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Clean & Simple Mini Album: Modern Scrapbooking For Beginners

teacher avatar Tranae Harris, Paper Crafter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Creating The Album Base

    • 4. Adding The Ribbon

    • 5. Preparing For Decorative Papers

    • 6. Altering Project Life Cards

    • 7. Decorating the inside pages

    • 8. Decorating the cover and spine of the album

    • 9. Adding Embellishments

    • 10. Class Project

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About This Class

In this class, I'll show you how to create a mini scrapbook album using a single sheet of cardstock and some journaling cards. This album can hold up to 10 photos and is the perfect size for on the go sharing. By the end of the class, you'll be able to create your own mini album. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tranae Harris

Paper Crafter


Hi, I'm Tranae, an Atlanta-based paper crafter and the founder of Becoming Fab. Becoming Fab is a creative lifestyle company with a focus on helping women cultivate joy through crafting.

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1. Introduction : Hi, I'm Train, a paper crafter and founder of the creative Lifestyle brand Becoming Fat in this class, I'm going to walk you through how to create an interactive mini album using just one sheet of card stock and some Project Life card. You're also learned how to make a Shaker card and some tags. This album can hold up to 10 photos. Yeah, you can easily store in your purse so you can take it with you and show off your little ones. This makes a great personal keepsake or a gift for a friend so enrolled today and let's start crafting. 2. Supplies: For this project, you're gonna need a couple of supplies that you probably already have in your home. So first up, you're going to need some card stock, and I like to use the £110 cart stop. And this is a great weight because it's sturdy, yet is not to reject that it won't score easily. You're gonna need some project life cards or journaling cards, and I'm using the three by four sides. You also make thes out of designer Cart's Stuck. You also want together any stickers or any type of infamous ra or embellishment that you would like to use in your project, that you're gonna need some photos and my photos are three by four inches. You're gonna need some ribbon. Mind is 1/4 of an inch, but it's up to you. How thick you want your ribbon to be is just a personal preference. Do you have any scissors, a tape runner with permanent tape? Or you can use double sided tape. The tape runner is a little bit more convenient. You're also gonna need score tape. This is a very heavy duty tape. Another option will be written on tape you also want to meet your paper trimmer. I purchased this one from Michael's, and I used a 40% off coupon. They also sell em on Amazon, so shop around. If you don't have one, another option would be to use. And is that no knife in a ruler or to just use your scissors and Charlie could as carefully as possible. Have a paper trimmer will save you a lot of time. You're also going to need a scoring board, a bone folder and any type of scoring two. Or you can score with your bone folder. I like to use a scoring tool because I always write my paper, and it's make it so much easier, hard. If you don't have either of these things, you can use a ruler in the back end of a butter knife to score your paper. 3. Creating The Album Base : So first up, we're going to start with our shoes paper and this is a letter sized paper and we are going to score. Our papers are first score. Mart is three in 1/4 minutes. Three n 1/2 followed by six in three fours by seven is the next one and last is 10 in 3/8. Now you need to get out. You're cutting too, and we're going to cut this down to four and 1/4. On the short side, I'm just lining up my paper and there we go that you're going to take your album together by, um, securities to pieces. And I am using score tape. Red tape is also a great tape to use. If you don't have score tape, you just need to make sure you're using a heavy duty tape. So your album for all parts. So you only need to put this on one side of these on one of these panels, and I'm just going to take my bond voter and go over to make sure my tape is nice and sticky and it's not gonna go any. Were. And then we're just going to attach these to seems I personally like to full mine in so that I know that I'm not going over my, um my score marks because if you go over to score marks, you're gonna have a hard time voting your albums. So as you can see, I'm just kind of folded over right into each other. And then I just push them together. Did not unfold. I go over it with my bone folder. All right, so now we're going to fold the wrist of our score marks. Do it. Once I get to this point, I would come in and fold this way with this side. There we go. And you have made your album easy, right? 4. Adding The Ribbon: So now we need to attach the ribbon to our album. So I'm going to lay it out so that I'll have my friend m a bad piece. I'm just gonna lay it flat, and I am going to kind of figure out where I want my tape to go. Well, I want my ribbon ago, because wherever I want my ribbon to go, that is the place where I'm going to put my tape. So I'm going to just put it here right across here. Then I'm going to grab another piece of tape and put it right over here. I want to take my ribbon and make sure I have extra extra long pieces and just lay it right in the middle of those two. This Just make sure everything comes out straight, and then we can come down and clip it. Now we're going to cover the front and the back of our album with a sheet of paper. And this paper is three in one force by four and one force. And as you can see, it lays exactly on the panel. If you want yours a little smaller, go. For this is just the size that I use just to keep things nice and simple. 