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Cold calling FIRE: cold calling like the Wolf of Wall Street

Stefan De Vito, Sales trainer, keynote speaker

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16 Lessons (1h 42m)
    • 1. Intro cold calling

    • 2. Basics of selling

    • 3. Cold call process and goals

    • 4. The first five seconds

    • 5. Rapport during the cold call

    • 6. The Cold call itself

    • 7. Qualifying during the cold call

    • 8. Objections during the cold call

    • 9. Closing the appointment

    • 10. Amazing tool to 10x your leads - teaser

    • 11. Qualifying mastertool in detail

    • 12. Handling the objection: "not interested"

    • 13. Handling objections early on in the call

    • 14. Handling the objection "send something over"

    • 15. Practicing the script part 1 60 percent

    • 16. Practicing the script part 2 60 per cent


About This Class

Cold calling is dead? What a lame marketing slogan. Every high ticket sale in the world is made either in person or over the phone. No matter how effective your digital marketing is to bring you in great leads, in the end, you and your team need to pick up the phone and close them.

By taking this course, you will become a master in cold calling by

  • Being confident on the phone and knowing

    • knowing what to say

    • knowing how to say it

    • knowing when to say it

You will learn a complete sales process and which tonalities to use. Sales is in the end a game of certainty and the transference of that emotion to others.

The system in this course is partly based on the teaching my mentor, the Wolf of Wall Street has taught me over the years. It contains the secrets that made his broker firm (in)famous in the 90s.


