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Cognitive App Development with IBM Watson

teacher avatar Pranjal Srivastava, Subject Matter Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. IBM Bluemix Dashboard

    • 3. How IBM Watson Works

    • 4. IBM Watson Assistant Overview

    • 5. Chatbot

    • 6. Languagetranslator

    • 7. Nlc final

    • 8. Nlc pr

    • 9. Nlu final

    • 10. Nlu bluemix practical

    • 11. Ps final

    • 12. Pi bluemix practical

    • 13. Stt final

    • 14. Ttsl final

    • 15. Visual recog final

    • 16. Tone anal final

    • 17. Speechto text 1

    • 18. Speechto text 2

    • 19. Tts

    • 20. Tone analyzer bluemix console

    • 21. Text to speech 2

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About This Class

In this course, we will learn and practice all the services of IBM Watson which is being offered by IBM Bluemix. There will be both theoretical and practical section of each IBM Watson services. This course is for those who love machine learning and wanted to build an application based on cognitive computing, AI and ML.

You could integrate these services in your Web, Android, IoT, Desktop Applications like Face Detection, ChatBot, Voice Detection, Text to custom Speech (with a pitch, emotions, etc), Speech to text, Sentimental Analysis on Social media or any textual data. 

Watson Services like-

  1. Watson Assistant  -> Build and deploy chatbots and virtual assistants. 

  2. Watson Discovery  -> Uncover connections in data by combining automated ingestion with advanced AI functions. 

  3. Watson Speech to Text  (STT) ->Easily convert audio and voice into written text. 

  4. Watson Text to Speech (TTS)  ->Convert written text into natural-sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices

  5. Watson Language Translator  ->Dynamically translate news, patents or conversational documents. 

  6. Watson Natural Language Classifier  ->Interpret and classify natural language with confidence. 

  7. Watson Natural Language Understanding -> Analyze text to extract metadata from content such as concepts, entities, and sentiment

  8. Watson Visual Recognition  ->Tag, classify and search visual content using machine learning. 

  9. Watson Tone Analyzer  ->Analyze emotions and tones in written content.

  10. Watson Personality Insights -> Predict personality characteristics, needs, and values through written text. 

and many more.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pranjal Srivastava

Subject Matter Expert


I am passionate developer, machine learning enthusiast, coder and bug fixer. Developed many applications on various platforms including python, java, android, php, etc.

I have worked over cloud on IBM Bluemix, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Prefer digital marketing and SEO in my free time.

I am IBM certified Python developer.

Created own Programming language in Hindi .