5. Preparing For Decorative Papers: Okay, so now we want to number our panels. As you can see, I have one and two. And basically all I do is lay my panels out. And I mean, I lay my album and then open it as if I was reading it or, you know, looking at it for the very first time. And see what pages or what areas my eyes drawn to first. Since we read left and right, always do one over here and two and then start my numbers like that. And then we will open this again, and I would see this way, which would be three. My four five. 6. Altering Project Life Cards : we are going to need to journaling cards. And here is my plane one and then this one is a check it one. And that's actually not the one I want to use for that one. I want to use this one, which is that Greek paper. And these are from the July studio Calico kit. And I also have of sheet of estate because this is going to be a shaker car. First up, what we're going to do is just punch out a circle or something so that you can get your scissors in there and then you're going to just cook this. Now you remember this car had, like, the, um will you call on Pota Roy shapes. So basically, we're just cut in that square and you can do this with any journaling car, as long as you could it in a square, all right. And now we are going to grab some take. I'm using score tape, which is probably like my favorite tape. I love this take when it comes to doing little stuff like this because it's super strong and you don't have to worry about your shaker bits falling out. What I like to do is kind of it stand pass where I'm going to be putting my estate just to give this a little bit more strength, as you can see, is already not as clumsy. And this is the 1/8 of an inch, um, score tape. All right, so I'm going to take that clear sheet of estate and put it right on my open part, and this comes off, and then that little bit of tape I have up damn, just got a fold it back. All right, So this pitch is actually going to go in here, and I think this is just like the cute his little picture. But I wanted to shake just a little bit. Let's get that off. What I'm going to do is go around and at another line of estate, another line of tape right around the edges. And this is going toe hole in her picture and has got a hole in the little shaker. Biggs. All right. And then I am just going to put her picture on here. Remember, you can always trim it down if you need to. So, you know, kind of be aware of your place meat, and I like that. All right, All right. I am going to grab some of my shaker bits, and I'm going to put them right in here on that part That's still open. And I'm going to try to get out. There we go. I have a sheet of paper in there. Some crimes or something was in here, and I'm just gonna hold it open and pour in a little bit of my shakers. And that's good. I don't want to overdo it. And then I'm going to press the itch bow, and there we go. We have her in a little bit of shaking with worry. So now we need to close everything up to make sure our shaker please don't come out at all . 1/4 inch score. Take. And I am just going to run it along the top in the side to make sure everything is nice and sealed as my back piece. Just to give everything some support, make it all nice and pretty. Now, another thing you can do is you can add something more to this, you know, toe at wording. You can put it down here, or you can add stickers. I love these stickers. So I'm going to grab this one. This is my heart is full because, you know, have a lot of little hearts in there, and I'm going to just add it right over in the corner. And there we go. There you go first. All desert card. Okay, So for my second car, I am going to add some ephemera. This is a really great way, Teoh. Alter a car and jazz it up. And you can take a car like this one where it's like a gorgeous pattern. I love this blue or even something, you know, plain and simple and at some ephemera to it. But to give it a little bit more dimension, have some phone taped phone tape is always my friend. I just love the dimension it gives the project. So I use it a lot is like one of those things I'm buying quite out there. And I kind of go heavy on my leg. Not stingy with my phone. I really like Teoh. Make sure everything is going to stay popped up. If you don't have phone tape, then like pop dots are great. Are great alternative as well. I kind of like that phone take is kind of for me is quicker. Um, but I know some people feel like the pop up, So krigger I just like the phone take because I can cut it in any shape that I want and, you know, working like that. All right. Everything is nice and glittery, and I am going to end it to my, um, journaling cart. And as you can see, these are super quick because who has all day? At least I don't. 7. Decorating the inside pages : I said now we're ready for the fun part decorated not of him. And what I like to do is kind of late mine out as someone with experience and kind of pick and choose which cars. I want to, um, place on my panel's or, you know, do I need, like, more sheets of