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Cockerel. A Free-Flow Watercolour Masterclass with Jane Davies

teacher avatar Jane Davies, Professional Artist and Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. First Layer

    • 4. Second Layer

    • 5. Tail Feathers

    • 6. Strengthening the Head

    • 7. Adding the Eye

    • 8. Finishing Off

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Let me show you how to paint this fabulous cockerel in a simple loose, flowing wet on wet technique 

The cockerel will help build up your knowledge and confidence on how to use my loose, simple free-flowing techniques on wet watercolour paper

If you’re just starting your watercolour journey and haven’t done my beginner classes, I’d suggest taking a look at those first

If you’re feeling confident and are already familiar with some of my techniques then this will be a great class for you!


I will show you:

  • How to tilt the paper and allow the paint to run
  • How to section areas off and soften them
  • How to be bold with a few brush strokes to achieve his tail feathers 
  • How to paint two layers/washes using different colours 
  • How to paint a simple eye

You will be painting the fabulous cockerel and be amazed and inspired to add these simple techniques into your future artwork with confidence

Past Reviews

"That’s the shortest and best class on Skillshare"

“Jane has immediately become my favourite SkillShare teacher! Her unique style and explanations of how and why are fantastic! Thank you, Jane! ”

"A very enjoyable way to begin to learn the fun and skill of watercolour"

“Thank you sooooo much! I've been waiting for your class to start. I'm thrilled. Love you’re easy to follow style. As a beginner, it means a lot to me to be able to follow the lesson well. Looking forward to the next one.”

“Hello Jane, I viewed your lessons fully and will rewatch and paint. I see where wet in wet can be an enhanced feature for illustration. Listening with my headphones and the chirping bird in the background was a lovely feature :). I have a Samsung tablet and the resolution and sound is really beautiful for your lessons.”

"This class exceeded my expectations! Wow, congratulations Jane!! Just watching this through... I just LOVE trees, they are my enduring love, so I may take some time out from surface pattern designing to just relax and watch the paint flow where it wants! Love DS watercolours too, so I'll have a rummage about, see if I have some granulating ones too. Thank You! Lovely bright, cheery class :O)

"I already adore Jane's work and this class couldn't be different. She has magical hands to bring beautiful images to life in watercolour, and this beginner's exercise is a great way to get rid of our fear to work with this medium. I had so much joy, it was relaxing and I got confident of using paint on wet without that feeling that "I'm gonna ruin everything."

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jane Davies

Professional Artist and Teacher


Let me tell you a bit about myself...

I’m an international selling artist specialising in painting pet portraits and wildlife. I live, paint, teach and walk my lovely spaniel in the beautiful South Downs National Park, England

Over the last ten years, I’ve taught myself the watercolour techniques you see today. Not having been to art school, finding my own way has been fun and sometimes daunting but has allowed me to develop my own unique style




