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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Azure Storage 1 Intro

    • 3. Azure Storage 2 Blob

    • 4. Azure Storage PRA 1 BloB

    • 5. Azure Storage 3 StorSimple

    • 6. Azure Storage 4 Disk

    • 7. Azure Storage 5 Files

    • 8. Azure Storage PRA 2 File

    • 9. Azure Storage 7 Table

    • 10. Azure Storage 8 Backup

    • 11. Azure Storage 9 Data Lake

    • 12. Azure Storage10 Queue

    • 13. Azure Storage11 Archieve

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About This Class

This course is all about learning various cloud storage options available on Microsoft AZURE cloud platform. We will explore following storage services-

BloB, StorSimple, Disk, File, Table, Backup, Data Lake, Queue, and Archive. We would be creating resources for BloB and File storage. Each storage option is suitable for certain domain and we can decide what to choose based on price, availability, reliability, application, SLA (Service Level Agreement) provided, elasticity, retention period, hot/cold or archive option, etc

Meet Your Teacher

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Harshit Srivastava

Developer on IBM Cloud, Bluemix


I am Self-Taught developer who had worked on various platforms using varied languages, and involved in various Projects both Open Source and Proprietary.

I have developed Web and Android Applications, chrome Extension, worked on various frameworks, fixed bugs for some projects, and explored numerous others. I think education and learning should be free and open, not be bound with restrictions like attending classes or going to college, People from all age groups, gender, faith, race, nations, etc must get equal privilege. When entire world would act this way like being a single FAMILY, we would truly realise VALUE of Knowledge and Human Life.

