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4 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. ClickBank Tutorial introduction

    • 2. ClickBank Marketplace feed

    • 3. How to receive money from clickbank

    • 4. How I promote ClickBank products

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About This Class

ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate networks. Most products are digital download and eBooks. As an marketer you can register and generate affiliate link (hop link) when you will promote your hop link and if person will buy this product - you will get commission.

ClickBank is great platform to generate passive income. In order to do so you need to create simple landing pages and attract targeted traffic to them. When this process completed you can monitor statistics and do advertisement optimization if required. 

In this course you will learn step by step my strategy what I'm using to generate income on ClickBank.

Meet Your Teacher

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Juri Fab

Digital Marketing Strategy


Working full time as an Affiliate Marketer. I'm creating niche websites and rank them in Google. I have created many successful projects already what bring passive online income. I have tested many marketing strategies and know what works best. Here on SkillShare I share my ideas and strategies in order to help other people become successful in digital marketing.

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1. ClickBank Tutorial introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Jury and I'm full time. I feel like marketer and I would like to invite you to thes scores Were I will share with you my strategy. What? I'm used in order to promote affiliate links for click Bank. So, uh, this course will be perfect if you are a beginner and, ah, if you already know what it's click bank, how it works, but not getting any results, then this course will be also perfect for you. So, uh, enrolled through the scores and you will learn how creeping dashboard works, how they're reporting to works how to the most important how to drive traffic to your hope links hoping sits like exclusively of, ah Samos affiliate links. So, uh, if you want to learn how to get results on the Kriegman, make sure to check these lectures and, uh, in case, if you have any questions or ah, problems with this click bank, you can also contact me, and I'm here to help you 2. ClickBank Marketplace feed: quickly you can generate the fledglings for click bank So look into your quick Manukau Goto marketplace. And here Ah, we'll use marketplace to find the FL It's if that programs So first of all, let go to Google that here click back marketplace feet like disease. And here you can see that marketplace feet from Sports League. By that consulates open And here we can see a marketplace feet the link So is this is from quick bank support and as you can see, they update these feet every day Approximately five AM So let's click on these marketplace He blinked. It will down onto your computer That's show it in folder I will open Havel opens the park it now And here we are. Here are two files we need Teoh Only this world market Marketplace Feet XML file So on park it to my computer And if you tried to open it, it will show something like these. So is this the way how you can open these XML file is using Excel? Let's click on Excell now Let's, uh, open a ceasefire What? Come down with it. So here it is opening now s XML table okay. Do what? All that. So let's make it full screen. And here we can see uh, here we can see name or it's like category. This one i d. It's looking for a quick my ankle advertiser looking. And here are title. So here is a description as well for this product here we can see that this product is recording means subscription based so will be charged. The customer will be charged on the one time Then then status will be false Or if customer will be charged every day or every week or maybe once a month sometimes how from year and become depends on, uh depends on if that website the charge customer then you can see here through the recording building things true. Here we can see gravity. Gravity. It's, uh, unica barometer in Greek bank. Same parameters. What we can see here, we usually see in our equipment marketplace. So, for example, if I will select products, for example, this one I need to cope is this time of securities travel Corporate wasted Here. Click on search. I will see a website. The same parameters. Gravity indeed. Count. Yeah, same parameter, same website here we consider that quality work on improvement. So here's this here is detected and the title Here it is. Super single medic here is the title and here wouldn't see percent per sale. What we get means what percent? 