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Clubhouse From Beginner to Advanced Masterclass

teacher avatar Subhajit Biswas, Growth Hacker | Performance Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Clubhouse Basics

    • 3. Clubhouse App Tour Part 1

    • 4. Clubhouse App Tour Part 2

    • 5. Optimizing Profile & Class Project

    • 6. Clubhouse Rooms

    • 7. Clubhouse Etiquette

    • 8. Clubhouse for Business

    • 9. Clubhouse Backchannel

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Clubhouse is a voice only chat platform. Its more like a multi user podcast or conversation. And every speaker can add to the conversation, and that's the Unique selling point of of Clubhouse.

Initially when it was launched was invite only for iOs users.

But from May 2021 it is opened for Android users as well.

iOs Users can download it from Appstore

and Android Users can download from Playstore.

After this clubhouse class you will learn

  1. The basics
  2. An Appealing Profile
  3. What are Rooms and Mods
  4. How to make Private and Public Rooms
  5. Etiquette of Clubhouse
  6. New Feature Backchannel
  7. How to use Clubhouse for Business

Clubhouse is the talk of the town now recently and after 2020 pandemic, clubhouse has seen some exponential growth with no looking back.

Basically Clubhouse is a social media network based on voice.

And today we are going to dig deeper with Clubhouse. The new Talk of the town is Clubhouse.

Lets hack Clubhouse with easy to applicable techniques.

Thank you for choosing this class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Subhajit Biswas

Growth Hacker | Performance Marketer


My name is Subhajit Biswas and I’m grateful our paths have crossed!

My purpose is to empower those who want to seek greater things in life.

With my knowledge and skills, I will provide the tools to those who seek to make the world a better place.

I believe the greatest achievement we can make is sharing our gifts and positive outlook with those around us. I work hard to turn dreams into your reality!

Been a digital nomad for 10 years now with my vast experience in Affiliate Marketing, Performance Marketing, Buying Psychology and Hacking and decoding different Social Media and Media Platforms.


