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Cockerel. A Free-Flow Watercolour Masterclass with Jane Davies

Jane Davies, Artist and Teacher

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9 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. First Layer

    • 4. Second Layer

    • 5. Tail Feathers

    • 6. Strengthening the Head

    • 7. Adding the Eye

    • 8. Finishing Off

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Let me show you how to paint this fabulous cockerel in a simple loose, flowing wet on wet technique 

The cockerel will help build up your knowledge and confidence on how to use my loose, simple free-flowing techniques on wet watercolour paper

If you’re just starting your watercolour journey and haven’t done my beginner classes, I’d suggest taking a look at those first

If you’re feeling confident and are already familiar with some of my techniques then this will be a great class for you!


I will show you:

  • How to tilt the paper and allow the paint to run
  • How to section areas off and soften them
  • How to be bold with a few brush strokes to achieve his tail feathers 
  • How to paint two layers/washes using different colours 
  • How to paint a simple eye

You will be painting the fabulous cockerel and be amazed and inspired to add these simple techniques into your future artwork with confidence

Past Reviews

"That’s the shortest and best class on Skillshare"

“Jane has immediately become my favourite SkillShare teacher! Her unique style and explanations of how and why are fantastic! Thank you, Jane! ”

"A very enjoyable way to begin to learn the fun and skill of watercolour"

“Thank you sooooo much! I've been waiting for your class to start. I'm thrilled. Love you’re easy to follow style. As a beginner, it means a lot to me to be able to follow the lesson well. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Hello Jane, I viewed your lessons fully and will rewatch and paint. I see where wet in wet can be an enhanced feature for illustration. Listening with my headphones and the chirping bird in the background was a lovely feature :). I have a Samsung tablet and the resolution and sound is really beautiful for your lessons.”

"This class exceeded my expectations! Wow, congratulations Jane!! Just watching this through... I just LOVE trees, they are my enduring love, so I may take some time out from surface pattern designing to just relax and watch the paint flow where it wants! Love DS watercolours too, so I'll have a rummage about, see if I have some granulating ones too. Thank You! Lovely bright, cheery class :O)

"I already adore Jane's work and this class couldn't be different. She has magical hands to bring beautiful images to life in watercolour, and this beginner's exercise is a great way to get rid of our fear to work with this medium. I had so much joy, it was relaxing and I got confident of using paint on wet without that feeling that "I'm gonna ruin everything."