In 2016 I began teaching my free flow methods to small groups of beginner artists. After a move in 2018, I was fortunat... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to this intermediate old cauda class, where we'd be painting these wonderful Costco. Now you might be looking at him and thinking he looks a bit tricky. But as with the other classes, are going to breaking down into a few easy to follow steps. Now if you're just starting out your old college journey, and I'm familiar with some of my techniques. I suggest going back and looking at my beginning classes. I'm Jane Davis. I live, paint, teach a walk my lovely spaniel in the beautiful south downs National Park, England. Over the last ten years, I've taught myself the watercolor technique that you see today. Not having been to art school, finding my own Wayne has been fun and sometimes daunting, but has allowed me to develop my own style. This has led me to teach the others, either on a one-to-one basis or as part of the group in a wonderful studio in the heart of the south downs. I also run a successful commission-based business, painting PET portraits and wildlife art in my own home studio. In all my classes, you will follow along in real-time. Or I can guide you to keep your work loose and fresh without ever fussing. I'll be sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way to. I have provided you with a template of the Costco into resources pages. If you aren't feeling competent enough to draw him out as I want you to enjoy the painting and not worry about adoring. So in this class we will be using a simple technique of tilting the paper to allow the patients to run. This will give you some wonderful effects of movement and Russell feathers. To achieve more details, we will be sectioning off his crest and water and layering different colors on top of one another will be dragging color out of a line of heavily apply paint. Lovely wet brush to create his tail feathers. We'll be adding another layer or wash, incorporating different colors your Coco gained some great depth and interests are color. I'll also show you some tips and tricks to painting. A very simple i, this will bring your lovely Kolkata life. If you'd like to learn more about me or my work, please pop over to my website at Jane Davis watercolors CO WK. This can be found on my profile along with links to my Instagram and Facebook pages. I'm very active on my social media pages, who I love sharing my art, especially on stories with many ideas, works in progress and tells a studio life. I really hope you will share all your paintings on the project pages. As I love seeing them all species. And don't forget, I'm here to help if you get stuck or have any questions. I want you to experience that buzz of painting in his liberating wet on wet, loose style. So come and join me. 2. Materials: So here's a lovely cocoa began again to be painting today. He's wrong other than to other splendid Disney. And I'm going to run through the materials you're going to be needing today and give you a little guide on, on a selection that you might want to choose if you haven't got all these because I have got seven paint, so got quite a few here today. So they're all Daniel Smith. And I've got the audio Red Goat. I've got lunar earth, and that's a nice granulate in color. And if you have, if you have some granulation ones, I would suggest including those because it gives you a lovely sort of texture. And when we run that paint down, well, so I've got a period genuine chains gray, unfortunately not my change gray, bloodstain, genuine lunar period, Scarlet. And I've got just a little bit of white trash. So I would choose I'll go for a rage if you have a red because that's lovely for the red cone, I would have a brown if you've got any sort of brown. And orange is quite nice because it's nice. And also a warm color, orange or yellow. And the rest is up to you really. I think squat strong. Ai can be black, can bleed blue, green. The colors are, cows are up to you really on the best of it. So I show so see what you pick up the phone. And I would go for a little bit of selection 7's probably quite a nice amount today because we're going to build up different colors and different different layers. So my paper is blocking for 200 pound, not my, I have my little paperweight which I'm just gonna pop underneath my piece of work and just gives me a little bit of tilt. So anything that's about in China will be perfect. I've got a little MT and that say ten by ten with a 7-by-7 aperture. It's not necessary, it's just nice. When you come to Mountain piece, they extend itself, which can be found in the resources pages. And so I have three brushes today. So I have my little rigor that you can just choose. Any small little brush you have. Got a little cheese which is quite handy, just takes out these small areas around the eye. And then I have a so I tend Jose potable water, kitchen roll of paper, towel, rubber. And I would grab this overhead you are if you have one because it's quite handy in-between Lays office, you can let that dry naturally, but it's a lot mean you're eager to get on in being able to with a hair dryer, overheat quite handy. Have I mentioned everything? I think I have, so I think we should get and paint this. Mr. Costco. 