1. Intro cold calling: Hey, congratulations for making step number one. Now you want to know what is step number two? Step number two is as important Step number one, Which is gonna make some time right now to go through this course. And I said right now. Why? Because when I'm sure it has happened to you before, you know, you want to do something that amuses, I'll do it later. I do it on Wednesday or on first day on and something that comes up at some point, you lose it out off, mind out, offside Right or out of sight, Out of mind, Runner. And you don't want this to happen to you because of that? Here's a few quick tips how he can make the most off this course number one. Define what you want to do with the skill, right? What do you need it for? But also, what areas do you want to particulary develop? You know what? What's your motivation? What, you want to get out of it? Because you will find this in discourse. Number two. Once you made this definition, you actually look through exact course, outline its here and again. You look through okay, That's kind of gold markets I want to look for. And here they are, most likely to be found number threes. Then you don't just jump right into the first and you go from a to set. But you can actually drill right into what you think is the most likely video where you find your nuggets, right? The course is structured in a way that you can actually do that. If you say out, I feel lazy hard. Just wanna do it the conservative way. You can also just go through it from a to set. In addition, if you want to increase the effectiveness off what you're doing here by around 40 to 50% there's one thing you can do and that is actually surprisingly simple. You need to rate yourself. You need to raise yourself on a scale from 1 to 10. How good are you? You know, how could are you in cold calling right now? Um, and then you define where you want to go. And throughout the course, sometimes it just checking Hate. Did I improve already? If I started out as a five on my six now and my seven, um, and don't just say Well, I'm I'm a Ciro and I want to go to 10 because, you know, it's maybe I think, the gap to tell tales to be so Radha defined. Okay, I'm a five now, and within the next two weeks, I want to go to an eight because that is something you could handle, OK? And finally, well, you want to do for any off those skills that you can learn by just listening to somebody, right? You want to bring it from a theoretical knowledge into a practical knowledge? How do you do that either? You have already cold calls that you can practice every day, So just go out every day. You practice it or if you don't. If you say I'm actually learning this to start out later. You know, I'm learning this to get an additional skill, but I don't have a lot of practice possibilities. Don't worry about it. Still practice? Yeah, but how? Right. And you can actually still breakfast. You don't have to practice on the phone with the client. You can practice most of this stuff by speaking to your friends by speaking to your family . Whoever it is so many off the language patterns, the tonality, a teacher, etcetera. The way to handle an objection. You can use that even outside off the sale. You can use that until it becomes so natural that you say it and you say it in that specific way and you don't even have to think about it anymore. I'm ready to undress now and come into this mountain lake here in the middle of Germany. It's May. Here s it's still a little bit cold, but, you know, got increase your comfort zone, and I'm gonna try to do that right now. You guys increase your comfort zone right now by checking out the material goes through it right now. Goes with those few steps here, and you're gonna increase your effectiveness off learning this course. Um and you know what? Most of all, have some fun as you do cause all this great if you get the confidence of learning a new skill. Hey, seeing one off the next segments 2. Basics of selling: Hey, I promised you I would not give you any off that motivational stuff. You know, it's in the mind game, which is great, by the way. But you can easily open you tube and watch a few of that. Now, however, there are three rules off selling that have a little bit to do with this that you need to know, because if you don't, you will lose many more sales. And Julio number one, what is the biggest, absolute, most important rule off selling that you will ever learn? It is to agree it is to all this. All this always agree. No matter what the customer says, if it's completely crazy and insane if it doesn't make sense, If you feel like you know just going to a dead and road, you're still gonna agree. So what? Almost the first thing you're going to say is I agree with you. You're right, you know? Absolutely, exactly. Perfect rate, all of that, you know, in some way or not, a signifies agreement and why you want to do this is because as soon as you don't decree, you're gonna start like an artificial discussion. It's going to feel for them like a discussion where they tried to convince you. You try to convince them, but one thing about discussions is nobody learns anything from them because you always just want to have your point. So for this not to happen, you are going to agree every single time. And that doesn't mean that, you know, if the customer says the price is too high, you agree, and then you actually say, Let's just make it lower That's not about it, But it's really just about this agreement that takes away some of the force off. You know, this thing that otherwise becomes a discussion number two and this really has to do with Number One is that you want to be a great listener. Many people in sales get is completely wrong because they think my product is the best I have to sell it. I gotta tell him who operated is, but what happens is that you just run over the customer. If you do that and they don't feel considered, and the reason why you need to be a good listener is because it builds trust. It's one of the elements to build trust and a customers only going to buy from you if they have trust in what you do and what your company does and in what product us for them. Now there's other ways to build his trust. Body language is another one. Or also, you know, just be That's a an active listener, as in using the right time tonality on, do you know, doing filled words like Ha got it. Things that really signified to them that actually this guy cares about me. He doesn't just care about his sales. We're going to go into all of these in more details later segments. But for now, just remember being a great listener is absolutely crucial as much as to agree number three . And I would say that is, you know that rounds up now, Theis rules to the sale is something that is without this, you will not make many sales or you will not make any sales, probably. And this is to be sold on your product and to be 100% soul on your product to know that this is the best product that has ever existed to solve this problem. No, wise is an important rule. Well, actually your firstly to listen, but then you need to be super enthusiastic about your product. Just make sure you don't mix it up. Just make sure that you do not instead of listening, Just put it all out there. But wait until late in the process when you present your product and we're going to talk about the exact process that I developed that gives you a road map, really? To when do what and in which way. But for now, just remember those three rules off selling. What are they exactly see in the next segment? 3. Cold call process and goals: the cold colors on. And this is the goals and the process off it. Now, what are your goals, Really? I mean, really, really. You just have fun kill, right? And that is to make the sale and close. So you could say, Well, there's actually just one goal, and that's right. But in order to make this sale, what you might want to do is you wanna have a solid appointment. So instead of just being on the call with somebody that you don't know what's going on right now, what are they doing? You actually want to make some time for them in the schedule. So you actually want to get an appointment in order to get the appointment? What will you have to to you first have to doing the call, Get a massive intelligence about them to really find out what it is, you know that you can help them solve with because otherwise you want off those sales people who just talking about their features and you know their solution. But you don't actually know if there's a problem that you can solve. And in order to do that, you wanna have a rapport again We just talked about report. You wanna have report? You wanna build it the whole time? Don't worry too much about it, because the time when you really building reported most is when you were listening. And it's so much easier. You know, you don't have to think of so many different things. Build report when you're listening. That's more than fine for the beginning. Now that's the goals. What about the actual process? How does such a cold call, you know, go from from a which is really you picking up the phone to set, which is you have an appointment, you know, solid appointment, and, uh, that you can then make yourselves presentation. Okay, so the process is very simply fight just as it was in school. Whenever you were probably writing a text, they always told it as an introduction was a main part. And there's a conclusion. While guests want to make it easy, this is exactly the same process that we follow here. Now, what is it that we have in the introduction and in the main part in conclusion? Well, in the introduction, you wanna greed, of course. But then you wanna be interesting So you basically want to make a big claim, A big claim off what your product can do. And I'm gonna give you exact track of what you can use for such a claim. And you want to drop hooks, hooks about you know how you've helped the competition. Hooks can be something. You know how successfully your company has. Bean. Any awards you want to be interesting so that they can be interested. And then you can. You have That's very important. Don't just ramble on. And it's again, the biggest mistake that most salespeople are making. They never stop from this. The only thing it's, you know, they stay in this mindset, but instead you want to take a step back and in the main part you want to be interested. Interest that in them and the main part is really about finding out. You know things about them qualifying them. It's called qualifying. It's called, you know, gathering Intelligence, and you want to build this report again, active, listening very important in this face. And finally, in the conclusion you actually want to close on a future appointment in one of the next segments, I'm gonna show you exactly how to do all of these 4. The first five seconds : Are you ready to make this call? Hey, the 1st 5 seconds studies have shown the 1st 5 seconds make or break this specific all meaning that if you're not doing it right in 1st 5 seconds, call is gonna be pretty much over at this point and you lose all the chances to have a cell today. So you really want to make sure that you have five seconds completely drill? Now, how do you do that? How can you bring across what you need to bring across in five seconds? Well, secret here is tonality because there's no, you know, no way that I just simply say, Oh, I'm like this. Oh, my God. I'm like that. Did you actually impressed him in the right way? Now, if you like it or not, humans judge other humans, and you want to make sure that they judge you in the right way in those 1st 5 seconds. So because it's a make or break point and because you need the right tonality, let's look into what kind of tonality you actually need. Well, basically, they need to see that you can help them with whatever problem or, you know, goals that they're having in their life and for them to do so, They need to think that you're very smart, because if you know, not smart, well, surely you cannot help them. You also want to come across as an expert because only you know if you're an expert or if you have to. You authority often, expert, you're gonna come across somebody who can help them, because otherwise they could just ask the brother or sister or whoever in the family about that specific topic. And finally, you want to be very enthusiastic because if you're not enthusiastic, I mean, you know, why should they be enthusiastic and excited? So let's talk a little bit of help. Their differences in tonality already heard it. If you're enthusiastic, well, you can hear it. You know, you protect its light coming out of your eyes and you really on there. But one word of caution. You don't want to be completely over the top. Enthusiastic. You don't want to be like, Hey, this is Stephan houses doing. How you doing today? This is a little bit too, you know too much. Then they don't think you're on drugs or in your were in some way instead, What you want to do is you still want to show that you're in control so your voice almost goes over. It almost corrects, but you're still in control of it, and it sounds a little bit more like that. You're almost there, but it's still your You know, you're still holding yourself back, but you're borderline enthusiastic about your product or this call another tonality. That is very important for you to use scarcity. You see how all of a sudden you start listening much more because lower my voice, it's almost like I have a secret to tell you. And this is a very powerful tool that you will have to use in the 1st 5 seconds and tell you exactly what to say. And you know what way to use this tonality, but very powerful finality. Another one is the reasonable man finality, which basically just shows your reasonable I'm reasonable. That's just do this and I will, you know, in just a second, show you how what words to use here. It's gonna be especially the 1st 5 seconds. Something allowed around the lines off. Got a minute, you know, got a minute? Well, of course I caught a minute. Everybody got a minute? You know that this this reasonable man tonality is gonna be very important for you to ally it actually go on with your call. And another tonality that is very, very important is I really care. I really care about you tonality. And, you know, if you're not sure how to do this, it's it's again. It's a tonality that you'll know, You know, you all using it already. You just know. When are you using it and how to do it. Now, if you wanna have some inspiration of how to do that, I really care. Tonality. Go watch any speech of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is an expert. India really care. And he has, You know, this ability to within split seconds, looking at somebody and talking to them in a way that portrays that I really care about you . It's a bit more silent and spit more soft, but it also has to see, you know, the strong, almost emotional way of speaking. It's almost my voice is almost like, you know, going up and down a bit like in an emotional way to show that I really care about you right now. Alright, guys. So this is, you know, the secret about building this report in 1st 5 second. That's going to be key for you to make the call. See you in the next segment. 