Clean Up Your Voice With Adobe Audition + Premiere

David Miller, Multimedia Artist For Primordial Creative studio

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6 Videos (13m)
    • Intro

    • Recording Strategies

    • Adobe Audition Tools

    • Editing The Audio In Audition

    • Working In Premiere

    • WAV Files + Wrap Up


About This Class

Why do some vocal recordings sound so great while others are full of noise, hissing, and fluctuating highs and lows?  In this class we'll cover the tools in Adobe Audition that can make an enormous difference to the clarity and professionalism of your vocal recordings.  We'll also show some of the real-world materials you can use to improve the original recordings.  This class is meant for anyone recording their voice, be they singers, podcasters, voice over artists or Skillshare teachers!

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A very helpful and focused introduction to voice editing. Plus a nice glimpse at two potent Adobe audio tools. Good class!
Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist and Educator

Thanks, David! I just published my first Skillshare class and the audio quality isn't ideal. I'll be sure to follow these steps when recording my next voiceover.
Heather Grimstead

Designer & Paper Artist





David Miller

Multimedia Artist For Primordial Creative studio

I have always been interested in the visual arts from an early age- drawing, painting, and clay- but around my high school years I became interested in photography for the social aspect of involving other people, the adventure inherent in seeking out pictures, and the presentation of reality that wasn't limited by my drawing skills.  

One thing in my work that has stayed consistent over the decades since then is I have an equal interest in the reality of the lens next to the fictions we can create in drawing, painting, animation, graphic design, and sound design.  As cameras have incorporated video and audio features, and as Adobe's Creative Cloud allows for use of a plethora of mind-bending tools, I now make video art pieces that are based in photography but utilize time lapse, clay and paper stop motion animation, graphic animation, text and sound to expand the same intersection of reality and pop surrealism.