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1. Class Introduction: Hi there, welcome to this class on Cloud Storage with Microsoft gives you, my name is. I'm a course instructor for this class. This class will teach you various tools and services for Cloud storage on Microsoft is very well learning to create instances for a 0 blob storage is too simple. Disk storage, file storage able to stimulate grouping backups, data leak us to reach and archive storage. So if you are curious to learn these Cloud services and take your carrier to the next level and start learning like now. See you in the class. 2. Azure Storage 1 Intro: Hi, friend. We learning cloud comforting with Microsoft is you on the falling session of Siris are we're going to learn about the story services level under as your cloud. So let's start with the storage. There is a range off options off for storage level on the club. We have different kinds of stories. Different types of five different kinds of obligations so far are to offer a committed everything on the cloud. We have different kinds off a story There on the cloud we could have our date up like text files videos. We have folders and we have virtual machines. We have a mobile applications. We have Web applications. We have things are coded and stored in SQL databases that we haven't no escorted. Every says that we have a semi structure, that we have the structure data. We have the classified data. We have analytics data for various sense off range off applications. We have different storages options so later says for God, with his options that are available on the Microsoft as your cloud. So we have finally stories. We have discussed stories. We have blobby stories. We have the latest stories and we have archival storage and we have every Ravi affection for we extend for as your storage Soro. Let us understand the most primitive kind off storages, blobby stories, Blob A is a binary large object file. It is our object, the stories that is massively scalable So you can install roughly in finite er whatever. How do they could be created? It would have ah, large set off data that it is scalable on the cloud for an instructor leader. Then there it is on the structure. Any kind of thing it could be treated feed are it could be a set of text files. It could be a city before dates. Everything that could be there It is the cheapest form off strolling down the club. It is ah, next to archive. It has a cost effective for massive volume. It has different tiered option for his story. It could be hard, cool and archive. The archive here is the cheapest form office storage. Then we have the archive of stories, years for our way. We have a different set off fire said that could be there. We have say we have an organization that have a sensitive before days for Hander's off rooms are that is being generated daily on 24 7 So we really need this kind of data, but we want to I take a back up off of that data. I said we want to restore it on the club s so we can use archival purpose. It will be made off line on the cheapest would with them. The data will be encrypted on it will be, could be invigorated with a heart or Cooley storage when you were going and it will be managed. Our informs have mental data and then we have the discussed await for high performance storage off disc that is persistent throat. The little on it is have level to us are as we have drives that we have a C Dr D drive on the windows or similar things. It could be added to on for myself cloudy storage as well. Then we have the finally story, which is simple and distributed on the cost of cross platform five system. It could be used for migration, all purpose when we want to migrate or data from on for my to the cloud. And I suppose that we could be performing lift and shift migration. We could have a simple storage option as well. We could have a different set of five porters and hierarchy being there on. We don't need to have profound coding operations are using any of the e p a hard when you're going to do, we can have. Then we have the leaky storage job is still with have a massively scalable Did I stole a similar to block, but here we have an A distant at wanted Here The data is stored as an obviously stories, but it could be retried. It would be performed at various operations would be there, let regarding analytics We could create Anna patients. We could perform cleansing operations. It could be optimized for Apache spark our Hadoop Analytics Indians as well. It is a very is access control list. Additional to this that we had a table storage as well, for I stood in Jason data No escalator and we have a more kind of the story. Yes, well, you're a storage. We have too little credit. Geiser. They started into their different categories one that is technically accessible by the rest Api I overestimated realistic GPS on another that is designed for Microsoft Aziz Virtual machines. So for virtual machines, we have the finest termination we have the disk storage that would be used for running up, which on most things, in different environments. We clinics Windows or Mac. Then we have the forest. AP. I supported applications in storage. We have the cure story to be harder table started on. We have the blobby stories that could be used for a rest. API. The Cousteau radio would be used for our messaging applications that could be passed off based on a secret itself manner. It will be incorporating in my dreams of applications they were going toe same the push notifications to you, the message queues that could be delivered using the keystone. I guess that any kind of stories that we have we have the standard stories are premium stories for washing machines, anything any kind of story. Essentially, with my stories home. To create a storage off facility, we have to first create a storage. We could have multiple stories. You can't being created with a single subscription or single idea on the Microsoft is you. I'm for each eastern it we have different Nothing. This is just a layer off. Abstraction are easy access. It will be integrated with a different second deployment model on the couch. With infrastructure as a service, our platform of the service could be there The manage this our files are there for in flexitarian service. I worked without virtual machines on the SMB in just access it could be used to perform live kinship operations with the manage disco. You would perform what you're much in operations. It could be based on SS. The I was a low I a P iss Hi Hi Appears are loyal agency I'm from off hardest are different things Then for past performance service we have a different set of frameworks Are micro services are several less comforting functions could be integrated there with the mobile Web or I only applications and we could have obviated story that is accessible by the next FBI They really storage that is orders killing for no Esquivel's way have petabytes of data and then we can have accused that could be there for delivery purpose off messages both Everything is built on the unified distributor restore its system for durability encryption at rest is totally consistent. The replicas, our fault tolerant on bigs on auto load balancing. So this is a lot of storage introduction about any stores we're going to learn about. Easy story service up in detail and they're going lectures. The limb. Keep learning. I keep going. 3. Azure Storage 2 Blob: Hi. Welcome back, Frank. Are we learning cow? Completing that, Michael sake is there are We're learning. The story of solutions are here in this lecture, willing to learn about a block history itself. Mr. I zero blob storage is a massively scalable object storage for under structure data. Have you under cloud? Users are kinds that can have applications off object storage and the blob storage that could be accessible with STP honesty. TPS particles profitable. It is the most common type off stories on it allows our anything are everything could be to be stood online. It is compared Teoh simply stories, service or history on Amazon Web services, allowing it very highly scalability off on elasticity. For this application, the objects in blob storage are accessible. Why, as arrested p i by the power shield, I'll see a life or stories clients that very it is. There is advantage. Yes, it could be scaled up or down using three kind of different tiers. It could consist off a heart there cold here and archived here. Other prime minister storage when your data has a very recent access or very high demand that you guys in high demand it could be considered as, ah, hard historic on when it would be required in less number of time. It will be called or otherwise are digitize required. Well, really could be archived, wrestles or otherwise, and for your different set of solutions are business at the moment. It would have a premium or dedicated storage as well. They could get our scalable. I cost effective cloudy stories. It is very cheap compared to your hosting our physical appliance for all kind off your honest structure their data. You need to only pay for what you use works on the pay as you go model on the safe. Some money compared Teoh unpromising storage options. You can choose among different history steers based on the requirements. It got strong consistency when an object is changed. I swear, if I'd everywhere for superior later integrity, ensuring you always have the access to the latest word. So when it maintains a sh rest off three location backups. Your single it ties back up three times on the cloud in different locations. Any updated data object? It is being updated everywhere, so it has always from consistency, object mkt ability. You can get the fax ability to perform address and the police, which can improve your obligation performance and reduce the band conception. You have the merciful blob types. I got different. That's a bluff that could be used in the block, please. And up and blobs are we're going to learn in the literature of this beautiful. Give you maximum flexibility. People optimize the restorative Based on your requirements, you are easy to use geo redundancy. You could automatically configure the your applicants based on their mind on the options in a single meeting you easily on power on hasta global and local access for the business continuity. You want one interpreter on the worldwide access. You can make your on instructor Dica of Level two customers anywhere to rest Waste Object Storage. Which regions around the world is ideal for the streaming, streaming and storing media. It could be used for live broadcast events are long term archival off petabytes off movies , I tell you, wish yourselves it could be searched for hidden insight. The massive Roberti storage, like two big data analytics I have access to the right people are right. No matter where they are, they could be collaborated with anyone in the world you just need to have in as your account on, the permissions are required to actually like him. You got any data at the cloud rested, You could still any type of one structured it Be image videos, audios on everything or for backup or very purpose, which could be a trillions off object you could restore and with a single account eyes here . Blob storage as designed for various purposes, it could be used for serving images. Document to movies. Fires a pretty of variously to a browser. It could be higher and files large files. Small fires are where these kind of fights it could be stored for distributed access as well. It could be used for the streaming video, audio or other things that requires the highest free do as well it could. We start if you want to develop another Netflix, are you too? You could be using the blob storage some point of the time. You could write to lock files equally. They storing data for backup on Mr for the last year. Recovery on archival purpose. You know the story later for analytics by an entre Mayes or if you're hosting service. Eso blobby stories container consist off are different. I think it got I storage account where we have a container. We have the storage account Was consists of container on country that consist of blobs to container. How different? Set of permission You got access control the public access level They storage access policies All I stored here the immutable policy is the lease Animated it us are there who defines the date of the nature off your data and everything. So there, general two types of resources that we know the stories account the container handed blow I storage account is selling. Two can be linked with mystical containers country that could visualize as our folders But they're not folders on the containers. My country stuff are different fires that are blocked by the re large object fights The containers could be indifferent getting we say we have an accounts of Sally consisting of two containers for one for a pictures on one For movies the pictures consist of different images are pictures that can be stolen. The blob on movies could really Sister, this is ah, layer off obstruction on the thing that we confused you have to create a story to county after great continue. You have to create growth. But that does. That does not take a very long time. You have to initialize the glove. How