3. First Layer: Ok, so I've just draw my cocker out so you don't have to watch me young Quran be sent. So just a few little I think is oxygen provision engineers. If you are actually doing a 7-by-7 aperture, he tells her that does actually stick out, so don't panic that thinking the Kaku wrote fit. And the other thing is when you actually draw around the sense or the Ysom, quest gets a little bit blunted edge you draw around. So it's worth just tweaking your drawing before you start painting and the same with his beak. Just make sure it's nice and sharp on the ends. Apart from that, he's ready to be painted. So what we're gonna do get really are really a pencil and pick up your big brush, load it up with water and wetting down. Everything is going to be wet apart from this tail. So Shou shooter probably donor alone that you can see. So so we're going to weight all down, then it outside that little box line. If you feed drawn your mountain water always I will residual water and kept with the big because again, myopic Bush is probably a bit too big to get right to the end of the beak. So I'll pick up my little brush to paint on the end of it purse that she got handy so I can see well, wait staff there at the top as well. So you just get as nice. A funny Fourier of shapes ISA that these nice to get the mean. No having to two rounded off. So it might take a bit on getting those nice on Waiting White up to the eighties. Because obviously your paint will find where you've worked your paper. So that's why you need to say quite carefully inside aligned. So I'm not always very good at. Okay. Back to the big brush. You can get K Danny's body. Make sure it's lovely in wet. So you can probably head up and down to make sure we haven't missed any bits. Sure it's nice and sopping wet really do want to wet. And I'm going to do can grab Monica Lockhart. Clean. Well, husband, as about a pullback in Chinese and I'm just gonna go underneath there and that's going to give my paper nice tilt. Now few people have mentioned that they can't get their paint to move very much or they're, you know, when we're doing these washes. So it's either you haven't got your piece of paper and enough a tilt, your not applying enough paint or you're not an apply enough water. So have those if you're finding your your funny, it's not moving very much bit year, you'd be surprised how much how much paint you need, actually, and how much more do you need in a good old tilt? So all I'm doing my big brush. I'm just having just let neck color one. Lovely, isn't it? Try not to interfere too much, which just let it run at more water, sticking and not moving, just add more water. She's gonna grab my little brush and just push up to those edges. H0 is up to the top of his crest and gives a quest with the chicken fancies out there. Let me know if I'm saying that. Oh, you know, I saw shapes. And take you while all this is loving wet, take e times no hurry and you can always reweight. So if it starts drawing in any area to wish when wet it would you brush up on? Nice actually, I'm what I might do is just run this off the table. So it's open to sometimes rippling here, your stocks running because it can't go any further. So sometimes it's worth just running that off your NGO edgier papers which runs off. And what we're gonna do, just keep applying some paint. Just number one, lives. Don't, don't worry too much. You want to make sure poppy, he's, he's crest is nice and red and associates wattle. You might go here now, we're going to talk a little bit on his neck and just gain his fear that one down. Just lovely watching it won all of in wet earth because this is a really nice granny lighting color. Cynic granulation has pigments in it. And that will give you a nice rule. Tech should look grainy look. Firstly, I said, don't worry if he's not covering everything, it doesn't matter. It's nice. Just some unusual shapes. And you think that looks a bit strange. I mean, it's so fun about the cock. Well is it can be anything, any color. We interests to see what colors you've picked. The thing. He's always actually Dumfries. Firstly, make sure I've got a little bit something here. So I'm just being very gentle. Adding more water is why desaturated is bit by bit and you can not tilted enough, can kind of give a little bit more tool and you can. What's quite funny since the load your brush up, water, trenches, brush and just drop what we did with the trees. If he did tweets class, initialize, that one, gives you a nice bit of light. This is what you after anything that just gives you a bit of interest rate. And I can just see on the end of his beak as just paddling. So I'm just gonna touch this with quite Dr. Bhatia. She ended sucks and I just don't want it running off these big. I think that's, that's done for the first layer. So what I'm going to do once it's lovely, but once it's beginning to dry, I'm going to use a hairdryer over it so we can now and continue on, but you can let it dry naturally and sometimes that's the best process rate Ethernet, you don't lose any of these sort of nice marks. It's a, it's a risk with hair drawing. If you do it too soon, you can actually blow, blow them around. It all becomes a bit monotone. So how shall be patient and wait and dry him off? 4. Second Layer: Okay, so he's nice and dry from his little head, head