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Closed Captions Training # 4: Free Subtitle Softwares to Create CC Files

teacher avatar Rosa Suen ♫, Skillshare Coach: Follow Me ☺♫

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Free Subtitle Softwares - An Overview

    • 2. #1 Aegisub Subtitle Software

    • 3. #2 Subtitle Workshop - My Favorite

    • 4. Subtitle Workshop - Advanced Tutorial 1

    • 5. Subtitle Workshop - Advanced Tutorial 2

    • 6. # 3 Subtitle Edit - Spell Check & Language

    • 7. # 4 Camtasia - Edit, Add, Remove, etc

    • 8. Final Thoughts - Thank You!

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About This Class

In this mini class, I am going to show you FREE Open Source Subtitle Softwares so that you can create your own Closed Caption Files and edit them easily!  These editing softwares work magic and they save you a lot of time when creating CC Files in the right settings.

1.  Aegisub

2.  Subtitle Workshop - My Favorite

3.  Subtitle Edit

4.  Camtasia - there is a trial free version for a limited time

I will give you a brief overview of each one of these tools, so that you can create your own CC files using these free tools.

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4. Closed Captions Training # 4: Free Subtitle Softwares to Create CC Files

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6.  Closed Captions # 6: Five Different Scenarios / Path to Do CC Files