5. Rapport during the cold call: Hey, people do business with people they like. People do business with people they like. So you might say, Well, great. Then I'm I I need to do something to, like, you know, like me. Now, if you are anything like me when I was in high school, I think to make someone like me waas by having just the same interests. So walk up to a girl and say, You know what you're gonna do this afternoon and just going to say I'm gonna go play football because that girl, for whatever reason, it was such a big fan of football. I'm really not a football fan. It all. And so I'm like, Oh, really interesting. Yeah, I like to play, You know, we sometimes go there blah, blah, blah. All that, of course, was a big lie. Um, and it didn't come across very well. Now guess what. It's the same in a sale situation. So many people make the mistake off hearing something that the Customs says and then thinking that they have to jump onto that and become a golf player. Whatever it is, do not do this. This is not gonna work. It's gonna backfire. on you, and you can't avoid that very easily. Now what report is, you know, and what making people to like you is has so much more to do with three things. Number one, the body language number two, your tonality and the way you speak, really just review that. We just talked about that and number three, really some form of active listing, active listening that shows I care. But it also shows them you're still there. You with them and you actually want to understand them. Those are the three things to build to build rapport now. We talked already about tonality. I want to talk now a little bit about body language and what it is that makes active listening. That's Thomas's body language. There's so much you can learn about body language, however, does a few big no goes on. I really want to just focus on them here, and there's a little bit of difference here between men and women, simply body, You know, the way that bag in history when we were all living Kate in caves, etcetera. When you walk up to a woman and you can get too close, you're basically invading the space. And if that woman doesn't trust you doesn't know you on she will retreat and you will see you as a threat. So speaking with women, you want to make sure that you do not invade the space too much. But depending on the culture that you're in, you probably want to keep a good arm length distance with women. Also, it's actually fine to face them straight on so that they see you're not hiding anything that you straight up don't invite my space. That's when you have careful attention for men. It's a little bit different for men. Actually, you do not want to be all straight up facing them because back in the times when caveman a med caveman B and was standing right in front of them well, guess what? There was a stretch to them. And you do want to avoid that because obviously you don't want to start a fight. And yours don't want to give him feeling that you know your threat because you really just helping them giving a solution. So what you want to do is if your prospects standing here well, you want, step aside or you can also do is simply move a little bit your shoulders to left. That's usually are right that the angle shows to him that you're not a threat. Another important thing with body language is anything your eyes are doing. Your eyes are the mirror to the soul. Well, guess what? It's very important that number one you keep eye contact with both men and women. You want to keep solid eye contact most of the time. I guess. How much of the time is it really gonna be 100% you know, it's close to none off the time. Where is the right amount? Off eye contact if you want to have the happy studies that showed the right amount of eye contact is around 72%. 72% basically doesn't mean you're staring at them all the time. And it also doesn't mean you're just, you know, looking and just looking them in the eye. Every now and then. You have nothing to hide your proud of what you're doing and you can help them. And that's why most of the time you're looking at them without threatening them either. But really try to keep at least 2/3 off I conduct avoid eye contact with them. Now, do let me know if you want to know more about body language. And if you want to know morals about where the ice should go, a shooting go because there's a lot off, you know, techniques here to actually help investors. Something called I assess accused that help people make a point better if they know where actually to look, for example, just to give you one really Greek one looking down in general and it can be down, left and right Generally eyes away for our brain to assess our feelings So you know when you're thing about your said probably not gonna look all the way up You have a little bit lower, so generally wait to pronounce feelings. Now, when you're talking to somebody and you know what you want, bring across how something makes you really feel great. Well, or, you know, if something else really hurt you, whatever it is, I guess what you will want to make use off this technique do let me know if you want to know more about that. Let's speak now about the second rule of one of the three rules that I just gave you, which is active listening and to show you how can you actively listen Because especially if you're on the phone, you know, things that you can do are limited, you might think, and you're right a same time. There's so much you could do with simple things like Ah ha oh, all you know, all these sounds that have no concrete meaning but their tonality really shows. I care. I'm interested. I want to know. That's one way how you can show that you're an active listener to whatever they have to say Another way is really just to use words like Right. Got you. I'm with you. Okay, all right. Understood. That makes sense. All of these really flow well, because the person again feels that you actually listening your wisdom and your understanding them. And nothing feels better for most people than having the feeling of being understood and not just sold something to Now. Finally, there's another technique that few people know about it. It's so simple. And the first time you hear this, you will probably think, well, does this work day. They might think this is weird. It actually was a rock bar, like a very solid technique that you shoot use, and this is really just summarizing what it just said. So when you I think this was something important that you just heard, it's important for your sale later on, when it's important for them. What you want to do is you simply say basically exactly what it just said. Um, and you do it in a way that is, Let's say, you know, the guys called John and he just talked about issues he's having with internal forecasting off whatever it is. Sales, marketing. And so what you gonna do? So, John, if I understood you correctly, what you're worried about right now is effect that it's difficult to forecast, you knows, the sales and marketing figures that gonna have by the end after off the year, Is that right? And he's gonna say, Oh, yeah, exactly. That's right and really tried out. Doesn't have to be the cells conversation tried out, was tried out yellow ones that you become an active listener and you will be surprised what that does to your ability to connect to other people and your ability to build this rapport . I hope you like the segment. If you do, I hope to see you in the next segment. 6. The Cold call itself: three cold call is on and you're here in the introduction. Now there is a complete process here that I'm gonna go with you through, and I'm gonna show you exactly what to say and how to say I'm gonna explain you why I say it in exactly that way. But let's just start with with one thing. I give you my example, but then you will have to adapt it. So that makes sense for yours because in, you know, in the introduction, right after greeting you wanna drop the big bomb. What is the big bomb is the big hook is the big thing that your product can do for them. And make sure this is only one thing you don't want to talk about. It just is. And that and that and becomes very difficult to actually understand because think of it like that. You're calling somebody, you know, out of the blue am's us, and you're he will not get it to make it simple and make it a massive thing. Make it you know what your product can do in the ideal case. Make it big and then live up to that. But one thing to really keep in mind. Is those three things here, especially in the 1st 5 seconds. You want to come across as an expert, you wanna be enthusiastic as hell, and you want to be very, very smart. We want to be perceived as an expert who's smart and who's there to help them. Now let's get started. Hey, John, this is Stephan, was Google. The reason for the call is that we recently started doing business with a competitive off yours, and we were able to increase their sales by 40% in 90 days. I want to connect with you to show you exactly what we did for them that we could do for you. Got a minute to make sure I'm not wasting any off your valuable time. Let me ask you. So that is the exact blueprint and how to say what you want to say now for you? It might be different. You might not think about, you know, the 40% reduction in 90 days. It could be a forecast that you do. It really has to do something with your product. And again, it has to be the big hook. The big claim off your product. Well, for your product is doing because you want to have two interested before you actually know what are the pain points you need to go out big, something important. And then, you know, after the whole process, after what I just told you, when I want to say in order to make sure I'm not wasting any of your valuable time, let me ask you. That's when you Segway into the main part which is gonna be qualifying were really gather massive amounts off intelligence about them and how to sell to them. Now, what I want to do now is shown you what to exactly say and I want to talk about how to say and why I said it that way. Now, if you watch carefully, you're gonna hear a few tonalities that we talked about before. These are very important, especially in the beginning. If you don't get these across, you're gonna get no interest. Not interested. Hang up. Let's talk about how exactly to use your tonality to get this across. So you remember, Pick up the phone and he said, NSAID Hey, John Disease, Stephan with Google. Now note that I did not say, Hey, John, this is Stephan from X Y said Company, or this is Stefan, you know, the veto from X Y said company I left off that out. Just a disease, Stephan from Google. Especially if your company is known. You do want to, you know, Do you actually want to use that company? If your company is not known, you might even consider Just say, Hey, John, this is Stephan and go into right away because, like this whole, you know, stretching off something like little little It's too much information and it kind of pisses them off, so really, keep it simple in the beginning. Now, the way I talked about here was really this very enthusiastic, almost over the top tonality. They have to keep a little bit back so that it doesn't go all the way too much so that you actually come across as an expert and I want to come across as somebody very smart now, right after that, I went into something where basically flipped that I flipped externality and instead talked about to reason for the call, John, that we have recently started doing business with combated off yours So here, Guess what tonality that is. It's like much lighter, You know, you take back to volume and it's the totality of scarcity because you want to show here that you have something special for him, that it's not just like a call where she's going on. You know, this is typical salespeople approach, so very important for you to cut your own toe, your own tonality and to flip it, which is difficult. If you start out with so much energy and then take it back. The reason for the call. It's difficult to practice this one after that. You actually want again flip back, you know, between back and forth between them. So you want to be again enthusiastic when you say that and we were able, we were able. That's like you want to be an expert, but we were able something that is wow, you know, like we were able. And now you can again, if you want to know not so important here. But you could, again taking a notch back and say, to increase their sales or to increase their cells, we were able to increase their sales and then you can flip it by 90% in 40 days. So, you know, this is, like, fast, silent and slow and fast again, it creates this, you know, this massive amount off interest. Really? We were able to increase the sales by 90% in 40 days. What you really wanna do here is flip back and forth between the tonalities so that he doesn't get bored. And he's like, Oh, wow, what's going on? It's basically sending so many messages to the brain that he's like a while. I have to. It is, in a way, wowing them without them really realizing it is which, you know you want to do so after you've done that, you basically tell him now what you want to do. So you're saying what I want to do with you is I want to connect with you to see, to show you exactly what it is that I did for them so again. Could be, you know, scar city tonality that introduce here again, something again. Taking it back a little bit too can show you an expert, not just all over the top. You're like an expert and you have something scars. He's actually offering something here. I want to show you exactly what I did for him that I could do for you. Now. After that, you will not flip the tonality and used a reasonable man. Tonality. How does it go? Got a minute? Got a minute? Well, of course