7% of sale every tree bju Here we conceals the numbers, talking about commission and activation They date when website launched. So, guys, if you would like to promote quick bank products, then you should get these files. So from this file, weaken generate the generate brothers and by products with what we can promote My recommendation. If, for you you should sort ship product by using Gravity's and simple click here great gravity and you can sort from, for example, easy to a like these. Here we can see it operated products means the product Port 77 Great. And, um, this product got a lot of competition as well. If it's selling book, it's number of gravity's big ones and, uh, could be additional sues huge one. So it's, uh, here we can copy idea again. Who did here in marketplace find brothers sort. And here is the product. No, it's like this one and got money here this one, uh, next point product if he's this one. So we can also put it here in fine product to generally to generating form. So as you can see title same This one and you can click promote type here, your trekking I d usually type your source from where I'm trying to promote the product. So my website these big get so I hear get and generate link. So here is link and copy this link. And if you're going to my web side opening now here. Concealed products What? I have read it. Oh, products from Big man can test. You can see this one read more is a lettering show Court is also a fledgling and some next year. Also, uh, some, uh, heuristics mean keywords. So I'm generating products like these Setting here is nice. Agencia got many products already edit with scoop on cards. So, uh, easiest ways how you can so you can generate links. Here is only if you if you will, down with this file from Kriegman then you can sort product by gravity. Recommended number number off gravity is from 20 you 15 I guess though This brother, for example, is good to sell because number of gravity is slow. So all these products is good too. From old. Make sure to check, uh, activation date for product for product. Most activate like, Ah, let me so much like this one. So it's ready more than 10 years ago. So you should before promoting these products, you should sort it in a fleet bank. Let's go. Big bank sorted. Open this page off this, brother and check how it looks like Maybe this product is bad enough. Or like in this case, I did not see we bring bottom. Let's refresh it. Did you know? Yes. So it's got to card. So it's check it. Use this one war. Yes, it's work. It's redirected to Greek banks. So, uh, we can promote it on our website or direct marketing. Um, when you ah, click on your link or F let link. You can see here that if let known, that means these brother comes without effort. But if other people Meiling here, I will see my organize ideas is this means that everything is working about those beached working. Everything is working in banking from morning and the in flight I d tricking Twinkies. Working. Tracking FLN so means everything is great. So, uh, about this file, there is no way that moment how you can generate definite means. I have already contact quick bank as well. Ask them if this is possible to generate if the things for all these products. So what moment? This is not possible. But you can do this manually. So first of all, you can create all this product supple of them to your after that store or let website and one by one storage products. So simply copy I d for this product like here, here his brother could promote. It's up to you, Ed. Breaking You're not like to it. Trekking ready for my wife's side. So I put my website here. We can create and here is a blood. Think of what I need to cookie. So this link I will, uh, put on my website is bottom like you deal or show called bottom for these products. Great change for this product and he'll be able to start promoting it on social media. But you can also great additional training corps if you would like to brown, uh, removed this link. As you can see, your ankle looks a little bit long and ugly. You can copy close window, go to website like bickley dot com, and here we can shorten this thing, so simply click on, create place long clean from quick make, and it will generate shirt cling. You can also customize it and provide name for you like Super Deal. Well, use this. The customized wing will be free to use me. It's not. Other person will not names your link name names, you think same name, then you can use it so it's created Quicken safe. So as you can see, it's already created. So here is our link. Let's Corp you and let's tested in your car windows Wits go doing here is our web Today would be promoting You can also regressive page here in this lean blitzkrieg. On it to card here we can see that it's ah, Raymond page for a quick bank and here we can see that series. Our looking for, uh, Glickman so means striking working. And here is the source off every rattling click from where we are getting trapped so big gets off my website. So this is about work by guys. If you are interested to promote clean bag the easiest way how you can generate a lotto for links and brothers and as well the easiest way to find product what to promote is used these equipment, equipment, XML files. Here we consort product by different parameters. For example, you would like to see products what got? But for example, you can find latest products by activation date. Or maybe you would like to sort brother by reveal amoled. So, for example, Children Southeast product got huge reveals so you can make a great commissioner exists. So I looked off. I was afraid, Bill, sir. A lot of sales. So here is title for this problem in Paris. I d for this product and you can find this