Currently I own two companies in India, iMonk Global deals with E-commerce In India, and Unmute Media which deals with Media Buying ... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Thank you very much for joining this masterclass, and so I'm thrilled to have you here. So this is clubhouse beginner to advanced. After this complete class, you will learn about basics of clubhouse, Torah club house, how the application works, and stuff like that. Then we will learn everything about room, optimize your profile. And let me tell you that is the most important thing in clubhouse, clubhouse etiquettes. How to add value to the community in clubhouse, gain followers. How to use clubhouse for business. The new and the most exciting feature, the back channel is here and I'm going to discuss how backchannels works today. We're going to dig deeper with clubhouse how it works. We'll talk about the algorithms, we will talk about the cool stuff. So guys and I'm a performance marketer and a tech enthusiasts and so excited that you've joined this class. And let's get onto the first lesson. 2. Clubhouse Basics: Clubhouses, a voice only platform. The closest that I can relate to club house is on call or the podcasts that we have. So yeah, it's kind of a con call between friends, but the only difference is here you can see who is talking and you have let, let it gets as well. You can raise your hand and stuff like that. So that is clubhouse in a nutshell. And the USP for clubhouses, it is live only, so it is now only so the sessions are not recorded. So whatever is happening is happening now. Having said that, what happens in the backend is the attention span of every users is also high because they know at the backup damn mind that this is now only live only platform and you can not even record sessions up clubhouse as clubhouse will ban you instantly. So please do not do that. If you want a screen recorder, if you want to record the things on clubhouse, please don't do it and just avoid it. As I've told you, clubhouses both for iOS and Android. Ios users can download it from App Store and Android users can download it from Playstore. How cool is that? In the next lesson, I'm going to take a tour of complete clubhouse so that you get familiar with the app and it has no rocket science there after. 3. Clubhouse App Tour Part 1: Welcome to the club house two. In this lesson, we're going to see how the club house looks like, what is the application looks like, and what are the features. All right, so let's dive right into it. Put the first phase that you open. This is called Holloway. It would show you all the currently live rooms and those are there. Let us talk about this first one, humanized virtual connection. So that is a room within that room and event is happening, which is meet inspiring super humans. Introduce yourself and 60 seconds liter, I'll let you know that if a timeframe is given to you in the club house etiquette lesson, I'll tell you how to respect the time and that has been allotted to you. Right? So do check that out. So here, the room, as I've told you, humanize virtual connectionist the room. And they even which is taking places, meet inspiring super humans. Here the moderators have green color icon besides them. And again, as one of the moderator has invited me because I go here and I speak, that unmoored binding invited you to join as a speaker. And why did they do that? Because first thing is I have a very professional picture and second thing is the bio that I have. All right. So I can take it as maybe later or I can do it and join us speaker. So let me show you what happens if I do join us speaker. The first part is the part where all the speakers are there, okay? And the second part is followed by Speaker, and the third parties are those in the room. So now let me show you if I go S and join us speaker, what happens? I have joined as a speaker. Now you have two options. Either you can leave quietly, you can check. As I've come to the hallway again, you can see that the, the room that I am and that is life. And you can see here the people who are talking, almost 4546 people are there. And you have three buttons. On the bottom, right, which is the two fingers which has lived quietly. The finger is a few. Add this plus finger. I can ask anyone to come here and come to this rule. And now notice this that my name is also appearing on the hallway because I am speaking here. And now, let us begin from top left, which is the search button here. So once you click on to this, you can find any interest or people. So let's say that I want to search my friend Hirsh. I can just search Hirsch here. And it would show people with the name of Hirsch. So I know my friends, lemurs Hirsch chuckle, ACO. Yeah. Very good. So we have people who are whose name is Hershey. Okay. And then we can also search for any clubs or interest. Let's say that I want to check about productivity club. So here you can find people or clumps which are, which are or do productivity. All right? So that is how you find, you get into the club and you can either join the club or follow the club, read the description, read the rules, and get going about that. So the next time. So here you can see the rules. You can see the rules that has been set by the moderator. So you should always read these rules, okay? And then if you weren't on the top right corner, you can see a Share button. If you want to share with any of your friends outside clubhouse, you can do that. So let us go back. And that is about the search button, the button that we have on the top right corner. Recently, the rooms that I have been all the listeners that I have listened to, they will appear here. Okay? So there you go. And also the interests would be here. You can find the interest. You can go to, let's say that for wellness and can check what are the other things and who are people who are in that club, right? So that is the Explore page. And let's come back to hallway again. And here, let me show you after the Search button on the middle of the screen, this little envelope as the invites that you have you on the invite so you can invite your friend. Let's say that I want to invite this guy press Well, I just send it and it would ask me to send as a as an SMS. So I will send an SMS and you can also search people here. So pretty self-explanatory. And then the calendar sign that you have just after the envelope is the upcoming events that you have in future are the events which are running at the moment. So you can just toggle it and you can check up coming for you. And if you have any scheduled event for your club that will appear here, I do not have anything scheduled here, so it is not sharing anything. So let me change it to upcoming for you. And I can see that there are a couple of events which are going to happen from 09:30 AM sensing, feeling, awakening to our house, higher self, something like that. Right? And you can see all the events which are scheduled for you. Okay? Now, if you see on the top-right, again, you have a calendar here would even do is if you want to create an event, how do you create an event? You create event like this. You can just name the event. So this is, let's say there's a test event. It is with me and I can add anyone. Let's say that I want to add my friend. I want to add my friend, let's say Bob in the row, okay? And then I can a date, I can set a time and I can put it in a club that I host, switches, productivity hacker, and this is open to members. I can put a description. The event is about the event is about productivity. Super cool, right? So that is how you make it. And then you hit Publish. I'm not going to hit Publish now because I did not intend to do it. So that is how you create a new room and you can make it public or you can make it private. 