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1. Introduction: Hello, friends on Welcome. So this learning stories where we're going to explore and learn and practice all types of worsen services, which is offer by IBM Bloom It's So water the album Blue Mix and Mortensen Services. What are the different absolute Boersen services? What is Actually I've been Watson. It's all stuffs I'm going to discuss in this series. Yes, there's a lot of services. A lot off Ivy Enforcement Services, which is for by Ivan Bloom ing's. Let me give some examples like Texas Beach Water Services Speech to text services, personality insights, conversations. No studios box and studios where you can implement motion learning on Abby Macleod a secret . This are different services. Different importance over City, which is being offered by Ivan Bloom. It's so this all things we're going to discuss and learn and practice everything in this series. So let's start. So the first question which comes is that what this every morsel, actually I've been Borssen is at the forefront off a new era of computing that is one and only community computing, which is a radically new kind of computing, which is totally different from programmable. So let me discuss the scone in computing more the perfect. Actually this community computing as a broad topic, uh, it refers to a software which mimic the functioning off human rains to make a better decisions. That's like humans. This clinic community computing use artificial brain toe give are better decisions for a particular book. As in early days, computers are only being used for San difficult relations or to complete the things very fastly or computed very fastly, which is totally bone the range off our human capabilities. But but there's some limitations. Assange's limitations, which were Lord occurred bullish by our older computers like they cannot recognize unique objects from an image they cannot understand are no natural language. The normal human beings which normally dogs all those things I'm not accomplish by older computer devices, which are simple, normal human, can perform very easily from here being required a new type of computing that is cognitive computing. I hope you know the name off Siri uh called Core Dana for Microsoft Devices and Siris for Apple Devices and many more. Yeah, it's which is totally it is very popular. Godina. So to be exact, they're not a true calling. The systems there already present smart forms we tell really close to community computing one. But still they're not true committed systems. Such systems can only respond to present number request. There is a true Conergy applications give a port for response with open this train toe people round Responsive, which means that this is a Ordina. This only work the work on the train did that which is provided earlier. A radiator pre programmed data but actually committed computing is that which can give a thoughtful response, which is not under pre programmed, like unsupervised manner. So how discordant application books. So this community computing inter stimulate human talks process in a comfort rise more to this end, this come culminating applications uses deep learning and bottoms new neural network and it also leverages the latest technology solutions such as data mining, natural language processing and preferable missions. This comedy applications grow multiple source of informations, including structure data as less unstructured, distant formations. Century imports That says visual gestures are the audio's. The information sensor provided information on many Morse, Then it process all the gather information by comparing it to the set off data. It already noon as says the more data that comes sister encounters, the more it loves and the more afraid the system will be and buy time for pitted fire time . By time, the system will give more accurate solutions. This, like human rings. We learn by our experience if they commit mistake. We learned that if you do this or this dad thing, we will commit a mistake. And from that mistake, we will get experienced that if we'll do the book in that minute, we'll have this error. And if you do something, Dean friend toe Axum more thing to that, for it will reserve at that art form. So this is all things that go near. The computing's do is just like a human prints. The scholarly computing applications interrogated that analysts is with adequate steps space to, ah, specific audience and do that specific frustrations. This Ivan Watson, is the community Computing is one of the earliest approaches to community computing over path breaking combinations, off natural language processing, machine learning and alone image representations. This sports in and there's questions or in post in natural language, mood Search is repository for informations that enter Dave loves, then analyze and then it gives hypothesis offers on, and then it's in recent answers. Also in natural every mood. So what made Bortin successful was no, just the combinations off multiple capabilities, but the seamless and powerful integrations off such difference capabilities in a way, it influences each other. So this is all about community computing. Let me discuss a more thing about community computing that our basic characteristics off contradict applications. Um, first, negative six, which I'm going to discuss is that adapted. Uh, this quantity applications are adaptive, which is capable off integrating informations around X ecosystems as exchanges. The the systems food on a dynamic data in real time or near our real time to muster a majority and unpredictability it adapts toe are changing goals and requirement off the enterprises, which is a common dude, is highly food business a moment I can't bear to six status. In corrective it Incorrect is live accusers and also with other processes, devices, anch'io, services, comfort everything, then the other characteristics is iterating, then contextual. It means quantity. Computing applications, understands and identify contextual elements such as locations. I'm meaning, since it exposes a sacra. So this is some statistics or quality computing, which I discussed right now. So I hope you understand the real meaning or community computing. And my next video. I'm going to discuss more detail that how I've been boards and really works. So four days No, keep him. 2. IBM Bluemix Dashboard: L A friends. And welcome. This is on the home page for Globe concerned with me. Start net. No. From here, I'm going to create an account on this album Cloud, which is broom. It's And after creating account, I will work on that force and services. Soto, create your account on IBM Blue mix. You won't hear. It is just simple is excluding your own John Facebook. Orgy me anything back. You can't be here and after. Right in your email, including us for your first name. Anything, Right? Uh, for many India falsehood and create an account. No, you do Very fire account. - Once you are, account is conformed Then then you're going to logging on that. I've been cloud no, my contact. Do it successfully. No logging into my account. This is the IBM blue mix dashboard, and you can see God fornari abs here currently going I've been plowed catalogue. And here they're Lotta's features, which is being offered. But I've been blue mix from computer container networking storage e I ended. It takes database. Dura produce integrations, Internet of things secured in an entity start records and Kevin Application that reopen one of each of them in computer will get virtual is over. That's fair on all these things. Containers, communities and looking Storage The tree types of stories in absolute mix block stories for a storage object storage in A It's the main thing you will get all the service off. Watson Like worsen assistant Discovery Knowledge Catalogue, little studio language translator Machine learning naturally was classifier National understanding Personality insights, speech to text extra speech Don't analyzer visual recognition and awards and studios And this is this is used for creating your jack bought for your website like it acts like a virtual agent on your upside Firstly, and uh, in earlier days, maybe have blossomed. Good. Even if you do something off your business, then end user will use your contact number. You're a minute, President Yoon she asked to you. But now that said board has been there, Griff t know in this set book when you enable checkpoint on your side then your end user can us there could be two dead shot put and jetport response to them according to their Curries. So this way this shepherd is very useful. Then comes in discovery. It is the corner this search on continued concern for your application. Then Norris get look and notice Studio. We're going to teach force in the language off our domain, then was translator from them. You understand it. Rip. Translate our text into different languages. Machine learning very will apply machine learning on IBM Watson National Language Pacifier , which is used to classify our next according disused for us. More text to predict that the appropriate class for that questions. Then, naturally, understanding it will analyzer text on extract meditator like concerts into these emotions . Relations, sentiments and many Moore's but not insides is another type of force and services, which is used for driving inside strong traditional and social media data to identify psychological truths. That this person is good personality has sore temper or things like that in a speech to text at risk to convert your speech into text and Texas. But it is a just reciprocal off this. It will convert text into speech there. Lot of voices level in Watson analyzers. It protect the dune off from complications there three types of comic inner tones like emotions, socials and language. Then comes visit regulations on at Last Force in studios and political missions. It will, unless your image onder detect the object and scenes from us on responded forgive them and said to deserve some services aboard Sin. Then here comes analytics engine Blockchain database still produce integration through things. This is services and features forwarded by I didn't blue mix. So in my next video, I'm going to have hands on this all services so for didn't know, stay tuned and make the world more smarter. 3. How IBM Watson Works: Hello, friends. And welcome back. Knowing this purpose, trees, I'm going to discuss how I'm invokes and looks in my Bruce video. I discuss that our community computing that what is commonly to computing actually that cornered computing is the software which mimics just like human brains to give a better solutions. So the divorce is actually a cognitive computing, which it was like a human brings. So now, in this part of streets, I'm firstly wanted discussed that the users of Decatur, as you know, that today's wealth is, of course, our big gator, they body and a body. The amount of data is increasing repetitively, which means that we are having trillions of trillions of trillions off datas which are producing in a single day. Actually, this trillions off data is really very helpful that, uh, business people's make that they used this big gator to have a better solutions. As you know, that this abbey Borssen learned from our experience that I discussing the professor do that as I told you right now that it was like remembrance, as be if we do something we learned a new thing means if it Ryan new team, like just driving a car. Oh, are any other things? If reduce and mistake or enter, then this mistake help us out Not having this mystic again in future. This is cool experience and, yes, this experience. It's also in having boards as we have a lot of great us and a lot of great us. Then then what will happen? This Ivan Borssen will trained on the business off new data, which, which is we're bribing on daily basis and this every borssen trained by regular data. A lot of data will provide a better solutions, deputy. Which means the day by day is Abby Borssen become more accurate, a better solution. Let me take a simple example like, um, this. Consider our doctor diagnosing a patient. Or you can