associated with the country Now our story on the way. When you create, they don't need to be explicitly defined. I stories account provides Our unique name is place are in as you for the data. Every object that you still in as they restore it has an address, not include your unique name. So storage account throughout your unique Neymar ul for to be accessible the combination of account name and the storage club and point from the beef address off the objects and our stories you come heritage that I still need to count could be accessible with access years and that we call hard on archive kind of existence. It could may have a different blood types of bases. A ban on blocked the container which there could be multiple containers assets with fitted with storage account. The container augmented set of blobs on different set of blobs could be here in each container. Ah, similar toward artistry in a file system. Middle of, like, folder or territory that we have. It is a little obstruction stories you can't can include. Unlimited number of containers under continuing can have a limited number off blocks as well. Then we have the blobs are there are generally create after blobs and the block blobs our friend gloves on the peace gloves. So the block block store fixed on buying a new data, which has a less size. It is up to about 4.7 terabytes currently, but it could be extended. The block gloves are made up off our blocks of data that can be managed individually at these levels. You so you could whenever you filter and either text are you're buying a new data, PDF or word file. You could access this file and modify simply based on the permissions. Actually find earlier. Let me have a pen bluff that are made off blocks like Block Lost, but are optimized for a pending operations up. And our blocks are ideal. Force analysis is logging off data from virtual machines so you could set a, uh was the locks off. Then there's a lot that are being generated for different access machines. Lock files logged, it is and obsessed things. You could add more content at the last without removing the existing current in. Then we have the page blobs, which is total random access fights off to a terabyte in size. The place where officers told the Watch will hardest. Five are ill drive, so for virtual machines, it could be a lot of page loves. You could move data Teoh love in different ways you have. There is a copy. It is a command line utility that we used off from both from Windows clinics are MCA. We could be accessible for blob storage container stories account. You have to simply download off Microsoft as your commander and interface, where he could rent this command in order to perform the Gulf operations in the sea. Element offers you can get a job. I moved as well. You could be table feels suit. Your requirement he could use are acting. Then you have the other restores our daytime moment library, which is a Darknet library for moving data between the storage devices. You going to use this FBI to develop your applications based on different programming languages? That has been said OK Then we have the other data factory that suppose are copying data to and from blobby stories by using account, key share, accessing nature service principles are managed identities. For this all start investigations, it is a separate killed living either There. Then we have the block fuse, which is a virtual file system graver for a blob storage. You can use a bluff used to access every existing block data in the storage account for the Lennox form system. Then you have the data box disk with service for transferring on provides data to blobby stories. When the desert are high, our network and constraints makeup uploading off data over the bar on realistic. Then you have the other import export service with provides you way to ask for a large amount of data from your story account hardest. When you provided Microsoft, she's backing data. So you got Ah, similar application could be there for data box. Say you want to. We are on from a stated in the cloud or either the cloud to the on from my cigar toe separate device that you could order Teoh transfer your data. Severity is off section That has been done. You got on. You are all for for your account country in a block or particular peach blocks. You could get account name, then separated by blob. That code or windows are net, and you have to provide the container dream on the blast claim in order to access a particular blob remarkably are using. The rest are different. Request it could be integrated with a wide range of for services on cloud are basically myself because you are allude could be integrated with a multi cloud. I've been blue makes our Heracles Oh Amazon Web services to bring our different solution. So here we have a new image that is being uploaded to you is storage. We have become that is passed to the even great having different instances off Web hook, running toe fester application. Ah, logical flow toe. Bring the notification to your email. Addy are the function between several lesser computing option to perform analytics based on cognitive services. So you have a data based on the same person. Uploads an image off a person off another person. It may identify it. Notify you are using the emails largely flow outlook option on. Then it will send a trigger our function to perform the cognitive operation. That who is the person is and sent you an email. You might have seen our banners, Hollywood movies which may have a certain scenarios on Attacker Christ to attack you. And the image pops over on your phone Our emails that who is this person? So it performed the image recognition of parts and identification at the moment undergo very rapidly so he could build a different set off solutions that don't need to be such a high tech. All right, last simple solutions would be there like uploading an image file their form that our size things good with you you could upload are different united. You have the former. You say you want to design a website or reporter for a college, which and those a different student to their educational programs throughout the world. So you want to get the application from students across the world. The upload their image are adjusted video. Say the number of students very large and you want to study down the cloud so you could use a blob for that purpose. That could be white range of solutions, huh? you should build our private blob storage to build your own solution, are killed and keep learning and keep moving ahead. 4. Azure Storage PRA 1 BloB: Hi. Welcome back, friend. Off here in this practical exercise we're going to create an instance for is your blob storage. We could create off any object storage er storing a large number of files to be image, video or any kind of data that would be stored in an unstructured data. Former lobby storage blobby Authorities have a level and at the free tier Oh, it is a level for 12 months free. So you could have ah, blob storage for development free. And then you have to pay a minimal charge when you upgrade to the P s a good morning, so you could create an instance by adult going to the store, this section or going to the free services. So we are to choose. Our subscription plan provides for 20 days the actress use a resource group after a storage account name. You have to create any storage account for any stories that you want to create. This is a little off affection that get created, are associated with this, create a unique name that is not a level earlier. Then provide a location, very wonder stories to be there in any off the as you regions than here to choose from the performance plan. I don't go to the standard or to the premium based on your requirement on. Then you can choose which account type hair. It is the global storage. Then you have to choose a replication option. You have a jury rendering our application here, but then you have to choose over that it is a heart here. Cool here. Later on, you could add our caipirinhas. Then there is a vast security settings are virtual network our data protection settings. Medical Review. You want to enable anything data protection and corruption? What? Your network. Whatever you feel like we were, choose from here You can allow exit from all the network or choose from the select later network that you provide. Then you can be we were setting. You can add any tag that could be used when you want toe view it from the willing section are managed resource from the resource group. You could create ah key value burial. But then I just hit the create option. When you all configured things, then your blobby stories it will be created. It may take certain time, but it will be a level law. What's the vegetation has been passed on. The several said competition has been done. I will be available in the notified section. So we have toe hit create option here, tentatively initialized. It will be created and we have level in the notified section from very odd. To click, the go to resource option will be available. You could still any kind off unstructured data with the blob storage lobby, the cheapest form of restoring data or information on the cow so that it is being created. We have different settings here we have the resource i d. We could get everything here. So there's ah story account that has been created with this is storage account resource off electric to the probably stories will be their association. We have the access theory. We can modify it. It discreetly hard here. So of course, will be high. Regrettably has come for the court here archived here. So it hardware consist off frequently of in demand resources. We can definitely go to the resources on more by hitting this option. So here it is that the blob storage It's arrest based object storage for unstructured data finger. You could open it in Explorer on the left hand side. You gotta, with his options on here, there where it's matrixes That is showing up. You could get the recent data regarding your information. Everything that you restore. You have the activity log. You have the access keys. He had the bluff service here. You could create container. You could add custom domains as well. So you diss option took theater country, right? A name for this container. With this container, you could create a storage. I'm here to great forces storage account down container And then I started longer storage. You could have private access on animals are things like that. These are the layers off a protection that is there. The container they started to come. You have You could edit Animated later recording this from here. We got the custom going. You could add custom domains. We could have gloves. You could create a blood Mr. Right here. You've got the azure Syrian content delivery network. You got the overview Where option? You could create a city in right away from here. Are you gonna hit this option? Eso does show up Second Matic sensor digitizing their applauded as we have level or anyone , we would open our thing and explorer. But we have to download the the I D for Explorer. So we have level. Do you on the offering Were able to upload fires. I shall fight on dub. So here it is. Explorer, Mr. Expiry went down Orders for free. Uh, on where you could perform Clear Delete. You are edit option for blood Que table fires. I'm cosmos TV as well. They started the exporter eyes. A useful thing to manage everything. Get integrated with command and utility as well on you could create are similar. Restore it off in there. You gotta get details here. 5. Azure Storage 3 StorSimple: Hi, friend. Welcome back. We're learning cloud computing with Microsoft. Is you on here in this lecture, we're going to learn about I Still, the service card is still simple, So let's start with this Still temple as they restore simple is an integrated story solution that how do you manage is still the stuff between our improvised devices and as your plug storage? A simple solution off for one in the solution to that can be integrated for release kinds off the storage or replication option it have you in a primary stories archival storage, this wasted stories, remote applications, our tape backup or and ER on the club For all your unpromising storage, it could be added to you as you can. You have a physical or virtual servers that has been connected, A says. These are hard. It's hard right that can be associated with the Internet. Why, I see, as I on that could be had headed to the remote or branch offices so you could use as a cloud as an access point to connect your different unpromising stories. Locations that data centers did I could be distributed across our way. This a branch or reward offices. I'm gonna be accessed over here. It has were at one pages. So you have the Consolidated Eli story infrastructure here. I store simple, Have you Will. The performance and capacity centric applications are giving you complete hybrid story solution for in the price you got our physical areas diploma data centers. Watch your letters for this one. Enterprises. We got a network at I T stories. The physical device that you can add to your branch locations Based on your requirement, you could have that kind of history. You can automate their data management. Why