" Cloudy Stormy Rural landscape " Watercolor Landscape Painting | Samiran Sarkar | Skillshare

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" Cloudy Stormy Rural landscape " Watercolor Landscape Painting

teacher avatar Samiran Sarkar, Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Intro 1

    • 2. Screen 1

    • 3. Screen 2

    • 4. Screen 3

    • 5. Screen 4

    • 6. Screen 5

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About This Class

Watercolor landscape is very interesting subject.  In this course I will show you Step by step how you can complete one Watercolor painting Landscape  Cloudy  Stormy Rural landscape. In this course you will learn how you can create a dramatic Stormy  Rural landscape very easy technique. You will learn proper color mixing for create a Stormy clouds and rural landscape .No require any strong Drawing skill, Just You apply proper mixing colors and Brush stroke. Also you will learn how very fast wet in wet process you can create a dramatic  Cloudy Stormy sky.In this project you need few Art materials, Watercolor painting,Good quality Watercolor paper , Water Pot,Brushes ( Flat & Round ) , Watercolor Mixing Palate, a small cloths, Water. I paint on Watercolor Handmade paper. Use Artist quality watercolor paintings Chrome Yellow, French Ultramarine , Burnt umber, Payne's grey , lemon Yellow, Chrome Yellow ,Viridian Green , Burnt Sienna . Use  Round and Flat brushes , Water pot and Rough cloths .

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Samiran Sarkar

Artist & Art Instructor. B.V.A.



  I am Samiran Sarkar. I have completed my B.V.A. degree from Govt. Art College with 1st class degree in 1995. After I have started my career as an Artist. After complete my B.V.A. degree  few years I have engaged with reputed creative Organizations and Art Institutions as an Art instructor and Art director . Last seventeen years I am a Freelance full time  Artist & Art instructor. I have exhibited my Paintings many National & International Prestigious Art Exhibitions , My Watercolor & Acrylic paintings have Awarded many National & International Art Exhibitions. My paintings collections many Galleries , Cooperate houses and also Personal collections all over the world. My paintings also exhibited many... See full profile

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1. Intro 1: my friend. I am someone Circle. I'm an artist and art instructor. I have exhibited my paintings, different galleries in the world as well as only not a killer. Welcome to my watercolor coz In this course I'm going to share you how to create a beautiful, stormy, cloudy rural landscape. Painting on a watercolor. I'll show you how you can create state by state. Very easy way strongly cloudy to Alaska. Watercolor. So ready for your materials. And start your painting, please. Was discourse very carefully and start your painting. Don't trust it. If it's spoiled fast, take another piece of paper and types once again and he will be much success for this project. Let's start. 2. Screen 1: first was very smoothly right to left with a flag press in my palette. I am mixing four colors. Co Mula. Very few pains. Great French artemisinin on barn number. No, I am. I played my first tow us I'm playing was is very carefully color flow freely. I'm trying to maintain transparency and trying to create dramatic stormy sky. I'm a playing a few dark color washes for create dark, cloudy things. When you create any landscape painting sky field, you need to understand how colors will move themselves. Some papers You should understand flu direction of water with color and where you need to stop. It's very important for watercolor. Let's get painting now. I'm taking quite dark color on going toe. Create dark person, cloud of it apart. Position, paper, surface. Still wait so easily I can add more dark color tones for create dark cloud. If it's cloud doses were speak. Li applied on white paper surface for green Clovis various sets off color mixing with each other and create mood of strong cloudy sky. My subject matter this guy, So I need to concentrate on sky. I have to create strongly. Sky drawing is not so perfect for this painting. Just I need very light and horizontal line during few person of my sky. I need to create more dark clouds effects. So that's why I'm applying more dark color washes. Mexican would make pains great with few barn number. I have placed story on my way paper surface. See slowly dramatic. Monson's starter Fister coming but very carefully Apply for this once it's, um article position, paper surface still long way so easily. I paint and create long, long distance bushes trees with a small round breath. I am using pains, agree Born number and Barcena for create long distance trees and bushes. - No and creating few palm trees with dark tone against our cloud if it see how interesting way I'm making palm trees with few crossed oaks. - So this is my fast train, how I am creating cloudy sky and next thing I am going toe, create cornfield and more subjects 3. Screen 2: well, im taking. If we're around breath on, I'm going to paint a cornfield. I'm taking three colors in my palette. I mixed fuel. Go Muello Andi fuel lemon yellow with venture Demery and become the cream on start paint on paper, Doc Color Religion, Indian mixed with light cornfield and creating a few person dark on field. Look, my cornfield perspective. Dennis, is this story coming on this looking very nice. Okay, I am going to start paid right side coffee. I am a flame gated was taking and just carefully I pain vertical portion I'm thinking more dark, radiant, being mixing with light green cornfield with waiting with process the middle of the cornfield sections I'm keeping white blank space for creative reversing Next queen I'll show you how to create a lever and shadows 4. Screen 3: in the screen. I'm going to complete the river water as a less palm tress light shadow on what are delivered. I have a claim. Dish was very lightly. I used pain. Stay with global blue. Very like I'm trying to create prostitutes properly. Very light color fixed, mixing with Payne's gray and few cobalt blue. And I am creating river flowing. What are effect as well a saddles off palm trees I'm giving feel blank white paper surface for indicate long distance developed. Now this looking very interesting Safe's. 5. Screen 4: in the skin. I'm going to create few boards with a small breath. My painting competition will be more interesting for AEG. The sports two colors mixed with each other. One. Banshee Anna. Another one. Few wrong, but and I am applying this mixing color for pain ports. Yes, also, I paint a few flags and stick effects besides force with a small breasts. 6. Screen 5: Okay. This is my last. I am adding one small figure in the screen. My painting is almost all things Hope you enjoyed this course. And I am expecting from you a small assignment from you. Thank you. For what? My ghosts.