consider of built miniter devising a client on the Rybar Diamond portfolio. Or you can even nothing about a chef which is trying to make a new recipe. They need new approaches to put into context the void information they did with on a daily basis in order to derive value from exposes, serves to intense human expert ties, Watson and scorn it a couple of days near some off the cognitive elements of humans protest systems that presents about problems like humanness. When we as humans seek to understand something and to make a decision, we go through force steps. Uh, first in is a visible phenomena. Second step is interpretations. Her step is evaluation and four step to do action. Invisible phenomena. We see the tortoise in front off us. Then we interpreted that that if you move for the labeling, have accident. Then we've alluded that how we can to see if how we can't say from this accident. Then we do action. We just stop because we know because we every Lewit and interpret all the things behind. Um, first off us do do we say from an accident? Okay, Similar way. This I'm in. Borssen do. And yes, this Watson can do this very message food and scared. Um Watson. It's not like a conventional approaches which normally computing only handles organized, structured fatality story in the Davies and special unspecified manner, but or sinking. Understand all men's data between structure Duta as well is unstructured It also which is 80 person off to raised it. So all the information that is produced family from humans for other humans to consume. This includes everything which means everything from the pitcher toe products, reports, articles, trips well, circulators defined by government, a sector, your emotions, you anything. This all comes under unorganised. Later. Boersen relies on natural language. Who just government by rules or grammars, context and cultures. It's implicit, ambiguous, complex. Any challenge, a process. All human languages, which is difficult to parse certain items and can particularly challenging in English likes . Um, yeah, you know nothing English. There something tens, which is quite a confusing. Like, for instance, we can feel blue because it's raining cats and dogs while we are filling in the form someone extras to fill out that mean blue, which means a lot off meaningful, missing avoid. So when it comes to best R. Johnson, it does not look for Cuban matches. Our senators like a search engine, as in school search way. Then you serve anything on Google. It just take it a simple world. A search later, a searchable or equity across the different documents was representing online on the Internet. It just take out that search query from their documents. But no, this board san is totally different search engine. It does not work like it. They call the rial meaning from that fort. It actually read it, read it that interpretative, and then it text like a foursome breaking donors sentence dramatically, which is which makes worsen to look like the humans Worsened, writes to understand the real interned off the users language and uses that understanding to possibility, extract logical responses from them and draw inference to potential answers through broad area linguistics. Mortals off on Paris. When Vollertsen goes to work in a particular field, it firstly learns the language. All the dragons or the motive thought off the domain, a sector and a second or absent yes, more days left as human, I told you many times, yes, it's true. It's just a human off culture world that you know that this middle, where they can't be miracle that is about to avoid, which is, uh, equivalent to human brings. Let me take a simple example again. Like cancer, for instance, there are many different layers of cancers, and Eastern has difference in hopes and for east symptoms. There's different treatments and toe handing this all or depends on different factors, So this force in evolution, standard off care practices and thousands of previous only creatures that captures the best science in the food. And from all of that, Parson identified the therapies that offer the best dresses for the doctor to consider in the treatment off the patient. With the guidance off human exports. Orson Collective Knowledge, it is record to help secrecy in a particular domain. Sports called Corpus offer language this collecting a corpus, starting with the loading off the reliving border. Nutrition in divorce in building the corpus also records some human in division to go through the informations and discard anything that is out off date, poorly regarded or imitated. Toe the problems domain sooner for tothis this force in, Actually, Is there it? It looked for all the documents, which is the letter to that disease, then with the help of humans expert. Then it removed the unwanted things from the documentations to make somehow easier to the wards and understand the scenario property they from this, uh, important documents and then extract the things from that which is necessary for our case as then, creating the content, this pre process for Borssen building different induces and then it efficiently used. It's, um, power off injections and then create a knowledge draft to assist in answering more presents . Cushions novena. Vorsah has existed. The gold off. It needs to be trained by human experts to learn how to interpret. Ate the information? No, the first part is over. No, the second part is that now, in this Boersen interpretative, the indistinct informations No, it gains all the information from all surroundings, just like humans. The first a bit forced, visible phenomena. Now Watson's has also invested all the informations for Is a phenomenon is just like a input to our friends. And this, in just information is like a in Porto are warts and then the second step is interpretations and humans. We also interpretative boards and also interpreted with the help of human expert. It learned the best possible responses on according ability to find patterns. This Boersen partners with expert for drains using a pro score machine learning an expert will applaud tons off trillions off later, through which forcing will be drained in the formal question and superior their services around. Do it. Then, when the war since trained, and no, it will perform an action means it will give uh, meaningful answers for there's never questions, Which means on Do you take one more example that if you ask that this type of medicines require for that and better for cancers or anything thought that symptoms that no, the order is ingested all the information that it interpreted, then it comes to evolution. Attention all the steps had completed experts using machine learning and all those things. Now what since capable off answering all types off questions regarding to death subject and once but that questions is extra warts in it gives are better solution to our questions. So this is all about how Watson books. So in my next video, I will discuss more about it. This some more part left in her work symbols. So for Tello, state you and make the planet smarter 4. IBM Watson Assistant Overview: Hi, friends. Welcome back. Now in this part histories I'm going to discuss Martin Assistant Severus This worsen assistant service you can use to build a solution that understand natural language input and uses machine learning respond to customers. Innovator students, a conversation with humans So it works like a human. So holly looks. This is a bag around which shows the order our connection off this computer solution. Firstly, user impact with your application through this user interface. And there you implement, for example, a simple chair window or a Malala or even a rowboat with voice interface. Then this application sends the user input with the Morton Assistant Services. The application connects to first base, which is container for your dialogue flow and training data. Then the service interprets they use a import, die the flu or conversations and gather information that it really needs. You can also connect additional forces service to analyze your using put like you. Can you stroll analyzer as Ellis? You can also use peaceful text and many other ports and services. The applications getting correct with your back and systems based on the user, intense and additional informations, for example, and the oceans, open tickets off bigger confirmations or placing some orders. There's no limit toward you can do for from the service. So how you can implement your conversation before discussing the implementation, But I want to discuss some most three important dumps used in this competition. First, um, is intense the gold and you and spend your users. But have they incorrect with the service? They find one intend for each school that can be identified and uses input. For example, you might define an intern named stores. Let answer question about store hours for each intent you can act sample or our prince that reflected in put a customer might use to ask the information they need, such as four time. Do you open for tender? You close this collection off sentences which use him, maybe us at the time of conversations. So intense is I insured and personally that one uses speaking. Do that composition bond. Then comes entities and in today represents autumn or on object. There perverse contest for intent, for example, and in today might be a second name that have showed I look to distinguish restores that you were going toe no stores hours as you had drink later, unnatural and class it for will automatically added through this box office and it brain. To understand the tattoo requested. You have indicated the service trip listen for and to respond to. So this entities having a very important role in I Divorce assistant. Then comes at last dialogue toe, which is used to build a diet of fruit that incorporates your intense entities. This general fewest represented graphically in the tools as a treat, you can add a branch to process each of the entrance that you want to service to handle. You can then hair branch nodes that handle though many possible permutations. Our requests based on other factors, such as introduced phone in the user input or information that is passed to the service from the applications or any other external services to end this way. On the three most important points are covered the intent, the entities and there are Della flu what you have. But you have to understand before something toe how to bridge that competition bought for your application. So this is all about I reinforcing assistant. So in my next video, I'm going to make a simple course assistant for your applications. So Fortuno Stadium I make the world most doctor 5. Chatbot: Hello, friends. And welcome back nine Disperse trees. I'm going to create a force analysis trend, which is it's added natural and was interface to your applications and direct with you and users. Miss means you can create a chad broad using this forcing assistance service. Finally, it was also known as conversation or some conversations. Andi, uh, there's the intense. There's entities on data flow. I don't really discuss on my over sections. I'm going to just create a simple it's that board. No, I'm, uh, the Watson assistant Beach not click on non stool. This is it is near impossible for this Orson assistance service. You can you that you had open along doing and, uh, the reason which is showing that noise us out. If you want to learn more about this, I've been forced assistant. You can go for doc. And if you want to add a new service credit insurers, you can choose this service credentials from here. If you're going to change a plan on Drew from here, If you want to add this applications to your phone relapse, you can use this. So this is I've been worse. Assistant. First you have to create intended entities. And then you attributed a little and then you just tested. So there's and videos where you can you know it. For more details, just click on create box piece and after creating works piece. Yeah, there's already a sample that will show you that sample, and these are different in dens. You examples. Cancer date canceled The request for gated this