Collage Universe: Bringing Life to Printed Artifacts | Morgan Lappin | Skillshare

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Morgan Lappin, Founder of Brooklyn Collage Collective

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8 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Class Project & Tools

    • 3. Sourcing, Organizing, & Creating Your Space

    • 4. Making Cuts: Foreground & Background

    • 5. Put It Together: Foreground & Background

    • 6. Characters in New Environments

    • 7. Portals & Windows

    • 8. Wrapping Up

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About This Class

Collage Universe with Morgan Jesse Lappin is an informative, hands-on class exploring different types of analog collage, the various approaches one can take when creating them, and the therapeutic benefits collage can offer. Join in to learn the incredible process of creating 3 different types of analog collage works from conceptualization, assemblage, to extraordinary finished pieces.

From start to finish, the class will cover:

  • Tools and space creation for collage making
  • Sourcing and organizing collage materials
  • Making clean cuts
  • Method 1: Foreground & Background Collages
  • Method 2: Placing Characters in New Environments
  • Method 3: Portals & Windows

This class is open to anyone, regardless of experience. Collage is probably one of the least intimidating forms of art, and allows your vision to come to life within a day. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys organizing, using their hands, appreciating fine details, and completing creative projects from beginning to end.

Suggested tools and materials: A self-healing cutting mat, a cutting pen with blade (XACTO or Excel brand), scissors, glue or tape, and magazines or books for collage material. I also offer course supply kits through my Etsy shop that include pages of material from encyclopedias, National Geographic, Life magazine, and other various vintage publications.