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Codeigniter google maps geolocation integration

Ahmed Fakhr, knowledge is nothing without sharing

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    • Codeigniter google maps geolocation integration


About This Class

What You Will Learn In This Tutorial ?

  1. Find Your Location with Geolocation API 
  2. Integrate Geolocation with Google Map To Display Your Location On Google Map 
  3. Store get coordinates from google maps  in database Mysql
  4. Find Nearest Locations to Your Location With Mysql 
  5. Display locations dynamically with google markers 
  6. Draw circle around all markers
  7. Use info window dynamically to display users information 
  8. Pick up latitude and longitude from markers and Geolocation to input form or ajax request 
  9. -Integrate all these features with codeigniter





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Ahmed Fakhr

knowledge is nothing without sharing

My name is Fakhr. 29 years old, owner of WEBEASYSTEP academy ,currently working as PHP MYSQL developer and web instructor but i worked also with java and android

I worked as developer many years ago , before that I studied networking , Web security also I am interesting in other programing languages ,but my best favorite Hobby is to deliver information to people In the simplest way possible.

At the beginning of my life i ran into learning problems because of the difficulty to de...

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