ClickBank Affiliate Marketing: From Zero To Profits Without A Website

KC Tan, Online Business Coach, Small Business Owner

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35 Videos (2h 45m)
    • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

    • How ClickBank Works

    • Learn The Numbers

    • How To Get Paid?

    • Withdraw Earnings From Your Local ATM

    • Identify Products That Sell

    • Products To Avoid In ClickBank!

    • Avoid These Mistakes Made by Most Newbies!

    • Choosing the Perfect Product for Direct Linking

    • Matching Traffic to Products!

    • How to Get Free ClickBank Products..Legally!

    • Best Traffic Sources for ClickBank Conversion

    • Worst Traffic Sources for ClickBank Conversion

    • How I Get $70+ Sales with Only $4 Investment

    • (Updated Jul 2017) Ad Creation Secrets Part 1

    • (Updated Jul 2017) Ad Creation Secrets Part 2

    • (Updated Jul 2017) Ad Creation Secrets Part 3

    • Proven Keyword Generation Techniques

    • Generate Another 1,000 Keywords

    • Tweaking for Greater Sales And Profit!

    • More Keyword Tweaking Tips!

    • Ultimate Checklist For Direct Linking

    • (Updated Jul 2017) Tracking Keywords Part 1

    • (Updated Jul 2017) Tracking keywords Part 2

    • (Updated Jul 2017) Tracking Keywords Part 3

    • Creating a Squeeze Page Without Any Domain and Hosting

    • Create a Money Making Squeeze Page that People Will Subscribe To

    • Professional Squeeze Page Under 5 Minutes

    • How to Nurture Your Leads and Turn Them Into Your Customers

    • Successful Squeeze Page Case Study (Must-Watch)

    • How To Track Keywords That Opt-in To A Squeeze Page

    • How to Send Your First Gift to Your Mailing List Subscribers

    • Privacy Policy Template For Your Squeeze Page

    • Valuable Lessons

    • Top 10 Converting Countries (By Conversion Rate)


About This Class

Have you ever tried to promote ClickBank products but had little or no success with getting sales?

Or maybe you are new to ClickBank affiliate marketing and you are not sure how to get started...

If your answer is yes, then this class is what you need to bring your ClickBank affiliate marketing business from zero to profits.

In this course, you will learn my proven system to promote ClickBank products as an affiliate even without the need to have your own website!

This class will give you a solid foundation on the whats and hows of ClickBank affiliate marketing and help you to make your first successful sales as an affiliate!

You will discover how easy it is for anyone (including yourself) to get started from scratch by using the core technique of direct linking (through search engine pay per click marketing) which is covered in the first part of this class.

This core technique will help beginners like you to shorten the amount of time needed to see results with ClickBank (as compared to figuring things out on your own) and help you to gain great confidence and momentum from here!

In the second part of the class, you will also learn how to use squeeze pages to boost your income for the long term (again, without the need for your own website).

Here's a quick overview of the skills that you will take away from this class:

  • Gain a good understanding of ClickBank key metrics and learn how to make full use of them
  • Learn how to select suitable products to promote, and what are the products to avoid
  • Learn how to create promotion campaigns to start making sales as quickly as possible
  • Learn how to build a more sustainable affiliate income for the long term

This class comes with over 20 concise video lessons that walk you through every detail in step by step format so that you can effectively apply what you have learnt.

All the information you need to know is explained clearly in simple terms, and broken down nicely into actionable steps that will be easy to understand and follow, even for total newbies.

See you inside and I look forward to connect with you :)

Through my website:

Through my Facebook page:

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good content
Really great class so much information that I can use to start my own affiliate marketing business thanks so much
Good one thanks :)





KC Tan

Online Business Coach, Small Business Owner

In 2008, KC founded his first business, developing professional websites for business owners and helping them to market their websites online through search engines. Today, KC gets to do what he enjoys most, which is training – bringing his years of experiences and expertise to teach business owners and individuals on how to create their own websites and marketing them online.

Over the years, KC found that most people actually do not have much difficulty learning a new tool (say using WordPress to create a website). What the real problem was - people often find themselves stuck or see no results because they simply had no idea what to use those newly acquired tools for! This motivated KC to put even more focus on helping people to bridge this gap.

KC believes that everyone has something so valuable in them that other people would want to learn from. The challenge is most people do not have a system to package and sell their knowledge. KC aims to equip everyone with the skill of turning what you know into something that people is willing to pay them for.

KC specializes in the areas of Google Analytics (certified by Google), Search Engine Optimization, WordPress and eCommerce. He has extensive training experience and has conducted training courses for organizations including Singapore Compact CSR, Singapore Polytechnic, National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), Civil Service Club, JobsCentral Portal, CareerMinded and Singapore Business Federation (SBF).

KC's entrepreneurial journey has also been featured in the book – “Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur?" – showcasing more than 30 successful stories of aspiring entrepreneurs! You can grab a copy at the local libraries as well.