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1. Introduction: welcome to this intermediate order kind of class where we be painting this wonderful cock. Now you might be looking at him and thinking he looks a bit tricky, but as with the other, classes are going to breaking down into a few easy to follow steps. If you're just starting out your color journey and are familiar with, some of my techniques are suggest going back and looking at my beginning classes. Im Jane Davis. I live paint teach. I walk my lovely spaniel in the beautiful South Downs National Park, England. Over the last 10 years, I've talked myself. The watercolor techniques that you see today not having been to art school. Finding my own way has been fun, that sometimes daunting but allowed me to develop my own style. This has led me to teaching others either on a 1 to 1 basis or as part of a group in a wonderful studio in the heart of the South Downs. I also run a successful commissioner based business painting, pet pore Traits and wildlife art in my own home studio. In all my classes, you will follow along in real time what I congratulate you to keep your work loose and fresh without over fussing. I'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way, too. I have provided you with a template for the Kokorin. The resource is pages if you are feeling confident enough to draw him out, as I want you to enjoy the painting and not worry about adoring. So in this class we will be using a simple technique of tilting the paper to allow the paints to run. This will give you some wonderful effects of movement and rattle feathers. To achieve more details, we will be sectioning off his crest and wattles and layering different colors on top of one Another will be dragging color out of a line of heavy apply paint with a lovely wet brush to create his tail feathers. We'll be adding another layer or wash, incorporating different colors. Your cocoa gains from great depth on interests of color also show you some tips and tricks to painting a very simple I. This will bring your lovely cup quarter life. If you'd like to learn more about me all my work, please pop over to my website. Jane Davis watercolors dot co dot UK This could be found on my profile, along with links to my instagram Facebook pages. I'm very active on my social media pages. I love sharing my art, especially on stories with many ideas, work in progress and tells the story of your life. I really hope you will share all your paintings on the project. Page is as I love seeing your masterpieces and don't forget, I'm here to help. If you get stuck or have any questions, I want you to experience that buzz of painting in its liberating, wet on wet, loose style. So come and join me. 2. Materials: So he's a lovely cock or bickered again to be painting today. He's rather splendid. Disney him. So I'm gonna run through the materials you're going to be needing today, and I'll give you a little guide on on a selection that you might want to choose if you haven't got a with these, because I have got seven paint. So I got quite a few here today. Eso there will. Daniel Smith has No, I've got the Aussie red gold. I've got lunar Earth, and that's a knife granulated color. And if you have, if you have some granulated ones, I would suggest including those because it gives you a lovely sort of texture when we run that paint down. We also got a period genuine Jane's Gray. I'm fortunate. Not my James going home. Blood stone, genuine loon. Earth period. Scarlett on. I've got just a little bit of white gouache. Um, so I would choose I would go for a raid if you have a red, because that's lovely for the red cone. I would have a brown if you got any sort of brown on orange is quite nice. That's a nice, nice warm color. Oy or yellow, and the rest is up to you. Really? I would go some think that's quite strong. It could be black. Could be blue green. The colors are colors were up to you Really? On the best of it. So I show house to see what you pick to be fun, and I would be a go for a little bit of selection. Seven. Probably quite a nice amount today because we're gonna build up different colors did on different layers. So my paper is blocking for £200. Not, um I have my little paperweight, which I'm just gonna pop underneath my piece of work. Just give me a little bit of tilt. So anything that's about an inch, I will be perfect. I got a little mount, um, that, say 10 by 10 with a seven by seven aperture. It's not necessary. It's just nice when you come to mount a piece. Um, the extent saw which can be found in the resource these pages on pencil. I have three brushes today, so I have my little rigor that you can just choose any small little. But you have but a little cheese which is quite hand, it just takes out these small areas around the eye on. And I have a slight 10 obviously a pot of water, kitchen roll of paper towel, little party rubber on. I would grab yourself a hairdo if you have one, because it's quite handy in between layers. Office. You can let that dry naturally, but it's if you want to. If you're like me and you're eager to get on, then being up to Wizz ahead, driver over. He's quite handy. Have I mentioned everything I think I have? So I think we should get in paint this, Mr Kaku. 3. First Layer: Okay, so I've just drawn my cock. Call out so you don't have to watch me go Randy sent. So just a few little I think is actually probably should mention is if you are actually doing a seven by seven