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Rosa Suen ♫

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1. Free Subtitle Softwares - An Overview: in this set of videos, we're going to look at some of the close caption tools to help you do subtitles. They had quite a few open source free tools for you to use on nine. There's the H e sub The subtitle Rocha The subtitle. Edit all these results Where's you can download Creedy from the Net and the last Miss Kemp Tasia. Sometimes I like to use this one. So I will also show you how to do close captions with Kemp. Tasia, all these Softwares will have thes things in common. In one area you can upload the video and then this is the audio that you'll see. And here you will see the seconds where it begins, where ends and this box is for you to type in the text for some videos. You may not have the transcription on hand so you might want to do your own subtitles with a video in front of you. I've tried this and it works perfect. In all the Softwares you'll see the subtitles with the numbers written here, the starting point, the ending point and also the text itself. Here you see a slash meeting fat there to realize in the subtitles A lot of the YouTube's have to time format. I don't quite let the true life format so I usually correct it later on a web. Other videos shown you how to make this correction for this video. I just want to show you that all these Softwares have all these things in common. This one is the subtitle Workshop is a video panel here on top, on the left. Him input the frame per second. I usually like this. Set it at 29 97 and down here the subtitles, the numbers the time when the tax begins, the time with attacks ends. And this is the situation at the bottom hand your type in the text. I use this one quite a lot. It's user friendly and then later all my lines nice and short. This one is Subtitle Edit again. You see the same features that video is down here. The subtitles Up here the line numbers the starting time to any time duration and the text and the text typed in here in the middle you can do unbreak auto brake, but you should I just like it. One line So it's up to you. Different people prefer different things. And the format I like this said it at sub rip. And finally, this is the camp Tasia you see at caption hair the videos. Here. You type the caption in this box the time it's written here. And this show up in your time lying here. So watch the next set of videos and I will show you one by one how to use them easily. All right. I hope you have enjoyed this video and that you know that there are a lot of resources you can use. You don't have to use all of them. I just want to provide two or three more software. Resource is for you, just in case. If you can't download one of them, it doesn't work. You can use another one. This is Rosa. Thank you for watching 2. #1 Aegisub Subtitle Software : the first close capture Subtitle tool we're gonna look at is the a G Some you can go to a G's up that or is a free cross platform with an open source tool for you to create and to modify subtitles. Let's go to that site now He is a side eighties up not or you can donate to them If you like yourself where you download and once you've downloaded it is down to your computer. Here's the 87 software. This is the part where the subtitles likely be returned. I'm going to upload the video file out, upload this one. He's a video and his toe audio. So what I do is I play here. Hello, my friends. Stop here and I can take in Hello, my friends. And then you see the subtitle appearing down Here it begins a Cyril Cyril and and to Cyril five. So when the whole thing is done, it will look like this. I've already been this. So I just upload the file that I did for this one. There it is down here, all the way to the end. There actually 73 lines. Is this anything you want to edit you just click on the line. You need to be able to understand this safe one at this end. This this OK, you can just add it in. Click on any line in order for you to understand this notices added there. So it's very easy to use. I want you to move away. You can ask you to see the subtitle there, and there's a reason to this. And there's a reason to this, and you'll be able to find all the major keys, all the major scales by moving to circle. I like to keep issued nine short. So it's up to you after you finished doing are your editing you can could file. We can't just safe subtitle. The beauty about this is that you can click on any line to see how the subtitles are written. All right, I hope you've enjoyed this video 3. #2 Subtitle Workshop - My Favorite: the next self. Where we want to look at is the subtitle workshop. This is the one that I like to use a lot. You come to this link to download the subtitle workshop Let's go over There now. So here we are. Subtitle Bookshop If you like the self, where you can donate to them is a free application for you to create, to edit and also convert any text based subtitle files. It leaves a lot of the main features for you. You can read them, and the license is a free software distributed under the G N you General public license. You can click it it download or you can read more and it tells you the most updated Roshan , and you can click here to download after you've installed into in computer click to open. You go to a movie open and say, I just opened this one and before Hello, my face, I come over here and click new subtitle and it shows through the beginning. CIO CIO second, now 01 2nd and I said Hello my friends. After I sent that I click insert from a keyboard, and it shows the 2nd 9 and I click on this to listen to the second mind. It is physical, of course. I take it This is a circle of both schools. I been insert and now it's a threat. Mine. The second night began a serial one and ended so too. And now I go to Seo to a second and listen to the next one. And I want to welcome you into this class. I want to welcome into this'll. All right, it And to see your three second and I insert and I go on and continue on. As you know, I've been e courses. Yes. You know how many losses like this? OK, so it's very easy to do. The thing is that if you already have a transcript safe from YouTube and you'll want to make changes, all you need to do is come here, don't click New subtitle You could unload a Sepp Taito and you could unload this subtitle that you downloaded from YouTube and you could open it. So there it is. Okay. We'll go back to the beginning. Hello, my friends. This is a circle of fifths course, and I want to welcome you into this class So you're gonna see weathered. Everything is correct. And if you see any mistakes, it's very easy to change. For example, in life I've here and there dented different levels. I don't want to end. I want to write it out. I can't put here and they're dented different levels. And I want to put a period at the end. Now you see it And they had done it different levels. Okay, so you can just change anything easily as you go down the lines Case user friendly. I love this software, and you will, too. But make sure you have the frame per second that you want. I always wanted at 29 97 but if you want to set it at 30 or 25 24 Amazon accepts it. So it's OK. I just want to have the same form it all the time so that I don't confuse myself. And after you've been this, you click file safe ass, and it shows a lot of different formats that you can save. So what I do is I look for some rip double click on the output format. He double click that and then you click safe. Okay. Wow. That's how easy this is. All right. I hope you've enjoyed this video 4. Subtitle Workshop - Advanced Tutorial 1: I can use the subtitle software to do my editing. I'll use this subtitle workshop You can use any one of them I just demonstrate for you with this one. What you need to do is click our movie open Opened the video Father you want to work on This is a video I'm gonna work on. I'm going to load Subtitle I click on this and down here for all supported files. I'm gonna choose text Txt. This is the extension that no pet uses to save my files is txt I click on this and that opened There it is this all my text