managing your data growth more effectively? The store simple can off automatically archive inactive primary data from on premises to the cloud to create a fortunate our capacity expansion. You could add this thing. You could accelerate other disaster recovery policies. Disaster recovery on back up plants could be incorporated. Using this, you got improved compliance. You get reliable and rapid disaster recovery even for very large volumes. With this so you could install the store simple. It allows you find kun on by fixing the gap off testing data recovery on you don't show the comply ability with corporate policies off for data retention on disaster recovery. It gives you immediate are already during partial for disaster it and answer their ideas, ability and drives a business. It has to speed up your business intelligence on decisions with our innovative rapid data Woman from different data centers off your organization, investing our operational efficiency. It could reduce the idea over had helping you re conduct. I had no city rollers are New Deal states. Do what it's cost as much as 60%. So here we can have Ah, my stupid cancer safe If we have two concurrent users that can shield as a link for still simple watch you, Larry the Provider 100 MBPs are, say, 550 years, or GPS read. Write is free to azure blob. It could be access to the blob storage on the cloud, and our unpromising story is connected by store. Simple. And then we can have a month people concurrent users using Virtual Airy's. It's so simple. Healthy device. Our enterprise hybrid cloud storage is that could be spread throughout the world, are weak, and Europe in Africa, in Isha in the Americas are anywhere in the world. You have the data centers. You have the adjudicator regions. You got disaster recovery data mobility, consolidated management under the production plants for both off large enterprises and small eso, as there is still a simple comes into fashion. First of the store Simple 8000 cities are hardware. It has a battery storage capability. It has consist off, are different solid state drives on hard drives and that could be used for the cloudy stories. 8000 threes are hybrid heuristic at Wantage Off Economical Cloud. The stories for inactive later, like archiving purposes. If every dies not generally frequently used, I could be ground as inactive. It would be cheaper to host at application on the club while keeping a most mission critical later on premises for highest level of performance. The result is a hybrid cloud. The stories giving your primary storage backup archival UN integrated into protection for the location. Independent off. After the recovery plan, you have ah different kinds. Office toe, 8000 cities store, simple devices. You got it and 116,600 a multiple devices for higher performance on for integrated Management. You got out of the store simple manager on the cloud that have Teoh access. A different sources are working machines on the club. Then you have a store. Simple virtual area that is a version off store. Simple solution for virtual machines that being installed on a remote. Our branch office has to be installed. You feel cost effective. Model a light with solution for a smaller enterprise. Informants while giving you find them in the valley for a hybrid cloud storage, you can download this area on Install it on the virtual machine that would be configured. Why either being were hyper visor are hyper V. It can be configured as on GSR, using as and be on the sand storage area network or devices it could be targeted for five. Sherry Information Worker on collaborative scenarios is found It a bizarre workloads using a different combination off local and beer volumes. And it is how it may appear on the screen when you try to create any stand for It's so simple. We got this option on the azure portal. You got different devices on with options to manage. You could get the devices. The backup catalog to configure is your job alert. The pro prohibition. Maximum capacity are you Get everything you got the status off. The others offline are falling. If you want to keep your any stories Data that is confidential. But it is not frequently used. You could make it offline as well, so it will be okay or otherwise. If you want to restore is to be up and running every time like heart of storage. It could be made online. What will device or I think I know Device could be here every hour on provides Data Center and Cloud Baker Center. This is a particular use case where we still use story. Simple history. We have the servers on I see installed on our unpromising storage. We are cities 8000 hybrid students. Any along with her steps Capital cities which could be integrated to the other cloud of having the applications off. Virtual virtual appliance. The lovely stories are stories simple manager. What has been administered? Why you are your team that is working for a particular automation. So you could access the things remotely off either from the i zero cloud or by moving to a physical data center. Entre Mayes. The improvise have the highest capacity off speed on performance with the cloud you got the backup on disaster recovery plants and more things that you can manage. So this is about the only store Simple East terrorists that could be a bridge between the stories. Options on the unpromising, the club. It is out of the box solution. You can use it a liberated for your corporation. Other reason. Things fibres in your own solution til then keep learning and keep moving. 6. Azure Storage 4 Disk: Hi. Welcome back, Frank. We're learning cloud computing with Microsoft as you on here. In this lecture, we're going to learn about this storage with your story service available on the club chiller. Start with this. So as a disc restorative, provide to persistent, highly secure cost effective Assess the option to support E O. As your virtual machines. It is a man is discarded virtual hardest. So you're manage. Discuss a virtual hardest, or BST that you can think off like a physical list in an on for my server. But I just being virtualized, they are restored our speech bluff, which are random input output, restorative objects and a zero. The manager disk is in our affection off pace blobs in the glass container for easier storage account. And when you start with as your manage this with your were killed as a creator and managers that this for you. So this was our storage. Here is the difference between the managed on unmanaged option With managed iscar, you got the comfort of cluster with availability sets off virtual machines in an isolated manages. You have multiple this that are isolated with each other on could be accessible by virtual machines. You don't need to manage everything. They are self sufficient for Landel in different ways. They could be provisioned by as here and don't need to worry about these things. Then you have unmanaged of where you have. Ah, not on our selected man. Is this that could not be separated around off he stays together. So your habits are risk. Are the stakes associated with and ministers that could be deleted of a certain thing fails . It won't work as a whole, but with minus. Do you have a different isolated environment? I've one note sales you have different to work upon There are different. I wanted yourself this case two minutes. You like the simplified management You got scalability for a disk off virtual machines. You got more secure. You have ah, highly durable and never will be. You can sell it that this types and sizes district for the working order as you really create and manage, that is for you. The physical hardware and network thing would be managed by Microsoft team. You can provision the STD toe standard, the hardest car tow premium assistance, solid state drives for a requirement. You got a skill abilities for a virtual machines. You can create thousands on Thursdays simultaneously. In a matter of minutes, you can use a virtual machine. The skill sets to deploy a single large cluster for the cloud native were killed. You can scale up our different SSD storage without compromising the performance. Are using this size up to 64 gigabytes that is more secure so you can encrypt your data address by default. Do you think of the story service encryption You can control the users living access to the rising over this based on the role based it could help you predict are the kind of back up you got a highly durable and available things Discover Resigned for 99 for 999% 59 Personality so discovered as an SLE service level agreement off 1949% for premium this remember defend US case. It got a zero person analyzed Hillary so does not face at all in really on the realist cases is on on your friends. You condone mission. Critical applications are works on development or test scenarios. As a disgrace. Stories profile. You can meet a diverse welcher machine workload comments, you can rely on our proven options. Other discs offer to cross platform support for both Windows limits and differently. Nixon Gorman sailors had going to associate on different linen providers your entire and integration with a Christian Microsoft on that hard party applications that could include the custom application images as well for operating systems and platforms. You can reduce your migration risk are you don't need to migrate every time you had a range , of course, defective. The offerings that help you easily migrate on Microsoft or third party applications to you as you with a certified list off shift diploma solutions. You are different solutions, and you have to choose from any one of them. Think if you want migration, you can tap into a broader community of partnership by where I said, as you will assess Teoh to protect your organization bigger on a sit in their case off the last recovery, you gotta taking care support direct from as you yeah, very things. So there are various options to choose from. The first option is ultra SST eso. I transcends the self, some music and latency, and I'll try scalable performers how, based on the requirements. If you want a very little militancy, you want everything to be alive every time. Nothing is like it is a delay with milliseconds. Microseconds are different seconds or a matter of minutes. But really, secondly, some millisecond latency it is very far, and life data you can scale it very high, so it has are prized level for home. It's for most of the mining data intensive workloads. You could choose this option. It delivers on pretty unprecedented and extremely scalable performance with minimal. Really, you could choose at this from a four G, we to 64. Then I like you could archive after one performance for disc, even actually with stories. Capital Cities. It would control this performance without restarting abortion machines with flexible on innovative features. Throughput off of one M BTO to 2000 and we per second are I appears off 100 to $1600. The premium SST is the second option that could be used for high performance distress stories on for production about fields. It could take advantage of this thing in different scenarios. You could build your high performance databases with a broad range of virtual machines for the speed that's needed for interpreting Klute. It could be reached for $20,000 ups. I'm 7 15 megabytes for second provision. It has a different cost scenarios. You can experience maximum this throughput per virtual machine, which is even fast, faster catching option. We want to deploy. Premium s a visa in connection with the city's virtual machines for unique catting. I love delivery. Then you got the third option standard of sixties, which is cost effective. It is a cheaper than other alternatives and has a consistent performance level. What? I has a low I apiece workload. It could have worked for consistent agency. A little living. The work is a little living car. It is not available at the moment or with the delay off microseconds for milliseconds, it could improve the reliability and scalability off your applications. It could deliver a different standard hardest on it could be experience are same industrial ating durability. When you have two different stories, you have even more minimal cost of storage for standard harness for different non critical workloads. If we have a simple solution, that is a not Vinoly required with a high efficiency, and you don't have enough butter to find that thing you could. Were we having the standard hardest solution as well? You could have the standard hardest to as your virtual machine to achieve cloudy skill for our development and test scenarios he slaps out there I could have the cost efficient price point. We will have a standard hardest managers on archiving and back up purposes. Could you use this thing? Then? There are videos are disco roles that would be there are There are generally three types of this closer west. This the temporary this candidate at this that was This is persistent. The temperatures is not persistent. You are. Look at this candidate at this our customer defined on persistent. So what is the darkness? Didacticism? Aristide artist that is attached to a virtual machine to restore a application Data other than your need to keep the artists are a stir on SCS I drives I know labeled with a