aperture, he's Telfair. That does actually stick out. So don't panic that thinking. The court quote fit. And the other thing is, when you have to draw around the sense of these, he's crest gets a little bit blunted, deservedly draw around. So it's worth just tweaking your your drawing before you start painting and the same with his beak. Just make sure that starts a sharp on the end part from that he's ready to be painted. So what we're gonna do get video giving me a pencil and pick up your big brush Lonely up with rocks out of the water, wetting down. Everything is going to be wet apart from this tale. So if you shoot a public Dorner a line that you can see So we're gonna wait all down outside that little box line if you, for you junior a mountain right up What? We die. These little water and kept with the big because again, my big brush is probably a bit too big toe get right to the end of the week. So I pick up my legal bush. It's a bit of paint on the end of it puts that you got handy certain I could see well wet stuff there, up the top players. Well, see, you just get as nice. Um, they're funny. Funny, old shape, see, so that it's nice to get the mean no having to to round it off. So it may take a bit of time getting those nights on weight and white up to the ages. Who's always your paint. We'll find where you went your paper. That's why you need to say quite Kathleen's idea lines. So I'm not always very good at Okay. Back to the big brush, Danny. 40. Make sure it's lovely and wet, so you can double your head up and down to make sure we haven't missed any bits. Sure, it's nice. And stopping on Wet really do want nothing wet. Good to do. Good morning, love heart. My husband is about it. Put back in. Child's just gonna go underneath there, and that's gonna give my paper nice tilt. A few people have mentioned that they can't get there Paint to move very much or there. You know, when we're doing these washes. So it's either you haven't got your your piece of paper Enough tilt. You're not applying enough paint or you're not in apply enough water, so I have a go. Those If you find hell you're finding it's not moving very much video. You'd be surprised how much, Um, how much paint you need? Actually, how much more do you need? A good old tilt. So I'm doing my big brush. I'm just having just letting the color run its love, isn't it? Try not to interfere too much, which it let it run. Add more water if you If it's sticking and not moving, just add more water I'm going to do. You just gonna grab medical brush and just push up to those edges? Oh, it is up to the top of his Quist gives a Crist with the chicken fences out there. Let me know if I'm saying that Well, just people so shapes and take a while. All this is loving, wet, taking times, no hurry. You always re wet so it starts drawing in any area. Just really let it load your brush up. Put more water on one on this. Actually on. What I might do is just run this off the table. It's all gonna one. Sometimes it is bobbling here it stops running because it can't go any further. So sometimes it is worth just running that off your engine and your papers with it runs off . We're going to do to keep applauding some paint. It's just number one last. I don't Don't worry too much. You just want to make sure poppies His quest is nice and red and so sees Water'll. I would go with him. All the red gold here now pop a little bit When he's he's Nick. I'm just getting this that that one down Just lovely. What shape? One loving what a couple of you know Earth. This is a really nice granulated color. So the granulated has pigments in it a little. And that will give you a nice little textured look Greeny. Look, this is the first last. I don't Don't worry. He's not covering everything. It doesn't matter. I want a nice just some unusual shapes you think that looks a bit scrap? It's strange. I mean, it's thing is what's so fun about the Cockerel is it could be be anything, any color, be interested to see what colors you've picked. I think he's almost actually Don't for his first laugh. I want to make sure a little bit something here. So just being very gentle anymore water, it's really saturated this big paper, and you can It is not tilted enough. Give a little bit more to and you can. It's quite funny, says that lovely brush up of water will really drenches brush and just drop what we do. But the trees, if he did the trick trees class on this, like that one give you a nice bit of but her light Is this. What you after anything that just give you a bit of interest, Really? Just see, on the end of, um, Big has just paddling, so I'm just gonna touches it quite dry brush and touch the end and sucks on out. I just don't want it running office big. I think that's that's done for the first time. It's what I'm going to do once it's lovely. Well, once it's beginning to joy, I'm going to use a hair dryer over it, so we cannot continue on. But you can let it dry naturally, and sometimes that's the best process, really, that you don't lose any of these sort of nice marks. It's a it's the risk with hair drawing. If you do it too soon, you can actually blow blow them around. It becomes a bit monotone, so I should be patient and wait and draw him off. 4. Second Layer: Okay, so he's nice and dry from his little hair hair drawing session. So what we're gonna do is do the second layer, and we're gonna do exactly the same. It's going to be a weighted down apartment, so I'm gonna prop it a slight boys