I got a minute. Got in it. You know, it's really this reasonable man atonality where he basically cannot say no is like, of course, you got a minute. And at that moment, it's really where, you know, unless he interrupted you earlier, he really couldn't say anything. But now that he says, of course I got a minute. He's actually gonna very likely to to listen to what you have to say then now, because you just, you know, basically got this Yes, out of him. That's gone a minute. You Now I want to assure him. So that's why now you go on and say, in order not to waste any of your time chill. Let me ask you and the tonality that used to say that is really caring tonality. It's a religious caring. You know this Bill Clinton voice where you like John in order, not waste any of your time. Let me ask you when you say that really feel like I really feel it. You do not want to waste anybody's time. It's very important that you feel what you're saying, because then it really comes across naturally, John, In order not to waste any of your time, let me ask you, uh and this is how you Segway into the main part main part of the cold call and off the main part. You wanna close disappointment? We're gonna go over all thes in detail for now on, really Go back to the segment a couple of times until you are sure about tonalities to use and actually stop this video. You know, at the specific points to practice and drill dese tonalities because it's not something you can just do by hearing it once you really need to do it yourself. Very important. Do that Make this your main humane video to watch here watching 10 times practice it really also saved. Don't just say it silently. Say it out loud. It's really going to help you make the difference between that 80% of really bad sales people and the 20% that you will be part off very soon. 7. Qualifying during the cold call : Hey, you you! That was a really, really good call. You just did. There. Believe me, that was a sick introduction to cocoa. And we want to use this momentum that it just built to go from the introduction to the main part of the coal coal. And what is the main part of main part for you is really where you want to find out more about them, about the problems they're having. Who else is in Wolf? And you know how you can eventually help them. Now, you want to move from the introduction to the main part by doing one thing with your tone, and it is from going from being interesting to be interested. So you gonna use a lot tone of voice off. I really care. And he also gonna use something that we didnt explicitly talk about, but which is obvious when you speak about questions which is going up higher. Oh, really? Why is that? To really show that you're interested, you're gonna do a lot off active listening. Meaning, you know, as a review you wanna have if you're in front of them. Good body language, active listening skills and a good tonality. Now all of that will help you to basically go, you know, hopefully have established report And you really go nine to this intelligence gathering with this intelligence that you have, You will then set the appointment and close on an appointment date. Let's jump into things process, which is really crucial, which is to qualify. And again, we talked about this in the beginning off. You know, the sales rules would just be a good listener. And it really comes in here. So most of the sales people, especially when they just start off with all this energy and they find it very difficult to then actually shut up and just listen to them and be interested in what they have to say now to make sure that you don't make this mistake. There's a few very simple ways, and this is really just question words. What? Why? Who? How all of that is gonna be important and as really a few things here that you need to make sure you know that you have it. And one of them is that you're actually getting answers to your questions. Now why is that so important Is really If you have good questions and they answer to you. You're really in control, and control is what you will need if you want to have an appointment later on, because otherwise, if they run the show, it's gonna be much, much more difficult to do that. So you know, the way you ask those questions is that get an answer. And, you know, also, it's very important that you actually do get an answer, because if you don't get an answer, you lose control off the sales process. As soon as you lose control of it, they are driving it. And you know, that's very bad for the outcome, because then you might not get your you know, your your appointment, so make sure you get answered. Now, how do you do that while we get answers by simply asking again? So it, for example, is a Hi, my name is Stefan. Yours at a guy doesn't answer and just start talking was like, Excuse me, sir. Your name, please. My name is Stefan. So you know, you always smile. You have great attitude, but you make sure that you really get your questions answered. Their very important. Now the qualifying step in the cold calling process is kind of a lighter version off the big qualifier, because now you're just setting up an appointment to keep your sales presentation later on . In the process, you will actually give the real sales presentation, and at that time you will have a much bigger version off disqualify here. You just want to get the basics down. Basics being the what the why and the who what? Basically, what problem are they having? Why? Well, why is this a problem to them? And maybe, how much of a problem is it gonna speak about it in a second? And then the who the who is, really, Who else is involved in the decision? I told you earlier segment that in a big company off, more than 500 people usually have up to seven people involved in the decision. So what do you want to really do? Is the what the why and who? And really, you can be creative on that. There is a few questions that work better than others. I'm going to give you a neck sect set of questions that a proven to work well. So in general, he want to start with the kind of broader, easy aggression and then nailed on more and more specific, which is a cereals and in persuasion, that basically means you start out easy and it gets more and more complicated something that lawyers, for example, use a lot when they are questioning three opposite party anyways for hours. Purpose the what is really the key here. And I wanna give you a few tips now on how exactly you can use that. Hey, what is the biggest challenge that you're seeing right now when considering and now you know, whatever it is, Um and then they're gonna say, Well, we'll and he's like, Oh, really? Why is that? You know, with this questioning tone of voice again, very important to use the right tonality and to be an active listener. Another way to do this is actually to think back or make them think back off a situation where they have bought a similar product. And trust me there, so many products out there. Everybody has had some sort off experience with similar products or, you know, maybe exactly the same product. So because it's something everybody has and it's so simple to talk about that rather than kind of think of abstract Lee off. You know what is my biggest problem right now? It's a very good way to actually get an answer on seeing what is important for them. Right now. What you could say is this. Hey, last time you purchased something like this, what was the most important element to it for you or the most important feature benefit? You know, whatever you are basically selling, is it services is good. They're gonna say something is really Why is that? But he could also say is the last time you purchased a similar product what was most important for you in debt, you know, What did you like most? What? Didn't you like so all of these just ways to talking about, you know, pry approaches That gives you much more information about what it is really that they're looking for removed from the water. And why to another area that's most of the times forgotten by most salespeople. Which is that who you actually want to find out. Who else is involved here? Who's the decision maker is a them. Is it somebody else and you want to make sure that you're, you know, you're able to get to all of the decision makers and you have a good picture who's actually the very important ones because even in a decision where seven people are involved, they're not gonna be all involved in the same way one person is gonna be stronger than another one. That's a whole lot off question. It will probably teach in one of the full up courses to this that you can make to find this out. But one of the like, easiest and best ways to do this is basically saying this. Hey, who else would be in walked in influencing or making a decision on a project like this? Oh, really? Who else? Who else? What's just standing in the company, you know, to get better, Better feeling off. Okay, who is now on the plate? Because India and this is a persuasion game. Remember, sales is a persuasion game, and you need to identify the right people to persuade and make sure now that you wished them in this coal. When does it? Well, it's actually my boss was gonna make the decision. You're not gonna be like, Oh, cool. Can't speak to your boss because it's gonna sound really, really bad. Even if the boss's decision maker they are still it influences. So you want to make sure that you have them on board. Now, if you find out what the why and who you are, good listener, then you can say you're successful in this stage and you will be able to move on to setting the appointment. 8. Objections during the cold call: Hey, just send something over. Ah, it hits you. You had a great introduction. A good main part. But now it is all My God, what you're gonna say now send something over. What does that mean? Don't worry. I got to covered because this is normal. Step in the process at some point, and it could be in between here. It could be early on. You're going to get objections. And here's just a quick word on objections. Objections are part of this game. It's impossible to make a sale without ever having an objection. So what do you actually want to do is you want to prepared for the specific objections that you're going to get And if you're getting better at this at some point, you actually gonna ask for them on? I'm gonna teach you later how to do that, because that means you know exactly when they come and you can handle them. Now if they hit it out of the blue, you want to be prepared. And there's really for me three major objections that you can get you. And here is exactly how I would say you can handle these. And again, this is a sick word trick that I'm going to keep you now. So make sure you take a pen and paper and you actually write it down. And depending on what's your type of studying? If you're studying more visually or aurally, you need to use this type of studying and actually drill those. So let's get down to the actual objections and one word of caution here. Remember earlier when we talked about the first rule and selling all this? Always oldest agree. Well, guess what. This is what you really need here. No matter what the objection is, you wanna agree? And that means not just I agree. It could be. I agree, but it can also be Hey, great. Awesome. Excellent. Super Got you. I'm with you. It's very important. And I assure you, all of the things that, you know show that you're with them and you're not saying anything against it. And then you handle the objection. So how do you handle send information? Over? Here's how you gonna do it. Hey, great. Excellent. Super. I'm gonna do it. In fact, I actually have something ready for you right now. Text it to you right Now what's your number? What's the number contested? Two. Or you can say, What's your email now? You actually want to text it to them because nobody else does it. So you will be different from everybody else. And texting is so much more important because they get so many emails every day. But how many texts to the gate get these days? It's really used to texting. It's a secret techniques. It's sick. It works so well, you should really try it. And, you know, while you're setting this up while I'm telling you the number you write down texting to them um, gonna tell him. Look, I'm going to spend 10 seconds with you going over the information so you can look at it. You can see it, and you're gonna see the value sounds fair enough. And were you actually gonna do now is really go through that process now, in not hanging up, you're not letting them go, because again, this is just a objection. It's like a smoke screen that they put out and you want to overcome that in that way? Another objection. One of the most frequent once that you're gonna get and remember, You can get them anywhere here, right? Could be much earlier. Can be a bit later. This one is potentially rather earlier in the process and it is the I'm not interested. Objection. Hey, of course you not interested, sir, At this point, it would be virtually impossible for you to be interested because you simply don't have information yet. Sir, if you were interested right now, you would be calling me. I would not be calling you. Hey, let's have look at this together. So again, positive attitude. And you wanna, you know, assure them and you actually take them with you along the way. Onda handle this Objection Very professional, but also very positive way somebody tells you that they are really already using your competition or they already have an in house solution or whatever. It is already using something else. Now there's really a couple of ways how to deal with this. But for me, the two best ways are either, you know, tell him why you would want why did we want to replace it? I'm gonna give you the word drug in just a second or you say just at this one as well and have both because you would be surprised how many people have two phones to cars, you know, to Internet security provides whatever it is. There's many times, you know, a solid argument why you would want to have to and not rely on one. And really, this is something again. You need to be sold on this concept as well for yourself. You know, if you're selling something where you always get a competition, objection be sold, it actually need both of that or that they should replace it. Now, what you never want to do in such a situation is talk bad about the competition. As soon as you talk bad about the competition, that's gonna backfire on you to stone to it. But what you can do is tell them to replaces. And here is hard goes Hastert. Great. Of course you do. And let me spend 45 seconds explaining you. Why you would want to replace is at the end of 2 45 seconds. All you have lost is 45 seconds and I'll hang up on myself. If you don't see the value sounds fair enough. So again you want to basically you know, talk about replacing and the value that you bring rather than talking bad about the competition. Another way of handling this objection is falling. Hey, great, sir. 90% of our customers use them as well. You know why that is? It's because their product is so cheap. They simply keep them and add us as well. And by that have access to both of us. Now, again, you want to be completely sold on the fact that makes sense to have both of them. If you're not sold, they're never gonna be sold. Try these objections and to you in the next segment. 