letter that you choose I say it could be see Dr D drive drive whatever you feel like or provide your name then you have the always this every virtual machine that has energized operating system. This is this has a pre installed operating system, which was selected when the virtual machine was created so that this has a maximum capacity off 2000 gigabytes, so it could be used here anyhow, There temporary everyone. Machines are countries that temporarily risk, which is not the man ist ist that is the generally not managed on a temporary. This provides are short on the storage. It could, we delete. It has a feel over data for application and processes that is Internet to store only. Specific information, I say as a page are strapped Feiss. So you have three kinds off storage options are on various options to choose the disc from . I could have the disgrace storage whenever on very, very one on the cloud without compromise solutions, traveling alone solution They didn't keep learning, and people in there 7. Azure Storage 5 Files: hire a comeback friend. We're learning cloud computing with my Kazakh as you on here. In this lecture, we're going to learn about Aziz your file storage. So let's start with this. So with their stories could agree on the other cloud. We have different options. We have also the file storage as your files, which offers a fully managed five Here in the cloud, we could upload a file. It is different from object, the stories that is being provided with blob. Here we have a files that could be shared with different are accessible to like the industry Standard server message block protocol. You can mount as your five Shere Khan currently on cloud or unpromising the government off our windows. Linux on my quest, severity how it lives. If we have a particular location, you are designated for that. Think it is located as a network location are that could be mounted animal with different. Always it has different. I wanted it has a security, Norman, you've addressed a showed and knowing literally dies encrypted at rest and in crowded using SMB 3.0 amnesty to PS particle. You have the smart solution. You could quickly access your fights over high latency, low bandwidth links. Smart cutting off commonly Utah unpromising fights, all using as your think you've got our grass play from. You could access mount your as your fights from Windows leaning Cermak you gotta easily managed are you could deploy files years without having to manage hardware. Are operating system deployments letting you focus on your reserves? Easterly. Then you have the big for hybrid flexibility. You could access your data from where you want to use SMB respirator girls even the unpromising with as if I think you have the access for ah, hybrid performs for both. Compromise out the cloud solutions It is ah, you could migrate are find show dependent obligations on the cloud without breaking the existing coat so you could migrate the same thing. I'm run as it is. It was running on your compromise. His story. Then he could replace or supplement unpromising five servers based on lift and shift applications that simplifies cloud development. Off share application settings that is being implemented are using application instances that load on integration through the best AP eyes Onda. We can access or by mounting the assembly, share locally Then we can diagnose the share off as you file share in a confident place for cloud applications to write the log metrics and crashed ums. Then we have the depth test on the deeper involvement off for development. Testing are different purposes. Administrators are working on virtual machines and the cloud. We need a set off to some utilities. You could copy such utilities. Our shoes on each watching machine are having a time consuming process. But alternatively, you could mount. And as your fights here that could be install or used locally on each virtual machine. So developer and unrestricted completely access their tools and utilities. We don't need to copying those files, so it will be useful. You have to install once, and it will be available everywhere and every time. Then there are different benefits are off using fights here. It could be shared. I we provided fear access. You got fully managed services under as you. You don't need to manage the resources in gold Here. You got a scripting and cooling capacity for different platforms. You got multiple platforms support we fight and job RCC shop dot net are ruby on. Multiple languages are different platforms and lean X windows. Back off tools like that. You were the Sicilians, our family, our program ability. It could create a backup for as your fight shares on the unpromising Askew is a use case here. We've got one for my sister, and as you on the improvise, we have limits Windows Mac on different machines running out there on the NYSE. Here we had the Lennox virtual machines are running there. Way we can create another your file share instead on provide the recovery service force to create a backup to configure the back of the infamous it on the club on. The backups are defined on suited to take a snapshot. Over time, you could, minus the retention, using the back of policy. You have the simple consideration user defined definition. A zero infrastructure costs are filed liberalised Restore under because a cost effective solutions have been, every process is not a backup, not restored. My different times it would be saying nice easily. It could be also integrated with as your active directory or determine services. In order to provide a proper authentication channel, it could be authenticated using different credentials under the swastika then you could access. If I share. Say you have an abdication and you have 100 employees and these have a different as you. After Derek re our identification on you have a single fight to share between them on between your peers so you could provide. I has erected valedictory access on authenticated using a washing machine. It could be have level on the cloud and on prices, but it was really hyper solution. Whenever you want to create our file histories here, you got a you got toe. Go to a storage account on your as your portals, and from there you have four options to choose and the services, the block files, tables and Q's. So whenever we want to create a blob storage, you could create our right away from block off. When we want to create a file from there and so on, you could create a file stories easily. You will get out resource I d. S. So you could be it could remap Different resource is out there on the cloud. It could be also marked. A few different options are there in mighty cloud Informant. You could it would be integrated. You a zey are Microsoft Amazon Web services. I've been blue. Makes sense from cerebral. Are the club forms you could with the hybrid find shared by a A supervising. It could be you for cloud hearing about excess. We'll decide. Think cloud backup on bread without a delivery. Here we have a final thing server off in different locations on if any case, one server or two server been filled out, it would still have ah, working environment on the camp. It could be synchronized over different folders, fires or application that maybe there so it is available out there for everyone. You could use a fine share for a wide range off. Possible solutions to bring out their corporate needs are your individually try breathing all solution. We're going to learn more killed and keep learning and keep moving at 8. Azure Storage PRA 2 File: Hi. Welcome back, friend. Here, in this practical exercise, we're going to create an instance for as your file storage, which is available as a service on the storage option, is available for free equal migrants. Simple distributed CrossFit from applications on file storage. File storage allows you to create our storage options $4 directories and fires that you have on your own system. It would create a storage account, just provide a certain information we need Deplored subscription ing. We are deployed at its source group. We have to provide a storage account name. We have to provide the location we have to choose from The performance standard or premium option would have any location off regions. You could choose any region. It would choose account type. They started. We too. So here we have used this. You have to choose an application option that your obligation and access to your heart are cool. Hardly. Resumes are frequently used A that with our data on gold for less is less frequently. You have additional adverse options, the security options, and you could create tax out there and you can head a review and create option once you are done. So what are you up? It tends. When graduated, you could hit the create option. The great instant for finally stories. Was it weird? Replied it will be available from the notification option. Very Could hit that. Go to research, Teoh. Accessory Self From there, it allows you to create a file. Are it started? Based on I Do you have in their operating system on the market. UNIX or windows? Similar toe grating off ice. Did that increase folders in a hierarchical fashion? It is different from object storage because object storage eyes for under structure. Later here you have certain structure to follow. You have the hierarchy and digitize stories. Costumes, a little high s comfort, a blob. So you have the operation I d the breaking I d. The resource I d and everything here that is available minutes on This was it has been created. You could access it. Are eating the goto the sort option. We have starting options here on the left for the input, conditions, output and template that could be useful. T lie, Jason. The powers here on different options to be accessed here. When we had the group to the source. Often it will open the file storage. Here we have more options. Story services are the blob file table and Q's. So we could identity excessive filing stories here. We could explore open it in Explorers I started exploring. It allows us to manage it on remotely. We would also create a file share here, using the plus symbol that we got. We have to just provide the name on Dakota Interrogator Lights. TV's just provided name CFR provide Dakota. There could be a WTO 1 5020 gigabytes. Right now, under this year, you go change it here in crazy Or, um, it's Caleb. Really is tourism. It's Please. You had option to add a directory. You could Peter directly here. I just create a root directory, right? Any name? Similarly, we could create a more direct crease on. We can go way within a directory and another directly be creating up here. We have a root directory on. We can upload files. It was really add more than increased. We could upload files that if I could be any type, you have to upload from student from a device. You could upload videos, say anything you're Are you married? Assisting so dazzling. Uploading 1 39 nb It would complete uploaded file here, Harry. Opponents. Then you could be legal directly. You got access policies you could manage the this thing you could add Identify on the permission. We don't certainly start and exploited time. Could it could be mapped to the zones. Time zones across the world. You have a You are able to access its resurgence using the rest A p I You could also delete the files here. Eso Anybody want to share anything off? Collaborate with your team. Makes our friends anywhere in the world. It would provide access you might be using Google drives girl box, different applications for the storage purpose or five sharing you could also create. If I was here with as you, it could be used for various purposes. We were in a storage expert. Explora. You got a certain properties from here? You got blob. You got custom domain. You got life. Secondment is went. You were different file services. There are tables 9. Azure Storage 7 Table: I will come back. Friends are here in this lecture we're going to learn about as your table seven. Let's start with this table as you table service that does have liberal on a zero cloud. Microsoft, as you way would be able to do a store are key values, a type of data that could be formatted either using the CIA's we comma separated value on Jason Java. Script out the notation Former. It is a no SQL T value store for rapid development that could be scaled up very efficiently . Using massive, semi structured, we could destroy any kind off semi structure data, which is highly every living at the data need not to be structured as a databases. Traditional SQL databases, informers off the table, rows and columns, but it would be organized in certain way on it need not be under structured as well the next day that could not be stored with table. We have the semi structured way have gasification that we doing descent are excellent. We can create a massively scalable APS out of this. We can create applications that require a flexible schema. The schema can between two overtime or added certain features in the little Russians we could use adjacent to serialize the data on performer or database queries. So here it is, the hierarchy of our objection off people. We have a storage account on for US storage account. We could have a much deeper stables that we can create right from the