again, and we're going to or a paint. So I grabbed a big bush and what him all down I didn't actually mention probably when I sketched him out. Is you don't want to do If you have watched this before, you start painting him. Try and keep the pencil marks quite light when you draw him out. You don't really want to see. See your pencil marked in the final piece. The dark addition. You can see we're headed. So just grabbing medical brush again like it did before gonna put down his beak. Did the white up talk there? I'm gonna go way down. Cody again did the way you're gonna have to look at your your piece and see where you where you need to keep where you want things a little bit stronger, but we're gonna be adding other colors on top of this so that we should get a lovely strong wash on this one. Do you think you're looking yours? Anything? Not be. That should have been a bit bolder than people. You've had more paint. We'll even squeeze him paint right out of the tubes, actually onto the paper. Then you make sure you do get enough paint and just sucking up some of this water is happening. Quite. We call piece of kitchen. Okay, so we just say repeating the process, okay? Bearing is slightly mind and might be said light coming from here. So I'm just going to work on his quest just in this part. So I'm just replying a nice, heavy bit of right the I want to do too much red on these body, actually. Later, on top of it, down to pick up some of the red gold, put a bit of gold up here, pushed him up to here up there. He's little Christs, if you want. I want I want this area just to be slightly pink. So when we come to the next layer over his head of what he got a nice existing color on today, so I'm just gonna just pull up some that color. Actually from here and make sure that size in red. But you pick up my big brush and this is where the fun starts. So what I am going to do she squeezed a little bit on the just get it from a brush media squeeze billet aluminum roof there because that's a lot bigger in your 18 color who were going to stop spreading around soon as you apply it. FEMA brush off, loaded up of water and just just touch. Let it one. I'm sort of bearing in mind. There's a line where this water bottle is. It doesn't matter. It will run into what about not no activity going to put color into it, Just encourage it if it's not moving. Considers to keep adding water and see the case. It is not moving. It's not necessarily the paper. It's usually just the case. You have got enough water or enough paint people, in theory, they could allow. Keep washing off that. Don't don't worry about how much paint you're adding long visits. This is long as it stays lovely and wet. He won't ruin it. I'm gonna start adding having a few different colors here, so I've got lunar Earth it. And as I say, I'm very mind that what always underneath there quite liked Justin Strip underneath that bottle because we got a tilt. He's not going to go up puppies. Water really is going to keep running down so you can, you can imagine it's roughly there. Paper slaughter warping him Well, I started working working on some stretch paper. We'll go over that together at some point, but of the moment it's contested a little bit. Picked up some blood, stated Iranian genuine. Obviously, you've all probably got different colors in the at this stage. There just go ve got feeding, which ever you think. Sometimes you just have to trust your instinct and just people can over you. Yes, if you if you put a lumber color down a little, no, that's too much. It can be washed off. You could just show I could almost wash. I've just applied there right off. That's just adding lots of water that's running. So I almost lost that really showing Color said. Don't worry, but what water in their line, What we put down in the first day You see how that's almost disappears just playing back on my ankle apart again. Who can tell according to get some color down here? Just gonna pick that genuine on Poppy. Butchering the names of Sorry Daniels with all in the resource is, if you want to take spending of it back under the water again, just dip it in colors and try to get something that looks nice as they try to. You know, I like to stand, so I'm not staring at it too much too closely, sir. It's all done holding the brush at the end, just watching with colors. Move around. I put some lunar earth that's got some north green in again to put a little bit up there. We can encourage some of that. I mean, the top will start to dry sooner than down here just because it's on a Grady int. So it's worth sometimes and making sure you employ the pain to the top, leading it off, see, let it run down. But and getting that bit done. First, you'll find it's a start drawing before down here, what makes it What was he Gold. Just to be really don't mean Golden Warren into that mix, and you get to stay, Do you think? I think I probably don't Enough. Then stop. Don't Don't keep over fiddling you. We won't do another labour. You could do another layer over that. You could do exactly what we did on the first or second in a ploy. Apply again. And that's how I built up my pick portrait. Say generally have about five or six layers and I will just do we're doing here. What? We won't do 1/3 late today. Just it's so the time factor more than anything, but it's not necessary. If you're bold enough, you don't need to before they starts to dry. Especially the top. We need toe really kept some of these some of the