intrinsic victor to cancel customer care, important means and many other options is there. If you want to tanks, then I appreciate it. Many things much appreciated Tang's thank you so injured any more severely. Also say our hands for it. Their main in duties for qualities. Christmas, Halloween, Liberty, Independence Day as a crop for apply phone is the court as a Christ aan den. There's Delek, from which, uh, the response off. IBM Orson for opening. This is that look, fluids, eyes as you can see, Blue Place branch opening hours off operations, directions for spectra Coming up in this if Brokenness welcome, then in response hymns. Hello, I am a Democrats to murkier watch assistant. Oh, surely your business I can help, and you can add more response type if you want Andi, our hours off operations. These are different operations. We are close on this or it is that you want to add like Thanksgiving date for May 20 days. Let me crying. Hello? I am Democrats Mahir Virtual Assistant. To show you the basics, I can help with directions for my stores. Ours off operations and bookings are in store applications. So let me making appointment for this Portwood. It shows that this I intend under this act could agree general groupings and then says Hello. So can you make finding for me? This is a random question which I'm going to ask this. What do you like to come in and responds of or since asking It's just, um, access to this as I'm talking to any human that you can see the response the forces giving poor devil. You like to come in? I love to come on Monday. Then what timing on wonder Do you want to come in? Is asking Motor Gilles off my appointment and and nobody comes seaport or some of again. And so let me confirm your vaunting appointment for Monday 12 pm Is this correct? I didn't am geekiness, Veum Little right it's again asking a question. This shows did, um, more sin things that I'm confused. So again I want to write that Monday is three d on Monday as including okay, asking the same question. Not this time. Give 00 I am. We only accept up 111 a. M to five or 10 minute. Do you want to come in? I don't like your service. Will you let me transfer you to represent you too? No. Sees convincing me did. If I don't like her service on his service more sense of this thing. I can prefer any representative any after men. Okay, so this is how walks invokes and dogs like a human. If you want to create your own, you can deployed on. He was in Barket toe Facebook's lack messenger. Coolio. You can build example lap play from here If you want to. The disconnect your this Orson, let's click on here. Ondra, this was sure. And Zipes Dr Conscious ins and the message broken conversations go to messages. A sacral If you want to create a new look space people here just create here, right? Anything Just test. Not going to create a new content as there's no intern showing nothing, nothing and nothing. So I'm just going to have continued looking here, and I want to just make a simple board relating or banking option. It will contain 13. Intense. I'm going to just click on here so that I don't have to create it on. As you can see. Note 20 Intense security. If you want to create your own intern, just take on an intern attempting its descriptions. And that's it. That internal include. Okay, so I had already important. I'm dense. If you want to import entities, you can have this from AT and T or you can click on in port. Is there some you're going? Ah, so democracy as CSU foil. So that gonna import entities on it? There's a since this giant introduced also, they're definitely on date status. The locations and many of the informations like that you can have dialogue can create. I'm here. Welcome That Me. Try it. Hello, hole. I can help you. You see the same pushing, asking its interest. Inspiration. I am witness in element. She can't understand because I didn't added and think like that. So this is how you can add and I look, we can add, It's I note if you want to into the response. If I ask a question and you can create a branches according to it duties and dance and give it a card at check, either throwing a banking to its hard knock it's trying entered is the letter to banking afterward. Card. Can you divorce your statement? I'm not understanding. Okay? Can sit off guard again If you showed the ended inter name banking cancel gold on there. Said I didn't get your meanings throwing because I didn't have any that looks for that. So they basically control and create Uh, that looks according to your intense. So this is all about you came. Create your jet boat and basically we're here on can import it using book co book it and you can go from here how to import it on using more while help as a crop. So in this way you can create a chat board for your applications. So I don't understand how you can okay it So for pillow State kun and make the world more smarter 6. Languagetranslator: Hi friends and welcome back. No, I'm going to read another Watson service, that is, ah, language translator. So just always cliff on a section on Look for a Service Jackets Language translator from name. You can understand the services used for Chrysler takes documents or any website from one language to another. You can create industrial region specific transitions who had a service custom addition capability. This is very useful. And is this word language translator. My boss as uses a global, and we put some places the many people don't know the English. So by adding this vision on your website, a person who is unable to understand English, he or she can stretch to their local anguish because off the service you can translate it from many language like every big cattle in Chinese. Simplified as is traditional, the most difficult language off the world and said then Dan ish Dutch, English, French, German in Hindi, also Italian Japanese scoring and many of the languages. So let me created or more information about the service you can click on here the organization section toe more information about this. It can identify upto 6 to 2 languages off free using this, our language identifications a play and point. So now I'm going to create it. This is investing options. Life standard. Everyone's premium, I think, going here to create it. Language translator instance. Yeah, So welcome to this language translator view Here, you can see credentials off language translator, user name and password on. Do you can add credentials from here? If you want dope, you plan for I told you before. They're four times of plans and connections to add this fisher to your chloroform re APS. So let me show you how it for us this is open. I've been floating docks. Well, you will learn more about it. And, uh, and here is a mammal from here. Click on it. Are. Never knew would be open where you can. Then about the service, you can choose two off two optional that Would you like to help this? As always, make butter by allowing this a lot to learn from decision or you can opt out. I don't want this right now. I choose any language as input. There are a lot of languages as I know only English. So I'm choosing this English one and right. My name is Kranju. Now shoes are languish to get the output like every big I don't know how to the initial this language, so skip this part. I know. And even so, I made a non friendly like there Said it. I don't know how this sudden stickin, Esperandieu me, Mera Naam for book job. This is not doing a good translation. The actual tradition for this will be Miron on branches and you cannot other or to language for this. So this is how this I've been worsened language transit provokes It can convert text input in one language into a destination language for the end users using background from domain specific mortals. So this is all about language translator. So in my next video, I'm going toe hands on on other forces services supported. It'll stay tuned and make the world more smarter. 7. Nlc final: Hello, friends and welcome back. Now in this part of stories, I'm going to discuss another warts and serviced artist. Natural Language Pastor for this service is uses machine learning algorithms student on the dogmatic beautifying classes for short text inputs, which means you can help you application, understand the language of strong test and make predictions about hawker handle them. Our classifier learns from example later and then can you turn information for text? That is not really or saying this diagram the source that how does service works? Firstly, you have to prepare train on training data like identify class levels, collect represented text or and match classes to text. Then it will create and create the classifier Used a peer to upload the training Get us then it will credit that friend classifier. At last you can evaluate results and update training. Get us in this way This servic smokes, um there The server supports many languages like English, a big French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese as well a Spanish also and the use cases for the services that you can use the service in banking in finance for classifying investments risk transactions. We can also use the service in high educations and government too. Short text or documents in Tokyo degrees. Very useful for academia and law, known property organizations and others. Only the justice that record classifications on you. Can you The service in e commerce and details, services, social media to organize treats, emails, post and shame to cater groups or teams that in solutions with analyze your resumes and applications Dr. Deeper meaning. So this has some use cases on this service You so you can use this service, worsen service into your applications toe have the benefits off this. So in my next video, I'm going toe have practical session on this national levels Castle fire. So for till no state you I make the world more smarter. 8. Nlc pr: Hello, friends. Welcome back. 90. Sparta's Freeze. I'm going to discuss another warden. Service start. It's natural language class before actually the services Norton in light wars. And so you have to I'm sorry, this for this. So it is not in free version. Ah, you can draw in this service using light tours and this is my light account. As you can see, just with expire after one it edu's. So this is a natural image classifier, which is used ah, and formatting for best mission classes for a sentence and phrases. Example, begin similar questions, and the service returns key to the best and matching answers or next action for your applications so you can create your borssen like reading custom motor for natural language . Caster for the languages supported English Arabic friends Germans on and the CSE friend is used to be used in terms of training. You have to approach issues to file on, but it will take a time and but after training has been completed, then the course is capable off answering the answers according to emotions, so this can have 10 to 4 characters could green that plaster for you can create up to it Classified with each naturalists class for service. Instance. So I'm going to create and natural language, Cassie, for a service sisters right now. So after opening the service, you will get your credentials, actually, to get a light account for this. I'm in blue mix in this letter. Corn, you'll get six months free cry. So you have this trial account officer in the lighter cones on this site for a popular side cognitive glass A which will give ah, Prasit approximately $300 careers. Or I don't know the word exact on dollar credits. Freak floor carries through this you can use to create ah, light kittel $100 their priority you have you David Pro give you a promo code for I've been cloud and you can came in treason steps is floating here And just write that remote code in your account and that there said so this is all of our hard to have a light account, um, creating long stool and launched two. Well, it is let me open first documentation part, but there will be an mm for the service. It showed that first to create your own custom order you have to kick on this lawn, stewed. Let me show you how you came. Have deck. So it is getting ready. So let me show you the