Coaching Machine: Start Your Own Profitable Coaching, Consulting, & Freelancing Business

Patrick Dang, Founder at Dang Worldwide

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26 Videos (3h 4m)
    • Welcome to Coaching Machine

    • Welcome to Coaching Machine

    • Defining Coaching and Consulting

    • Why People Pay Coaches & Consultants in Every Industry

    • Coaching & Consulting Delivery Models

    • The Scientific Method

    • The Coaching Methodology

    • Feedback & Time

    • Spotting Market Trends

    • Riding Trends

    • Counter Trends

    • Common Market Selection Mistakes

    • Evolving Markets

    • Ikigai: A Reason for Being

    • Ikigai Worksheet

    • Ideal Client Profile Worksheet

    • Client Pain Questions Worksheet

    • Defining MVO (Minimal Viable Offer)

    • Creating Your MVO

    • Sharpening Your MVO

    • Creating Your MVO Worksheet

    • Market Message Resonance

    • Marketing Offer Outcome Worksheet

    • Minimal Viable Service Delivery

    • Minimal Viable Service Delivery Worksheet

    • Conclusion: Congratulations on Completing Consulting Machine


About This Class


One of the simplest ways to start your own profitable business, with very minimal risk, is becoming a coach or consultant.

In coaching and consulting, you are simply selling your advice around the skills you already have or the skills you aspire to learn.

Now this may sound simple, but most people struggle with getting started because they don’t know:

  • What exactly they are selling
  • Who they are selling it to
  • How to structure their coaching/consulting program and charge for their services

Most people will aimlessly come up with a random coaching offer and desperately pitch it to as many people as they can from friends, family, and anyone willing to talk to them at networking events…

And for the majority of the time, most people have very little interest in their offer.

There has to be a better way, right?

Fortunately, I’ve created a PROVEN methodology specifically for coaches and consultants to design their own signature program from start-to-finish. And it’s called Coaching Machine.

Unlike other courses, Coaching Machine is the COMPLETE PLAYBOOK the top coaches and consultants use to design their own coaching and consulting programs and create offers people are dying to pay for.

As long as you use our proven Coaching Machine Methodology (which I’ll show you how to do step-by-step), you’ll be able to design your own coaching or consulting program, even if you don’t have any experience!

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to start your own wildly profitable coaching or consulting business:

  • We will show you how to design your own signature coaching or consulting program in any niche, even if you don’t have any experience
  • How to understand your market trends, pick a profitable niche, and dominate your competition
  • How to package your coaching or consulting offer and charge premium prices without having to sell your time by the hour
  • The best way to understand your ideal client from a psychological perspective, empathize with their biggest challenges, and create deadly offers they will be begging to pay you for
  • How to use the Japanese concept of Ikigai to pick a niche you’re are truly passionate about, while making sure you can get paid doing what you love
  • How to deliver your newly created coaching or consulting program, hassle-free

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to design your own coaching and consulting program in any niche, whether you’re already with coaching and consulting or if you’re just getting started.

I’ve personally tested all these bulletproof coaching and consulting strategies myself and have trained thousands of students around the world on how they can start their own profitable coaching or consulting businesses.

I’m confident the Coaching Machine Methodology WILL WORK for YOU in starting your own coaching and consulting business.

Now if you’re ready to take your coaching and consulting business to the next level, I’ll see you inside.


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Very helpful!
So far this has been an extremely valuable course when it comes to starting my own coaching business. I've been struggling to start my own coaching business on my own for the last few months but made very little progress. I realize now after taking Patrick's course, it's mainly because I didn't understand who exactly I was trying to sell to. Before, I would think everyone is a customer but if everyone is a customer, nobody is a customer. Thanks again for creating such an awesome course!





Patrick Dang

Founder at Dang Worldwide

Patrick Dang is a lifestyle entrepreneur, avid traveler, and speaker based in Los Angeles.

After graduating from from the University of Southern California (USC), Patrick went on to become one of the top enterprise account executives at Oracle, later joined Y-Combinator backed startup Lob as an early sales hire, then left it all to travel the world and inspire others to make real living doing what they love.

Patrick now focuses the majority of his time building Dang Worldwide, a...

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