Code a Personal Splash Page in Ruby on Rails, HTML & CSS in Under 30 mins | Neil Patel | Skillshare

Code a Personal Splash Page in Ruby on Rails, HTML & CSS in Under 30 mins

Neil Patel, Podcaster & Self-Taught Coder.

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11 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. What you will learn and build

    • 2. Create a new rails application

    • 3. Generating a Page in Ruby on Rails

    • 4. What does Rails generate controller actually do?

    • 5. Add Some Interesting Text About You!

    • 6. Lets Add Social Media Icons

    • 7. Lets Create a Home Page

    • 8. Add Bootstrap - front end framework

    • 9. Add & Style Container

    • 10. Add Full Size Background

    • 11. Installing Google Fonts & adding the finishing touches


About This Class

Hello & welcome everyone my name is Neil Patel & I am super excited! that you’ve signed up for this course, today we are going to learn how to code a personal splash page in under 30 mins using Ruby on Rails , HTML and CSS.

If you're just looking for a simple way to unify all your online profiles, these personal splash pages are a perfect fit. Not everyone has the time to build a fully fledged website

What you will learn

We'll start off with the basics such as creating a Ruby on rails page and opening your first HTML document / full size background , adding social media icons, opacity , rounded containers  , Google fonts , containers.

Who’s it for?

  • Learning to Code
  • Want to attend a hackathon
  • Looking to build a side project
  • Want to unify all your online profiles
  • Want to tell the world how awesome you are in 2015

The course is divided into easy to understand sections

Course Overview

1. Create Your Page

2. Add Social Media Icons

3. Creating a root

4. Add Bootstrap

5. Adding the Container

6. Styling the Container

7. Add Full Page Background

8. Add Google Fonts

At the end of the class , it will give you the ABILITY to create your own personal splash page on your own quickly and easier than before. Show the world how amazing YOU ARE!

You don’t have to be a hardcore software developer or technical wiz to complete this course

P.S - “Learning is not a spectator sport.” ~D. Blocher

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