9. Closing the appointment: has this ever happened to you? You think you have an appointment, but really you don't? Because they never show up. Don't worry. You're not alone with this. This is, in fact, a problem that 30% off sales appointments are no shows. Heads, of course, a big problem because you spend all this time prospecting all this time in the core, you have all this effort, and then they never show up. So you want to avoid this and really? Well, I'm gonna show you. Now is a few secret techniques. How you can eight increase by 90% chance that actually do show up or if possible, actually, do not add time and give them the presentation right away. So I'm gonna give you a word track specifically for that to actually not waste any of the time right now, cause now you make them hot. Now they're interested, and you don't wanna, you know, at time right now, they're gonna cool off. So if you can do it right away, do it right away. If not, make sure you get a very solid appointment. Now, let's focus on the 1st 1 How can you make sure that There's no time to this edit. Well, you're gonna simply say this. Hey, any chance that you can grab those two people right now, I'm gonna show you what I can do for you. That way You guys can discuss my proposal and you have all the facts on the table note here that I mentioned out to people. Well, could be three people. It's really a follow up from what we had before and when they're gonna end on the Sure it's difficult right now. It's like, Hey, no problem. What time? Later today, You Do you think you can make available? You want to give them alternatives? But remember, time kills. Hence you want to add as little time as possible. Do this. Now if they say it's impossible there out right now, for whatever reason, we can't make it. I myself can make it. Hey, no problem. What you want to do, then, is you want to make a very solid appointment, but I'm going to show you Now is how to actually make sure that you get a solid appointment , and there's really three secret techniques that you can use that will help you increase the chances off getting the appointment by 90%. Now, there is no specific word trek for you to actually go from A to b ridges, you know, making the appointment. But it's important that you ask and you can use anything on along the lines of this. Hey, will you be able to make 10 minutes this afternoon at either three or five oclock? I'm gonna show you exactly what it is that I can do for you. It only takes 10 minutes, and by this you will have all the information necessary. And again, Hey, you could use, you know, the reasonable man tonality, which is like, would it work for you? And of course, that works for me because you used his tonality. So hopefully that is, you know, already a first step for you to get along the way. And I'm gonna use one off those three techniques or you know what? Use all of them to actually increase your chance Now. Secret technique number one. It's about what you're saying. And here it is. Hey, would there be any chance out of them a nuclear attack on Planet Earth that you would not be able to make it this afternoon at three o'clock and they're gonna say No. Stephan, um, you know, I'll be there. Don't worry about it. And you're gonna be, like, Great. Hey, and this is not a 2nd 1 Great. Write this down. Um, do you have a pen available? You have been available, and then you're actually gonna let him write down your name and the appointment time. But instead of telling them the name because they might think this is weird is a stupid I'm not gonna do this. All you're gonna say STIs Hey, write this down s t okay, f a n. You're basically giving you giving them your name, but without saying. But run a spelling it, and then you say 12 o'clock or three o'clock, whatever it is a great, great great technique. Really. Try it. Don't be skeptical about it. He's really work, you know, they've they've been proven to work. So why don't tap into these and actually make use of them, and I'm gonna give you the second the just assert secret technically that you can use on this and this has to do a little bit was full up. And because you just had a call on. What you want to do now is you want to follow up with two things a text and an email. Remember earlier when you got into the objection and you got there text message? Well, here's what you're gonna do. You actually gonna text them a really quick 13 o'clock. Stefan, looking forward to talking to you are looking forward to showing you our solution. Whatever it is really a short text. Trust me, text is so crazily effective, you gotta use text. You can then also full up with an email because it should be ruled for you that he never just used one means of communication. Because, you know, in our hectic role today, things just get lost. So always try to use three forms off communication. Also, nobody else is gonna do that right. Who else is gonna send him a text and an email and let them write it down and you know, asked the question Nobody else does it. So you will really be one off very few. Not just out of those 80% of the 20% best, you will actually be much more than that. Tribals three secret techniques. Let me help. Let me know how it worked for you and see you in one off the next segments. 10. Amazing tool to 10x your leads - teaser: Hey, guys, In the next segment, I'm gonna give you a sick way off getting more leads. And I'm not even talking about, you know, doubling your leads. I'm talking about 10 Xing elites to day 100 Xing. If there are so many leads of able in your niche in your market, you can go out today. And if you say I want to have 50,000 leads pre qualified leads by the end of the day, I can do it as almost for free. It's insane. I can't even believe it actually exists. I'm gonna show you exactly how to do in the next segment. Now, before that, I want you to know that if you have any questions, any practical applications, anything that came up you know, if you're an entrepreneur, if you're salesman, anything that you wanna have some input from an outside source. Now, let me be this person to help you just write me. I'm going to reply to you directly, and I'm looking forward to hear from you. Now I want to tell you that this will be doing here is not just, you know, improving our sales skills. It's about creating community a community off people that can go fast to success because they have skills and techniques that nobody else teaches out there? No, For that I need your help. I need a review from you. So when this little box pops up, which will happen soon when you're asked to give a review, please give me a review. You know, whatever. However many stars who think this course deserves please give that because that will help us. You know, creatives, community off. Equality of chances worldwide. We already have students from more than 110 countries right now. And I want us to create this community that we learn and we have success together. Hey, looking forward to show you this sick way off how to get more leads today in the next segment. 11. Qualifying mastertool in detail: Hey, guys, this tool is going to change your life in business. I mean anything else than door today door. You are going to depend on having leads on having email addresses, phone numbers to call and ideally, not cold calls. But actually somebody who's already, you know, interested in the type of service or product that you have 12 are. Now, if you wanna go out with the tool that I'm about to show you tonight and get 10,000 leads 50,000 leads, you can do it. And the best thing is it's almost for free. Um, for what it is really now, one word of caution before you go there, check your data protection policies, your laws in your country. Because in some countries this is simply not allowed. You know, when there's a high amount off data protection laws. Now, clear thing Very important. Check that first. But if you have a go ahead, um, you know, if you consulted with a lawyer, you found out the information. Then try this out because this is a complete game changer for you. And here it is. The tool is called male B. Stop, C o. And what it does is it allows you to go on social media and grab data from groups from, um, famous people from you know, anybody who has a page. Um, and with data, I mean, use it eight. So you can get the exact, um, email addresses. You can get the phone number, whoever put there date of birth or their country of living their state. You can get all of that. I mean, it's simply insane. You can do it for instagram. A thing to have a Yellow Pages future. A few other things tried out. The best thing is it's almost for free. And with almost I mean, you know, something that is worse thousands or like millions, probably to your depending on how fast you can. Um, you know, do This is actually, you know, don't take the one month's option because you keep paying just ticked lifetime for 1 27 bucks. At the moment, I don't know for how long they're going to keep it there. It's an insane amount off value for such a low price, and I'm in no way affiliated to them. I don't know them. You know. I don't get any money from doing that. I just want to help you boost your business because it's a numbers game. And if you can blow it up, you know the fastest way. I mean, this is like paying for, you know, for months or in years off advertisement on one of those social platforms. So it's It's a short cut again. Gotta check your loss first, but it's insane. Um, you know, it will change your life in business. Hey, if you like that, let me know. Let me also know how it works for you if you have any questions on it, um, and see you in the next video. 12. Handling the objection: "not interested": All right, let's get started now with very specific objections here. That number one is the big. What is it? I'm not interested. Not interested, John. I'm not interested, Stephan. I'm not interested. Not interested in hangs up but doesn't hang up. Whatever it is, here is what you want to say, John. Of course you're not interested, John. At this moment, it's simply impossible for you to be interested, as you simply don't have enough information yet. Like, well, he's still on the phone, right? Because you agree with them. Of course, he's not interested. And it makes sense, right? How can he even be interested? A. To this point, you can even, you know, add a little bit more meat to it and not just say. Of course you're not interested. You you don't have enough information yet, But you add to that. So if you were interested, you would be calling me. I would not be calling you right now. And it's like a hammock that make sense. So very well. Good way here off making sure games and more time important that you get tonality right? Especially after that, if you realized you're still on the phone. You just bought yourself a little bit of time. But you're going to You need to be interesting if you're not interesting. Now, how can you be interesting? Well, what you say, But also the finality of intrigue, scarcity telling them a secret. You realize how you just paid attention just because I used this tonality. All right, Now let's look into another way how you can deal with this. Um, it is basically again you You tell him they're right, you know. Okay, I understand that you're not interested. All I want to do is I want to share an idea with you sometime in the future. And if you're not 100% impressed, you will never, ever hear from me or my form again. Sounds fair enough. You see what just happened? So again, you want to use the right analogy. In this case, you need a disarming tonality. How does it go? Believe me, you know all I wanna do. Look, look, I'm not trying to sell you anything. You know this kind of tonality. Look, you know, let's hope we don't have to play games. Look, I'm honest. I'm sincere. I just wanna you know, Just want to help you. The disarming tonalities really all about. I just want to help you, and that's it. All right, now let's look into another way how to deal with the objection. I'm not interested, John. You give me 1% of confidence and I'll earn the other 99%. Sounds fair enough. Now you're gonna notice one from data module when we talk about closing because you can also use it as closing. You can. By the way, A lot of these objections and closes can be into changed on this one. Is one off them where you talk about the 1%. Remember 1% of confidence. In addition, you could add something like this. I have two capability as well as you have to opportunity to have a major impact on your networks. John, we deal with areas of the market that your local broker can't even touch. I pose etcetera. Just give me one minute down the road. Now be you'll be very, very impressed. Sounds fair enough. So again, you want to use intrigue as atonality, disarming and intrigue. If you want to show them that they should be interested. But You can also directly do that by what you say, right? So if this was an example now for broker, right, If you know the broker, you should adeptness objection handling model, obviously. But in this case, you want to talk about things that their local broken cannot even touch. You know, you want to basically just sparkle their attention. And the way how to do that is a what you say and be how you say it. Okay. Here's another way. What you can say, John, this is not a sales call. All I'm doing is sending out information that will impress you. So again, you hear the tonality. You want to be quick. This is not a sales call. You want to show them? Are you know, don't be scared. This is not a sales call. All I'm doing here, disarming tonality. I'm trying to help you trying to send out information that will impress