drawing session. So what we're gonna do is do the second layer and we're going to do exactly the same. It's going to be all wet it down. Problems, I don't. So I'm going to pop up a slight rise again and we're going to repeat. So I grab the big Bosch Danone. I didn't actually mention probably when I sketch them out, is you don't want to do, if you have watched this before you start painting in junkie potential mops quite light. When you draw him out, you don't really want to see, see you pinto mocked in the final piece. A bit darker does, and you can see where I'm headed sound describing medical brush again. Luckily, before you're gonna cut down his beak, took them again. And this way you are going to have to look at your, your piece and see where you need to keep. We want things a little bit stronger, but we're going to be adding other colours on top of this. We should get a lovely strong wash on this one. We think you're looking, yours need not be. That should have been a bit bolder than people. They've had more paint and more even squeezing paint right out of the tube is actually onto the paper honey, then you make sure you do get an enough paint to sucking up some of these waters. Opening quite an old piece of fiction or here. And so we're just repeating the process. And what i'm ok bearing is slightly mind and might be satellite coming from here. So I'm just going to work on its crest. Just in this pot. Some just employing a nice heavy bit of a red. And I want to do too much red on these body which nato permit down, pick up somebody read gold. Gold up here, have pushed him up to here up their pizza requests. She went to Wanli. I want this area just to be slightly pink. So when we come to the next layer, I've always had a bodyguard annoys existing column under there. So I'm just going to just pull up some that color at x0 from here and make sure that size permitted. That's better. But can we pick up a big brush? And this is where the fun starts or what I am going to do. She's squeeze it a little bit on. Just pick it up from a brush Media. Basically to visit a lunar effect because that's at lobby going yeah, 18 color. Stop spreading around Sunni via apply theme a bush off loaded up Georgia and just, just touch and let it run. I'm sort of bearing in mind, there's a line where this water is what leads and not it doesn't matter, it will run into water, but I'm not not actively going to put color into it. Just encourage it if it's not moving because I just keep adding water. In. Either case you he's not moving. It's not necessarily the paper. It's usually just in case you haven't got enough water or on-off paint. People see. In theory they can all keep washing often. Don't, don't worry about how much paint you adding. Long as long as it stays lobbying wet, you weren't really going to start adding, adding a few different colors here. So I've got lunar earth air and as the site I'm fairly minor waterways underneath there, quite liked. Just in strength underneath that bottle. Because we've gotta tilt is not going to go up. Ok, these wattle rarely he's gonna keep running down. So you can, you can imagine it's roughly there. Paper slightly warping, it will start to work or working on some stretch. By either way, we'll go over that together at some point. It, at the moment, it's contested political picked up some bloodstains draining genuine. And obviously you've all probably got different colors and they they stage. Just Cody got feeding, which ever you think sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and people can overview. If you if you put a lot of color, Danny, that has too much, it can be washed off so you could just shut. Oh my gosh. I've just applied there. White off. That's just adding lots of water. That's running. So I almost lost like really shown color. So don't worry. Altering their line. Let me put down the first day. And you say how that's almost disappears, just lay it back apart again. You're going to get some collision here. I'm just gonna pick that it's genuine and poppy, picturing the names, I'm sorry, Daniel Smith. Over in the resources. If you want to check the spelling. That kinda that bottle again, That's a deepening colors and try to get something that looks nice as I try to, you know, I like to stand. I'm staring at it too much. They're too close. They say Odin, holder bush at the end. It's just watching the colors move around. If I put some Luna Earth that's got some nice grain in again, to encourage some of that. I mean, the topo start to dry sooner than down here just because it's all a gradient. So it's worth sometimes it making sure you apply the paint at the top, learning it obsolete it rundown. But getting that bit down first. You'll find this a start drawing for downhill. Makes it doubles you gold. Just just got one, not just to be really dumb and Golden. Who run into that mix. And you get to a stage you think, think I've probably done enough. Pen stop. Don't, don't keep over fiddling. We weren't doing other lab. You could do another layer over there to predict exactly what we did on the first, second and then apply, apply again. And that's how I build up market portrait say generally have about five or six layers and I will just do or doing here. What we're gonna do a third light ages, it's a time factor more and anything