demo off this lantern. Glamis Castle Fire. This is a sample cushions. Click on here. Is it hard outside as the war person, that is. It will be method and classifies 100 person confident that the caution is symmetry is talking about And pressure. Um, no, you will thing that what exactly they're Israel is all about. So to understand more deeply I can show you this rather data trained seals before Mart. Then you will get more. Understand. So that's the issue. File contains a lot of questions. A lot of phrases with Bill. Get angry. How hard is duty? This comes under temperature on another category Is is it Wendy Really green to re order the census for rain. This comes under conditions, Covic or since providing the response according to it at man, check out for this Will David Bill Storm today click on here and ask. It really comes in their conditions. Hope so. No, it comes and yeah, it's comes in the conditions. You can look forward in the same form. It also in this manner to create a custom order for your, um, national classify. Likely click on Create Mortals. Create a custom and unique classifier for your ex examples and classes so it will create your service in your works and studio and in Fortune Studio it will connect. Use this instance with Club Fornari storage. Um, so in this way, how natural and classy fireworks, I think there's a limitation. Therefore, it's not opening right now, So in this way you can use natural language classifier. Andi, this is a CSP file. To which Wharton responding According to it, I hope you understand how this naturalist guides report books. It's just give the answers. And just like in which category these questions comes, you can use this cold. My turn also just a very simple. Just copy this in in place or using him that your use any employees here and the password here and just that's it on the fine, which I heard don't know it from here. Under Sid it food. You have the reserved. So this is all about naturally pacif or if you're more, don't you can check here. So for deLone State kun and make the most martyr 9. Nlu final: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Now, in this part of stories, we're going to discuss another's warts and service. That is natural language. Understanding this. I've been forcing national length understandings. Developers can analyze semantic features off text input, including categories, concepts, emotions, entities and keywords, meditator relations, semantic rules and as well s sentiments. So here you have to prove white, um, our records to the A p a. That your text, your estimates or public Urals and it will get you guys, uh, this into, um, categories, concepts, emotions introduced this all features to analyze, like in categories you can have findable agree hierarchy. And it's like if you give input. Dildo dot CNN dot com In response, it really give news. Are containment movies? TV's news on this site is off CNN, it responds. It shows that this site is mostly come under news art interment with means that this set contains information related to news and if you choose, which is religion, toe art and entertainment. International news sacra. So another for features off this services. That concept, which identify high level concerts that are not necessary, definitely difference in the text. For example, if you give the text national level, Understand, uses natural and processing to analyze text. In this response, it will give linguistic, natural language processing, naturally understanding. Then comes emotions it analyze your emotions committed by specific target phrases or by the document as a whole. You can also anyone emotions, and this is for entities and keep Wohlstetter automatically detected by the disservice like I love Apple, but I hate oranges. In response, it was Get Apple as a Joy one and Ordinance for Anger one. Then comes entities. You can find people's basis events and other types, or introduce mentioning your content. Like, for example, IBM is an American international technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States, with operations in 170 countries. In response, it will give IBM as a company name. I'm old is also location. New York United States has come under again locations. So this has some entities. So this service and give you our list off entities with the giver associated with it? No, the other thing is off. Feature off the service. Is that yours? Here, you can search are reliving givers in your content. Like you, you're just giving ah input our link. Has there been no screen in response? It will give Australian Open tennis. Australia is, um this has some givers through. I've been analyzed that site and they got another thesis are some things which you can phone in this site. Then comes meta data forest animals and you are an important the outer off the weapons of based title in publications. This all things comes under moderator, for example, your arguments, any link in response, it will give this author name the title name and the publication get for them. Then comes relations you can recognize for into entities are related and and indeed the type off relations. For example, that text I'm going to say Take it as input on the normal price and of physics. 1921. Horse order to Albert Einsteins here awarded to relation between known price in physics and Albert I esteem Time off relation between 19 different and awarded the There's some relations which you can find using the service. Then comes semantic rules. You can pass sentence into subject action, object, form and identify entities and give us Jetta subjected or objects off your actions like into 11 forcing computer competing on your party. In response, it will give Ah subject for a sentence like in here. Submitted sports and actually is dead is completed. And the object it is your party again. Then come sentiment. This sentiment will analyze those in sentiment towards specific targeted phrases on the sentiment off the document as a whole, you can also get a sentiment informations or for detective entities and keepers, but enabling the sentiment option for those features. For example, thank you and have a nice day. This shows that it is a positive sentence sentence. So in response and output it will give Boston sentiment with score off zero point. Anyone here score his confidence level at home much worse is confident that this sentence is positive sentiment there. Pointing one is that it is 91% sure that distant is as positive. So this is all about natural language understanding. Um and in this part only I'm going to have practical demonstration off this service where I will pass some text and in return it will give some responses. So for Tello straight you and make the world most martyr 10. Nlu bluemix practical: interference and welcome back knowing this borders free sandwiches because another fortune , sir, with charities force in a natural language. Understanding so big on a I on G look unnatural and understanding, says useful unless extra strike meditator from a country in cities. Concepts into these emotions, relations, sentiments and many more she confined from this service. This the future is for full inside sport, language, sports and support many of the language. Thomas Customization is also the numerous application you came from the service. Like voice off custom, Ellis is generally mining as across. These are plans to create. We can create and wait for world those that was going to create it from village. It is. There's no activity for 20 days. So this is the dash score for natural, and we understanding you will get a possible worse and the user names hear from here. You can add or more credentials. You can change plan from here from life or than toe any other plan. This plan is free and a Puerto any of the fence that bring room standards and many more star there for connections. You can connect it fit any floor for Marie Abs So this means that you can use this worsen service in your any application, which is training on chloroform performing his sister, Please, where you can run any absolute made off your bite on Beach PM anymore. Languages so they can't getting started tutorials. And after opening this to really will get Lord off informations off this force and service I'm not going to discuss everything. I'm just reading this demo thing. This natural language understanding. Okay, So here might afford there's a content related to any California Colorado desert. Um, very big story. I'm not going to read this all. I'm just going to click on unless and see the poor reserve will be If you want to create a custom moral. You came to disruption. I was sure you hold with the world's afterwards. Okay, you can create a customer is enormous story. I had already have this video on this, uh, series. You can look for it for to create a custom order on. Uh, these are some categories. Africa is also is a category. These are some options off natural language understandings. This sentiment, options, emotion, options, givers, entities, categories, concepts and 70 grooves. Okay, so give on negative. It will show that overall sentiment is the literature negative and how much negative. 75% 82 0 my God, that's good. I didn't hear all this stuff, not emotion. The emotion is joy is for dissent. Person anger is 14 discusses 13 Sadness 50 and futurists nine. Okay, thank Lincoln givers. The keyword. The mostly used is days. Worship regular. The desert Liberian Michael boards can break Canyon on and many and many Yes, to there's a different givers home many times there used on the basis of this brand. Mike's Elevens Legal introduce option On this end, job Borough Desert is look like a general for future because it is a desert. Mindful boards is name abortion. Colorado Desert is again a desert showing the geographical feature Our business events person. So don't California's locations Mexico Locations. This was a company This world were sent to the facility and many was a quantity 800 years. 60 years. This comes and naked quantity category. Thank you Conquered agree options. The this higher keep showing here our travel through its paces Decision. Mexican and Home and Garden and Home Fitness Later hierarchy, which is talking in this sentence in this paragraph. Click on concept. The concept identifies that men are directly your friends in this text. It's generally useful. General concepts, whatever deserved 95%. Mainly this by roughly toe colored a reserve concert for Sonoran Desert. 