product on creeping and start promoting so different, absolutely different parameters. What you can use in order to find brother, what to promote on quick man. So I hope the pseudo helpful Make sure to check other courses, videos 3. How to receive money from clickbank: money off my, uh, custom bars. And the students asked me how I am receiving money, bro. Programs like click Bank couldn't locating become so, uh, for some companies, like recruited marketing. It's either to receive money using people come. But if for summaries Um, if you do not want to open paper account or it's restricted in some countries or limited as well, you can use ah company bayo near. So it's ah, great way to receive. Well, you're near is great way to receive people that your drinks because you contributed registered there and order You are under your card a damn Cartman! With this Kartal arrives, we can activate. Look into your God we connected. Wait and you'll get, uh, hard working. Can you be able to draw up to $1000 fair day from your account here? If you're quick, you can see how many cards you got. You can hold money this year old dollars and different occurrences if you like. So, in order to register in Unirea issued provides them a copy of your I D. Like a driving license or a passport. And you should provide address approve mint. So I have provided them built from my mobile company were very simply dressed line. There is my name and address. So I have sentencing is I have some of these paper to pioneer and they have a put my account. So great way to use pain here because, uh, they got option. Like you could hear received global payment services. It's Quicken open. And here you can see that you can select currency and it will provide you bank details. For example, you should work with companies like a Greek bank recorded. They are American companies. So you should select here currency years. The and here are among the details what you can use in order to receive payments received payments from I thought company. So I have a copy. Simply the soul details. Before doing that, I have answered questions about how I what What business? I got attacked, attacked in this question, Larry, that I'm promoting people with products from clean Bank and includes their my website. Give that camp. So, uh, the doctor said they approved application. And though waas working great. So simply if you would like to use pain there to be seen favor, simply copy these details after your industry ation and with them here in claimant information payment information can be extended by looking to your treatment. First, go to settings my account Click on edit here and you'll see Page Why disease? So here you can If you'd like to receive payments, thereby bonier than simple. Take your threshold. Do you consider it a minimum? Amoled Would will be sent your card. Do you consent 10 Yama from here in my case is concedes only $50. Here. Gonna select how open you would like to receive money, for example lyrically or weekly. So if you prefer is me you can receive money every seven days. Simple Greek on weekly here. You should select directive. So in my case, I could put here United States bombing countries that stays well. Bark off, America. Samos Here it conceived Here are roading number, account number, econ type. So put everything with everything here and the most important include, uh, your name of the car. So this is my girl friend. Uh, name. She's receiving payment. Is this why, uh, include a your name there, So working Quite disease. Well, you can see Got many parts so you. Can you compare, for example, two cards, dollar card and the second car for your payments, and you can windrow money like this. It will be cheaper if you go to your account in United States dollars. So according sees here be. And if you have your country giving your country local A T M with options to withdraw money these years, don't be cheaper. You will not pay for conversion eri for From Europe from year to year and become so you'll be able to get money in dollars like this. So this is for clean bank. You can withdraw your money, so make sure to use for you in here. It will be really fast to cash out money. You can get your GM car in one week approx approximately one week it takes to get your car . So a reporter's here, uh, card and you can see it's nine based. Wait, so not so. So I hope to see there was helpful for you. 4. How I promote ClickBank products: So if you want to promote Kligman product from simple, for example, I would love to promote thes online book. So, uh, here is Page created this content. And when people will quicken show court worried more their beer right, directed to which like these words, they can buy this product in all click bank brothers fuel schools there their hope Age. You will see here a to bottom affiliate section usually is a couple that section if they don't give me contact directly brother toner and Taskings they have any materials if that material. So if we will click um, your dear able to see over your all materials what's a pro life? Oh, for example, I would like to problems. He's one. Here we can see email templates. We can create out the responder incident in most areas. Here we can see a practical then blades. Here we can see images