4. Clubhouse App Tour Part 2: And then this is the cheesy part here, the moment you have your profile picture. So I've just clicked on the, onto the profile. And if you notice that I have my headshot with a yellow background, so that helps a contrasting background. And it does tell that my photo as professional, I have my name and under that, I have the user name, my name attributed this was and they use a name as also a direction. But if this was, be mind when choosing your username. Okay, so here what I've done is I have given all the things like what I do, whom do I have? What am I YouTube channels, where do I blog? And what is my LinkedIn, stuff like that? The more information that you give, the better it is. I've also added my Twitter and Instagram. The moderators usually they see that if, if Instagram is added or not and if you are active on Instagram or not, I don't know. For some reason, people here in clubhouse, they do see the Instagram thing right Here. I joined on eight Jan 2021, and I have been nominated by Angela Powell guanine. So that that shows who has invited me at that point in time. Do you update your bio? Just click onto it and you will get update your bio blue check my lesson optimizing profile. Optimizing profile, where I tell you in detail, how do you update your profile picture? How do your profile, how do you update your bio and data is very, very, very important step in clubhouse. So please, please do not skip that process, the complete milk on this clubhouse class. That one lesson. So please do check that out. It is a small lesson and you will get it. Now you have this setting button. You're gonna go here to connect your Twitter and Instagram, or do we activate your account? And then you have all left, cuz what is new and old? And while we're here, let me tell you the most exciting take monetization has come on to club house as well. So how cool is that now people would be able to give you money. So I'll just show you in a second how how does that work? Okay. So yeah, that's about updating the profile. So now let's come to bottom-left. So here are the nine dots that you have with a green dot. Let us click onto that. Here you will see all the people who are live at the moment. So my friend MC, She's from Thailand. She is live at the moment. And you can just click here, you get basically three options. One is the picture that you are able to see her name and then you can check her profile. If you click onto her. If you click here, View full profile, you can see the complete profile. Okay, now let's get back here what we are able to see that I'm following her, yes. And then the followers that she has, the following is that she has a little biodata you can see. And today at 1230, she is hosting an event in Wonderland, right? If you want to get notified, you can just click the bell icon here, clubhouse word notify you. And here you have three options. Startup, closed room together. That would be a private room and you can always make it public, no issues with that. And then join the room they are listening to. You can just click onto it and you can see which in which room they're talking at the moment of speaking at the moment or listening at the moment. Okay. I'm not going to click it because clubhouse would not let me record session in that case. And then the third one is view profile. So connected with you, you'll be able to see it. Okay, now the green button that you have, the big beautiful green button that says Start a room. So once you click onto it, you can start a room. So you can, you had the capability to start a room as open, as social as closed are in your own room. So let me just show you if I do in my own room, what happens is I can go ahead and see the same thing as come heads up recording with us because permission via secondary texts, so do not do it. Now the last button, which is the back channel, right? So here you have the back channel, you can talk to anyone. So a back channel is nothing but a chat channel with which you can talk to almost anyone, even you are connected or not, you would be able to converse with them. I would suggest you do use this channel very wisely. Did not spam anyone. And yeah, more or less, that is the tour of clubhouse. I'll see you in the next one. 5. Optimizing Profile & Class Project: The most important thing in clubhouse is itemizing your profile. Why do I say that? Because why you're on clubhouse? First thing that people will notice are the listeners were noticed is your picture. So that brings us to our first, how do you build your profile picture? It's comparatively easy. Whatever do is get a head shot. Maybe are smiling headshot, which gives a positive sense and make a background which is contrasting to your headshot. If you see my profile pic, I have used intentionally yellow color so that it contrasts with my white color shirt and my face. So yeah, that is how you make a headshot and it should speak for itself. It should looks professional. After your profile picture, the next important thing is your bio. All right, why do I say that? Because your bio would define that who you are if you're spam me or you, or just any other user. The second thing that any modulator checks are more checks is your bio. So how do you make a good bio? Let me tell you that there are four steps to make a good, good bio. First is who you are. Next is what you do. Third is how can you help your audience or your market? And food is CTA or call-to-action week, we say. And remember why you are adding the CTA, you should give an easy channel to reach you, like your email address or your phone number. Or if you are active on Instagram, you can always say DM me on Instagram to get connected instantly. So something like that, you get the picture right? So as I've told you, making the profile picture and your bio is the most important thing. So I have a project for you. What I want you to do is make a great profile picture and make a great bio and put it here. I will check it personally and I'll give feedback, good or bad, or it could be better. And yeah, I'll, I'll I'll be glad to do that for you base. All right. So please make sure that you do not skip this step because this is the most important step in clubhouse. So make sure you're adding your bio and your profile picture. So I'll see you on the next lesson. 