84% all aboard desert and desert desert. And then at last, see okay, 33 homes amending rules in the road color it'll result of California. There lies buried after the ship shared their hundreds of virago by either likings or Spanish exports. Likings. Okay. Ah, this action, this is all good and that it is a subject after 70 rules under day is, uh um, let it go. That involves, as against you see here, action objects subject as a cross. You can see this it on just informal. So for each of thank click on the obstinately congestion if you run this, uh, create a simple Norges for around for it and learn it on one from them, that is a movie looked like this format. You can enter our target emotion if you're going from Utah import so that Watson came between more and give more. If it's him to answer still you going? You autumn option. Let me open this urine. Let me see. What? This year in all a moat. Forbes. Welcome working toe, Neil. I've been works into your debit Kenny dogs his brand for a as a service and the weather company says Okay, so this is a business. Soon it'd content. Let me see for this. Whoreson will analyze from this site. Pick on an and ice restoring order Sentiment 2027% Positive emotions. He was introduced showing the results according to the website Similar just as textures and your worsen same options are of level So this is all about natural language understanding. I hope you understand the service off this force and service Natural language understanding . I had created the customers using no studio. You can look, uh, in the cities so so are didn't know stay tuned and make the world more smarter 11. Ps final: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Now, in this part of stories, I'm going to discuss one off the service off Orson that is personality in Sipes. Actually, this service I've involved in personality Inside Service provides an application programming interface for deriving insights from social media, enterprise data or other district complications. The service uses linguistic analytics to infer individuals increase sick personality characteristics from Mr complications such as emails, text messages, treats and for imports, the service in force from traditionally noises social media for great off individuals that reflect their personality characteristics. It can also return my individuals conceptions references, which indicate their likelihood to prefer various products, services and activities for personal DeCurtis sticks there three important and gravity mortals that is big five needs and values. Big five personality Egotistic represent the most widely used mortar for generally described. How a person engages with the world this morning includes five primary dimensions, any Bullis consciousness, extra motion, emotional range and openness. Each dimension has six festers that further Curtis tries in individual according to their dimensions. No comes needs. It describes which expect off broke border are likely to resonant with the person. The more does include 12 statistics names 1st 1 is excitement, harmony, curiosity, idea, closeness, self expressions, liberty, love, practically, stability, challenge and structures. Then comes values, which describes motivating factors that influence of persons just isn't making that morning . Yours. Five values self presidents, helping others conservation or traditions. Organisms or taking prison life self enhancement or achieving success and open to change or excitement. So this is our three primary models off 1st 19 sites that is Big Five names and values the benefits from the services that through this you can understand your customers at a deeper level by learning their client's preferences, improving customer satisfactions and spending client relations. And you can also improve your client at precision retentions and engagement with highly personalized engagements and interactions to better tailor their products, services, campaign and communications for individuals claims. So this is all about was 90 insights. In my next video, I'm going to have a practical demonstration off the service. So for Dylan Studio and make the world more smarter 12. Pi bluemix practical: other friends and welcome back known disperse Very sanguine Drusus on a divorces or with status personality insides. Click on here section and look for their personality inside option. This service is used for Derry inside from transactional central simulator To identify psychological creates off any persons it will take a later from treats any a means to get it knew that the the quality of person, the behavioral person and you can have a beggar you can visit Read if you know how your customers is the nature off your customer. What if you she likes steel concrete and the personality ancestor is be created. So wait for a while. Um, okay, as I'm using, like plans, I have to delete one off my was not the inside or I can use this vein. There's no need or creating a new but not inserts I had already creator as enlightenment. You can only create only one instance for any services. So this is personality insights. Okay, Click on here getting started material I hear from seeing your credentials using and password from. You can add the credentials extra attention. If you want, you can change plan from light was into premium. If you have books, then you can add Any telephone reacts from here. No. Here on Demel. It is a document issued for where you can have all the extra information regarding the services. This is now the insides. Demo Dashboard. I'm going to use it. Choose anyone off them. Um, this opens a tingle that would choose this. Was it being English? English? Yes. I don't know. I think Spanish for air. Japanese maybe. Is this Korean? I hope so. And in a nice or somebody Take, if not taken, too much pain. Um score you RC or Western dyas, for example. 90% Extortion does not mean persons 90% extra worker. This is a simple compare e. So, like music for this was no deport rate and analyze mint was 101. 15 point. No, it's Yeah, 15,124. It's analyzed the world ConEd off sick for the normal is high. It is very, very strong and illnesses. So there's some reef. As you can see here you have food and article. The fortune is giving a summary on that. The person who was treating the as Najia is our she's may be helpful. Analytical. She's emotionally aware. And seven stir both traditions. Independence to guide a large part of what you do. This is the whole thing about. I think she's good. She's there. Morsi is talking about Oprah. Okay, you're like you to wait and be infused by family. Been making for your purchase. This he likes, like music. See, it does no using predictor for shopping does not like Documenta movies. This was no day. It's ensuring the the behavior customer in Asia customer. So the business people will if they will get this type of information, they can make a lot off from them. They know their persons don't like document room, so they would not make a document. Um, we stable making was like on romance Love a sector she didn't like. Love, Mr Cable. So they even know everything's regarding to this music events. On her beach, the personality sues the five features agreeableness concessions, openings indoors. Next proportions is that some person teach customer leaves, harmony, girl city, stability cell, attrition, closeness, its values you can view. Then it didn't own Justin. Former Dozo. This is a very just in front, so if you perform this, um, service on someone from And if you realize heart treat, then the reason on your common room looked like this very long. Just in resented. So this is all over but snotty inside forcing service. I hope you understand about the service and you can use to check your friends or your your partner was not different through it and then sees upto march for you. Scribble or not, that's it. So for the No, Steph you and make the world most monitor. 13. Stt final: Hello, friends. Welcome back. No. In this part of serous, I'm going to discuss another services of Orson. On that is speech to text service. So yes, this service, you can add spaced as transcription cabinet is under applications. Using this service, you can easily add speech our functionality speech to text functionality into your applications. The service leverages machine intelligence to transcribe the human voice accurately. Um and you do Also, there's automatic transcript description option, which is us. A level in YouTube which easily trance cared the human voice in very accurate form it. This service combines informations about grammars and language structure with knowledge off the competition off the audio signal it continents really turns and proactively objects are transcriptions as more speeches here, the service provides various interfaces that make it suitable for any applications where speeches, the input and extra transcription is the output, for example, like voice control of applications and barrier devices and record s a series or transcribe transcribing your meetings or conference calls or getting an email messages Any access across things like in every jasmine you miss. Maybe seeing or not that insane even their users is dictating is a mail message, and Siri is writing his email toe to his boss. So these are some applications off Dexter speech, um, applications. So, yes. Supports, um, language, just like Brazilian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, Modern, standard, Arabic, Spanish, UK, English. And you get us English. Also, and, uh, the there are rules. Good degrees. All features one is input features and another one is all put features next to discuss first input features, uh, input features on the audio format. You can transcribe org or media, web and audio with AM Vitry with the blue every former. This has an order form in which it supports on, and it can support minimum rate off 16 kill overs audio transmission, which you pass must be 100 MB off. Or do you tow the service and or poor features Like speaker labels, It can recognize different speakers from audio in us, English, Spanish or Japanese, and the giver sporting like If you want to have some giver it, which you want the spot on that audio, you can usually use the service to find them out with where this spoken key word is spoken . That then comes world alternatives. It can request alternative words that are similar to the words are transcript. It also deter mines, were confidence with word time stamps and smart for mating is also doing in this desire. Some features off on a text to speech service off Watson. So in this way, I completed the RV off the service speaks true text In my next video, I'm going to demonstrate our practical association were I'm using this services extra speech. So for general state you and make the boy most matter. 14. Ttsl final: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Now, in this part of stories, I'm going to discuss another stretcher off Larson. That is texture speech. In this video, I'm just going to have over the off the service the true name. You can understand extra speech in this uses, so I fixed Do this service divorce in and in return as our put it will have audio so you can use this service Many, many places, like interface for, um, interfaces for disabled people, like who need assistant tools like for a reason impaired. Then comes. It can be used as reading text email message along to drivers. Reduce script traditions and video voice over home automation solutions and many more things. It has lot off use cases. It supports many language trump, but Brazilian, Portuguese, East English, both US and UK directs French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, a sex crime in both male or female voices for each languages. Yeah, the order for meant they support is that the order, which is produced after input the text form it it will produce or doing or D D as well as Web M very flak MBA, tree mpg informer. Also, the voices you can customize your voices for your, um, uses here when more things That s m l which I'm going to show you the users off this future in practical session This s s M elements speech synthesis, Markab language There's, like, extreme in their lot attacks in this as this family through which you can add affection in your text and Speedos. Oh, break also many things out there than expressiveness like You can also change speaking Stay off your on gender take out book. You can also transform your voice by adding voice transformation elements like which rate Remember what you noises young and soft Many things you can also mark between your Royce customize position Is there there many features and capabilities off this dextrous beach Morrison Services. So I'm going to try out the service in my next radio in my practical session. So 14 low stating and make the world most martyr 15. Visual recog final: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Now, in this partners race, I'm going to have one off the my favorite service of or syntactic visual recognition. This visual recognition service uses deep learning totems, journalist images for scenes, objects, faces and other contents. The response includes keywords de for information about the content, which means that when you boss an image as input to this certain person it return, it will, uh, give the girls off your scenes object and faces, which Morton finds in that image here. And borssen. They're some of level mortars where we can you can use this forces service misery conditions without having any Queenie. They are like gender model in which it includes, uh, fortunes of classes which are very basic one. Therefore, that's why it is the four classifications. Then comes face mortal, which is all about fresh analysis with age and gender. It automatically on the mind that the person in the image is main or female or Biti's each his or her age and expressive mortar, whether