you. Got it? All right. Here's another one that you can use. This one is taken from Stratton Oakmont script that you can use particularly when you're in financial industries as a broker, etcetera. But if you adapted, you can also use it for other industries. And here's how it works. John, are you presently in the market? He probably said no. Yes or no? If she says yes. I don't really only make a handful of recommendations a year. You realize that tonality I just used It's really the scarcity. Tonality almost telling them a secret. Now, if they say no, what you're gonna say stays. Hey, I understand that you might not be in the market right now. Let me ask you a question. How long ago? Since your last trade. And because this question is so direct, you know, they're gonna think, how long was it? And it's very rare that malady country often say I'm not interested again because they might. Just as well. My last trade was that, you know, you get them to think really with this very direct question. And that's what you want because you need to buy some time right now. This is really what this is about. Here. If to say I'm not interested, you need more time to make them interested. Alright? And here's another one again. It uses scarcity balls into analogy, but also by what you actually say. You show them that you have something specific to offer that goes right into the Crock Crane and shows them normal t attention. You know it. It raises attention, and that's what you want to do. And here's hot girls, the Mrs Smith's. What we do here is we specialize in a very specific area off the market. No, now you mentioned ABC. Make sure that this sounds really special is not something that, like everybody does right. And then you say things of that nature areas that your local broker cannot even touch. Have you been in wolfed in a now again? God, you know, this ABC that you just mentioned needs to be something special. So in your script, make sure it's something special that you have to go and then you ask them, have to be in wolf. And chances are right if it is really special that they have not on from there, you can then game time, and you can use this time to basically get them or interested, and show them what you have to offer now again, very important for this and for the other ones. You want to use scarcity if you know if the end of the interested right now. And it really are right. Even told you so. The way to get their attention, not by shouting. They don't want to be shouted at. They want to hear secret something you know, this one opportunity to have been waiting for. And you need to tell them with scarcity. You need to tell him with almost a whispering tonality. This is really crucial here. When you get through the not interested objection, you need to show them that you have something specific to offer. And you do that by what you say and by how you say it way. Oh! Oh, wait, - okay . 13. Handling objections early on in the call: in this video, you're going to learn how to handle objections that come very early on, as in, you know, you just met them. You just shook their hands or, you know, it's just very early in your presentation and ask you about price about terms and really, it's a little bit prematurely, so I don't want a hand price that is too prematurely before there's really any bell you see right on some other off the objections. So stay tuned, by the way, coming to you hear from close the Brahma, a beautiful castle that we just landed here. If you're interested in that sent your mail, I'm happy to share the link with you. Let's get started now. So when they say price is too high or well, let's not say price is too high. Maybe just asking What is the price right? Um, or what's the best price? Whatever it is going to say, This hacer price is very important. And I'll assure you, you get all best price. Why you do that? Well, of course, again, you want to assure them, and then you want a transition and keep going on. You could also say I'd be happy to get your best price. Hey, not only will I give you our best price, but also the terms show you the best way how to do this and some other options that you haven't even considered. All right, let's jump to another conclusion. But objections here, which might be I don't do business over the phone. We heard that before. Well, don't worry what you're gonna say. STIs. Hey, sir, I understand you don't know me. And believe me, I wish we knew each other like college body since 20 years. Why are you saying this? Well, you first want to build some trust, basically create the image in the mind that you are college. But if you it knew each other since a long time because really, their objection here is trust. It's not that they don't do business over the phone. It's that they cannot trust somebody that they don't see. So you want to create an image and, of course, use the right analogy, which is believed, you know, really caring tonality. One that builds trust. Alright, Somebody might say I don't trust the industry or I've made mistakes before. Now what you want to say states, you basically wanna reduce the level off uncertainty or the risk for them. And you say this. Hey, sir, I understand it. Other brokers are not making any money. But don't hold it against me. Why don't we do this? Why don't we start smaller? Pick up X amount of shares. Now what you're doing here? I'm speaking out off the objection when I step it down. Right. So you don't want to come up with the same amount. You want to reduce it right now so that for them, the risk seems to be smaller and it is a and you analyze, sir, You analyze the percentage gains over that period. And believe me, you're going to be very, very impressed. Sounds fair enough. Eso you see again the tonality very important, right? First you paste them, then you get in with certainty. You know what's going on? Believe me, the only problem. Believe me, you're gonna appreciate You know what? Whatever. Whatever you say exactly here, the commonality is important and and sounds fair enough or what do you say? Anything that it almost sounds like? You know, that's of course, right? What else would you really do. It's a no brainer. That's the kind of analogy will not apply in the end. Okay, lets assume they already working with a competitor. Or at least that's what they're telling you. Don't worry, don't be upset. Even if it said one guy, our girl, you know that one company that takes away market share from you always hate on worry. In fact, it's a good thing if they're working with the competitors, it means to really need the product. So what you're going to say is this Okay, so that's great. And listen, we don't want to interfere with anything you currently doing. All I want to do is when we identify a situation with a strong potential to make you money , you would have an open year. You see what's going on here, basically telling a look, don't worry. You don't have to let go of what you're currently doing with not interfering. All we're doing here is when we have to specific situations like that one time where we're absolutely certain about something, you only have an open year. I mean, can it be lower risk than that? Right. Great one tried out. Let's say somebody says, Well, I'm busy right now or I'm in the meeting. You don't really know if it's true or not. But what you're gonna say STIs sir, I sense that you're getting a lot of calls like that. I'm all right. Exactly. Now say that to the other 50 people that call you. The reason why we're different is this. And then you tell them obviously some language patterns that you preferred that show why you're different and how you're better than all these on a call us that might call them. OK, And now let's say you meet them in person, just standing here right in front, off you and ask you how much money down and you're gonna be like. Sir, I would like to show you with no money down that work for you. You see what's going on? Trying to find an objection, Lee, they have a problem probably probably also here on getting the cash. Maybe they're not as liquid as they would like to be. So what you need to do is you need to reassure them that you can do it with no money down. Oh, and by the way, this is a master tip. You can use a very similar wording here for anything they come up with. So if they have any specific objection that you can say, Oh, they might have a problem. They're just used. Sir, I would like to show you with No, I would like to show you with zero. I would like to provide you with that. You know, whatever it is to basically take away the complete concerned. Tried it out as well. Okay. Still in person. Let's assume they are coming to your shop there. Standing around on you. Approach them in his arm. Just looking, or I don't know what I want. It's an excellent, sir. What brought you out today to look around? Yeah, exactly. Because that's gonna start the thinking. Prose is a Well, I'm sure they had some thought, right? They don't just appear here. They happen to be here, and that starts the conversation. You could also say hate. Great, Sir, If you didn't know what it wants that you were looking for, what do you think it would be? And you're like, What if I just said I don't know and you say yeah, but if you did know trying it out. By the way, you don't have to use this in a commercial situation, can use it with friends. And I don't know. Well, if you did know, what do you think it would be tried out? It's crazy. I mean, I've been doing this for a while in around 50% of the cases, people like, Well, I was looking for it, so it really starts to start process. And that's what you want. And as 1/3 way, how you can do this. And this is Hey, sir, Madam, what? Are you sure that you don't want get it? Because if people know what they don't want the flips that is, they know what they want. So again, those three ways you can try them out just with friends to get really fluid here. Great stuff. Try to use it. And not a one in person where they say, Give me your card. Or do you have a card and basically just say it so that you know, they make the person wants to sell to them Shut up and maybe they just don't really know what they want, Right? But the problem is that if they do see something that's interesting to them, nobody's there to explain it. To frame it, to put it into perspective, give them the card. And you say this if you have any questions, you mind if we follow along so I can answer questions? If the you can also say, Hey, mind if I tag along in case you have any questions and most likely, Dax, they're gonna say, Yeah, sure. Why not? Right. Why would Enough? Whoa. Look at those here. Fucking mosquitoes gotta go inside, By the way, shooting here from an amazing place we just rented this past fall here, inclusive along the back stuff here, um, which is pretty cool. But in same time, there's a lot of animals that's chicken over there. And the dog over there waiting for me to let him in, Actually. And all the mosquitoes, but still pretty cool. Maybe I'm gonna jump into the pool in a second. I hope you enjoyed thes answers here because they're really sick. They're based partly on Grand Cardone stuff on Jordan Belfort stuff. Adapted. Tried him out. Make sure it still works in 21st century, right? You wanna I'm gonna come in a second. Don't worry. I'm gonna let the dog in here and you want to use them and learned them, actually. So what we gonna do now is something I call study time, where you basically can focus for a few minutes and rehearsed ease. Because once you come back and you actually do want to learn some by heart, it will be so much easier because it's already here up in your brain. All right, let's get started. And for you. Let me take you in here. Let me show you. We don't. Oh, I'm gonna come now. Yeah, buddy Body. 14. Handling the objection "send something over" : and this video, you're going to learn how to answer. If somebody says send information over, you know this objection When you have to mani fold, let's assume me I could start up. You want to get your product out on? They don't really know the first thing they're gonna say it's well, send something over so we can have a look, right? Problem, of course, is you send something over Atlanta garbage or, you know, other things get more busy. So you want to avoid to send something over. You wanna have to on the phone right now? You want first present what you have to offer, rather just send something over. Now I'm gonna going to teach now what to say. Which, by the way, you know is how Jordan Bell for the move off. Wall Street has called his people back in the nineties how to answer, You know, he was a broker. Probably have seen the movie The rules of Wall Street. Now, I met Jordan and he told me these techniques here is how to kill. Hey, what you're really telling me is that I have not given you all information that is necessary for you to make a decision today. Now what is it really specifically that you need to know? What exactly do you want to see? And by asking them, not it will actually come up with an objection. Ortiz. It will actually think about it. And guess what? You again in communication. Hey, it's not the info that I can send over. Which, of course it will. You just not convinced. Now let me reintroduce myself. My name is you know, I stand for these extent for that. If you don't know what to say now go to the closing segments were basically explained. How should you introduce itself? Why do you want to do that? Remember the 10 10 10 extra bells? What calls it gotta be gonna be sold on your product on you and on the company. Now, equally as reintroducing yourself, you could say, let you re introduce my company and then yours looped into your product and into yourself. Basically raised a certainty. And only then you asking for the order. Hey, by the time information hit the desk, it's probably in the garbage and the opportunity is most likely lost. Hey, sir, I have a due diligence. Follow able. What exactly are you looking for? Annual report. 