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Clickfunnels - How To Build Sales Funnels With Clickfunnels

teacher avatar Nick Tsai

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. What is clickfunnels

    • 2. How to sign up Clickfunnels

    • 3. How to set up your sales page

    • 4. How to create optin page inside clickfunnels

    • 5. How to set up auto webinar inside clickfunnels

    • 6. How to create members area inside Clickfunnels

    • 7. Whats next

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About This Class

Want to build a high converting Sales funnels?
One of the best ways to build a sales funnels is by using Clickfunnels,

In this course, I will share with you how you can build your entire business inside Clickfunnnels

What you are going to learn:

  • How to set up your members area using Clickfunnels

  • How to set up Webinar funnel and auto webinar funnel inside Clickfunnels

  • How to set up your opt-in page and squeeze page using Clickfunnels

  • How to set up your Sales page and upsell page using Clickfunnels

  • And my secret to getting your Clickfunnels for the best price

    Join my class and start building high converting sales funnels from today

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Nick Tsai


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1. What is clickfunnels: Hey, what's going on? It's neat. I here in this video I want talk about while these click funnels and why you should start using that. And before we get started, I want to talk about for themselves fun. So if you look for Google, you will find image like that. It was the Haiti's assist funnel. Well, that actually is sending the text book or in academical like us environment. But for like for us, that we are doing you're marking this picture makes no meaning to us because we don't know how to apply Lee's picture to real life. So in real life, when we want to implement off sales far no, it's actually looked like a list. So we have five different pages. Some has to have mawr, but layup basically fighting from pages, the one business up in pages. We've given something for free. Then we have over pages. Then we go to check out pages with coach Upset page. Then we give them a thing to page. So lots left. Basic friend were off basic really simple, stupid cells funnel. Now, if you want to sell, you want to see an example this actually one So this is one sees from Russell Bronson. So this one you can actually So this is what we co opting page rank. And the difference is that when you sign up, they didn't give you offer immediately. So they have their own lives depend on the design. So sometimes you can have some elements off the funnel like you can have up in page. You can find have one time over. You can have a check Arpege, but this not necessary. So, like the Armenian s ways to t sign of Fano. So there's no right answer. There's no wrong answer. But you haven't tested. So right now I have to say that why you need a sense from the redder than olden every website over or shop Go on. I store now. If you go to any website like you will find most website on the Internet is quite confusing , right, But in the marking we have a quote. We have saying that it confused my dome by which means that if you want to try to take action, you're pages you have a really clear go like each page. We should only have one go like these page. The only only once is ask you to leave. You were e mails, right? So after you. Cause I know what you what they want. They want to stay. One is down low, right? So after don only where they would give you some offer inside a pdf. So let's holly create. So each front on which step is leading you to next step so they don't really make you confuse. And the decider pages re clear they don't have men. You have clearly don't have let the battle here just that each step is just asking you to go to next step. Let's how the power off funnel is so after lead by study or by our speed, resist eight with if we created far No, you actually have higher conversion rate, higher retention rate, higher customer value and you can even higher have, like mawr cells like you can create a really, really like substantial business. So by y Klay funneled well in the past, the beauty and fun always depending the ass. I remember by the time we created fondos by our HTM a code or even by some off early suffer , it's really, really hard I spend it a like half year to build and high Fano. I don't really want to mention that, but right now, because a griffon of his fund by Rusted Bronson, he's actually a really good marketer case leading like a figure in the marking environment in a marking world. So he's built by market for marketer and is re mobile friendly. So which means that you're fun. Oh, you mean the path we want to do is build a thief through fear and two different decide, and we have to build a design for different, like mobile devices, a different browser right now, if pre fondle, you can easily like become about with off those options, and it's actually really easy to abuse and super generative. I tried obverse off where I tried up in my press. I tried the pages, but given no refund is by far the best option. I really like it. I can so off Outer Pete other like sufferers, and it's actually the community's super supportive. Like if you go to their like group, you can ask any question and people always you can get the answer with the big day, so that's re hell for and the best part of the over 14 days free trial. Which means that you can play with that and you feel standing for try. Oh, you can actually get a free T shirt so you can actually get you can go to get see a free trial that come to sign out for you were prefrontal free trial. So with that being said, I want to show you a demo video about how I used a funnel and you can see what's going on too tight here. So I think this video I want to do a quick demo off click funnels and let you see how you can be able to funnel really easily with Cliff. Oh, no. So you can go to their and you go to funnel, right? Then you can go to create your own funnels at a new there to defense a way for you to credit for. No. So they are actually could pick border. So which means that you can