Coding Easy Generative Art With Processing: The Basics

Melissa Wiederrecht, Computer Geek, Artist, Mother of 4

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12 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • What Is Generative Art?

    • What Is Processing?

    • If You've Never Written Code Before

    • Basic Functions

    • setup() And draw()

    • Randomness

    • Vary Size by Location

    • If Statements

    • Random Walk

    • Export A Still Image

    • Your Project


About This Class


This is a class for people who have never coded before (or have very little) and want to explore the possibilities of generating art with code. You will learn how easy and quick it is to create beautiful generative designs in code using a language called Processing.

If you can type, you can code beautiful images!  Learn the basic building blocks of code and how to apply them to generative art in this class.  We will discuss the following (and much more):

  • What is generative art?
  • What is Processing?  How do I get it and use it?
  • What are the basic building blocks of sketches and animations in Processing?
  • What are some basic functions?
  • How do I use randomness?
  • How do you code a random walk?

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It's a very simply taught and a very enjoying class. I would really recommend if you are searching a bit of creativity with coding
Nur İrem Edinç

Newbie Designer

very cool, thanks for teaching us the basics of the language in very friendly and approachable way, cheers!
A very informative class that demonstrates how easy it is to create generative art with some easy to learn code.
Chris Heath

Writer | Designer | Illustrator





Melissa Wiederrecht

Computer Geek, Artist, Mother of 4

Hey, everybody! My name is Melissa Wiederrecht. I am a computer geek, artist (especially generative artist), homeschooling mother of 4, and now... a Skillshare teacher!!!

I am super excited to have launched my first class on "Coding Easy Generative Art With Processing: The Basics"! It is aimed at people who are brand new to coding and want to experiment with the awesomeness that can come from some really simple code.

I will be making many more classes on generati...

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