for being fluids, and Mr Boies thes artists provide first. OK, you can see that the reason for about them and list off releases. Let's find a 16 as an artist who just won a Grammy Award a few years ago for his album Siro . Now you can see he's really sees over booms, singles compilations and videos. Besides Title you, we see how many versions exists for the release. Then you can see Labour catalogue number and year off release. Let's check his early Signature LP, which is selected ambient works in its earliest vinyl release form. Now, as to see the labor is Apollo, you can look for a polos releases in a similar way as we did for the artist. Just click on the name The former is toe herpes. There are images trapped least and notes for the release on top, right? You may added the release. If you found some misinformation on the release page, it will be supervised by a side member before taking effect down on the right side, you may see YouTube videos for the release. If you actually own a release, you may added to your collection. You can organize your collection by creating for others, and you can see how it's valued. Based on this, Cox transactions you can actually buy releases four. Cheaper where you inside them at a higher value if you want to. Now this is only a test user. My extra collection in real life is way larger. If you want an item, click on our want list and the system will notify. When there's a copy available. Check your messages. Often I'll get back to want Lee soon the community can rate to release. You can check out ratings where the statistics are 5. Sections - Marketplace: marketplace is the good in mind of the scope. Everything is very well detailed the condition of the items as well as shipping prices in here. So if you created a want list, it will show up under the seller's name and the to tell you how many items the seller has forced sale. If you click on an item, you can read more about the record and shipping information. You might check the items release page or look for more copies for sale. So my tips for using democracy base are. Try to sort items by pricing. Always check media condition, check, sell a ratings and theater your search based on currency quality media. Why new and sellers compass shipping prices and make offers. Sometimes you can get items for lower prices. And don't forget to leave a good review. If the communication and the service was fast and happily be kind to others because you were received review as well as a buyer. More tips. Look for original pressings. These will be harder to track down, and we will be more expensive, but they're often considered rarities. Look for pressings from Japan, US, UK, Netherlands or Germany pressings from these countries are often sounding better. The quality of the covers and divine years are much better than the ones which were produced in South America or Eastern Europe. Indian pressings are usually selling at lower prices because the pressings qualities are not that good. Japanese releases, on the other hand, are often value that higher price. They're different and commit hobbies in our jackets and posters try to find other rarities . Sometimes miss pressings are considered realities. If you wish to sell an item, you can do it by simply feeling of home after you posted it will appear in the market place . You would want to creak or sell item on the release page. To do that, make sure you release the condition off the item exactly as it's described in the guide, okay? 6. Sections - Community: and there is a community section communities where you can join the group discussions and forums. You can ask for help regarding release details, artists and many more finding manage friends. Discuss your favorite artists or labels in the Forums section. You can talk about the database marketplace up features, or you can report box in the development section. Okay, let's put in England this Cox is not only selling whining, but you can find cassettes, CDs or digital releases as well. I find it way easier to keep track off my collection and is a wonderful way to collect items that I love. I hope you will get deep into the side after watching my class and you will be an avid collector and this Cox community member. Thank you for watching See you There by