build, um, use their templates here. Also, you can use classic funnel builder. So because I started using refinery early, so I used to always use the classic builder you can choose you. What do you want to do if you want to clear emails or you want to sell your product or you want to host a webinar So if you want to let me email just here, right, and it's like it's demo and demo so you can build. So, um, I think that building, um, like, funnel with include funders really easy. So I just come here and they have lots of, like, temple you can choose from, so maybe you want to click email. So you choose up being an email, Then you go to our this one. Then what do you want to do? Is you just needed the page. Then you can change your taxi error. You can Just like this is a demo and you can eat it. You can change the size, you can change a collar, and you can even change your image. So and you can just integrate with your auto responder you choose. You were list and you edit it. Then you can save, and it's also easy to create your leg epi test. So you have to do is just getting here so you can duplicate it. Then after duplicated. You can eat it and you can choose on how when When you want to start your ab protest. And what's the percentage of it? Then after days, you just go too often. Pay our thank you page. Right. Then you want we want to add a thank you page. Then we can go to thank you. Maybe we should just one so we can actually go to the first run home and to test a test this final. So we just leave your email here and we get is just and we get access, Then you can get to the thank you page so you can see that it's really, really easy to create a fun Oh, in cycling funnel. So if you want to try this one, you can go to gets the f retried up calm and there would be free trial offer. You can try it for free for 14 days. Something thanks. You were watching. I would see you next. Video 2. How to sign up Clickfunnels: Hey, what's going on? It's neat tight here. So in this video, I want talk about how to sign our final and get bonuses. So I'm risk resting potent. Where you don't core body is you go to gets the f retrial dot com to create your 14 days free trial comes. So then this question poem. So you just go there. Then you enter your email and your pastor and you played cure. Then they will ask you some questions and require you to filling some off your basic inform . But then you're good to go. Then after you're doing that and you just go to get the opponents that com, um, to can you afraid bonuses. So it's Cristyne Pope. So I was reviewing this video. 3. How to set up your sales page: it was Go on since two weeks, huh? Hey, what's going on? It's neck tie here. So in this video, I want to show you how you can create yourself page using creek funnels. So the way we go ABIs we just go to here and which is funnels. Then we'll see pages like these, we just go to add new, Then we want to choose, create new funnel reach you sell your products and we have three difference, like, kind of fun or you can choose. But for this one, we want to choose those for no. So you give them your name right? Then you give you the tech. Then you will see that they have to actually have a few steps that have squeeze page, have sales page they have odor for And this one the most important parts. Actually, Lascelles Page and older form. So I was scapula squeeze page. And, um, I would just folks themselves Page. So what assessments here. We have to do just still go to South page and you choose the template you like. First they have and they have different templates for you. So you just try to just whatever you like? Maybe, uh So maybe this, uh, so maybe we choose That's previewed his first. Okay, let's use this one. So we go to here, we slick template, and we can go here to add a page. So this is actually the co two action toe next step so you can step action If you don't want to go to the next step, right, you can that it do all the things that open to pop up over. You can go to the space a fake like Well, what's that you io? So for this one, they actually they open a pop up so you can't actually go here to sit out of pop up. So So these templates, actually, they were asked people to leave their email before going to the order form. And these have advantage and disbanded vintage that you were got mattering got. That's people to to get to your order form. But you also get ability to fall about with them. If they didn't buy, you can say, Hey, you forgot. It's part of how about I give you or this comes. So then you can go here to add it. The title and you can also Ah, go here to change the tax up, Taito. So if you don't want the public to open, you just go here and you go to here to choose the go to next, step in front of their need with Gordon esta so you can added the copy here than you save it. Then this is for SDO only. So if you are going to buy traffic to this site like you're running Google ad or where you are going to do SDO then this one its most important one. You have to give Europe like Titou, which is your keyword inside your title, right? And your description. But forties one, we have just demo. So I were David's here. So we click on safe, then you can go here then and then the next step is your order form. So we're just gonna odor for and we choose the template we like, right? Maybe this one. Then after choosing the odor form what enough. The most important thing is your product. So you have to state other products because when you chicken here you were ceded half showing us like, dynamically like uploaded, which means that you don't have said any product here. So you were not sure anything. So the way you go about this, you go to products. Then you have to add a new product here. So you have to follow instruction so that by the 1st 1 you have to add you were payment system like if you don't have stripe you have created comes for a stripe. So you have to add a payment. And because I already have my like mass email a month off a payment system. So? So they we don't allow me. But you, Joe, just like click here and follow instruction. There they That's quite simple. Then you choose the one time payment over less entering base. So if you were going to create subscription like they have to pay