6. Clubhouse Rooms: All about rules. So what our rooms, rooms and nothing but you can say a group of community where a particular event is taking place. All right, so once you start following people, you will see that in which rooms they are talking at the moment, are there speaking at the moment? All right. So rooms are of two types. One is private, that you do not make it public basically, and the other one is public. So make your room public and you invite people to get onto your room and people will get and they'll add value to the rule. So yeah, these are the rooms. Basically what you can do in room is you can schedule a future event as well. To see my previous lesson, clubhouse store. There I've shown you how do you schedule future restroom or event of a future event in a room. Okay. So yeah, that's about room, which is the most important thing here. And I'll see you on the next lesson. 7. Clubhouse Etiquette: As I've told you, clubhouse is a platform where people want to connect with people. So the more genuine you are, the better storytelling techniques that you have. You'll get so many followers. People would love to listen to you. So, yeah, that is, that is how you gain followers in clubhouse. The only way you can add value in clubhouse is by speaking genuinely, raise your hand. Good word, room. Raise your hand. Get under the speaker panel. Talk about something, check the rules, check what their document bout. Listen to other speakers and then add your value. And once people will start resonating with you, people will start connecting with you. So, yeah, that is how clubhouse work. In a nutshell. What respect the fact that listeners are listening to you, they are giving you their valuable time to you. So make sure that you are adding value within 30 seconds you have to complete, you have to make sure that you are completing within that 30 seconds. You have to respect the speakers and the listeners who are your audience or could be your future prospects while you start giving values to your listeners, slowly, you'll see that you will start gaining followers and that will turn into your loyal community or consumers. So why people follow you? What is algorithm of clubhouse? I'm going to tell you that once a person follows you thereafter, the algorithm works in that fashion that wherever you are speaking, they'll get notified that okay. Schubert chief is speaking. And so and so event in a room and show budget is conducting an event at the moment, you should join that you're following them. You can also invite them to your room To do the event. All right. So yeah, that is the reason you should always ask people to follow you because that is the only way that your audience would come to low where you're speaking about and where you are adding value. So that's about the algorithm of clubhouse, and that is the little secret of getting followers. 8. Clubhouse for Business: Levels is an excellent platform for businesses. Why do I say that? In my previous lesson, I've told you if you're in the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, the attention span of the users are five seconds to 30 seconds, thanks to Tik Tok, where she got our attention span almost from one minute to few seconds. All right. So here in clubhouse, what happens is clubhouses now on the application, what do I mean by now only application that the sessions are not being recorded. It is live only and people can not see what do you have spoken in this session. So that's the reason people give 100 percent attention and the attention span and clubhouses almost 56 minutes. Again, it is not documented anywhere, but that is my personal feeling and the experience that I have in the digital space for almost 10 years now. So yeah, this is the right time for businesses to step in and showcase their services and get prospects from clubhouse. So as a business, what you can do, get into relevant rooms, check their rules, and start adding value. And you can start boosting about your business and the services that you're offering as never a bad idea to talk about your services. Just make sure they're not quite pushy or salesy or spammy just to the point. And people will start resonating with you and they will start connecting with you. And that is a simple mantra of clubhouse. And honestly, if I tell you I got a big lead from clubhouse. And to always remember even being a business, you should always have fun in the platform and in the journey, you'll get the business. I'll see you in the next lesson. 9. Clubhouse Backchannel: Clubhouses got the latest tech platform, budget calls back channel. You can send back channel message to anyone who are connected or not connected with you on clubhouse. Again, if you're not connected with anyone, it is my humble request that please do not send spammy messages. They would instantly block you and after a certain time even block clubhouse woodblock you. So don't do that. Make sure that the people with whom you have chatted or your conversed are met, you are virtually met. You only send them messages. And yeah, that is a good practice. And if you're a business and if you offer a proof of concept, then just give them a sample, seem to get back to you. And that is how it works quite honestly if you're a real business. So yeah, that's about the back channel. Congratulations, that is end of this master class. I'll see you in the corporation. 10. Conclusion: Making the end of the class bad yourself and give a thumbs up to yourself. I hope you enjoyed the class as much as I enjoyed making this class for you. You can always follow me in clubhouse at it should be somewhere down, which is at the rate Schubert, chief Biswas. You can also follow me on Instagram and my handle. And Instagram is Schubert chief nomad. And I make reels on marketing and productivity on Instagram. You can, I have just started YouTube. Why not? You follow me on YouTube where I talk about productivity. I talk about Final Cut Pro and workflow automation. Interesting, isn't it? I add my ten to 15 years of career there in YouTube. And you can always reach me on to my website, which is Schubert youth, this And as I've told you earlier, please make sure that the project I've given you on the project that I've given you for adding the profile Beck and the bio, you do not miss that, that is the cream of this complete masterclass. If you avoid that, believe me, you are not going to win in the club house game. So please make sure that you are adding, you're adding the profile Peck and the bio and put it here in the project section or the comments section or the description. I don't know whatever it is called. You just put it here and I'll personally check it and I'll give a decent feedback. All right, So until I see you next time.