feathers. This is getting a little bit to me just because my papers started to walk. But I'm getting a little too long. Any down this side suck up a little bit of color here. I just don't want it to be too too strong down both sides of him. It's better. Okay, so I'm gonna pick up my brush. I just wanna make sure it's damp and then to Flix, I'm starting somewhere about here. I'm just flicking. Keep everything loose, keep a hold up at the end. Keep everything cause Lucien's you can you? The movement in your hand will give it a largely sort of free flow sort of flaky look. So if you're very rigid, the flicks will look very rigid in office, natural and free. So when you when the Mr they say I don't either I love up here, but yeah, that good humored just just want rid of some of that painting there. You're probably you got and I stretched piece of paper and you'll probably want or heavy of these paper bit heavier. You won't get this more. I think that's looking quite good. He's got some good, strong colors going on here, and you'll get to a tricky stage where this is. If I bought with my head, I can see this is nothing to draw. I know if you're I start working into here, it can cause all sorts of problems, and you'll get somewhere nasty sort of markings and stuff, so just check, especially if it you're for warm. I'm really warm in this geo today, so it's it's drawing quite quickly, just sucking up but out of his bill cause it's going to be running down because you're full . So I pulled. We need to leave it here before I ruin any anymore. But I could see I've got a nice, nice all the strength here can. Actually, I didn't mention what we're doing. These tricks, you can use a fingernail as well, like a little loopy did with the trees so you can use that. And that will actually leave a mark when you a piece of paper, better go to. You don't want too many of these scratches because it could look a little bit. You know, you've tried to drop something out to just go to do a couple that Will these marshall be left when it dries? So we need her. Let him dry again before we go on to the next stage. So it will give a blast of hair dryer or again leave him to dry Naturally, 5. Tail Feathers: Okay, so he's lovely and dry. So what we're going to do is there his lovely tail feather. So my big brush, I'm gonna pick up my James Gray or whichever color you chosen as a darker color for his tail. What we got? I d squeeze a really lovely amount Gonna run it down down base here to be really bold causes. This pain has got a lot of retail, so we're going to do to really big, bold sweeps, so make sure you have plenty of paint just putting it up right up against his his body. So if you could see that's really quite thick there, you managed to change the water. This time, Um, it's worth keep you organized and clean, and it will take the paper. If you get a really dirty, dirty water your you'll find your the painting. What won't be quite as crispiness? Nice clean as you like, so keep it nice and clean, so that's quite loaded up with water. I'm just gonna take a little bit of excess moisture off, and it is a quite bold mark. So I was trying to stand even just practice that movement you want it nice and we have this nice and loose hold on movies. Favors aren't Scoot off touching, Always lovey paint. Put it out. All these lovely little bits of marks that Mr Worry this. It's gonna give you a lovely look like it. It's just going round and you won't get to hear in stalking a little bit more flaky, just just what really quickly. It's a bit scary that's left me. Yes, nice bold marks. Just round off some of the edges if you want, if you know, seem like going to disappear behind the mount. But if you're not mounting yours, you can just go back in. And that's lovely on you can do your finger now gives squeaking some of that brightness in the it gives you colonize effect. Don't get too carried away with this. That is your tail feathers on what you want to do just to blame this Internet of it, We're just going toe touch them. You could have we could have applied this just while this was starting to go off. It's a lot of things to think off, So this is why I roomed. I'm just gonna just gently blend that out. Hopefully one isn't moving very much, but should start to move in a little bit. Some of that. It's like that. You don't see the joint, particularly she tail feathers. Just don't like that. Just keep keep lending out. You shouldn't see any marks, okay? Just just see pickling for paints it in that I'm just gonna just use that out a little bit into the because I could attach to the body love and sticking on the outside of it. It's better. Just at I still see that join there. So I'm actually picking up a little bit of paint. Just touching that carefully. If this is still damp here, doesn't always available a soft rich. I just told you up a little bit. It's gonna want a little bit of Quote him. Okay. I think boy over Feel that. Believe it, you can either give. It is a radically dry, So we're not, you know, like to put a hand on it, cause that was the weather. Her big thing of mine was putting my hand on things moving around before, you know, it's much too. We thing. So I would give this a dry first, and then we'll move on to the his head area 6. Strengthening the Head: Okay, so I've dried that off, so I'm not gonna stick my head in it. What we're going to do we're going to do is head area just to stripping up around the around the eyes here and stripped the