dashboard. We could have a different tables and east able consist off multiple entities. So you say for I storage accounts is Sally. We have our table called customers, and it even called wine fortunes for the customer table. We have different entities say name, Animal Lady multiple times and then for different photos. And we have photo I, D and E it could restore the entities are would be used during the quickie performing equity or, ah, query based on certain para meters that we could perform analytics or drag out certain date our primitive and that we feel So this is a way. How are dude Isis toda On informal sheds, he stated that we store on the club is replicated ago. Star three times increase anyone not feel we have a data back up there. We have the partition key. We could sort things based on the partition, you could perform operations we have there. Oh, we have the data Aziz table seem similar to other databases as well. But it is not the data asshole. How it could be used as a stories purpose. It could be performed able to perform over this kind of database operations as well. On when we compare SQL as your to ask as your deviled there's a difference between the Ascoli functionality off his You are S Kal features a bitter post grease my SQL SQL server side things that we have the i. D. Williams being implemented Relational database management system a zero table. We have the new escrow system so we don't have the Esquivel form of things. We have the daytime former self up Jason with as your SQL. We have 50 degree off size limitation with the table. The secondary index has not been created and there's currently no no size limitations A similar to club in this context because we could restore and and number for later on in the lobby stories. Similarly, we will have ah, very large data said that could be scale of any time with table. It has Ah, better scalability option here so we could restore anything. We have better pricing models that it would be cost efficient when comfort to other database options. The great against locked into the as your great form on it does not get lost and perform up import export operation on SQL Azure from data servers Teoh from entre my eyes to the cloud and salon as cool as you will support the SQL our table does not support as companies they're very said Wanted is abusing tables. We could restore better whites off any structure or restructure data, maybe semi structured data. Does your family storage rto petabytes off semi structured detail and keep the cost down? We can have ah, many did I stores are based on premises. A cloud based on the table will help you scale up. Whenever you have a lot of data, we don't have to do perform man. Illustrating it would be without a man illustrating it will be automatically done. The everything is also not a concern. It is a geo read ended the stool to the story ties replicated three times within a region on additional three times in another region handles my away. So whenever any data center breakdowns be assured your data is not going anywhere. You've got our support off our flexibility. Die schema the table. The story is excellent for flexible data sets. You could use a Web applications address books, device informations other than made a date. Our diet learned too well. Cloud applications without locking down toe data models to our particular fixed schema because different wrote off on the table can have different restructure. We have different information that could be there from one row. The customer information could be there under the other. We can have an obligation off table, a scheme of technically different. It is made forward and the prices at the table storage is used for strong consistency models. When did guys insurgent I admitted to table storage or further access to the database. See the latest update. So form Captain Room that we have in the noise school databases, the consistency, every ability and performance partition tolerance. I needed copies that could be implemented using new SQL cannot commit accommodated only two thing at the same time, Facebook up later. This has only two thing accommodated the Google that others have different thing accommodated on here. We have the accommodation off consistency, so our data is consistent, so it does not show any error. However, it may not be available at the moment. This is critical foreign systems with multiple users who are simultaneously operating. The date I stole it is designed for developers are very stories provided trying library for building up with the doctor. Java Andre received offers no ideas. PHP you we and bite him. The client libraries has a different set off capabilities that could be used for table stories, such as auditor support for quitting on optimistic lacking capabilities. Daytime in storage is accessible via rest. FBI so you could perform list A B operations are performed portion or get request you are, which can be called by any language that makes on STP arrested to be s request. So this was allowed that a table is still raise your determines option, looking to learn more build and keep learning and people in the heart 10. Azure Storage 8 Backup: Hi. Welcome back, Frank. Will only cloud competing with Microsoft is you on here in this lecture we're going to learn about as your back up with your service that is, have LeBron as your cloud. So let's start with this as your backup is a building back up solution. For all your resources, you could create backup or storage for your really obvious purpose. It is used to create a backup or protect the information, our story or data on the Microsoft cloud. It could be compromised that I could be cloud data or it could be any kind of data that could be created. It replaces your existing on Prum eyes are offset back of solutions with a cloud based solution that is reliable, secure and cost competitive. Set allows you to store a large sum off data in a reliable manner securely on with less money that you have to obey. It offers a marginally components attack you download and deploy on the appropriate computer. Servers are in the cloud. The component out agents that you deploy depends on what you want to protect, so we're going to learn about the company's after choose from this community Will would be using all as your backup components can be used. Teoh Backup data to a recovery service Work on is your cloud. So we have the recovery service for I signed for dieback of purpose, and you could use that think so. There's a similar our tool that is available on the cloud side recovery. So there's a difference between side recovery and backup site recovery on back of both. Allow us to create a faster recovery and back a planet strategy for a corporation. So in case offer disaster I network over traffic, we could have used the site recovery on for restoring the backup off enterprise data. We could have the back of solutions. The other side recovery comes in to fashion for disaster recovery, and it hasn't the extension. We could extend our data. Eso disaster quickly, like a website for a corporation I stood in a single location may not function when it also take a car. Already a large graphical. We were there under with networks audio in the natural gas troubled with you for that represented psychically, a sewer backup could be for backup. Ing are supporting any kind of things from virtual machine. Teoh A story state are to set off images of streaming data. Archival did. Eyes will. So there really is at 1 10 years off using a backup Aziz on compromise Backup could be used for what your machine Haskell workload wear. My things are additional infrastructure. You can have the obligation consistency you could instill restored it out with the obligation consistency using RBS s a snapshot for Windows on efforts freeze for linens. You would have the security off back up in the data cloud. He could encrypted it, keep it for extended periods, even for Lizzie. But we went our volition through multi factor authentication. You could access our data. So whenever you are sign anything to be deleted on the club, it could really later. After a certain period of time, it would be a little in 32 years. The cool heart are definitely safe. Or if you have a family of the data, it will be deleted after one. It it is when you initiated really process. So there. So when you want todo retry are mistakenly And he said that the drilling operation we still have a backup time. The cloud backup management solution managers, resources and activity from a new central back up management system. You could manage those things with the ease off from anywhere, any time in the world, right from your PC or my life on. Then use the recovery service void for creating recovery. It allows her toe building, create a building back up, have an instant cloud backup, reduce their cost and protect against our around somewhere any kind of ransomware good with here with multi factor authentication so you would have a data back up there on when your original system get compromised. You could still have and don't want. You don't need to pay the ransom, so there are different components that are available there. For a Beckham. You have to choose from various based on different reasons. The confessional going to is the idea of backup arm oxygen. It could be used for different purposes. It predicts. Files, folders up systems back up. The story inevitably service life so it has its benefits are you could feel back off fights off folders on physical or virtual OS windows. OS are no separate. Backup with surgery is required here. We have limitations. You could create on three times per day. Back up could be here on it is not currently supported for linage. So when you want to create a backup for the next virtual machines, I could not use Mars. But for Windows it is well and good. I'm preferred with other solutions. Then we have the second component gun system Center DPM that is used for application. A very snap shorted We taken used to take a snapshot, but it could not Dio worked upon Oracle workloads. I could not have ah Oracle workload in warming could not meet here. However it provide take back up of solutions, it could be useful and really, company said with white on as your cloud, it could be used for locally attaches on the improvise and the tips off Warren prize. Only then we have support limits of hyper V, and we were virtual machines. So for Lennox environment, you could use it the system center DPM and then we have the as your backup server. That is, I'm living for application of snap short as well. It just supported for ah virtual machine on Linux. It could back up and restore watching machines off were where, however, it does not require a system center lessons, it is told. I don't local this recovery service oil No one, like often I'm for my support, is there. Then, in the stores are file folders, volumes, virtual machines. Applications on different workloads would be here. I didn't support it for Ah, they back up on the improvise. It could not back up the article worldview last. It requires a live as your subscription so you could inordinately go up without free tier. I could cry, I suppose. Have Griffin there? You could go with three D a few years ago. Subscription plan on a jury club. Then you have the as your infrastructure. The service were virtual machine backup, not his obligation, that were snapped short. I used to perform in the recovery service. Wanted it will be stored there. It could not distort the fires folders, but it could be used Toe store. What's your machines are all kind off this There could not back up on prom ise. It could restore virtual machines on Lee I dis liver on Wednesday, so did the fabulously well, back up on. No back up. Infrastructure is needed here natively for Windows and limits involvement so it could work for both of situations secret. Use any of the plant based on a requirement. So they just understand border the different types of backup that we could create on the cloud off of it as you. So we have different generally three different types off our backup that we could create a full backup. That is differential backup down. This incremental backup with full backup of the backup will continue. And I did I say we have Ah, I did aside initially in the first day after a month, and we have modified surgeon data of in the next month on secondment on. We have little modifications in the tournament. So when we create a full backup and that data in each month would be stolen as a separate entity, so it will consume a lot off this place, Lord off network bandwidth and this time of the back of his transferred, then we have the differential back up there. The stores only the blocks they're getting sent off since the initial full backup. So the initial and the first time the full backup has been done after that on leaders things that God changed. Would we back up, say, for the tournament leader? Second month are they will be there on the tournament that changes will reveal it will take more space can do. Morris preys on more natural, less net trickle language than incremental Beckham. It will take a laissus placed within full back up, but take a lesser than incremental. The incremental backup achieves high stories and network