10. Extinct. Now, you basically come up with some of the passwords off your industry that shows you really have done your homework because they're not too much worried about the actual information and more worried about you. Have you done your homework? Do you know what you're talking about? And so you want to assure them right now that they can have it, you can even send it. But don't let them just go off the phone and say, OK, you send me something over. Okay, here we go. That's what a rookie would do. But you know the route here. Hey. So I can appreciate why you want to report to get more specific information him. All right. You and I both know how this industry works. I get one shot to make you money, And if I'm right, I get some credibility. If I'm wrong, I usually don't get a second shelter. My right. Hey, you want somebody aggressive and decisive who know what they're doing. You can put you into the market at the right time and more importantly, can put you out off the market again at the right time and hopefully along the process, put some money into your pocket. Do you know the story about a gold? More blanc pen? Look. A few years ago, a broker gave gold more Blanc pen 21 off the new starters. And he told him that once somebody called him back to buy a stock, he should write it down with the gold. Guess what? Two years later and the men was still in its case. Okay, I could probably send you enough information to choke a horse right now, but quite frankly and honestly, we've done our research. We've looked at the income statement and all the fundamental and technical factors. And look, we're not a supermarket off brokers. This firm falls a business plan. And the plan is to work small in the beginning and over Syria's of winners work bigger and better. Hey, I will do that. Let's face it, you could like the information. That stuff could still go down right on the flip side. You could disliked information. The stock could go up. Look, I want you confidence. It's one time, and as time goes on, I will never have to ask you. That's easy, wasn't it? Look, those are the 10 sick ways of how to handle somebody. If they say send me something over, no matter which part of the world you are right now, you know who you're calling. Um, Why you're calling if your startup and established business, if this is send something over those 10 ways, are guaranteeing you a much better chance than anybody else gets the same objection. I've heard many people, many salespeople ends up. All right, where can I send it to and kind of hang up? You don't want to do that. Um, for you to really study this mature right now, I prepared a little bit of a memory time, which basically helps you focus on the same time studies. So use those 23 minutes right now to focus to get it initially into your brain and later on , if it's a well, there's a few that I really want to study in detail will be so much easier. Let's get started. But way it's that 15. Practicing the script part 1 60 percent: So this is some life trained and I've been doing with Student of Mine Dennis, who came over and you know how they say, Don't learn from your own mistakes. Learn from out of people's mistakes. Well, in fact, Dennis volunteered to do that in to share his mistakes with you. He's an early stage sales person, and he's really eager to improve all different areas. So he came with a lot of questions. Wells, a practice descript on, and you can learn from that. So I really invited to think about this. You know, the questions he has and think about. What does he do wrong? What does it do? Good, Because that alone will help you a lot. Sometimes it's just easier to see other people's mistake. Then it it is to see all mistakes as human beings. We are like that, and I'm very happy that he actually agreed to share this with you. Let me know in a direct message, if that is useful for you as well, because if it is, I might add some life training. Some trains with students etcetera down the line, and with that, I hope you enjoy it. Let's jump right into it and see you on the other side. Let's go into the script. Enough. Let's start. Let's start with scripted. Let's start with the 1st 4 seconds. Five seconds, because that's really key. Um, we just practice for a while because other parts of this good maybe don't need that much attention, but this one's gotta have each time, and it needs to come up like that. So let's get right starting with, um so high stuff in there. Speaking. Hi. This is delicious calling from trading in Athens. How is Good day? Let's cut you. So what was good? Waas, You were really engaged. Happy? Hi, this is sons. Are you did two things. This is so for everybody here. What did also really? Well, most you actually ask questions. Is this Dennis from V Trading in Athens? How you doing today? You had a little bit of too much space in between because what you trying to do in the 1st 5 seconds is your tryingto overload their brain with so much information that they cannot say I'm not interested or hang up or any of that. Because like they're intrigued, somebody is, like, really upto happy shoppers Attack enthusiastic and exit. Sounds like an expert. And then you have those question it. Dennis should know the guy from the trading trading. That's why you asking the question more, but you can't leave them too much time on. So let's try it. Hi, It's other. Yes, speaking. Hi. This Dennis calling from trading in Athens. How are you? Yeah. So what was good about that? Waas. You kept the distances little bit shorter I would say about how are you? That was actually very close to perfect. It was It was How are you, like how you doing today? That is I really wanna know tonalities are you doing today? I think having the most of your mind maybe ship pro progressing like mother. Like, actually, I kind of feel the emotion when you're saying. Yeah, that's good. Let's try again. Hi there. Speaking. Hi. This Dennis calling from movie training in Athens. How is good day? Yeah. I mean, you had a little bit here. Where? In Indiana. But you're really getting better. You see how every time you're but it's not yet perfect. So the way how you get done up is basically no tonalities and you can sit down yourself. And you could say, OK, I'm gonna train this until I wake up in the middle of the night was like, Hey, speaking from Budapest Haider today and you have this really up tome, you have to accept. Imagine it like that. You're on the phone. You somebody calls you. What's the kind of person that you want to speak to? TST, but also expert right, somebody who knows their stuff. And that's why let's jump into this into the next language. Patterns here, off script and what we do. Then we combine them because once you have a couple of language parents ready and do them well, sometimes when you start combining them, it's difficult to change into banalities. That happens a lot. So let's do that. So I would have to basically possible answers if they know me. Your results were called spoke of. So we do the histology cocoa. Um, if they say okay, they say that we're doing good. Okay, No stuff are. You may have heard of the trading were the biggest commonly in idiots trading in the Balkan region, specializing in dozens, doesn't you? Very formula of visas emission strangers. So I like mostly what you said. I'm not so happy about the exact house and what you did try, which is good? Tried to use absolute certainty Wiling p t s. You really pronounced the love. That's every now the one thing I don't like about what you said Waas We are the biggest off this. Just it might be right, but does it really paint a big You know what I mean? You get called by a sales person. Sales person tells we are the biggest off so and so it might create this feeling of oh, sales person called me. You know, you don't want to fall into those pre framed ideas like this is a sales person who just wants to steal my time and my money, and I should listen to them basically. So instead of saying we're the biggest got no, your own company then, right? But try to find something that is mawr. You know, that is more niche. We are, you know, the number one broker when it comes to asserted by. So it's I mean, we'll have to work out the exact freestyling now and we have to work on the exact what to say off the training. Basically. So we don't freestyle that. Basically, we sit down and we come back then with a better version. But just watch out not to be put into that typical old sales person calling frame. Let's try it again. And we are trying to make it scarcity. We are, You know, we are the biggest and at the same time scarcity and absolute certainty. That means you were You can be absolutely certain, but with tenderness. So try to combine those two focus war scares. Why? Because you just, you know, survived the 1st 4 seconds. Now you need to show them sub communicate, have something valuable to tell also. No, Stephan may have here. It's been trading. Yeah, it was good. Good tonality, by the way, you might have hurt. I was like, What will worry? No stuff we have here. Vitor number one call money in U. S. Trading in the border region. Specializing doesn't just like you are coming from major state leaders. Good from the tonality. So we still need to work on the words a little bit later on. But you're tonality was really good here on now, you might have heard. Now what I like about it is that a lot of people, when they do it for the first time, you know scarcity. How does that sound? And especially when it says coal, using all I have to be like this, you have to be confident and they kind of try to push it, but taking thank you so much more powerful. And that's why you have to work now in here because the mouth indicates okay, I change a flip, my tonality. Nine. Another one, I think. I mean by lower your voice. You make them tired or listen to you about, on the other hand, there usedto trying to speak up because when you go before, that's what you do with others are trying to speak clearly nights exactly, and even in social situations, by the way, I tried it out. If you are in a social situation and people don't listen to speak less loud, why? Because people automatically pay attention. If you try to speak louder, louder, they don't have to do any effort. No, that's resident compliance, in a way, I guess. Yeah, whatever. Let's start again and Now you start from again from the very beginning where you have no question. Tonality is how you doing today, and then you flip into now. Now, John, you remember Wolf of Wall Street on the famous pitch in the movie Now, right now shares trading at whatever I want. So that's how we go for higher speaking. Hi. This is Dennis off calling from the training in Athens House. Good day. Good. But this is Dennis. Was not was not a question mark. Is Dennis calling from mutating in Athens today? Now, right now, trying to read from a script makes Marie Delay will think so. I think so. And if you have that, if you have to, it might be worthwhile on everybody's a little bit different here. Right. It might be worthwhile for you to memorize it and try to do it without a script and see how the differences, right. If it's easier, maybe we do that. Maybe you You take a few minutes, you memorize those two patterns and we come back. And we tried that way. All right, all right. We're back. So great tip for everybody. If it actually delays you to read because you have to think about. You have to read. You have to think about what to say and how to say it can be a lot. Then get the reading out of the way. But just memorizing key parts and then the memorization doesn't have to be perfect like it doesn't have to have every single one exactly decided in the same way. But good enough so you can actually win it. Let's go to the second part off another second about the first part of it again. Hi, Mr Holder speaking, Um, card. That way we can do it 1000 times were just, by the way, a great thing to do, because once you do 2000 times and becomes so second nature, it's easy to do. Even if you know of us. Even if you're on the phone, just wing, it figures with recording cards. Record yourself. Oh, but Dennis, that helps yet. Yeah, if you record yourself, everybody can do that court. It's always good to get feedback from somebody, but if that somebody's yourself, it's great because usually most people are quite critical with themselves. So if you do that awesome, Okay, so again, Hi, Stefan. There speaking. Hi, Dennis from orphans. Trading Harding. I'm all right. Yeah. How you know? You may have feared victory were the number one dealers off eight years in this Balkan region. Specializing dust just like you. Are you from your good man? I like I like that. I already saw how you got into, Almost, like, you know, a descriptive but almost like a natural law you are you familiar with. And that's important. You wanna have a script, But you want to also be natural at the same time. So you started out not perfect that you love too much First. Hi. This is Dennis from retraining. It wasn't very certain you didn't have a lot off that say you didn't come across as an expert, and it's hard to say. Well, what What happens next? Examine. How does not sound the way you just said it? That's not on expert. Sounds like I don't know how I know it looks like, but once a C one, I know that's an elephant kind of fits in with. So let's start again with that. Let's keep doing this for, you know, until you get in a moment Where is it? That makes sense. So I'll take your script so that you don't feel like, you know. You should look at them. All right. So higher. It is still there. Yeah, that's make stuff in here. Hi. There is from the very thing in Athens. How are you doing today? I'm good. How you Oh, good. Know if you are fair, Off the trading were the number one dealer or 50 s emissions in a bottle. Origin. Are you from your with figures stating I like that. Even though the question I already familiar you could have seen saying almost like you already familiar with, you know, Are you familiar with, Almost, like, intriguing from India. Now, you familia was because you basically want them to say yes. Off course and formula. And it should be a question. Whether, like, well, you're calling a trader, I might write Formula Illustrated. Yes, of course. You know what I mean. But if you basically asked that question to people that you want them to say yes, of course, even though it might not be completely normal attraction. And so that's that is intriguing. You know, tonality of guests in the beginning. It took you to get to your intrigue. Meaning when you said now you were still a lot of this up tone, and it is difficult to switch. So what you can do is you can practice by yourself talking to somebody whenever somebody, you take yourself back. It's really hard in the beginning. But once you can do that, you can flip quicker. And if you flip quicker, that sends mawr emotional value to the brain of the prospect. And that keeps them better engaged. Tried again. Same thing and trying to get especially the 1st 2 seconds right where you say, Hey, Stand is calling from