paper to go over here. I'm not going to use extra sheet of paper like I did here. I'm gonna put my project. Life cards are directly to here just to keep it simple, because this is for a quick and easy album. What I'm going to do is look for like, like colors like both of these are Grings. And I love that this one has one. And this is from her one year old impromptu photo shoot that we had in the house. You know, when your auntie has a camera, this is what happens when I open this up. I will want on these two green pieces together because, you know, they kind of they match each other and it makes it simple and easy on the eyes. But I couldn't do something different, like I could just do a card and a full picture, and it will still look nice. Um, the main thing is to pick cars that go together, so it'd make your job really easy. Because, as you can see, this is Ah, pretty simple. It's a pretty simple album. Once you peeking out your pictures in your journal in cars is the hard part. This one is just applying sticker. So, you know, it really is really not that deep. So for this, I am going to go with these two. I believe I believe I want to do these two. Yeah, I want to use the two great ones. And I really love the way that green pops on that grey. So pretty. So pretty Pretty. All right. So I am just going to flutist down, and what I like to do is get all of my pieces on the album. And then, you know, you can come in and Atmore embellishments in the here. This is how I work. And as you can see, I go heavy on the glue. I mean, on the tape. Just because I don't want my albums to follow apart. Here we go, - Leo . Right? And then I'm going to open it again and let's see what we have here. And I think here I want to kind of at my pieces that had a lot of the blues and the Maybe we could do like a fooling photo and let's see, I've been wounded. Two other fooling photos that would be really pretty for me. My main thing is just keeping it consistent. And, um, I love the way these blues and pinks are playing together. So this is my layout for here. As you can see this album, Super Quick does not take a long time. That's what I really love about these journaling cards. They really do the hard work for you and the fooling photos as well. Good they do they do out of hard work for you. So you get to do is in village Mint, um, user in Village mint, as you say, and I love this approach to use in each journaling cards because I tried like the full project, like Sprint and, you know, having a album for the year. And honestly, it just didn't work for me. I I don't know, I kind of lost motivation with it, and that's not even I see it just It just wasn't that, um it just didn't keep my attention. But I do love the concept of journaling cards because it's like a little mini scrapbook layout on each one, and they're super easy to make. No, let's do our could. You hear? Here you go. So I'm going to flip back from the beginning and see, you know, just experience it and see if I liked the way is going, and I do. I think this is really cool. Thanks. So let's flip these two out. All right? Now we're gonna add some more pictures, okay? And one thing I do, I just decided I wanna at attack to hear because I have this tag up here and I want to use it. And I think I have another picture that I'm going to add here. So I want to create a pocket. So what I am going to do is grab some paper and create a pocket. So I'm going to use of journaling cart and make my pocket. So I have this journaling hard, and I'm going to trim it down because I love this low everyday moment. I think that's really cute. So I'm just gonna trim it and make a pocket out of it. I'm a do that using same score tape. And this is like this tennis court tape I have. And this is one Hey, what I'm going to do is make believe I make a belly band. So I'm just going to put my tape right here on the sides. Let me zoom. And a Fauria, You can see exactly what I'm doing. There we go That I'm going to add this right here in the middle. That way, our little tag slide in and out, and I'm going to add a picture to the back of this tag. I had an extra picture, and I didn't quite know what I wanted to do with it. But now it has a place slide in there like so. And then I could do some journaling on the bedside. Now, this this tape isn't really a living will. So I'm at some of my own, but first, I'm just gonna write my little message. Right. And there we go. We have our message, and I need to let this dry a little bit. Just so that Jail Inc want, you know, come back and Samir everywhere. So I'm just adding a little bit of taped to the back of a sticker. And this is like some sticker photo paper that comes with that cannon, Um, Sylvie printer. And I'm not quite sure how it holds up. So I'm just adding a little bit on the back of here just because, um, you know what tags they are in and out. People pull them and, you know, do stuff with them. So I just want to make sure it lasts. And now they can slide right into are a little Avlynn. There we go. We're going to just place this down trying to keep everything lined up, But I'm not really fussing over it. Kind of eyeballing everything. Um, if you wanna get, you know, like super duper anal about it and make sure like everything is straight, then just grab a T square ruler and draw a line. I'm not doing it. Um, I'm just not. But feel free to do it if you want to. Right. And then let's take this one there. You guys, we are almost doing with, um adding a journalist cars. Okay, Come through it at, um, we'll be able to embellish in a second, which is always the fun part. And I really love this one. It has a little tae, and I put a brand on the back of their there. We go trying to make sure I'm not getting stickies all over my album, just from, you know, from a craftsman. 