Code Isn't as Scary as Zombies: HTML and CSS for Writers, Editors, and Beginners | John Rhea | Skillshare
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Code Isn't as Scary as Zombies: HTML and CSS for Writers, Editors, and Beginners

John Rhea, Web Designer/Developer/Storyteller

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13 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction

    • Your Zombie Fighting Tools

    • Why Zombies Hate HTML

    • Zombie Blocks of Content - Part 1

    • Zombie Blocks of Content - Part 2

    • Listing the Undead's Weaknesses

    • A Picture's Worth a Thousand Moans

    • Dressing Zombies in Cascading Style Sheets

    • Fonting it up with Zombies

    • Boxing the Undead: The CSS Box Model

    • Punching Code from Word in its Zombie Face

    • Pulling Out the “Brains”: Pull Quotes

    • Thanks for the Memories


About This Class

Knowing how to swing a baseball bat can help you survive the zombie apocalypse even if you aren't a professional player. In the same way, knowing how to swing a little HTML and CSS can help you survive that latest blog post or web article even if you'd consider yourself “technically challenged.” And maybe you already know this. You see the zombie horde on the horizon and know you'll need to understand some code, but every book you try is boring, frustrating, or down right scary.

Fear not. This course will give you an introduction to HTML and CSS so you can understand what they do, how they work, and recognize some basic code you'd see any day of the week. Then we'll pull out the baseball bats and start smacking down some zombie problems you've struggled with before like the gobbledygook Microsoft Word pukes onto your page, how to align photos independently, and more.

By the end of this session you'll have knocked the snot out of your coding fears and be armed with practical skills you can take to the bank (or wherever you store your money after the apocalypse).

Required software: You only need a plain text editor and a browser, but I’ll also point you to a few free tools that can make your life easier.





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John Rhea

Web Designer/Developer/Storyteller

John is a storyteller with design and development skills. By day he designs and builds websites and mobile apps, by night he spins sci-fi stories at StoryLab ( and counts his words carefully at He's a pineapple in disguise and tries to make learning web development fun by helping you kill zombies He's been lucky enough to collect a wife and five kids along with six cats, four dogs, and a small ...

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