bed a little bit. And where do the I? So what we need to do is the witness every day and what we're going to do as you miss the I , we're gonna go around that I down over the water. Probably wet again, getting bigger Bush down. What money? For one of the Vignal HINA. We're going to pick up a little bit of, um, payment chain you in a little bit of blood stone genuine here that I'm just gonna strip upon the head on the individual. That is gonna be the slightly darker area. Lovely and wet. Now you start to build up the layers. It doesn't well, the paint oven shift as much. So you find you you stopped. We're working on third lay here now. And you see the paperwork moves much too. Definitely gain control. Just just having just very generally don't know here. Still holding my brush right in the end. Still standing you can't see me and put a little bit up here on Tories. Crist. Just a couple of it's a little on all of them. Try and keep things is rendered. Michigan, it's I was down for a minute. It was you that gold used to be nice and golden this end Lovely color this if you haven't got it in your repertoire of paints on whatever commended shoot when I use on pet portrait Sadly, but it's a what? A lovely kind of late to play with it a little bit Just don't need that only speeded Ready I think Now I'm gonna put a little bit of red No more working flat So I should have mentioned that Haven't got tilt now, please that tend to only have tilt at the beginning of paintings and and you start to build up to detail. You needed front. It was a little bit. Got a little bit too much Loon Earth up here. I think they do big brush again. Can we do some of that? Stroke it away better. These little got a little bit red. It's gonna clean some of the other things we do some of that right. We just have to look away at your own pieces that yours was going to be a lot different. The mind with lots of different reasons. Just have a have a local I'll put up. Um, put the picture of him in the references so you can have a look at him. He's got handy to look at, just giving a little bit. Strength here went down in tech, but some genuine. It's so warm in the studio today, Really stay affixing, being in to join me, just displacing the top, just watching, or just the case of watching and looking and seeing where you where you think you need adding water to soften its You never have too much water, in my opinion, Keeps everything lovely and soft. You just It's starting to bubble so you can just lift the bubble up. You've got too much water sitting there, but if you're working working lots of water, it's it's nice. Kids keeps itself suck. Stuff are pretty needy. It will make sure good work every day. I so it over tight around its allies just gonna do a little bit like we did with the with the folks a little bit underneath here. Don't give him. He's a little bit of make up. Some seem certain to come to life. You know, A little bit of talk of this, I think. Come on. According a bill on the beak isn't in the bill, Actually. Nice. Nice point in there as well. Was your gold in here in that? It's better you can take color out like we did with the panda. Take a little bit of college down here. Can you be written on? Atoned for me. Just just big Bush. Little brush down to scrub just with just gently. Just a little bit. You talk if you can. Just imagine where the lights coming from. Just a little bit of give and take. Just reflection of the time. I think I'm almost there. Think he's looking quite quite good. Actually. Got please, how his Tony up. Just take a little bit more on that field as well. Heavy. That's a nice dry brushing and cleaning off. Dried it off me to be out of my hand. These things automatically remember what happened to watch it. I think he's looking good, so we need that to dry ready and then we can We can get on with their I but it needs toe. Need to be nice and drive. We start the I now the eye color will just bleed outwards and you end up with lots of Messer. Wait for him to give him a Either bastard head rises a or just give him a Just wait a minute. Let them dry it naturally. 7. Adding the Eye: okay on with Eoin now. So we're gonna do is grab beautiful brush and you want to weight it down What you're for We find you get a big bubble of water and that's absolutely fine once you got the bubble or do you always wonder in suck it back up because the Peyton just sit on top of it? You know that you want a ah baba. We want a nice and wet but not a bubble on. I picked up balloon Earth being mixing in here proper building said Luna. Earth was your gold Know if you got a green, that's the idea. What shakes on? Just wanting a green, really greeny color she mixing in the I'm just going to a little swollen and green I now a worthy I It It's a bit of a case of popping leaving, so that little bit needs to dry now before we can hurt people. So that's my lovely I nice to drive to begin a proper people in. I've picked up noona blue, but anything any dark color doesn't doesn't matter. He just needs to be dark. We're gonna put just a pupil in just a You always work. If you put a little dots in and then you can work out words you can contact gauge. Where you going with a bit more. So just gently workout. You think you got something you like in stop. Just take your time, little Bush. No, absolutely no heart at this stage, Nothing. Nothing usedto we can think to drawing on so often Everything's just paintings. I think this Look away. Look away from