that is not necessary. If you're bold enough, you don't need to know before they starts to dry, especially the torque we need to flick out some of these some of the feathers. And this is getting a little bit to me just because my papers starting to walk on getting to Lai Ni down the sides and you're going to suck up a little bit of color here. Just don't want it to be too too strong down both sides of him. That's better. Okay, so I'm going to pick up my brush, just gonna make sure that it's damp. And going to flick. So I'm starting somewhere about here. Just flicking. Keep everything blue SKY the hold-up at the end. Keep everything because Lucius, he can feel the movement in your hand. We'll give it a lovely sort of three flow, sort of tricky look. So if you're very rigid, the flux will look very rigid and not as natural and free. Since all linear over a RAFA PR, I can just get rid of some that painting there. Use appropriate vehicle and are stretched piece of paper you'll probably want or heavier piece paper. Heavier. You won't get this. Whooping, but I think that's looking quite good. He's got some good strong colors going in here. And you'll get to a tricky stage where this is if I popped my head, occupancy is starting to draw. I know if you're I start working into here. It can cause all sorts of forms and you'll get some way of Nazi sort of markings and stuff. So just check, especially, you know, if you have a warm I'm really woman as Julia today. So each drawing quite quickly, just sucking up the bill because it seems to be running down axial pull. So I probably need to leave it here before I, I ruin any anymore. But I can see I've got a nice, nice all the strength there. And actually, I didn't mention while we're doing these tricks, you can use a thing that now as well, like we did with the trees. So you can use that and it will actually leave a mark on your piece of paper, but don't go too. You don't want too many of these graduates because it can look a little bit about you've tried to rip something out, you just go to do a couple that will these marks will be left twice. So we need to lay him dry again before we go on to the next stage. So it will give me a boss with a hair dryer or again, leaving to dry naturally. 5. Tail Feathers: Now take so he's lovely and dry. So what we're gonna do is the lovely tale Feather brush. I'm gonna pick up my Jane's gray or whichever color you chosen as a darker color for his tail. And what we're going to squeeze a really lovely amount. I'm going to run it down ten base here. To be really bulk this, these patients got to get all, every tail. So we're gonna do some really big boat sweeps. So make sure you plenty of paint. We're just putting it up right up against his body. So if you can see that's really quite thick there. So I'm going to clean up our shelf. She managed to change my walk to this talk. It's worth keeping it nice and clean and it will take the paper. If you get a really dirty, dirty water, you'll, you'll find you'll eat. The painter might white won't be quite as crisp and clean as you like. So keep monetizing came. So that's quite loaded up with water. I'm just gonna take a little bit of excess moisture off. And this is a quite bold Mark. So I would try and stand or even just practice that movement. Do you want it nice and nice and loose? So it's going to hold onto my visa vie this schedule, touching always will be paint. I'm just going to put it out. And all these lovely remarks of Mr. worried that it's going to give you a lovely look, like he's just going around. Djikstra will be get to here. In stalking a little bit more flaky. Just really quickly. It's a bit scary. Left me listen. Yes, nicely. Both mocks. You can just round off somebody edges if you want, if you see my eyes gonna participate behind them out. But if your mountain yours. So you can just go back in and that's lovely and you can do your thing. And now it gives me scraping someone that pioneers in that. It gives you quite a nice effect. They don't get too carried away with this. And that is your tail feathers. And what you want to do just to blend this in a little bit. We're just going to touch that. You could have, we could have applied this just while this was starting to go off. It's a lot of things to think of. So just want to do is I'm just going to just join a blender. And hopefully moon isn't moving very much, but should start to move in a little bit, some of that. And you know, see the joint particularly. She tail feathers just don't like that. Keep keep playing out. She shouldn't see any marks. Just say look the competency in that. I'm just going to ease out enough of. It. Looks like an attached to the body woven sticking on the outside of it. And it's better. Just add still see that join them so much for picking up a date and just, just touching that carefully. This is still damp, he doesn't waste. Matlab has given me a bit of a softer edge. Just told you up a little bit. Okay, I think boy, over fiddle that I should leave it. Now you can either give a city is a radical dry. So we're not likely to put your hand on x. That was always a big thing of mine was pretty my hand on things moving around for, you know, munched, we think so I would give this a dry first and then we'll move on to the hes head area. 6. Strengthening the