the things monthly, they're you have to create plan. Inside. You were stripped comes So this time I will just do one time. So I knew. Okay, so I have to choose my integration first. Then we go Teoh. Then you have to choose your product, your prop prize, your currency and the press overwrite. Say so sometimes you want them to see different prices. You don't want we want. We're not going to cheat them to buy and different things. But sometimes you want to display differently, right? Maybe you just like free for us $7 shipping. So you want to that in the okay to $7 actually shipping price or something else. So that's the way to go about it. So then we can save and next So then you can change. Ah, the list is an email that after lead by you with little A system will automatically send in the email. So this will be the will come email. You just let its the content there they will come to my membership side and thank you for buying from me that you can choose, which which, uh, which would push thank you. Base you want tend to go into Then we could have gone next. So this is actually just the photo up so you can choose whatever you like and you can add it to a list. Then we consider the next right. So you have to choose to list here, then This is our integration. If they're using Shopify or a using all other like plan for him to do for human for you. Then you will need to use that. But for this one we don't need and this one use your commission. You fight running like the plea funnel backpacks. Then you are afraid may want to permanence problem. Then you can decide if you want to give them the commission and the commission rate. So you can't just give it in the commercial rate in seven. Next they netted on which you're finished sitting on the planet. Nandor is another friend I want I want to mention mistake. You can actually create a bump offer here. So what bump offer here is actually for you? Check this page. They will have two different ways for you to stick product so we don't have bump offered in this page. But this there is the item dissect. Right? So you can actually go to add a page. And you can add a new Perlis here. And but this one is not old inner products. What? We co the bomb offer solely. They call over the bump, right? So he was he You can click there. So what they do is they with checklists box? So if they check. They were act another. I tend to layer a cart. And so when the hour are when they buy the sports, they would buy this too at the same time. So the way we set out it is we create apartheid. We added a not a hard right here so we could create a not a part of here but the differences of these lads. So most of the most, like most most of the steps that are the same. But the only difference is is the on this second step, you have to check this one The bump our partner so so that they will know that Hok So So when they check the box on your order page, that is this partner so So they don't get confused. So that's the only difference is so after that, we want to add our what I called up sell. So right now they're Lepage given is only sells page an order form. But what if you we want to percent percent harvesters something they can add or make him by after a check out? We actually have to add news that so you Then you choose Upsell or you can inanimate it anything, but I like to ended many upstairs. I know that's last after a trillion Axel. Then you going to choose that one click up? So So you just use the template. So then we want to drag at under the order form. So let's do it quick. Preview off this page. So no. So how one click upscale work is that after lave check out, they will see this is as a one time offer so they can do what it can do. Is they just click this link after we click on this link, there would be charged automatically based on the price out from this thing. So you may want to mention a price off the product on their right. So you can say, Hey, thank you for buying my products. And here's the awesome up discomfort Do so you can get. It's only for on this page, and you will get is for four or 50% discomfort. So things like that. So that's why do we usually do is up. So then, after we do that, we just had a part of here. Then we want to go to older confirmation so those that actually the thank you page, but they but that we were show the price. So we go to add a page. So we were showed oppressed here. And the way I like to go about it is I want to go get a button here and I will, leading to a product or the membership signed. They can get us. It's who here with these bottom. So we just got here and set up and we go to the euro. We just passed this faster. You are here, then we're good to go. So that's how you set out the cells Page and up. So inside Cliff are so how we enjoy it. And I will see you in next video. 4. How to create optin page inside clickfunnels: winds An exciting year. So in this video, I want to talk about how you can quit Hoppin page over Squid Page Insight Click Far knows. So what we're going to do is we go to Kapono's first, then we go to here. We click on far knows then we you want to add new So we kick out a new and we choose classic funnel builder. Then we click on click Funnel, create, create funnel. Then we want to choose clack e mails and you can just give you the Rendon an order and then you like and you can choose your group tack. Thank you. Click on beard funnel. Then we will see there were get assets to older template that you got exactly for knows name. What you want to do is just use one you can preview year and see if that's why you like If you don't like it, don't worry, just find another one, like recently, if we want to choose, maybe this one, you just click on slick template, you know, import the tempt A to your funnel. It comes. Then you just click on add a page so now we can start to a dentist age so you can kick here to change the title and you can change the head. But right here the most important part is actually your integration. So so you can Oh Chou Chou, you can change other things. You can change your logo but you can change a man You can change a photo. I hear the most important thing is actually saying integration. So if you haven't said out, you were over Responder cure. You need to