Clear the Clutter: Design a Daily Writing Goal

Katherine Peach, Digital Media Strategist

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8 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Claiming Your Space Before Composing Your Page

    • 3. Borrow Writing Systems

    • 4. Power of the Post-it

    • 5. Set Your Daily Writing Goal

    • 6. Editing Versus New Content

    • 7. Avoid the Illusion of Writer's Block

    • 8. Your Assignment


About This Class

Discover essential tools for creatives to write consistently, avoid mental blocks and reduce backache from sitting ineffectively at a desk. This course debunks the myth of the "9-to-5" writing day and offers concrete steps produce the work you've always wanted. Explore the best productivity tools, insider knowledge and organizational skills in this 50-minute class from freelancer Katherine Peach.

You’ll learn how to create a numerical writing goal and transform your writing space, so you can write with purpose. Your final project will be part of a living, global workshop of students who share your passion. Motivation from your personal writing goal enables you to write around other jobs, meet project deadlines and keep inspiration continuous.