Head: Okay, so I've dried that off so I'm not gonna stick. And what we're going to do, I'm going to do with head area just to strengthen up around the eyes here and shake the bottle of EBIT in with the ice. And what we need to do is to witness every day you miss the eye around the eye. Okay. Think about down a little bit more, Hannah. I'm only going to pick up a little bit of a pyramid. Genuine bloodstain, genuine. Together, I'm just going to strengthen upon the individual is going to be slightly darker area, lovely and wet. And as you start to build up the layers, it doesn't paint didn't shift as much. So you find if you stopped to say we're working on thirdly henna, and you won't move as much to you definitely gain control. Just having just very gently to Donna here. Still hold him about Shamata, the end. Still standing with me. I'm gonna put a little bit up here on top of his quest is the couple of bits, although not all of them. Try and keep things as random as again. Goes down for a minute? Or do you let go? And just to be nice, golden listened. Lovely, color this if you haven't got it in your repertoire of paints, I highly recommend that, oh, she's my using PET portraits sadly, but it's a lovely kinda late to play with it. Little bit. Dystonia. Only speed is now just going to read. Now surgeon working flat. So I should have mentioned that haven't got tilt nowadays. In fact, tend to only have tools at the beginning of paintings in this. And she starts to build up till detail. You need it flat. And we'll have a little bit too much up here. I think one of the, I do think Bush again, you're going to do some of that. Stroke it away. He's got a little bit red. It's going to keep some of the up and we'd assume that might wages have to look at your own pieces as yours was going to be different than mine with lots of different reasons. And just have a hyper-local foot up. But the picture of him in and the references that you can have a look at him. He's quite handy to look at. Just giving a little bit strength here. Plus some genuine served warm in the studio today is radio host has type. They need to join me, just displacing the top, just watching. Which is the case of watching them looking and seeing where you, where you think you need script. Adding water to soften. You can never have too much water, in my opinion. Keeps everything club means soft. You can just start in the bubble sheet, you can just lift the bubble up. We've got too much water sit in there. If you work in working lots of water, it's nicer, keeps, keeps its often you can suck stuff up if you need to. Make sure that good. Who I read, I reside surrounded in isolation. So we're just gonna do a little bit like we did with the, with the fox. And a good little bit underneath here to give him a little bit of makeup and some seams on the to life. Got Nina. I'm little bit over the top of this big cooling. A bill honey, the beak is no Bill Mitchell have a nice, nice 0.9 as well. Had been open. And you can take color out so that we did with Panda. And take a little bit of college down here. Can only be written monotone and for me, just pick Bush, but were washed down to Sqoop, to Swift, just gently. Scope a little bit hidden. Just imagine where the light's coming from. Just a little bit of a given type, just watching the time. And I think I'm almost there. I think he's looking quite, quite good. Actually. Completed how he's turning up. Just take it a little bit more of that field as well as heavy. So that's a nice dry brush on and cleaned the off. Try to off him squeezed my hand with these things automatically. Remember I hadn't told you. Think he's looking good, so we need that to dry ready and then we can we can get on with the eye, but it needs to needs to be nice. And dr. We start the eye Now, the eye color will just bleed outwards and you end up with lots of ESA. Wait for him to give him a either balsa hairdryers and say, oh, for just keeping my bitumen and they enjoy it naturally. 7. Adding the Eye: Okay, on with the eye now, so what we're gonna do is crappy little brush. And you want to wet it down. What you'll find, you'll get a big bubble of water, and that's up to, you find said, once you got the bubble loyalty always want to suck it back up. Because the patent just sit on top of it is you don't actually want to ababaa, we'll denies them width, not a bubble. And I'll pick up Earth. Much going to be mixing it is and probably demonstrate Luna and a bit of Ozzie rate go No. If you've got a green, that's a big idea like shakes, just wanting a green really a greenie color. Mixing in there. Just been to swirl around. So particular Green, I know all the eyes, he's a bit of a case of popping, leaving so that little bit needs to dry now before we can add the pupil. So that's my lovely ionised dry to begin to pop up people in. I've picked up a blue, but anything, any adult color doesn't doesn't matter. It just needs to be done. We're going to put just a pupil in. So it's just always work. If you put it into a toxin and then you can work out words. You can kind of gauge where you're going with it a bit more. So just gently work outwards. When you think you've got something you like and stop. Just take it on. Little brush. No, absolutely no hurry. They staged nothing, nothing nice to waking, think to dry on