sit at the end events. And if you already said a year, you just go here to choose. You were also responder and you shoes that this you want to go to Then you stick whatever you like. They could least you want, right? Then you can change logo here a swell. You just go here the slug your for no go. Maybe for the sweat. And you can change your photo so you can do as much editing as you like. Then you can save now we want to stay out of Tyto. This is actually for a Google s CEO. So you just You have to decide how you want to show you are a century sold. So for its one maybe and and cool training. So it's just like if you are not a serious about STD or you don't want to dress the year, then you don't have to worry about this part. But if you re want to do a CEO, you have to come out with a great appealing title for Let have to say, save data we go to accept. Then we go to choose our thank you page. So right now we want to choose our thing through Thank you Bake. You just just stand right. We go to choose our template with preview it, then received. That's the one we want, then we east like templates. Then we can go to add a page and you can change lives the size Oregon. Change the tax and we go to exit. So if you want to change the u. R l. I mean the leather address that what is the address here? You need to go to stating and you want to choose a domain, you already important to pre finals. But if you haven't import any, we have to set up any domain yet you have at click on add it or it'll men. So here you will get Just click on Add Muto man, and you would get step by step instruction off how you can set it. Then you go back to the op ed page the first page before you lunch any like up in Pedro Squarespace? You were need to test if you want. You want to make sure it's actually worth fine. It just doesn't like directed random page. So you just type in your email and just summit then? Yeah, that's worth pretty well for me. And if you want to do Appy testing the actually a function for you just created variation here. So you condemn, pick ated then you can do the changes you like. Like if for me I were test let tight overs So because the titles you will copy your title is the one of the most important part Off your are being paid. So you always want to test something which is more important which is critical for you are the conversion rate. You don't want to just taste like all this war here that we're here. The most important one is first round series title. Then Mr Subtitle, then you can test your images. Then you can toast test your co two actions. But those part are the most important part. You don't want you to test many things like your logo or or you were company name. That doesn't matter. It also. Then after we set out those things, we go back to here. You can actually star a b testing here and you click on apply. So you just let it wrong for a few days over, Like, depend on how much your traffic you've got every day. But I want to drive at least 100 click to each page, so you may need 200 traffic to these step so you can go two steps death to check in the conversion rate to trade their report. And if you want to integrate, that's with you were auto responder. You go to integration, and here you can see, um, Les can get us us to You were over responders, so you can click here to a new integration, then choose whatever. Like if you aren't using a weber and you just just use your a Weber like like what I use is actually campaign. Then some people leave may use. Get response. Right? So it's depend on your Whitewater quality when you are using, then you just following instructions. Care. So that's Kristen Bo as well. So let's in the video for today. I hope you enjoy it. I would see you in next video. 5. How to set up auto webinar inside clickfunnels: they're so in this video, I want to talk about how you can quit a weapon off our know exactly for knows. So the 1st 1 to go to for Kapono's you click on photos, then we click on and new. So I always like to choose classic funnel. Beautiful because for me is are actually more intuitive. So you can host Webinar. And I actually had two ways for you to choose from the ones life that women are in another ways, like this one's old hole with which you can pre recorded and you can use it and to make people think that's actually life. So so I would choose way but replay here, actually this to work the sand so it doesn't matter. I quiz when you choose. So then you want to choose odor ripping our restriction registration, right, So So just a temple you like. Then we go to add a page. So we want to make sure the pages actually the when we like, so you can change a photo here. You can change the title here, and the most important part is actually integration because we want to integrate with our auto responder we don't want them to just sign Allocate a weapon. Are. But they didn't leave their email address. Right? So we want to integrate with our responder so you can enter. Quit it as the stadion off your kimono. So, a sled. I was known as you said it up. You just click here and your editor list and you choose to this you like, Then you can kick I'm safe. Then you can go to previous tape. Then we're going to go to do it, not come down page. So this page is actually just a thank you page, but they haven't come down, timer, and remind them that when way over the week, when are the game, right? So if live women are, it's just even a word. I didn't start. They were keep, baby. Keep on this page. So they were stick on this page on tail. The time is I know, so there would be reject direct to the weapon. Our broadcast room here So you can't choose Like how they see the women, are they? You can actually have the coach of passion at. Besides, your weapon are so if your product, if you're open eyes introducing some kind of products. You can just ask them to come here to get as this. So this here, Just business where you change the you are. So this is the you are. Or if you put you upload the video on YouTube then you just change this one to you were the YouTube You, Earl. You can add it here A swell. Just do whatever you like. Then you could say Then you wear want you go to the replayed room so at least replace room . You just presenting You