Collaboration for Creatives: Make Your Project Better | David Bill And Marc O'Brien | Skillshare

Collaboration for Creatives: Make Your Project Better

David Bill And Marc O'Brien, Designers

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8 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction

    • Set Your Goals

    • Map Out Your Roles

    • Define Your Personalities

    • Set Your Milestones

    • Pick Your Tools

    • Evaluate Your Project


About This Class

Become an effective collaborator with this 60-minute class from freelance designers David Bill and Marc O’Brien. Learn how to manage the collaborative process and overcome pain points. In addition to tips and tricks culled from their years of working on teams, the class delves into a diversity of work environments and features interviews with:

  • Kelly Stoetzel (Content Director, TED) on team event production
  • Steve Daniels (Founder, Makeshift magazine) on remote collaboration
  • Ryan Lee (Creative Director, Method) on in-studio teamwork

Whether you’re already part of a collaborative team or eager to work with others, this class will help you achieve the maximum creative result for any vision. This class is perfect for designers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, illustrators, photographers, and anyone working on collaborative projects.

The top 10 projects with the most likes in the first 60 days will get an hour video chat session with either David Bill or Marc O'Brien.

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Sinple and to the point.
This set out a helpful framework for thinking about the process of collaboration and managing difficulties through it. They brought in multiple perspectives and offered practical insight.
After many years working largely on my own I was recently invited to participate in a team collaboration. This course explains very clearly what pitfalls to avoid (I'd already run into some of them unfortunately). I liked the structure of the course - goals, milestones, tools, etc. And I found the knowledge shared by the presenters as well as their guest speakers to be very useful. The whole course has a nice conversational tone - everything is based on their own experiences and you're encouraged to try what works for you. Nothing is mandated and there's no wrong way to collaborate but by following their tips the process will be smoother. Thanks!
Jacqui M.

business consultant helping expat women





David Bill & Marc O'Brien are designers based in San Francisco. Having led a variety of collaborative projects, they have a deep understanding of the process, its potential, and its pitfalls.

About David

David Bill directs the USA office of NoTosh, a global consultancy that bridges the worlds of learning and innovation. A teacher, coach, and school administrator turned design strategist, David works with clients to design strategies and solutions that address an organization's par...

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