software new, everything's move. Just painting. Think is, look, oh, look away from it. Step back. The, the tiny ties, it'll gesture. And now we take a bit of time to get right. So I'm going to leave it there for a minute and I'm going to I'm going to try and get this little trial line out. My Judo brush. I'm gonna start using that. Tone it down. A nice chisel. She's latch. We're going to squabble. It'll away just like we did with the panda eyes. Just taking that frown and pushing that frown and you don't have to put frown on it. You could have a nice round DOI and put this on the over the top of the night round-off and not have you ever caught that look just like that. We're going to go actually underneath as well though, ease him into the pen to actually just gently. Since he's tiny little movements linear, He just finishing off, it will start, yeah, quite wild. And lots of paper, lots of painting, books, a water, and at the end, he just needs to be a little bit, just quit quarter in a bit more. Careful husbands. Thickness, that's looking for whites and hopefully the pupil is just about to dry. Dry might show that people's do i. And then we can take a tiny little bit of color out. So I've got my little tiny brush stroke, kind of bit of light out. This just reads, removing the color. Just, just very gently. No hurry. Quite good at j. Just waiting to wake you up, pupils readiness and drawing with a little bit of catch lights in. Trying to take a little bit. Different than mindsets need. Tricky, tricky, developed, and been loved about saving babies. Well, they say is they always take a little bit at a time. Sometimes it's say the tiny tweaks that you will just get Navy fully into. A tiny little bit of white question. Tell me a little bit on the end. We're just going to Tony to adopt. She printing tonight. That's your only done really. 8. Finishing Off: So we're just going to finish up a few little bits and pieces and we're going to tidy that bill up a little bit as well. So I've picked up my chisel bush. Just want to own 20. We move a little bit of light at the top pair. Just scoping just over the top of it out and say, have to eat yours. Maybe he was maybe light. He may have enough. Just a little bit of shaping towards Ec sculpting stage. None of this is what I'm going to put my my little Bhatia. You did a bit of bloodstained, genuine, bitter, Just a little dark color. Monday, he's going to be saying, well this takes a little bit of tinkering. Flush that out. You must then Davies type, they have a IA hand, they have a little white area, just Hazen who's going to squat down, pick up Nigel Jew brush, Squanto, Sqoop. Let's going to take the limit of cholera outlet. These are just a finishing touches now. So you have to look at your own piece to see your way you think you might need at any depth. Now, I've personnel have lost some of its heaviness art like over there. He's crest along and do actually, he's reworked this quest down. So this is just my piece. So you'll repeat, may be absolutely fine. And just show you how I would have again, a little bit of heavy serve there. Just because you wait. An area down doesn't mean say you have to work over it or will it just keeps everything lovely and soft, but will allow me to work on a certain area and must move brushes and just want to be a little bit of better. Be careful, at least to be heavier. Just looking better. All I'm doing is working in this area and look, going up here. All this is fine. I'm happy with that. Tiny little gestures as well known with lower down here. Going to fit a straight edge. This, I'm just gonna just open up a danger when you get to these low stage, you can over-fit inside. Well, we just be, just be very calm. And just adding a bit more depth there. You'll suddenly, and you work in an age of suddenly go up or that's it. You just have to leave it soon as you have that moment, leave it on this one. I want to quantify that. A little bit washed away there. Who's Bill? Bill big tie needed line. They don't one of the older I over he just want time to take a little bit of a top sheet. Lawson downs that you don't have to go all the way over. And I'm pretty, pretty pleased with him. I think he's turned out. Okay. So bows down there and proper amount mountain so you can see what it looks like. Mountain preserved over there. The joy with putting a mountain over here. None of this message because it will be hidden by amounts. 9. Final Thoughts: So I hope you enjoy painting the Costco. And he made these small adding that paint onto wet paper. And what she it create using beautiful effects. Did utility lagger, okay. If you found the painting as much as you would have liked, try adding more water or being bolder with the amount of paint to use. How do sectioning off his water and Cresco? Remember all the while the paper is weight, keep applying paint. You'll start to get familiar with how much to use as a paper dries paint, he's healthy. There was fun, wasn't it? Experiment with different sized brushes if he found it tricky? And keep you recently some loose and use lots of Painter that base. Hope because I'm okay with the I and D making glucose. Remember with the eyes, it can be the smallest gestures that bring him to life. Take your time and don't panic. And we look forward to seeing you in the next bus.