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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Class introduction

    • 2. Before you start

    • 3. Registration

    • 4. Setting up your profile

    • 5. Key features

    • 6. Do's and Don'ts

    • 7. How can I use Clubhouse?

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

This free class is an on-point description to get you started on the Clubhouse App as quickly as possible! We gonna kick-off with the requirements and Invite-only joining process of this hyped social media app. Then we will go through setting up your profile and avoiding most common traps. Finally let's have a look at the key features and how to use them inside the app. Enjoy!

Meet Your Teacher

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Marc Van Treeck

Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Enthusiast


Welcome Creative!
My name is Marc and I founded my Business Coaching & Consulting company in 2020. Here on Skillshare I would love to share my knowledge and the best bits from my experience with you.

>> Communication & Leadership skills
How to grow your business sustainable by creating culture and building trust in your team. Which tools and techniques will you successfully implement from my classes?

>> Social Media: Clubhouse (Hot topic)
Everything about the hyped audio-only social media platform and how to use it for different kinds of purposes. Learn how to build an audience and create your personal brand on Clubhouse.

>> Product Development (Agile & Design Thinking)
Learn how to create a process to build your ideas into phenomenal customer experience... See full profile

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1. Class introduction: Hey, and thanks for checking out this free class that gets you into Clubhouse as quickly as possible. My name is Marc and I host three to five events on Clubhouse every week in Germany. Let's directly get into the topic. What's Clubhouse? Clubhouse is an audio only social media app. So there is no short videos or images like on TikTok or Instagram. The closest existing format I can think of is podcasting, but on Clubhouse, everything is Live. So there is no recording available after any conversation. You're able to have conversations in virtual rooms with people you already know or just meet new people. You can create a public or private room that's up to you. Another interesting use of this app is just to listen into a conversation of public figures that's opened up for questions from the audience. A very interesting difference to a recorded podcast, because you can throw yourself into any discussion just by requesting to join the speakers. We will come to the different roles inside a room later on in this class. Many ambitious and upcoming creatives, podcasters and content creators are seizing the opportunity to build up the audience right now. In this early stage, the Clubhouse app is still not available for public. Wait, what, but how can you join then? That's what we will check in the next lesson. See you there! 2. Before you start: Before you start with Clubhouse, make sure you have an iPhone or iPad plus another smartphone with a working SIM card. As you might already guess, this app is only available right now for iOS and not for Android users. You're able to download the latest version of Clubhouse directly from or from your iTunes Store. Downloading and installing will bring you a step closer to high-quality live audio content. Nevertheless, you need an invitation of someone who is already using clubhouse. The person needs to be a registered and also activated user. You might have heard the term "Invite-only" at this point. It means you have to know someone who is using the app and willing to send you an invitation. If you have multiple options, who invites you to Clubhouse, be aware that the person who invites you, is permanently visible on your profile page. See an example right here! This is also important to consider later when YOU are inviting someone, your name will then be visible on his or her profile. The person who invites you needs to save your phone number to their iPad or iPhone. That's necessary for the activation of your account. You don't know anyone who's using the app already? Still, you can reserve your @username, phone number, and pre-set up your account. In the next lesson, I will show you how! 3. Registration: When you open Clubhouse, you will see this Welcome! screen. You can either continue if you already have your invite text or reserve your username. I recommend using the "Get your username" button in any case. The following screen requires you to enter your phone number. It is important that you have your phone available if you're using an iPad. Clubhouse will send you a four digit code as a text message to the phone number you entered. Put the code into the number field and click "Next". Then it's time to put in your full name. Since you want to connect with real people, almost all people use their real names. When you are using Clubhouse actively, you want people that know you to join your conversations, right? Now it's time to put your username in. Keep in mind that there is no text message functionality inside this app. It's audio only. Therefore, I recommend the use your Twitter or Instagram username, because you can also integrate them later on into your profile. This way, people can message you there very easily. If you use a name is free, you will see this confirmation that your username has been reserved for you. You need to find someone now latest who is already using clubhouse and sends you an invite. Reach out to friends, colleagues and co-workers! You have to provide to them the exact same phone number you already use for the verification process. When another person finally invited you to Clubhouse, your start screen will look like this. And that's where we will continue setting up your profile. 