efficiency by storing on Lee the block off the date that has seen since the previous back. So there is a diagram that we can understand it very easily. So in the first example that we have the full backup in the first month that we have the complete data upset on Onley. When the bluff get changed, we don't we still have a creator gender and copy off the same date as it again and again. That consumes a lot off this place. Then start with differential back up Onley. The chains of love. After the initial backup has been created and the full backup has not been created, that is still the changed block in the last obsession would be still be there. It takes less space than full back up, but it's still occupy more than incremental. With incremental. We only have, Ah, the change of block as a backup had. It's not back up there. It does not restores the original copy. So when it comes to a efficiency, the incremental backup wins in all the scenarios. But for various off his reasons, people still goes too far in full battle. There will be different scenarios over anybody you want. If you want to optimize your cost, you could go with our incremental and differential backup based on requirement. So what is a recovery service board? Just basic idea. Recovery Service Vault is an online storage for as you that is used. Teoh hold the data, such as backup copies, a recovery points and back up policies. It will be used to install the copies of the data, provide the access and point for the recovery on up. Have the consists off back of policies. The recovery service won't make it easy to organize your backup data while minimizing the management overhead. Within each. As a subscription, you can create up to 500 recovery services work for as the region. No quitting over the time we do integrate are the back off with a different set off services on the cloud we could implement auto protect SQL databases using backup. We had esseker several other virtual machines having different databases. When you're going to add a new database, it would be automatically detected whether their data eyes, they were in the back up or not. And if ah, it would be added, it will be created at backup as well, so we could assign it with a different set off services. Similarly, the recovery service world could be assigned with our blob storage that we could create a back up off the blob data both on unpromising. The cloud could be there on we could. He stole the data for the tap tablet on the improvise centers. So this was about as your back up. We could use the service to restore ah, high state of data on make around the price more secure and efficient. Try building around solution til then keep learning people in there 11. Azure Storage 9 Data Lake: Hi. Welcome back, friend will earn Intel comforting with Microsoft kazoo. And here in this lecture, we're going to learn about as you did a lake storage. So let's start with other date Alec as you little eyes, a massively scalable, secure storage with functionality that has will on as your blob storage. It has a variety, the generation one and generation to the division within the enterprise. Wide hyper is killed repository for Big Data Analytics workload is it eyes A Fishing with a high duke are similar involvement. It works better as the insight. A zoo literally enables you to capture data off any size any type on any injuries in the street in one single place. For Operational and Clarity Analytics, you could perform analytics operation under the Lady stories. It can be accessed from how do, as the inside tester are using. Weber's DFS compatible rest API are different options, so any kind of data with major takes two or similar application that could have performed on our analytics. Good with you. It is designed to animal analytics on the East, or data on is doing for performance for Data Analytics scenarios. It includes all enterprise grade capabilities. Security Manageability is scalability reliability on availability way Have a leg analytics service as well. That could be integrated with the lake storage. So here it is. We have the data off this kind off leg, a story that could be performed with kind of applications. We could have Twitter data. We could have Facebook, that we could have free market trends, eyes, stock market data. We could have ah, visual audio data. We could have such operations. There's no limit on our data that could be still there. It will be implemented using STD fs. How do fire system? Then we could integrate the lake analytics on this subject we build on the young Are it isn't Could be compatible with tasty inside or high dope Inside function to having minus clusters be integrated with different things based on different from, say, a java is color are fightings darkness it suppose are different environments as well. So what is the purpose? With the lady storage, we could have devices, social media storage. The videos are the applications of web scenarios and different things that could be converted from any kind of raw materials. A sensor data our relationship top is click extremes that would be used for our engines of the recommendation engines that usually are publishers are due on the online. When you see Vanna Red are similar things on them, it could be there for delicious time. Whatever you choose, we have to first in just the data in the 94 men. And we have to prepare the data that would be used for analytics purpose. We have to perform cleansing operation and raising operation. We have to create moderator. We have to have annotations. We could have a schema. We have to excuse systematize everything. Then we could store the data after the preparation has been done. We could read in the present and future analytics on. Then the analytics is performed using our analytics Injun like Hadoop on his park. It could be used to create a batch Berries, interactive queries, real time analytics, machine learning data warehouse, anything. So we have the same set of data. Just We are certain annotations are performed. Cleansing operation and system is ations so that it would be a used out there. It has been his capabilities. It is massively scalable, disappears and no limit on the stories for analytics state that we could have any kind of his stories. And you have only pay for what you use. Nothing to require no friend Coster. Then we have a cloud off the storage processing. This same low cost our data storage model as a blob story so it will cost you very less has comfort, whether the storage options. Then we have a simplified ingestion in a single store. We could consulate it Big guy storage, using the lake generation to our blobby stories using the rest api I we could have the full as your blob storage future said we could have our data policy lifecycle management. We would have hard, cool and archived here on have the high ability for disaster recovery support as well. It has a fewer file and for their transitions have built the atomic transitions going on for fewer computer cycle and faster dollar executions. We don't need to fight or migrate everything. I removed redundant copies, so no need to have a very dead thing. It has a community off file and for the security based on for six implementation off different access control list. Eso anyone offering could could not access their things off. Files have different permissions, and it is a role based access and the storage account fireable So it has a much earlier off security that could be access only from authorized. I've were dresses to perform. Until it is, no one else could perform on your data. Then you have the common data model support with the ability to exchange later with powerful applications like Microsoft Pandemics 2 to 65 for CRM and with power bi I to it could be integrated are using us key value. Torrey US calculators could be performed on data, Captain, our latest tourists. So how it performs, we have the data in Justin. Former say we have a large chunk off on the structure of same structure. The time that you just informa I just provided as an input on lake perform surgeries, operations on analytics based on you Query, you ask. Well, sorry on it Brings the output on display. Settle in the CIA's we comma separated value former. It could be integrated with with other tools as well. Eso how do go inside? Leg Analytics on analytics service goes on analyzing and monitoring section on the blob storage and the latest colleges there for related at this win camp. So we have the data of traditionally stood in the block, form it, but have the cleansing operation bring down annotations and those things have been added on the high police kill. Our data could be there for suitable for analytics where it could be delivered using the power bi I I Miss Excel Microsoft, our party I next obtuse as conservative reporting tools on we could be realized in moral web are embedded in their different applications. Then we have the data. Latest origination to that makes up as you restore is the foundation for building are interested eyes toe It is designed from the start to support multiple petabytes of information as is an advancement of generation one by sustaining hundreds of gigabytes to throughput too easily manage a massive amount of data. So this is about our big league storage performer with this analytics for on this cry building ago solution til then keep learning and get moving out 12. Azure Storage10 Queue: Hi. Welcome back, friend. We're learning child comforting with Microsoft Is you on here in this lecture we're going to learn about as your Q is too rich. So let's start with as a kill. As Eric you we started provide to cloud messaging with obligation component in designing application for scalable scalability. Application components are that has been decoupled on. They can be skilled independently. Secu we all know what is a Q Q is ah, line. Our group of people are group off things that has been arranged in a certain manner. It has a friend and it has a really and what goes in is from, ah, rear on. What comes out is from three when we have, ah, use junk off things that have to be delivered. We create a cube so that the first thing that arrive husband to deliver first it has been there in the networking models and everything in the I T C i pp que a storage eyes used to deliver us ingress messages for communication between application components, Whether they are running in the cloud on the deck stop or London on for my server, all under mobile device, Hewitt storage also supports managing, I think gonna start on building process work flows so it could be used from wide range of applications that could be there. So there are what is accused already. It could be accessed from anywhere in the world through an art indication calls that could be made from ask duty Prost TBS particles. It allows a single few message that could be up to 64 kilobyte off in size. Ankle contain millions off messages it could be up to. It could have a totally limited capacity of based on the stories account. So whenever you create a storage account, you could associate acumen storage on. You could create clear to multiply the string himself killed. I could be used for it. With his reasons. It could be used to create a backlog off work to process a synchronously. It could be used for passing messages, not just a simple SMS, but any kind of message is the tokens are the ghost. The notifications are different things that could be there some as you were brought to. And as your worker roles, so does a service Kapalua Desert. As a massively scalable, it could be if it has a cloud object of stories crossing more than self. The data is similar. Teoh Object storage. So you have to be ready less. It has simplified injection in a single store. You got as you blob storage features like lifecycle management policy Hard, cool and archived here for que and more. It would be coupled the components as well. You could has accused offer Teoh with flexible applications to separate functions for better durability across different workloads. I started uco massive as in grass message going for communication between different applications. You could. It is weird on with release resilience. It helps you make your application is scalable and less sensitive to individual component failure. Savannah Anything feel the next thing is going to work? It will be messages are in. Before I'm naturally picked up by the message processing note which went and the integrity of the work I couldn't scale for worst thing will say cloudburst, you could be right side your service deployment on the application observes unexpected traffic worst with prevent service problem being overwhelmed by a sudden flood of request you couldn't wanted to the Q and to add elasticity to our obligation and deploy our hibernate additional worker north based on the customer anyone so heritage secure. We have a different operations on the Q. We had the front and and debris around every year on your back, and anything that enters the Q is the coolest Thank you when we add anything to the Q additives and you operation on it was done on the back, off the rear sight off the roof que and when we move anything out of the queue, then it is done from the front and on. It is called a dick You operation. So we have