Clear the Clutter: Design a Daily Writing Goal | Katherine Peach | Skillshare

Clear the Clutter: Design a Daily Writing Goal

Katherine Peach, Digital Media Strategist

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8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Claiming Your Space Before Composing Your Page

    • 3. Borrow Writing Systems

    • 4. Power of the Post-it

    • 5. Set Your Daily Writing Goal

    • 6. Editing Versus New Content

    • 7. Avoid the Illusion of Writer's Block

    • 8. Your Assignment


About This Class

Discover essential tools for creatives to write consistently, avoid mental blocks and reduce backache from sitting ineffectively at a desk. This course debunks the myth of the "9-to-5" writing day and offers concrete steps produce the work you've always wanted. Explore the best productivity tools, insider knowledge and organizational skills in this 50-minute class from freelancer Katherine Peach.

You’ll learn how to create a numerical writing goal and transform your writing space, so you can write with purpose. Your final project will be part of a living, global workshop of students who share your passion. Motivation from your personal writing goal enables you to write around other jobs, meet project deadlines and keep inspiration continuous.





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Katherine Peach

Digital Media Strategist

Katherine Peach is a digital media strategist who started with a love for journalism covering luxury lifestyle, arts culture, outdoor adventure and natural health for international print and digital media publications. I have used my time management skills freelancing as an entrepreneurial, personal finance and technology writer. Managing social media content and creating branding material for my creative business has allowed me to grow my clientele and connect with the Skillshare community.<...

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