Coffee Painting Class for Beginners (Part 1) - Yes, you can paint with coffee!

Brina Brunaughty, Globetrotter - Online Teacher - Creative Mind

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8 Videos (1h 30m)
    • Introduction To This Class

    • Materials (Essentials, Recommendations And More)

    • Golden Rules And Common Beginner Mistakes

    • Lining And Gradient Practice 1 (Assignment 1)

    • Lining And Gradient Practice 2 (Assignment 2-1)

    • Lining And Gradient Practice 3 (Assignment 2-2)

    • Washes And Creative Techniques 1 (Assignment 3-1)

    • Washes And Creative Techniques 2 (Assignment 3-2)


About This Class

Coffee painting is a super easy and fun way of living out your creativity on paper. it's basically like water color painting, with the difference that painting with coffee is a monochromatic art form which means that only one color is involved. Nevertheless, the almost endless arrangement of warm sepia tones that you can create from coffee will give you unlimited options for artworks.

You'll love the unique, almost antique look that painting with coffee creates!!

Even if you've a total beginner and never even held a paint brush in your hand before - this beginners class will provide you with everything you need to know to get started with creating amazing coffee paintings over the course of 2 parts.

Following the motto "learning by doing", we're going to learn step by step all the basics of coffee painting, with easy to follow and understand instructions.

We're going to cover literally EVERYTHING you need to know about coffee painting (in Part 1) so that you'll be able to create your first amazing coffee paintings (in Part 2)!

Course Outline (Part 1):

1. Introduction To This Class
2. Materials (Essentials, Recommendations And More)
3. Golden Rules And Common Beginner Mistakes
4. Lining And Gradient Practice 1 (Assignment 1)
5. Lining And Gradient Practice 2 (Assignment 2-1)
6. Lining And Gradient Practice 3 (Assignment 2-2)
7. Washes And Creative Techniques 1  (Assignment 3-1)
8. Washes And Creative Techniques 2  (Assignment 3-2)





Brina Brunaughty

Globetrotter - Online Teacher - Creative Mind

Hello lovely people,

and thanks for taking the time to look at my profile! :)

I am new to Skillshare and just creating my very first class at the moment which is going to be about a very extraordinary art form: painting with coffee!

And my first class has been published!!! Check it out here!
(This way to my regarding class project!)

If you want to find out more about me as a person, check out the 5 things you should know about me:

- I'm a creative mind and self-taught artist (I started drawing as a teenager, and got addicted to coffee painting just lately..)

- I consider myself a passionate online teacher! I've been teaching my native language German to students from all around the world for 2 years meanwhile. Now I want to try out digital course creation here on Skillshare!

- I'm a globetrotter & digital nomad. I've been on the road since 2012, surrounded the world twice, lived on four different continents and... I'm not planning to change this lifestyle too soon. ;)

- I'm a vegan with heart and soul and a big yoga fan <3 Going vegan totally changed my life!

- You could say I'm a social butterfly (I love to meet new people and form friendships with people from all around the globe!)

If you haven't read enough about me, you can still check out my bio... ;)

A maybe unconventional bio (start reading from the bottom):

2017: A promising year!
- Still teaching online with heart and soul! I love sharing my knowledge and helping people!
- Started my first YouTube channel as well, let's see how this journey goes... ;)
- I'm also thinking about starting to teach here on Skillshare.. That's why I signed up to check it out as a student first (plus: I love learning and trying out new stuff anyway)!! :)

2016: An extraordinary year!
- Big travel year: 5 months and 5 days in 5 South American countries. Mind-blowing!! Went to the US and some countries in Europe as well. Always good times.
- Also, started coffee painting (which turned out to be my latest addiction, check Instagram as well for pics!).

2015: A laid-back year!
- Spent the whole year on the Canaries. Laid back island life style and brainstorming phase.
- The idea to become a digital nomad was born. Why not work online while traveling? I started working as a translator and teaching German online. (I realized how much I enjoy teaching and became very passionate about it.)
- Became vegan and tried out yoga, and started to flourish in my new healthy and peaceful lifestyle. (Being vegan changed everything - for the good!) <3

2014: A phenomenal year!
- I got to guide my own dessert walking tour in Sydney and really loved this high in calory-work experience, haha!
- Later this year, I traveled to Hawaii and is there any batter place to start a romance with the the man of your dreams...?! Check! (And the love story still continues...!) :)
- And most importantly, this year I got my braids done for the very first time. This was a life changer as well! I am passionate about my braid hairstyle till the day and have tried many kinds of colors (from pink over purple to currently rainbow style, haha, check my Instagram to get an idea what I'm talking about!)

2013: A discovery year!
- After being an au pair twice in Perth & Sydney as well as traveling 40.000kms across Australia within 10 months (by car, bus, camper van, train and airplane) and making friends from all over the world, I finished my trip and surrounded the globe for the first time (with stop-overs in New Zealand, the Cook Islands and the USA, all places I had never been to before).
- I then returned to my new favorite country Australia in the end of the year and started to study Tour Guiding in Sydney!  (Another great experience!!)

2012: A life-changing year!!!
- I was still unhappy, so I knew I had to make a change! I decided to do it and travel around the world!!
- I figured out a rough plan, started to save money, booked my around the world-ticket in summer and in October, I finally started my trip around the world - and that's basically where my real story starts.
- My first longer stay after a few days in Hong Kong was Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. (Had the time of my life, for real!)
- This trip turned out to be the best decision of my life! (I haven't stopped exploring the world - and myself - ever since.)

At age 25, I started my PhD studies back in my home country Germany, but I was not happy with my life. I felt drained from all these years of academic learning. While sitting at the desk trying to write my thesis, I often found myself daydreaming about having adventures around the world. A life-time dream started to become a real idea...

... many years later

Around 2000:
As a young teenager, I started drawing which turned out to be one of my biggest talents and passions. (Almost two decades later I'm still in love with arts (or actually more than ever!) and trying out and learning all kinds of artsy stuff.)