two times off operation in Vic, you So with a Q. We have more people applications. They wrap more while I otr different set of applications that could provide the messages or certain informations, informal data, packers or assistance on that would be grouped together into the Q informers off their arrival on. Could we send in the sequence manner one by one, we could create a multiple streams of the cube doesn't mean that only single messages delivered at the time we could have my people of messages being delivered, but they are the follow certain sequence that they remove of the randomness I do at the target of application or the receiver of the message that as your cue storage thesis, how it looks on the cloud of a nuclear instance for Cuba storage. He could get these options. You have to provide the name for that thing. You have the categories. You have different metrics there. The alert actions are performers. Last thing you could upload your data and they could perform different tested script. Say I could be used for various purposes. We have a storage account on. We have multiple cues, said the operations could be emissions to download our images to decides when we upload certain image for a formal say when you want to create an account, say, for any websites and Facebook account or anything Google account, you have to upload a remix when multiple use has tried to upload the image simultaneously on the images. Every size operation is being done. It is good. We also fasted a que. When the images download operation could be. There are similar thing off our video streaming or assess things could be there with the Q . It could be integrated with our different applications there as well. You could reel there so say we have as your file storage being here, and we have a certain job that performs with these things on the file operation, which could relate, are passed to the Q in order to send messages already stole in semi structured interviews in a table in storage, we have the other que that could be associated between differently storage accounts as well . We have a distribution service as a worker rule on. We have a processing service that would be done on the Q. We have multiple things that is a line in the sequence and passed based on their arrival. I'm processor. We could have a different work closely for receiver notification are sending an email could be also their process with a Q. We have the calling level. We have the notification in the cube storage. When we have a receive notifications, the notification is being generated from the service side. Our server side application. It will be sent to the buffer or the cube on from there. The Q. It will be delivered to the target applications. So when we have the email, the messages has been triggered by the queue. I regenerating email are sent to the different. Tell your obligations. Similarly, we could have a boarding scenario. Well, we have. We could perform are still voting or online working scenarios or in a normal working loved that is done an election time throughout the world. People align in the cube on the cars work. The voting is done one by one. It is being installed in any storage option. Say, as you're curious tourists and the worker operation is being done by counting off the vote to whom the food has been given, it will be clawed back from the same storage on past to the table is stories that will align that the count. The number of words provided dio for a particular person, and the result will be displayed on the screen. After that, I never know. So this is a lot of the qu stories. It could be integrated with light set off obligations, with or without, the easier. It will be all saying littered with us Amazon Web services. I mean, blue makes are different cloud as well, so try building your own solution. Tell them, keep learning and keep going 13. Azure Storage11 Archieve: Hi. Welcome back, friend. We're learning cloud computing with Microsoft as you. I'm learning with the story services and here in this lecture we're going to learn about a zip archive stories. So let's start with archives. Archival storage eyes, an industry leading price point for storing really access to as they come, suggests that it is used for archival purpose. So it will consist off storing data that is not frequently used, another used in the general way. So you have these kinds off data that could be so say CCTV footage for our organizations, Our camera. You have, ah, large organization having thousands off CCTV cameras, and you want to keep that data, which is really used in case off any robbery or any. You probably think activity or such things. Eso you want to keep that data safe, but you don't want to pay a large sum of money for a friend or processing Judges say so for that purpose you have. Archival storage is storage. It will be awful. Any storage, but will be available on the clock so you could move that thing. It is a intended for later that can call it several ourselves. retry militancy and we're living in the archive here for at least 1 80 days. So whenever you delete, I will be processed after one or two days, so it will have a back up. So if you have unplanned things in plan attending this season, say if you accidentally initiated don't relate Request I three days after one week after two months after even off treatment after you decide that you want todo back, we could have that thing While a blob is an archival storage, the blob data is offline and cannot be. It makes use off a simple object storage off a block by a larger object available under as you. But it could not be rigged. Copied overeating on modified online Eso it does not left on network traffic. It could not be hacked tempered because it is offline. Simply, you can take a snapshot off a block on archival storage on you have the metadata remaining online and so you have the details about what the data consist off. You could drive insights from that meteorite. Also, it allows you to our list the blob and its properties for blobs in archive, the only valid operations are that gets supported, get lost properties on get along meditator list blobs set me off here on the delete. Well, are these surveillance operations? So when you create an instance for a blob properties, you go to define the access tear. So there are different types off access to your heart. Cool archive energy for ah, heart access here would be there for a data that is very frequently used. So it will have Ah ha! Hyah! Friend cost The cool data will have ah, medium level off requirement of human on archive. Really? For I stories purpose that is a really it provides you the Louis prices to waste. Here. The archive is a minimum of minimally storage. It provides the data I dressed automatically that has been encrypted. It seems it has a seamless integration with heart and coolest tourist years so it could be converted to heart are cool. Anytime. What could be integrated with our different other stories as well? It is supported by leading our determination partners. It has a low cost and high value. It would be used for different critical business objectives. It is secure from the start because they're just offline. I'm it has a proper encryption. Provide security to transfer using STD PS automatically secure the data using 2 56 weeks. Yes, key. So it is a very important really act Access data doesn't mean it is unimportant. So it may have a financial little are they really that I could also consist off history Offer data. Say if you have streaming later and you want to keep history off Estatal there you could give us a store. That thing. It got easier management on the blob level. Fearing here, modernist FBI for Jaguar. Fightin on different s tickets are like darkness. You could be integrated out there and you got program it access. And for that you could have a long term backup retention eso in terms off petabytes for a different look for decades for years to come. For several indexed operator backups, you could keep when extra expensively story areas as well. I have your archive. We started provider secure options for that thing. You have a business policy. You can have a mandated data archiving of these on government regulations are certain things for a wide range of purpose on you want you want your business to shut down for high end data cost so you could have a minimal data cost. It is possible there are kind of detained order if you'd like the actual record Email transaction records, financial data are sensitive footage our side of things that you could have a healthcare data archiving for the patient throughout the world. In medical scenarios that would be useful for any research at any kind of things. End up top leaders. You could have genetic information on Gardena. Human genome could be stolen here. We want a magnet. They take a paper please find for here which is cost efficient. Here you got a distant media content retention that would be used for video pictures are distorting sustenance. It could be changed, shifted from heart gold. Our vice versa. From Annika. Good public safety is the surveillance video and says things here. So there are different himself. Stories are hard, cool and our cables in different fears. The objective stories could be managing. The heart is optimized for restoring later that is frequently access the cool that is our infrequently accessed. However it is, they stood for at least 30 days. Family stood for 1 80 days. It has a different leader, and sea, based on hours are easy win. There could be a different user scenario. It would be used for long term backups. Secondly, back off archival data sites on more It could be useful. Original data keeping original data that must be preserved even after it has been processed after the final usable form. So it could be having a say. I have a really recorded here. I could keep the raw files in the archive s wealth. You have the complaints and I can relate or that need to be stored for a long time. They CCTV four days. You actually that such things here you have You can have the blob rehydration done Whenever you want to come over the archive here, data to heart, dear or cold Here, the reader data anarchy will restore issue must first change or tear off the club. So whenever it is an art that you could not perform, read operations are we have no You could not perform really copy over our modify operations because it is offline every time our cable. So whenever you want to read a letter from archive after the story. Oh, what a period of time say you could you need to initiate a rehydration which could take up to 15 hours to company. It recirculate a large blob sizer for optimal uses. And it could be converted to either the hardware, all the courtiers to be performed operations. The heart care has the highest storage cost for storing the data because it is, it has a higher network connectivity. I never live online, but Lewis access cost is there. You can use ah heart here for data that is actively used for and expected to be used. And then you could have their data. That is the states for processing or eventual migration to call access to you. Then you have the cool access fear which has data that the short on backup and disaster recovery you could have the older media content that is not our frequently wield animal. So now here we do Comparison between hard cool on Al Qaeda here are based on different perimeters for availability. Heart here is available for 99.9% of time. The cool here is available for 99%. It is less risky than heart here and has Ah, heart here has almost more cost to make it more available. Mr. SLE and archive here is not a level online to be accessed. You have to perform rehydration in orderto access it it many have ah, availability of energy is not a liberal in the premium performance. It is a level in the heart here and the cool here. But for I can't hear it is not available. Although my eyes all off data that is a story in the archives is always available online. You have the users charges for premium performance. You have got the highest storage costs, lower access and convicts in charge for heart theory about higher stories cost low access on low and transaction costs. Medium transaction costs time you have ah, for cool fear. You have lower stories, cost higher access charge and a transaction cost. It's then you got for our country. You have the lowest the stories cost but the highest access cause because it need to be dehydrated to the cool and heart here, then for ah minimal of the excite that begin to define certain. It's not a lovely would define any object size for minimal Our maximum capacity. The minimum mysteries duration for cool tear is 30 days. Our guy with 1 80 days for heart care when you delete it will be deleted right away. Militancy in the premium performances, single milliseconds the hard Here it is. My immediate milliseconds for co conspirators are milliseconds on for our car parities roughly 15 hours off agency. So based on your requirements, could choose any of the plan the archivist best. So get forward archival purpose and restoring relieves data. You must be using archive stories and anywhere, anytime in the point of time of Try building your own solution. Tell them, keep learning and keep going.