in images and prepare for general use or no, like order contained, um, then food mortal, especially for images off food items you can it can easily detect it off for two or three minutes. Contains off food items in section, then next model. It is very simple. You can understand that it extract text from image and his response. It will show that steps to before it on that image. And if you go on to train your service there, too, for following process. Like first, prepare images together image, which you want to analyze that. Analyze your images. You can use the injury capital cities, or you can create your own custom orders, and you can have your insights into Israel content. Or you can prepare to in greater by setting your category by post images as well. The negative amazes. Then train and create new mortar. It lies and given desert. The use cases are visual conditions, more services that you can use in many, many places, like industries like manufacturing. Use images for my infection setting to make sure birds are being positioned correctly or an assembly line, then visual auditing. Look for visual complaints or deter ting in feeder truck, Spain's or windmills or, in the field dream Customs border. To understand what effects looks like an insurance company, you can rapidly process claims by using images to clap. Classify clears into different categories, then social listening use minutes for from the product line are your from your local the track books of Under company on social media, Social commerce Retail. It can take a photo of your favor offered to find stores with those floats in the stock or on stale. You can use this travel image to find agents addition in that area in education. Also, it will create image misapplication, toe advocate about extremities. So this is on the use cases off visually convincing force the service. I hope you understand what all this means in my next video I'm going toe have for demonstration off this service where I will trained works in using images firstly, every together, all images off uh, any item. Then I would convert that set limits because at least you will record an image is to be train off for specific entities. Then when you captured your images, you have to convert that images in toes. The former and then all the folk off this phone collecting images toe convert into the former. Then you have to summit that this former divorce in and then from this sports and get allies. The holding didn't inside that image and the former and then adjectival ableto I didn't defy the images, which she was bright and that what it's all about according to the train one. So this is all about visitor commissions. Morrison service. So 14 long straight you in and make the world most matter. 16. Tone anal final: Hello, friends. Welcome back. Now, in this part of stories, I'm going to discuss another service awards and at the store analyzers. So this dialyzers uses linguistic and sister reject emotional and language tones In written text. The service can analyze donut, both the documents and the sentence level. Also, you can use the service to understand how your return complications are perceived, and then to improve the tone off your complications. Also, business can use the services to learn the thrown off their customers, communications from the feedbacks on to respond appropriately to each customers and to understand and improve their customers. Conversations. You can somebody Justin for also plain text also as permanent food. These are the moments which you can use a use for input for the service, then on the service except upto 1 20 kph or text, which is about fortunes and tents Input time. You can just, um, but intelligent sentences, and this is the diagram you can see there. Process off this stone analyzes service first to you have to submit your content as Justin plain text or estimate which I discuss. Then it will analyze your content and when the office is done it really view adjacent leases off content. Miss, your analysis has been done. Then comes yeah. You use cases off the service there. Lotto's use case off the service like social listening and audience monitoring this service . Monitor social media to understand what customers are saying about your brand in real life time, for example, you might remind that your customers in Chicago A said after the bulls lost or happening during the taste of Chicago festivals there many things, then personalized marketing Notre Mine, whom to target with personalized messaging and vent, for example. A travel company might target happy cause. Consumers with Treat yourself messaging, said consumers with escape messaging and angry consumers with lex messaging. Then comes chat boards. The automated aging to reject us too much stones and crafts, a table responses, then customer engagement, monetary and quality assurance. It also monitors the order gone off agent and customers, cause complications, detected anomalies and also highlights opportunities to train agents on how to better communicate with it. So this air some use cases off the service don't deny service. In my next video, I'm going toe demonstrate how to use this note. I don't like the service. Firstly, I will show you on this. Um, so this and I'm Loomis dashboard, then off rivers. I'm going to have, uh, no genius project on my local computer. It is also great. If you understand how to use this service, then you can easy implement it on your applications. So that will be very fruitful for you yourself s. So this is all about normalizing service so funky, so far didn't know state you and make the world more smarter. 17. Speechto text 1: Hello, friends. And welcome back. Now, in this part of stories, I'm going to risk us. You'd step off forcing service. That is speech to text. So through this name, you understand this uses off. This service is just input. You have to give ah speech a voice then or put in response Every broke provided text for that. It is very useful for and prescription books in futures. You can see these have level languages there. This us, English, UK, English, Japanese, Arabic. What are these? Korean, Spanish, French. This all language to be supportive with the service. And here is a few dots from where you can learn more about this service. So just click on create and the service was created. Yes. No, you can see credentials off this speech or text. Come here. User name and password, which I'm going to use later on and by default chewing my AP a call in place or you the name automatically take taken my user name and in place of possible it automatically take in the past or section here this year of two Priestess file on you will get net material first. Demo This how this service books. They're never going to jump into this service kiss so and then you can use your microphone to record audio. Or you can just upload your pretty quarter or do in this much formers like MP three and BG Bab Flak and Opus only you can only input ones or do for leisure time. So I'm going to check a plumeria. Clark the correct. I'm going to have this place and one thank you very much for coming, Dave. It's good to have you here. Good is my pleasure. Michel. Glad to be with you. How riel is artificial intelligence. The question of how riel is artificial intelligence is a complex watch. I would say, if we define artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine on its own to understand large volumes of data, to reason that data with a purpose, to predict the future and then until we continue to learn and get better. That is happening today. As you can see, this audio is, um, play right now, and through this argue it's just taking this transcription from this or do it also detected different speakers like Speaker Zero Speaker One, and you can also support a keeper from here like you was like IBM admired decison keepers, which were given it the starting point. But through that, uh, this time off, I have read only for one minute, but no givers supported. That was throwing north, sported north. Sported If I will play this for more than 20 more than two or three minutes or Children this full audio, then this some off the keyboards, maybe show like sported on our then wartime. It's alternatives, like so thank you very much. You hear? You can see this for timing that this word is spoken. Average time of period like suis spoken between 0.63 seconds. 0.75 seconds and thank you. This is just like timeline on and yeah, let me applaud one after my audio, - as you can see that know, their horses on capable off taking on the transcription text from this Are you because it is world famous proper? Um, you know, so walks is is also confused. You're not understand what his thing. So this is how this piece of text work You can set your voice mortar from here and give it if you want to sport. You can also under have alternative worlds on the timelines off your word, and you can also protect different speakers from here, he said. The file for Mix this this service support So this is olive or speech to text towards the service. In my next video, I'm going to discuss another services off Arsene or long straight, you in and make the most. 18. Speechto text 2: on your friends and welcome back. No. I'm going to use this a Baycol method to use this works and service piece to text. So But before, as you can see, that my user name and password is urgent. So I'm just going to copy this and use on Copied this and basic on my come on, prompt. And after doing this, the old world will look like that. Okay, so let's start. Just open you. Come on. Prompt on. And God did this one by one, - you will record this file. Audiophile black toe donor. This file this click here on welcome addition. Uh, Link, I don't know the sample order from here, as I have already downloaded. Just open this fight and compare its location and right royally. Just all you. Why their flak? Okay, then come toe here again and copy this last spring. Not here. That interviewed. Yeah. The result showing here, right? No, I had only just showing you here. Let me play this. Or do you? I understand. This thing's touchdown is a line of severe thunderstorms swept through Colorado on Sunday. This is the audio from that modified. This shows that the conference level 0.89 And the transcript which I won't look for it. This hit this. So in this way you can use this service. Oh, I've been Borssen speech to text, the ideal I provided and the in Britain equivalent to the text so state you and made the world more smarter. 