training for the best. Hey, this is Dennis from Detroit in Budapest. You really have to die in a way that you don't kind of stop in between. Okay. Um hi. Stuff in there. Yeah, that's me. High Benesch from the training Just gonna do, uh I'm good. How? You good? No. If you have feared, we're number one. Dealer or 50 is treating courage. Specializing doesn't just like you. I'm from here with these trailers. Nice. So the way used the intrigue. Tonality. Very good. It was like, wow. Like even, You know, I cannot help. Even if I know this is a script. We're here, you know, talking to you, gentlemen, I cannot help feeling in tweets. Like tell me about it. And and then there was Yes, you could have used more intrigue here, but interestingly, you got close to the end of your script. Are you familiar? And more. It might even be that you thought would be too much about the script in that moment. I'm not sure. So again, it's super important to keep practicing it. And that's what we just go for another round this time this time. Oh, and by the way, now, now was great. This time you switched like this. You switched it over shoes before the no. Or let's do the whole thing. We'll hire stepfather better way. Sorry. Before you start, you know, sports people, they knew that before they go on a skiing raise or whatever, they do visualize really quickly what they're saying. Try it. Take like, a few seconds can be two seconds can be five seconds to just know what I'm gonna say this and then they pick up and was, like, higher. Yeah, that's me. Hi. This is Dennis from offense Dictating. How are you doing today? I'm fine. How? You good? No. If you have a familiar we're specializing with fifties training in the Balkan region and we're gonna be considered the number one I am familiar with. It is two years. Good. That was I wanted to say great until the last question. Are you familiar with it? Are you familiar with it? Yes. Trailers. You can't dropped it like you're familiar with it. Yes. Traitors here. What do you want? Us. Traitors. I really was desperate. It's like, Hey, you have, you know, this kind of entry thing. But apart from that really, really good, like so much better than and then all the other ones before 16. Practicing the script part 2 60 per cent: So this is some life trained and I've been doing with Student of Mine Dennis, who came over and you know how they say, Don't learn from your own mistakes. Learn from out of people's mistakes. Well, in fact, Dennis volunteered to do that in to share his mistakes with you. He's an early stage sales person, and he's really eager to improve all different areas. So he came with a lot of questions. Wells, a practice descript on, and you can learn from that. So I really invited to think about this. You know, the questions he has and think about. What does he do wrong? What does it do? Good, Because that alone will help you a lot. Sometimes it's just easier to see other people's mistake. Then it it is to see all mistakes as human beings. We are like that, and I'm very happy that he actually agreed to share this with you. Let me know in a direct message, if that is useful for you as well, because if it is, I might add some life training. Some trains with students etcetera down the line, and with that, I hope you enjoy it. Let's jump right into it and see you on the other side. So let's jump now into the next part, which is basically you have your 1st 4 seconds, your first little pieces off stuffed, you're saying and then you want Ask them. Got a minute? Because then you flow into the qualifying. Now, let's go into that. All right, So do you just tremendous in there saying what we do, You are actually, let's start with you. Got a minute? You just say government and we do that until it becomes the finale becomes ingrained in it . So each time you say that thing, you say automatically that way. OK, but how do we was not for the reason of the cold, like Okay, that's That's gonna be the next thing right now. So we're done with the reason for the culture. It's getting scarcity. We want to show you the reason for the call. And then you mix it with absolute certainty, depending on what exactly say. But let's start with you. Got a minute? Got a minute? Got a minute? You know, the minute you got a minute, it's the reasonable man. Tonality, which basically means you're reasonable, reasonable you got a minute? Of course. We've both got a minute, Goddammit. Like government. Well, of course. Is this kind of? So when you practice distant, any tonality, for that matter, trying to overdo it. You got a minute, like, almost like you like. Whoa, this is, like way, like 11 notch too high, but tried like that because naturally, when you're speaking, usually it gets natural or so. All right, then the minutes Much better. Much better. Got it. You go to this? Yeah. And even go. Really? House was got a minute. Okay, Just trying. You got a minute? Yeah, I got a minute, and I would say You got a minute. You see that? You got a minute? It's, like, almost, like, stepped on your government, your government government Yet. And even though that might refute especially the beginning, when using this again, try it that way. Because once you have the actual call, you will naturally, usually, you know, get it a little bit lower. And that's why you have it strongly. Okay, let's jump into the the other part of you say that comes just before it before you ask him . God. Minute. What do you say? So we have what we actually right. After asking if they're familiar with dealers, I would say, basically, we provide analysis and comparison over Europe. Train allows us and use a risk and created visit. That sounds legit. I won't say for a for a first script that you built here, that is alleged way of saying it. Now again, some of it depends really on what exactly is the company doing? So that's something that you will have to see exactly with your company and your colleagues and yourself to understand what one of the benefits we creating, etcetera. Look, just we provide market analysis and help companies only your trade allow you. Yeah, that that sounds that chance. Find So for all of this way, just explain something used absolute certainty. What? Basically, But basically we provide market analysis. You can't really pronounce it. Well, market analysis. You almost over pronounced the vocals and the peace TCs over here. Uh, right. So you don't have to shout. So it's what What is called a bald enthusiasm, especially Jordan Belfort is really good in doing this. He is almost like you're You're really a tear your body. You can speak like that. You could almost whisper if you want to. When you still pronounce stuff. Really well, why? Because you kind of almost like you're making it fool. You know, it's like, Wow, this is wow feeling that, um, interesting thing if you ever really wild yourself your super happy about something, you speak about something. Not everybody, but naming people are, like, you know, really making. Did this sounds vocals fuller? And that's anyway, what you doing here? Okay, yeah, my going so way because you're from South Greek, so it's normal. Okay, so there is a cold today. Now, the reason for a cold day is simply a would you Some information on the company trading. So you're gonna get a sense how much money you can save. I can say for our clients and discusses the road. There's something Enough sounds fair enough. That was good because you actually changed tonality just before. It was a little bit scripted right there. Thing that happens when you're not knowing this stuff. Heart. Now, the reason for the call today is I simply wanted to send you some information on the company V trading. So you can get a sense of just how much money we can save for you, not just for our clients, for you, and then discusses in more detail down the road. So what he's using the scripture is a very low key message off regional to somebody. It is especially where you have a lot of resistance. This is a way to reduce initial resistance. Why? Because you're telling them. Look, I don't want to sell you anything. You put down your guards. I'm not. I don't want to sell you anything. I just want to send you some information. And then most people will be like, Oh, yeah, sure. Why? And then, even though now you go into the qualification even though they can expect nothing else to happen, then you know they're giving you the address in 71. Um, so let's try it again. The whole segment tried those peace as trying to pronounce it with. Now, the reason for the call today is I simply want to give you some for Western compound. Pathetic so you can get a sense of how much money was safe. We're gonna see for you and then get more data doesn't suffer enough great. I was, like, very good already. The reason for the calls that you made this PDS all these vocals, those sounds and you still say a little bit on the intrigue part. So that was really, really well and then does this sound fair enough? You had a little bit of trouble switching to Melodia. It wasn't that easy, because that sounds fair enough. That is again. That's why. Is it different? To be fair, having me second language like, of course, the same us for me, and it's it is. If you have a thick accent and you're calling American companies, that can be a problem in Europe. The good thing is, now Marcus doesn't everyone has it. And so if you have a really think X and and you know about it on specific words that it's important for them to understand, you get a practice that so almost practice away your your exit. For a couple of words, you team up with native speakers, you have to basically yeah, before speaking glass from where my model time? Everything. Yeah, so do we go then, father, or that's do the whole thing again until You got a minute? Higher? Yeah, that's me. Hi. That is from often spectating. How are you doing today? I'm good. And I mean, how you Great. Now there is in for a goal. Today is now sit. And that's fine. Real life situation would have to carry on, Let me tell you, until here it was the best one so far. Like by far the best Doesn't look it up. No people. Actually, when you look down to your paper, you're like shit and you try to make it so you know. Right. Hi, there. Yeah, that's me. Hi, Dennis. From offense. Thes Think. How do they? I'm going. How you Great. Now the reason for the call today. He's, uh if you're familiar with the training we specialize in administrating the Balkan region on, um, we're the number one dealing with dozens, just like you. Our family was administrators. Yeah, Yeah, of course. I mean, uh, we we do it in house so far, but I know about you guys. That's it. That's great. Uh, there. Now there isn't for several days. I want to tell you how we can create great strategy for clients and improve your income by a great amount. I mean, yeah, it's fine. I mean, you gotta practice is a bit more, but what a life waas You actually head enough to pull up into freestyle? It wasn't exactly the same, right? It was different. And it also took you too much time and you had too many in between. But you actually got it. Now, if you know this group better, you actually not gonna have to issue. It's gonna be much easier to do it so close. Close enough. The way I memorize stuff is single on specific words, and I encircle them. So, for example, you may have heard off v trading, so I would for me If I do it, I would say circle hurt. We have a number one do and the ball comes and then you familiar? So I only have Now I don't have to memorize two sentences. Only have to memorize forwards hurt number one. Walt comes Amelia and I do the same thing for for the other stuff. So and then I devised I'm visual, so I memorized. Usually if I didn't try to remember the world. I imagine that one word, not the whole thing. But, um, that's just, you know, once you go home and you have more time to actually really memorize that stuff, let's do one last one Now just goes through with what you have in front of you. How are you holding? Yeah, that's me. Um, hi. This is Dennis from movie Tightening enough things to do. Good, man. Great. No, if you're from here interesting. We specialize in training with doesn't just like you a taste reading. They just read this. Uh, yeah, for good. Now, what we're actually doing is creating started this for our clients. We can They can save money and reduce the risk. Now, the reason for the call today is I want to give you some information about the company retreating, and I give you some of my familial how we can help you. Juries could get more money, and we can discuss this more rough. Yeah. So now the What happened now, for the first time, you had to memorize the whole thing. And it was just hard up. And what I would clearly sold it if you memorized the whole thing. You were not as good at 10 Elia because you're like, OK, your brain basically have two members. And that's why if you memorize it with the right tonalities each segment with the right analogy, you will ultimately lead to directionality. Thanks so much, man. Well done. Keep working on that. Thanks for coming here. Thanks. Old for reaching out to me and eventually seeing me not personally spoke on the phone a couple of times. Look, I would, of course, what? Your videos get better. I have more questions. Please do so you can always reach out for everybody else as well. You can reach out directly by the Q and A's. I give you my email in the region. And yet thanks so much for coming in. It was actually fun. It's great doing this important, you know, And it's hard to learn sales without going through this, and it's hard for everyone. You know it doesn't for first time. So I've trained people from Pakistan to Australia to now Preece, and usually it's always similar in terms of the first difficult things that everybody has to build that is memorizing that is, using the formalities off, sticking together and what you do. Did you just get better. Better? Yeah. I think that having direct very border life is the best. Because if you learn something the wrong way, it takes so much more time to actually go back and right through the right way. But we always underestimate how well we are in criticizing ourselves. We're great at that when we look into the mirror when we are really good in criticizing. But we should use this criticism constructively. What is? And that's why you mentioned earlier taking Cameron. Everybody has a camera and just video recording yourself. You're gonna be your best judge. Trust me. You compare the analogies as you hear it in the video with how you do it.