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David Bill And Marc O'Brien, Designers

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8 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Set Your Goals

    • 4. Map Out Your Roles

    • 5. Define Your Personalities

    • 6. Set Your Milestones

    • 7. Pick Your Tools

    • 8. Evaluate Your Project


Project Description

Kickstart or refresh a dream collaborative project

Project Description
You can approach the project for this class in several different ways:
If you have a collaborative project that you’ve been dreaming up, now is the time to kickstart it.

Already working on a collaborative project or team? Share what you’re working on as your project for this class.

A little stuck? Not a problem, we’ve provided some sample challenges to get you started on a collaborative project that you can work on with students in this class.

Sample Challenges

  • Re-design your favorite childhood board game with a group of friends
  • Re-think your workspace with your team
  • Plan a group camping trip
  • Start a Kickstarter project for your community

Tools & Materials
There are no required tools or materials for this class.

1. Set your goals What is it that you want your team to address / accomplish?

Share: Define your project goal in one or two sentences.

2. Map out your roles Identify the roles and interactions necessary to ensure your team meets its goal. To do so, you will need to define the responsibilities of each role and with whom they interact.

Share: Create a help wanted ad for each identified team member and their required roles. What are the skills necessary to complete their tasks?

3. Define your personalities Based upon the roles you just defined, identify the personality traits required for your team to be successful.

Share: Create an online dating profile for each team role previously identified. Define the ideal personalities needed for such a role.

4. Set your milestones. With your goal in mind, work backward and identify the necessary milestones. Map those on a project timeline.

Share: Post a screenshot of your calendar or timeline.

5. Pick your tools What will offer a smooth workflow, easy management needs, and open communication?

Share: List the tools that you used for your project.

6. Evaluate your project Did you effectively accomplish your goal? How well did you collaborate? What worked well and what did not? 

Share: Create a video (using your webcam or smart phone) outlining how you completed, and the results of your project evaluation.

Student Projects