and you see the line numbers here lie number one number two number three They're actually 52 lines. So when I do the editing, I don't do it up here. I do it down here in this box And the beginning is not yet. So this is just music, so I can do a record display put music. Okay, let me to speaking again. I play here. It begins here. So I click on this tap This step says showtime. I want this music subtitle to begin here. So I click on this tap and you see, it begins at serious 0857 And that is gonna continue. And I wanted to end here and I click on this tap was a set high time and I click on this. See, it begins at 00 2nd and it finishes at Cyril four second now. I mean, the 2nd 9 It starts a serial for a second, So I just let this play in Amazon video direct publishing were required to do. Okay, then I come down here. I m izam video direct publishing We're required to do after I edit this. Where ends? I need to click on this to tell them this is the end off the second mine. It's unless I click on this notice that it begins in zero for second. It ends 11 seconds. Now I continue and I could play closed captions to our videos. Okay, so I want period here. What? This is something new that many of us have to look and I can Wow, this is something. Do you that many of us have to notice that the next line learned there's only one word. So what? I wanted to hear iss This is something new. I wanted to pick up that many of us have to. Now, why did lead it from here, and we just go back a little bit. Okay? Actions to our videos. Wow. This is something you If this is very ends, I click on this arrow here, set high time, and it ends on the 15th 2nd And I want it at that part in here that many of us have to learn. I played that. Many of us have to learn. Okay? It, Mrs Period, So that I click on hide again to tell the software this is where I want to end this nine. Then I go on to the next line. We know how to create videos. Okay, We know how to create videos, comma, but when it comes to close captions and then now I cook this the next line. We had a loss. We, uh I lost. So that's how you do this editing with this software, I will quickly finish this and we go fast forward and I show you what it looks like when the whole thing is complete. All right. I finished the entire thing and look at nicely. Each line looks after you finish this, you click on file Safe ass. You can look for some rip there many files you can choose. You choose sub rip. There's some rip. You double click that and final transcripts safe. So this software is quite easy to use. And those that I want to remind you is on the left. You have to choose the frame per second. You wish to save your file in if you want to save it At 30 frames per second, you click on this one. 29 97. You click on this one. Always remember what rain per second You wish your files to be in. All right, this is Rosa. Hope you've enjoyed this video. 5. Subtitle Workshop - Advanced Tutorial 2: in this video, I'm going to show you another way that you can use this subtitle software. Say, for example, you have a transcript that is already edited. I'm gonna upload a file. This one. This one is already edited. But the timing is not correct. So this is what you can do. The text here is all correct. They are in good order. This sentence is by sentences. But the timing is not correct. You can tell. I just play for you. See? You see these subtitles? They're not placed correctly in Amazon video. Direct publishing were required to do close captions to our videos. So this is what you need to dio you put the curse it back to the beginning, and you're going to highlight the 1st 1 It's gonna begin here, so we'll start with this tap first. Okay. ISCO started 05 2nd and then we're gonna play the video. And whenever the sentence ends, I'm gonna click on this tab, and that's all you need to do. Here we go. In Amazon video direct publishing were required to do close captions. Fresh on the heels requires is something new that many of us have to learn. Click here. We know how to create videos quickly when it comes to close captions. We had a loss. Click here. So in the series of videos that would explain to you what close captions are Click and what kind of form as Amazon requires for us that we do these close captions click just by clicking this tab, you tell the software where the timing is All right. I love using the software is very easy to use and I hope you will to This is Rosa. Have fun doing these close captions. 6. # 3 Subtitle Edit - Spell Check & Language: the next close catching tool Angry show you is this title edit for the subtitle Edit. You can go to this you our air link to download the software Once you've downloaded the software, this is subtitle Edit again. It's very easy to use. You see the video down here The subtitles up here and the text in here. Hello, my friends. If you want this to be longer, you can actually type in. This is a circle its course. Okay. And it would take up all this space here. You can do that if you wish. It's up to you. But then again, I like my lines short. So at just leave it like that. So this is quite self explanatory. The format I like it in some ribs. Thought is out. Eat. But you can choose the other ones. They actually have a lot of format for you to choose, but it's best to keep it as sub rib. Yeah, again you just open you videophile anyone that you want. He's a new one and you can opened. Save changes? No, because I want to open a new one. I will open this one and it will upload in your subtitle file for you. This one has a little bit more is a spell check also his auto translate. I haven't used this at all, but if you need translation, you might want to use subtitle Edit for your work. All right. Thank you for watching. Let's move on to the next video. 7. # 4 Camtasia - Edit, Add, Remove, etc: now, The next one we could look at is the camp station. This is not a free tool. Is the tool that I use a lot. Even now I'm using temptation to do this video So we'll go to Camp Tasia Limited Upload a foul that I did before. Okay. And here I cook em or you see the captions I could captions. You see the close caption appearing here and then a typing at caption notice this Cyril second right now, right in the beginning. Say, I type in music video from Rosa. You see this subtitle on the right here And if I just expand is a little bit more Okay? Music, video from roles that you see this written out here Music video from Rosa. Okay. And then I move on to the next caption and I want to add in color court. Piano message uses easy fingering. I wanted to start at the 46 seconds and to ended at one old too. But if I want to make it shorter, I can just move this so it's quite flexible. And then I'm wolf wanted a suit caption. Look how smoothly both has coordinate. So if I want it longer. I just move it over here further if I want it shorter. I just moved this cursor back here. And if I want to change the wordings, know how close most people's has? Coordinate. Look how easy it is to coordinate both hands. Okay, I changed it. Now this changed right away. So it's quite good, isn't it? So it's quite easy to use. Can't Asia remember? Click on. The more the caption and this thing will appear, and all you need to do is click on at caption. You start adding new text where you want it. Okay? Now, is that one minute and 12 seconds. So this is quite flexible. All right, enjoy doing these captions. If you have questions, get in touch with me and I will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you. 8. Final Thoughts - Thank You!: I want to thank you for taking this cause he has been quite fun for me to share these skills with you. And I hope with these new skills it will help you to become more successful in your learning. And if you're like this course and you would like to recommend this class to other students , click here and then it would take you to this page. Should leave a feet back. I love to hear from you. Tell me what you liked about this course and also other comments that would help me to improve, to create more courses for you. Thank you for coming in. And I look forward to see you in my other classes. This is Rosa. Have a good day.