it. Step back the tiniest tires, little gesture. And then we take a bit of time to get right. So I'm going to leave it there for a minute on going toe. I'm going to try and get this little crown line out my job. Russian when it's not using that, wet it down on a night. Chito, she's late. We're going to scrub a little way, just like we did with the panda boys. Just taking it frowned. Putting a friend you don't have to put found. You could have a nice round I And don't put this on the over the top of the ninth round. I have ever I quite like that. Look, to start that, we're gonna go actually underneath as well very similar to the Pendrick, just gently since his tiny movements he just finishing off. All start quite wild and lots of paper, lots of painting, lots of water. And then at the end, he just need to be a little bit just quiet down. A bit more careful has been. I think that's that's good looking right. Hopefully, the people just about to dry. Just try to make sure that people is dry. Then we can take a tiny little bit of color outside. Got my little tiny brush ongoing a stroke. Come in a bit of a night out. This just reeks. Removing the color just just very gently. No, Chloe, It seemed quite good at she. We're going to do just waiting toe. Make sure that people is really nice and drawing. And we put a little bit of, um, catch lighting it to take a little bit. A little of that, I told him so. Yours different mindset. Tricky. Tricky about the going to be loved. To help save it is well, they say, is the always take a little bit of time, and it's sometimes it's say the tires tweaks. Just get nail it for you. Let's enjoy it. Have been to Tony a little bit of white Grecian. Tell me a little bit on the end, then We're just gonna tiny to a doctor. That's your only done, really? 8. Finishing Off: So we're just going to finish up a few little bits and PT's and we're going to tidy that fill up a little bit as well. So I've picked up my chisel brush. I just want her to don't want to remove a little bit of light at the top here. Just scrubbing just over the top A little bit out. I have yours. Maybe he was maybe light. He may have a look enough. It's just a little bit of shaping. It was like sculpting of the stage. None of this is wet. I put my mind to brush up You little bit of blood stone Genuine better. Just a little dark all year to me. Pretty much be little. Gonna feel so with this Takes a just a little bit of tinkering brush that he almost their duties take They have a that year. He and they have a little light area just here. So I'm just gonna scrub out, pick up my little jewel brushes going on a scrub brush. Take that may be to come about. This is just a finishing touches now, So you have to look at your own piece to see you're where you think you might need a debt? Now? I person I've loved lost some of this heaviness I'd like over his crescent. I'm gonna do, actually is re went this crest down. So this is just on my piece. Your piece may be absolutely fine, but I just show you how Oh, how I would gain that little bit of heaviness over there. Just because you wait an area down doesn't mean to say you have to work you over or will you just keep everything lovely and soft, but wouldn't allow me to work in a certain area, a small brush. So I just want to be a little bit of be careful what needs to be heavier. Just soaking better a while doing is working in this area. Not going up here don't allow. This is fine. I'm happy with that. This is something these little gestures. That moment was Well, what? We're down here going a straight edge death, so I'm just gonna just open it up. It is danger when you get to these lost age, you Conover fiddle. So you always just be just be very confident and just sort of having a bit more depth, girl. Two days. Exactly. You suddenly, when you work in a native, suddenly go back. Well, that's it. You just have to leave it sooner. You have that moment. Leave it. That's better. That's what I want. I just want to wear that. I got a little bit washed away there on his bill. Big A little big, tiny little line they don't want away. Over. He just want time. Just a little bit of it is a touchy Get lost and found that you don't have to go away. Over. I'm pretty pretty pleased with him. Actually, I think you turned out okay. So from needle is that closed down their proper amount? Right. And so you can see what it looks like mounted over there. Joy, We're putting amount over and visit with the scrappy bit here. None of this matters because it will be hidden by amount. So yeah, how many 9. Final Thoughts: So I hope you enjoyed painting the court court and he made you smile, adding that paint on toe wet paper on what? She it create you some beautiful effects. Did your tilted Lego okay, if you found the paint, didn't among as much If you would have liked, try adding water or being bolder with the amount of pain to use. How do sectioning off his water and Crestor go? Remember all the while the paper is wet. You can keep applying paint. You'll start to get familiar with how much to use as a paper dries. Painting is hell. Feather was fun, wasn't it? Experiment with different size brushes if you found it tricky and keep your wrist noise and loose and used lots of paint at that base. Hope you got on okay with the I didn't make him look due course. Remember with the eyes It could be the smallest gestures that bring him to life. Take your time and don't panic So we look forward to seeing you in the next class