what we can use for our website. Boehner's So, for example, I would like to twenties playing him. I will simply downloading from here. Usually I save all images with my focus cured. So this is risky work and in order to provide better still, I'm using it for naming images riding. I'll text as well here. Make sure to optimize your images. Import press. It's really simple to do simple, quicker exit image change size and the size will be changed and it will be smaller. Is an actual size and use always former big not being you. So is this for Metis? Already compressed images. So inside the post Here we are. It's centered. Also, make sure it, uh, one least one heading and should be anything to and make sure to include this getting is your focus key work. You just we can see that almost thes ones green, for key words here in the building must be in broke as well. We should at some internal wings during the wings. It's simple links. Would you forward users to on the other website, for example, we can. So there was this one mysterious become big and now it should be fixed. It's made stealing toe end some links. Let's add link to our Web started simple Another with another page. Okay from the ball it linked to over attack aun quicker is there will be right directed Teoh directly equipment. I don't hear this that's update. No, you can see a problem fixed. No as well. Need Teoh explained ability. Bake should be so Here is how this looks like we can nettlesome work yours here. Yes, you remember here we got keywords so already so we can simply copy all these keywords in No , no. The key words. You can see a lot of key words we got from these provider. We will try to use sold off them. Okay, everything. Keys. Scorpion. Let's elect no go back to excel and we need to add them in book to our WordPress website. Oh, this is how do time doing it? This will be deleted raised again. Remove Now we need to remove these spaces. It's quite simple. Simply copied from the agent key. Work dancing but move spaces like this Dio does this second so no spaces. Let's go open text and need to remove line breaks This website text fixer that come It was simply basted. Move Flying breaks Here is your Kim keywords ready? So I will copy them. Go to my website What I'm editing here and based over overtax your keywords Edit Let's calls pages What? We are not using So, uh, last step. What we need to improve here is irritability. If you consider no transition, what included transition works you can find on the website? Smart words that work So here is leased off transition. What's we'll show about to fix this. So, for example, we can, uh, include here worked like Oprah. Moreover, off course, general general also. No, it's check consumed Now we got 25% but it's still not, you know, so we can keep adding sister and the rewards. Let's set, for example, additionally somewhere like here. Additionally, new readers with this car so sounds good, Eddie in check. So readability transition words is no, But we have basic boys here. So how to fix basic boys? We can click on this guy bottom. It will select the sentence is what we should end it. Let me show you what worked Basic voice means So here is the example Basic voice finger is designed. So if you can say sit with fingers design, you can see No, we got better percent of basic boys, but we still should remove remove place of ways here, you know, we got also working wrapped him around your finger is designed so we can say your finger design no removed. It's if you consider five passive voice also fixed. Now we can fix, uh, these one. So do long sentences. This is, uh, real simple. So simply split two short sentences from, for example, these one mitt shortening these. This one could be shortened like uh, please. It's a concern. Readability already. Better I don't need to fix. Here. We can do is the same. Commit, shortened or other sentences. You conceits too Big one. So takes must be read it Very simple. So it's shortened more sentences. For example, This one we can short term lags ease still long but working from it. So it's shortened. Change dark Antin shoots sells better. Now let's check it. No, Still not enough. Let's optic Plage. Sometimes it's a required in order to see all updates. So here we can see this one to change And we need to add more transition work Now, for example, that's that. Oh, for something like these. Okay, so here is no better Still do shortened sentence. The second person changes but, uh, need toe work more from here When we shortened sentence. Uh, then we need also traditional works. So I have changed everything here, and ah, now it's green. That's simply the Beijing that was about Looks like here in this Now we can, uh, share it everywhere. And a swell we can add to this page in Google. It will be faster to get the index your, uh, the page. So simply let here in the Google feature at link here and once it protest, I will simply click on editing Google and doing things like this for every product. Make sure it will bring you traffic in sales. So as you can see, I pathetic already here. Our own 100 brothers in all these products, we can optimize one by one like these with you. Nick, you text. That should be you, Nick. You by ending banners ends. This will bring you sales