4. Setting up your profile: So now we can go into setting up your profile from this start screen, you have the option to import everything from Twitter or set up your account manually. I personally imported from Twitter. The following pop-up requests connection to your Twitter account. You have to allow Clubhouse the access in order to import your profile image. If you're setting up your account manually, you need to upload a photo. I recommend to use a real authentic image of yourself. That is important for your credibility. I have the same photo on Clubhouse that I also use on Twitter and Instagram. This way people can trust that it's actually me talking to them. You have the possibility here to allow Clubhouse access to your contacts. That makes it possible to invite other people from your contacts to Clubhouse later on. Now it's time to select some topics you're interested in. Based on what you select here, the list of people to follow is pre-selected for you on the next screen. If you're not interested in following all the pre-selected people, just click below the Follow button to select manually. Then select the people you find interesting individually and continue. In the last setup step, you need to decide if you want to allow notifications from Clubhouse. Think about when and where to use Clubhouse, because dependent on your in-app settings, these notifications can pop up quite often. Afterwards, you can modify your profile description called "bio". You can access your profile easily over the start screen, the top right symbol showing your profile picture gets you there. The first three lines of your bio should be catchy because they are visible at first sight. Your full bio will be expanded by user clicking on these three lines. Currently there is no character limitation, but try to keep it clear and concise. Your profile description is the first thing people see who want to interact with you. So it is very important which message you want people to perceive from you. If you're interested in setting up your professional profile description in order to build your personal brand on Clubhouse, Check out one of my upcoming advanced classes on these topics here on Skillshare. In the next lesson, we will focus on the key features of Clubhouse in order to get you started as quickly as possible. 5. Key features: Now I will highlight the key features to get you comfortable using Clubhouse. Notice here that I will not explain every feature, but the most important ones that get you started quickly. Let's begin with a start screen. In the top row on the left side you can see the loupe symbol that gets you to the Explore page. Based on the interests you specified before and the people you already follow, you will get suggestions on other people. You can also explore different conversation categories and Clubs. The mail symbol brings you to the invite menu. You can see here how many invites you are able to send to other people. If you are very active, speak in rooms, moderate, and invite other people, Clubhouse will add invites to your account so you can invite more people. The calendar symbol reveals the event page where you can see rooms planned by other people. The symbol in the top right corner of this menu brings you to your own planning page for events. We'll go deeper into that in another class. Going back to the start page, you can see the bell symbol showing you relevant information regarding your account. The three most common notification types are (1) someone follows you, (2) someone pinged you to join a room that might be interesting for you, or (3) someone you followed scheduled room. If you have new notifications, that will be a small red dot at that bell. Otherwise you're up to date. At the top right corner you can access your profile as discussed in the lesson before. The bottom section shows a big "+ Start a room" button. That's a quick way to immediately open up a room. You can choose between three different types of rooms. (1) Open: Everyone can join this room. (2) Social: Only people you are following can see this room. (3) And closed. Only people you invite can join this room. "+ Add a topic" allows you to add a topic to your room. Back on the start page, the symbol at the bottom right shows you the activity of people you are following. It shows if people are online and when they were online the last time. When they are online, you can see under their name, the description of the room they are listening to. If they're listening to a private room or just browsing the app, you will see just "online". Last but not least, let's have a look on the main content of the start screen. In the upper section, you see the next three events planned by people you follow. Below, you can scroll through rooms that are running right now. By clicking on them, you can join the rooms, but only one room at a time. You can see rooms here that people you follow are just listening in or also speaking. If you join one of these rooms, it will look like this. There are three segments of people, if the room is big enough. In the top segment called "stage", you can see the people that are able to speak right now. Moderators in this room are marked with a green white star symbol. They have the ability to get people from the audience on stage or put them back into the audience. We will go into the specific moderator functions deeper in another class. The middle and bottom section is the audience. In the middle section, you can find people from the audience that are followed by one or more speakers. It is kind of a VIP section because people have more visibility inside the audience. The bottom section is the main audience. Inside all segments, people are ordered by longest time