Coaching for Performance - Add the Skill of Coaching To Your Tool Box | Steve Knox | Skillshare

Coaching for Performance - Add the Skill of Coaching To Your Tool Box

Steve Knox, Practical Tools for Leaders

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7 Videos (27m)
    • Coaching for Performance Course Intro

    • Coaching for High Performance Session 1

    • My Coaching Methodology Session 2

    • The Best Coaching Question Session 3

    • Recognising & Rewarding High Performance Session 4

    • Managing Difficult Conversations Session 5

    • Embedding Coaching in Your Organisation Session 6


About This Class

Companies seeking to create a high-performance culture should focus on teaching key leaders the skill of coaching. A high-performance culture is built on accountability, defining excellence, shared knowledge and a clear metric for rewarding specific behaviours. Employees develop and grow through coaching and clear feedback. In this course I'll help you define high-performance, understand the science and art of coaching, teach you the best coaching question ever, how to recognise and reward the right behaviours and handle difficult conversations. 


  • How to define high-performance.
  • My proven coaching methodology that you can quickly apply.
  • The single, best coaching question ever. And, how to use it.
  • How to recognise, encourage and reward high-performance.
  • What to do in super difficult conversations.
  • How to embed coaching in your team.

 Thank you for joining me!





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Steve Knox

Practical Tools for Leaders

Hello, I'm Steve.

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