Coffee Break Art: Drawing a Doodle | Charlotte DeMolay | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Drawing a Doodle Trailer

    • 2. Doodle Overview

    • 3. Doodle Supplies

    • 4. Doodle Shape

    • 5. Doodle Lines

    • 6. Doodle Spiral

    • 7. Doodle Circles

    • 8. Doodle Grids

    • 9. Doodle Freeform

    • 10. DtD Finish

    • 11. Doodle End


About This Class

Do you love to Doodle? Do you ever look at Doodles for inspiration and get confused by their complexity? Have you tried learning about Doodles and got overwhelmed by all the patterns and names? This class is for you! We will break down Doodling into simple parts that are easy to apply to your own creations.

This class will step doodlers through the basics of creating a black and white art doodle. We will begin with an overview of materials, how to plan the art doodle, basic doodles and the finishing touches.

The class project will be a finished black and white art doodle using the starting skills and 2-3 of the doodles learned. 

Music Credits:
Title: Happy Chances
Artist: Nicolai Heidlas

Title: Wings
Artist: Nicolai Heidlas

This class is designed for the beginning art or doodle enthusiast. No prior experience is required

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