8. Decorating the cover and spine of the album : All right, So now we are going to add some paper on the spine of our, um, album. And you have a couple of choices you can at a really cool washi tape, or you can use paper. So what I'm going to do is I don't quite need this ribbon going across the back, so I'm going to trim that off. You remember? I didn't add anything here to hold it down because I was unsure how I wanted to do to bet. But now that I know, I could just trim it, and you would never know it was there. And I'm just doing this carefully so that I don't cut my paper. I only want to cut that ribbon, all right? And I am grabbing some score tape just to go on this washi tape. Um, because you know sometime why she tape can be super sticky in the and sometimes it can lose this thing. This is the scotch washing take in my experience, the scotch. Why she tape does stick a lot better. Didn't like some of the other kind. That's just my experience. Um, you know, all the people may have a different experience but for me, I find that the Scotch always has, like, a really good stick to. But because this is going to be something that people are going to be interacting with, I just want to make sure that is super sticky. And I don't think there's anything bedded in this score tape or like a writ landscape or something like that. Teoh get that job done. So that's why I'm adding that to my album, and I am just going to go right up there. And advocacy, it's pretty much the same size. Go right here and take this, bring it on the inside and then I'm going to cut it at an angle ago and I grab a little bit more of this score take and lay it right up on here. Now what I could have did it was made sure that it was long enough to wrap all the way around, but I didn't. So we're gonna do it this way. Either way will work. I gotta go. I'm going to grab a little bit more of this washi tape and put it right over where I laid down the score tape. And I think this just adds a little bit of glitter. And at my scissors up here and it could that even do the same thing on the bottom? I'm going to add this shaker. Um, the Shaker Polaroid that I created. I think it's so cute. Um, and I wanted to stand out, and it's just adorable. My added at a slight angle. And I have some sticky, sticky score tape on the back of it just to keep it on the air, keep it from going anywhere. And I'm adding it got a slight angle. I am so in the angles right now. I don't know why. Nothing is pretty much straight. I think we go through that phase one stuff, angles and Matt Long stuff in angles, and then I'm a comeback and embellishments on here. 9. Adding Embellishments: Les and Bill is, shall we? So my first thing that I love to embellish wit IHS week of Stella and I love this stuff. And what I do is I look and see where I want to add it. Um, it's a little bit already on here, but to me, it just needs a second coke. So I add a little bit here because I really like the glittery look. And I feel like you can't really have too much of this stuff. What are your clothes? To glitter or not to glitter? I will always say to glitter. I'm just gonna let that dry given a little fan. Great. And while that drugs I have some blank paper here, there's no stick. I'm just gonna lay it over there. So I had to worry about that. Getting on anything. You another piece? So all right. Now I want to decide if I want to add anything to my pictures here. I do have the stickers. As you can see, mine are kind of they've seen better days. They have seen better days. So I'm trying to think that I want to add some stickers here just because I have something over here. Something glittery over here would be nice. So I'm ago with the This is just the beginning, since she's one. And it is just the beginning. My sticker had something gross on it, and I'm just going to add this'll. No, don't stick. Plastic edit here. Just at the bottom, The bottom out of photo that I'm gonna cover up a little arm. Yeah, from and happy. Does that go? She's a happy baby, and I'm actually gonna grab my room for this one. You got it straight enough. Is not The street is, but it'll do. I'm just going to go over it just a little bit. Being careful not to, um, Scrapie, everything. So All right, Let's see what else we have. I think we're looking good. All right. I'm thinking about ad in one of these hearts to the front. I know it probably won't last very long, but how cute is it? Oh, it's so cute. So I'm gonna try it, try it out. Really pushed in just because you don't really get to use these cards. And I mean these hearts in too many places because they're usually, you know, since there's they have so much dimension Toe it can comma You had a lot of old but I think it would be cute here. Now we need to do now is tired our ribbon and we're doing 10. Class Project: all right now is the fun part. It's time for you to create your own mini album. Remember to have fun. Crafting is all about being in the moment and just enjoy yourself. If you have any questions at all, be sure to leave them in the comments section of the course. I check it off the and I will be happy to provide you with any assistance that you may need . All right, so have fun and go craft something by.