19. Tts: Hello, friends and welcome back nine. Despite histories, I'm going to have a practical demonstration off one of the service fortune service that is textual speech. This is my lumens dashboard. Here in this section we will have all the ports and services that course and sustain discovery. But in this reader, I'm going to discuss this service gesture, Speed service. Let's open in new death. Actually, this is a service with synthesizes your national surrounding speech from text, which means it converts a text into speech as I don't in my or view section No this and features like in English, us it they do. Female voices for male voices also present their voice, which you heard placing on. That is your party game. We're Borssen won that game. Then there's one French voice Italian, Spanish, Japanese than English, UK of human boys, German, Spanish, Portuguese on a secret. So if you want to have to learn more about two extra space service didn't go through this dog recommendation off the service. The present section as you can see her selected light plane because it is free where you really care 10 characters per month and this this instant related. If there's no activity for 30 days and other than this light plane, there's two more friends like Standard and Premium, which for that you have to pay for it. That's creating. After in creating your extra speech service, you will get one service credentials and their service credentials. Um, every user name and password do have. The village is as using imposter. Just Lincoln Show engages all the user name and this posture. But before this height, well meant solar started. Let me show you some deposition said on condition we will get all the steps. Villages with this service in here section is doing demo. Yeah, no, As you can see on my screen, there's a fun drop down boxes given from where you can select a lot of options. My report it is selected us English on and, uh, listen is if you made voice for expressive and formidable, this is the effort, but again do while speaking. And other than this, the German, British, English, American, English on then Spanish onda many more Dalian's Japanese is across. You can see Justin per text entered in here. Now I'm going to play. This decided this Texan just reach for that, you have to click on this pick option. Conscious of its spiritual and laurel heritage, the union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality in solidarity. It is based on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. It places the individual at the heart of its activities by establishing the citizenship of the Union and by creating an area of freedom, security and justice. So, exigency, it's just all this text earlier on this text books other than this more option like expressing SS family. This is a similar toe, that estimate because here you get a lot of tax like speak. Check. This isn't starting back for this estimate. Speak, take or pence. Big tech grows. Then there's one express bag. Also then, uh, an express This, um ah, types like uncertainty. Good news on the apology, Miss. This is an expressions, but you can add while reading all this next, it would show you I have been assigned to handle your order Status request. I am sorry to inform you that the items you requested are back ordered. We apologize for the inconvenience. I don't know when those items will become available maybe next week. But we are not sure at this time because we wanting to be a happy customer management has decided to give you a 50% discount, speaking very after their manner. No, there's one more option voice transformation. As this you will get a lot off dance literature voice transmission like ah lotr tensions. You consider 40% people force you want like timber breathes or you can extend your voice. I have number as you can see who on many things is there. And to learn all of all this tack, you can read it on accommodation off the service. So this is all about extra speech service where the certain voices Let's seven languages. Okay, No, Once, um, your ex used this service. There's one more option of level on the bottom of a stream that is download. You can just click on it and it will convert this text and go any for Myrtle Boys like in here discovered ing do on Dpetrie format and after. Don't do this or don't have this voice saying all this text, we'll show you conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity. It is based on the principles of Jamaat, the way you can use this texture speech. If you're gone, I need voice off any language you ever just right on this textbooks and donated from here. You can use it for your abnegation. So this is our Orson extra species demo. So for didn't know step to you and make the world most martyr. 20. Tone analyzer bluemix console: Hi, friends. And welcome back. No! In this part of stories, I'm going to create another portion service That is our own analyzer. This drone has it uses the linguistic analysis to protect three types off tones from complications, emotions shorter and language. Since there's very useful toe Dr Hi M backed complications. Now just open you. I didn't lose dashboard and correctly Sexton. Click on a and then select that don't. And as a service, then you have to click on this. Create Porter. And it would create an instance for breath analyzer. Morrison. I've been worsened. Analyzer! Click Corn here getting started to Korea. You can see you pretentious Lincoln shoe using him on the password in documentation for it . You will get more information regarding this point analyzer. Let me show you general purpose. Damn it for this and customer engagement also. As you can see, this is a tonal lesser demo Dashboard. There lot of troops eyes all reader through which it will analyze on and give insights. We're gonna do it. You can also have your online reviews in main messages. This for reviewing French, Your own Take stricken. Unless this is just toe used to finding with sick analysis to detect joy or fear. Sadness, Anger this tape off emotions through this next, for example, anguish like this street fun according to me, in this truce is a person who is very angry about this phone. Okay, let me see that. What? I'm involved in things about district. Yeah, the document level shoes, the anger 65%. And the fear from Tucson. Percent confidence. Only 2%. You can view this document level in just informally. Also, just click on here and here just is Justin form it There you can see the three tombs which we were here. Anger, fear and confident anger, fear and confident and their confidence score. Okay, then comes sentence level. It will analyze the whole paragraph and sentence ever. This document level is considered taken A general report and this is all about taking each sentence bones. Okay. For a new technically going here. I hate this phone Computer alert. You have to be fortunately to get me to use his phone for anger. Disarrayed high electrical. I hate this new feature. I hate this phone company. Correct. Stupid, useless, stupid waste of money and asset confident this phone is was fun I've ever heard for this intense. The person is confident of ordered or fear. I'm worried. My this one is going to be all hit like my brothers. Dude, here is some Michael Fear then to do so. These are different dorms. You can have each Don't Inspector Alito separates and Tencent's. You can analyze your own interview on soon there, slick on. Analyze that email messages They would be unless, according toa local level and sentence liver. So these are different categories, which you can use two years. Only refused email messages for the review in French, and you can dry your get your own if you want. The other thing. Is there a lesson for customer engagement? It is very useful toe in monitoring customer support. Come with conversations. Okay, so you can detect tones like Frustrated said Satisfied, accepted. You can detect that your end user Is that just fired or not? It He or she is frustrated. So how to deal with them then, if we're stopping were polite bit, so how can you response to the them? This service is very useful if you are going toe, create applications like Chad port. Then this drawing lesson indication will be very helpful. Okay, so here's two options there. When is English and another one is French? You cannot Anyone off them like here my charges nor working This truth is shot and frustrated and response on the agency's tense Rich in gold can give me some more details about it. Decision in polite manner. Okay, then I put my shirt there in my phone last night or charge, and it isn't working, which is ridiculous if senior charts and reported yesterday in polite, sad and frustrated again for light and synthetic um, the U and on the Internet. Dr. Frog, I'm sorry you are having show is charging work tennis, or do you have in this way, this stone as a books and customer engagement? So this is all about unless I hope you understand how the service is useful in your business world and how you can analyze anyone's doing or emotions through their sentence toe there, communication and so on, so forth. Tell no stay tuned and make the world most market 21. Text to speech 2: Now I'm going to try a P. I call, uh, just using gold matter to synthesize the text into or dizzy file former, which is the full form it. You can also try this one. Also, the Children used as a B file format. I'm going to use this one. No, hay, as you can see about therefore, deserter, my user name that does this. And this is my buzzword, As you can see here, Barry for Mr Turn All this stuff. I'm going to copy it this on, uh, really doing my open CMG here? Yes. No, I'm going to. Is that right? Uh, the English, after, you know, is bad. I have to do. I went back one because taking on the ready and same time just north also. So just I'm going to base first line, then space bar, then, uh, this header oven, I'll be It's all put form called B. He's on my last. This cream is your spring. Forbade it. And I just heard the interpreter I was going to convert this hello world next into artwork . Its name is hello world dot org. Okay. We show you as you're gonna see, it is there. Hello, world. Don't or Dizzy. Now I'm going to do use this a bacon and this all team using Norges FBI. For this, you must require Noches and start on your computer. And as you this express Pringle, it is also doing start on the computer. Let me show you how to love this. The first come on which you will require here, is that you get the framework just right. Experts desk then, as you can see here are test for this crucial and say they start Rebecca just here on off earth. Your brew is dog. All the dependencies which is required for this program. Deputies is prosecuted. No, no difference. Does that or send it flowed. More deal here for this confidence and install boards in the cloud. Okay. No, I hear one more for the skating. No more deals. It is taking too much strain. But off their executing off education of this program on someone the Norges file with war sing No Miss Cloud evidence. It will be installed in here, I think. Yes, Addicts is to send packages now. You're right. G is fine for that. Dexter's beach Dawn? Yes, on Uh, yes, No. I'm going to have all goodies related. Project was the after, right? Variable. Next. Well, page. Extra speech was in the one that requires works in the local cloud. Okay, but I had already installed using that ambulance, stove or stone develop a cloud and inside river, it best dextrous beach person touches I'm using and everyone and in this way it will take all the dependencies from here. Then one more thing which requires that express one or they've your grade or a first Could do a choir efforts. No, I've comping my use an imposter from dashboard because they know I required this team. Was he right here? It's just extra speech. Your course, though you extra speech or isn't the one? Now you have to write your user name here and, uh, your boss bird off correcting this growth. This brackets, I went to create a radio which is going to synthesize their text into speech. We're friends. Quote too. Now you have to read the debts which you won't listen to say, based on the deck structure, need is Hello wanted? No. And the voice for your speech. I'm using the Ford Voice that Alison one in this US. I listen voice and you have gone toe going. You're the five former Miss You required that after sentence. Anything used text into speech. I are put file. Um Must be doubly reform. Or can me and vitriol so you can sleep are using MP three. Closed their God reverses on No, I'm going to do my Dustin's in this extraction profile. Next textures beach they traversing the size and a size on a flight in Dubai. A fine name first dot greed. Find scream. That's We're going to create a new foil. I'm going to create our boot dark and bigotry. Yeah, I'm done. No, I'm going to copy this user name from here for business. Andi vested here and using names action and your password on. Uh, do we in here? Yes. Now you have to say this Fine and you have to run. Come on. That is no Dr. You're frightening. Okay? Yes is done. As you can see here and my screen. There's a new file a spirited here that is aqueduct and victory in this manner. You can use this extra speech nb i into your gorgeous project. You can in this video are discussed this whole to use this A b i gold. Andi, Here's one more connection options service. For instance, If you want to create new green shoes, you can just click here and we create a new credentials. You can either provided by using just inform ago. So no, it's been option. Yeah, from here you can change your plan also if you want to change. And here is connection option. So this is all about extra speech. So in my next video, I'm going to discuss other services. Are Parson so for a long stay tuned and make the world more smarter?