Coach Yourself: Create Your Personalized Life Wheel | Gulnara Sadvakassova | Skillshare

Coach Yourself: Create Your Personalized Life Wheel

Gulnara Sadvakassova, Life Coach

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5 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • STEP 1 Explore Your Dreams & Desires

    • STEP 2 Combine Dreams for Key Areas of Life

    • STEP 3 Scale Your Satisfaction

    • STEP 4 Identify an Area of Focus


About This Class


In this class I'm going to introduce you to a popular Coaching tool that helps to Assess your  life. It is called "A Life Wheel”.

We'll self-assess our lives by exploring our dreams & desires, combining them for key areas of life and scaling your sense of satisfaction in each area.  

By creating your personalized Life Wheel you are going to clarify where you are now and what’s needed to bring your closest attention. 

Join me to this coach yourself class and keep your life in balance!

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Good one and Simple !
I enjoyed this class and the instructor seems to be a really lovely person. This topic is a popular one especially in the bullet journal community, but his was my first real contact with the concept in more depth. Really nice class. Short, sweet and right to the point. This is something I will now take with me and practice the rest of my life. Thanks Gulnara!
short and easy to understand and implement





I am a Life Coach, a happy wife & mother and a life-time learner. An Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by International Coach Federation (ICF, 2013-2016). Happy to help people :)

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