inside the room, except the moderators who are always at the top of the speakers section. Now that you have an overview of the key features, some Do's and Don'ts. 6. Do's and Don'ts: Now some tips and tricks for using Clubhouse and making a good first impression. The first week on Clubhouse, your profile picture will have a small party-popper icon on the bottom left that indicates you're new on the platform. So don't worry to do something wrong. Moderators can see that and help you get your way through your first Clubhouse experience. Let's assume you're entering a room and would like to speak on stage or introduce yourself, you got into this room because the headline or description of this room captured your attention. Please do not raise your hand immediately. Listening into the conversation, at least for a few minutes. You may find out that the conversation derailed already, or the headline does not match the conversation topic anymore. So you may want to save your time and not speak up anymore. Plus, if you wait it shows an appreciation for the speakers. If you have an interesting profile picture or description, a moderator might even invite you to speak. This way you don't even have to raise the hand and you have an excuse to speak. If you're invited to speak and enter this stage, you can notice a slight change of the volume and the orange dot on your device. That indicates that your iPad or iPhone microphone is active. Now, please directly mute yourself by clicking on the microphone symbol on the bottom right of your Clubhouse app. Then the appearance changes to that. On your profile picture you can see a crossed microphone now, that means you're muted. This is important while other people are speaking and the conversation is going on. Please wait until the moderator introduces you to the audience and gives the floor to you. Now please do not immediately jump in and go to the point you want to talk about. Instead, thank the moderator for letting you speak and say a few nice words. And then introduce yourself in two or less sentences and continue with a point you want to talk about. Please make sure not to overemphasize your gratefulness at the beginning that you are allowed to speak. Even if it's your personal highlight, the audience might be annoyed and loses attention. That would be very sad because they might be interested in what you have to say and even maybe connect with you. Usually there are people on stage who are interested in more details about you. Most of the time the moderator asks you to tell more about yourself or specific details you revealed earlier. So be patient. If you want to have an impactful first conversation, please check out one of my upcoming classes on this. This will be a step-by-step guide that gets you the most out of speaking in front of a bigger audience. Let's round up this lesson by clapping and requesting to directly react to something. Assume you have already spoken on stage and would like to immediately react to something that has just been said. You can signal your intention to speak to the moderator by slowly muting and un-muting your phone. You do this slowly a few times without saying anything. If you don't want to speak, but applaud to something that is just being said in the moment you got to mute/un-mute in this pattern. It is more quickly but also more often than the "intention to speak" signal. This is an already widely spread behavior, but sometimes it confuses moderators. So it might be that you can get a request if you wanted to say something or just applaud. So now let's check out how to use Clubhouse and which benefits to take from the app. 7. How can I use Clubhouse?: Clubhouse is still in the beginning and opportunities for different markets are growing fast. If you want to have some private conversations with your friends, that's perfectly possible in a private room. No one is disturbing you there. But be aware that Clubhouse itself is recording all conversations for different kinds of purposes. For example, improvement of speech recognition and audio quality. Another example is to listen into expert Talks on different topics. In most cases, the speakers are interested in opening up the discussions for questions from the audience. Don't let these opportunities pass. Raise your hand as discussed earlier and ask your questions. Maybe you're an expert on something and you know someone interesting to talk about a specific topic? Great! Then you have the opportunity to organize your own room here together. You not only attract other people that are like-minded, but also make great connections. For business purposes, you can make great connections if you connect your Twitter and Instagram so people can send you a text message. Having a good conversation can also be a very good trigger for you to connect with possible business partners on LinkedIn. And that brings us to the final lesson of this class now. 8. Conclusion: Clubhouse is a very dynamic and rapidly evolving social media platform that brings benefits that other platforms could not yet deliver. You are able to consume high-quality audio content while you're on the road or just doing the dishes. Especially your visual attention is not captivated most of the time. The possibility to connect with people comes at the right time. And last but not least, compared to a podcast, you have the possibility to engage with the creators here directly, maybe even make a connection there. If you're considering to use Clubhouse for your business, build customer relations, or co-working opportunities: Please feel free to join one of my advanced Skillshare classes on these topics. Thank you so much for joining this class and I hope you felt the same joy, I did. Have a good start on Clubhouse, great and inspiring conversations! Stay healthy, strong, and compassionate!