choose a template. There you go to add a page Then for this one we were want to have a co two action button there. So when they click on charity can actually go to offer page so we can see here. Then we go to website euro and you insert your in your here that you pretty on safe. So the rest of that just added the text. So it is quite simple. So I don't want Teoh Day more than too much. Now there will be a sitting coat automation So they were actually send then automatic. Kohli there were coat tam. They were sent them that reminder. So you may want to edit a Remember, so those will be sent earlier. Email so you can change template here. Maybe you can change your name here. You were free training. Now you updated email so you can get it. All of this email. Then it's you're good to go. So you just go back to the page now you can test it. Just signed on to see if it's work properly. Name. That's that's It's so that's his first video. After being injured, I would see you in this one. 6. How to create members area inside Clickfunnels: what's going on inside here so easily? In this video, I want to talk about how you can build your membership site using click funnels, eso the way we go about this, we go to Stefano and we go to dish four. We go to the follows, then we can, um then we add new and we choose the clasico. Follow Butor. Then you can choose anything because it doesn't matter where you have to add the membership sites inside the final Butor so we could build a funnel. Then you wear See they have funnels. They have some olive on the staff here, but that's not what we want. We want to add new so we want to add two. New far No. So this one is membership, our loving and we want to create an estate called Members area. Then you then you can't go to, uh, narrowness. There's what to So the 1st 1 use a membership? You can go to the member SS There you choose a template. I like just this one. Then you can edit that. So this one's a quick simple You just change logo and you can change a collar here as well , so you can change your background color. Maybe, but this one just just like how you like it, how you like it Just to look like right, So you just put ever Furio let go. I just I would just put us up a things there, uh, to demo, maybe a good part of teacher, right? So you can change your to Europe brand name here. Then you click on save. Then we go to the members area, and we want to Endor at the members area here. So here is there. We have to choose your template. You can just whatever you like. Then you stick template. You can add it. The template a swell. So you can edit Click here to change your logo Teoh whatever with your like a policeman. Then you can change your name here to your nan and change your photo here to your logo photo. So, yeah, just just quite easy. Then you step it, then you go back to a previous state, Then we want to add some content to the member site. So the way we go about it is we go to press officially at your party. 1st 1 is the station decision just like apartment right now? Of course, is and the list unused to the content instead? Of course. So you can get maybe my first course in my second course. Then you can add some listen to it. Then you can choose like this list in this list. In one, you can choose the template. You can choose from a video. Listen so or a second or second Listen, then you can go to the editor to to to change the template so you can change your video. If you want to use you do YouTube to host your video. You just help post your view YouTube video here. Oh, where you can use the meal can change the title here, changing things here and everything is just wrecked. Dragon drop. So it is quite simple. So then you can actually set out the SS. So if you already have payments is and said I'm already you can just change with as this, like this part of they should buy certain important in order to get into a studious product , right? So if they didn't buy this products, they will not get as in students, the Right now, we have created our own members area. But one of the questions you may have is like How about I just want to change my girl? The way we go about this is we go to the city, then Africa after going to the city, we want to go to dough, man. But if you're domains not said are yet you just go to at at and it it's Domene. Then there were half instruction here to ask you to add your new demand. So you just had your domain here. So you just follow the instruction care and then you are good to go. So it's actually a quick demo off how it looked like after you finish creating your membership area. So this is actually one of my partner lines. So you can see this is looking like feature. So I want to do is just use my account and Logan. So right now I have looking to my members. They really, as you can see, they are old a part of that get access to. So if I click here, either way, we'll go to one of all my courses, right, so you can have actually Marty poll part of inside. Why member should we are. So you were being half a loan list. So the thing I like the final is that you can actually build the only Mitic remembers area inside that. So this is one big per line. So you can have second part line is different members area and they have different courses . And you consider the permission for each course is based on quantitative boats. So that's reason I'm quiet. Really likely funnels. So if you haven't seen that yet, you can go to see if we tried to come to get your free account and to play with that. So that's the video today. I was three. Ewing next one. 7. Whats next: break your plea fund account and how you say that the Appian Page, a sales page and webinar and odor foreign estate from so you may have the ability to start . But unless there you have to do is you want to take massive action because without actions there's no results. So go to see guests, see if we trapped up come and to get your free kick on account. You can play with that for 40 days, and if you don't like it, just cancel it. So it's pretty easy. And by the way, you view sign, not really account. You can also get a free T shirt front. Kapono's so that's pretty cool. So go to get CIA free. Trap that come and I will see you soon in the future. Thank you.