Class 2: Market Your Classes via Skillshare (Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online Series) | Dvorah Lansky | Skillshare

Class 2: Market Your Classes via Skillshare (Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online Series)

Dvorah Lansky, Author & Course Creation Specialist

Class 2: Market Your Classes via Skillshare (Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online Series)

Dvorah Lansky, Author & Course Creation Specialist

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11 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Optimize Your Teacher Profile

    • 3. Get Seen on Skillshare

    • 4. Strategies to Increase Student Engagement

    • 5. Get Your Classes to Trend on Skillshare

    • 6. Share Class Projects to Showcase Your Class

    • 7. Ways to Get More Reviews

    • 8. How to Boost Class Enrollments

    • 9. Create a Next Steps Video for Your Classes

    • 10. Your Class Project

    • 11. Next Steps

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About This Class

Class #2 in the Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online Series

In this class we’ll explore a variety of ways to market your classes via Skillshare.

Once you create your class, you need to let people know about it.

Here's what you'll learn in this class:

  • Optimize Your Teacher Profile
  • Get Seen on Skillshare
  • Strategies to Increase Student Engagement
  • Get Your Class to Trend on Skillshare 
  • Share Class Projects to Showcase Your Class
  • Ways to Get More Class Reviews
  • Boost Class Enrollments
  • Harness the Power of Your Next Steps Video

You can also check out our other classes on Class Creation and Class Marketing

  • Discover how to create classes based on your knowledge or expertise.
  • Find out how to get noticed by your ideal audience.
  • Take action as you grow your business by sharing your brilliance.

Enjoy exploring!

What Students Are Saying (From the Reviews of This Class)

“I think this is the fourth class I've taken by Dvorah, and they've all been helpful. Super helpful.”
- Alaya Dannu

"I am currently working on my first and second class for SkillShare. I found this training to be full of helpful tips and different ways to engage students to allow for more tips to market classes. As usual, I will be completing my project and uploading it to the SkillShare Platform. Thanks for being here and offering such wonderful tips."
- Dalene Davies


Meet Your Teacher

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Dvorah Lansky

Author & Course Creation Specialist


Greetings! My name is D'vorah Lansky. I have a Master's Degree in Education and am the bestselling author of many books including; the Action Guides for Authors series of workbooks and journals and the Health and Happiness Journal series.

Since 2007 I've created 40+ online training program and have taught online marketing and course creation to thousands of authors, entrepreneurs and creatives, across the globe.

One of my passions is to help people share their brilliance with the world.

I look forward to connecting with you here on Skillshare and welcome you to explore my courses on Creative Course Creation Tips, Tools and Strategies.

I've you'd like, check out my website at:

And you can view my books, workboo... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: welcome to class to from the fun ways to market your classes Online class Siris In this class, we're gonna learn how to market your classes via skill share. And there are a lot of amazing and unique ways that you can reach potential students, increase your income and have a lot of fun in the process. So let's get started. I'm Devora Lansky, best selling author and course creation specialists. And in this class, here's what you'll learn. You'll discover how toe optimize your teacher profile. Get seen on skill share strategies to increase student engagement. Get your class to trend on skill. Share sheer class projects to showcase your class, ways to get more class reviews, how to boost your class enrollments and ways to harness the power of your next steps video . I hope you find this really helpful, and I look forward to discovering which of these strategies intrigue you most, and you'll have a chance to recap that when we get to the Class Project section of this class 2. Optimize Your Teacher Profile: So let's start by talking about ways to optimize your teacher profile. Skill share provides you with a profile page where you can let people know about you, your expertise, your classes, your books, your business and much more. You can post the basics, or you can post in depth content. What I recommend is as you discover classes and teachers that you enjoy studying, I would encourage you to look at their teacher profile page to get ideas. Because there are some unique ideas that you'll discover as you go along. I'm always discovering new ideas that I wonder, Why didn't I think of that? And so it's a great strategy to check out other teachers profiles to see what they're posting. So what I'm going to share here are a few examples to help you get started. Your teacher profile is a fantastic way to help you shine the spotlight on you in a gentle and effective way. So it's not a marketing page. However, you can have marketing content up there about your main business about your books, about your Etsy shop, about your classes, anything that you'd like and it's considered appropriate. And so it's a gentle way to do some wonderful cross promotion of whatever it is that you're involved in. So here are some examples of what you can include on your teacher profile. You can post a compelling teacher bio. You can post a welcome message right on your bio. If you'd like and draw your readers in, you can share about your skills and your expertise. You can include a breaking news section because maybe you have new information that you want to share because you you can always update this section. You can also add images related to your topic, or you can create images of some of your favorite student reviews and share. I wouldn't share a ton of them, but maybe you want to share three or four student reviews right on your teacher profile page. You can create a horizontal shaped image over on camera type in your students review at your students picture, and you can post that right on your teacher profile page. You can also add a few student testimonials if you have students, email you or contact you on the social networks or post a comment on the community tab of your classes, a lot of times people will thank you outside of a review, so you can post student testimonials and you have the opportunity to feature thumbnail images of your classes so your students can easily see an access other classes that you create. Here's an example that I saw from one of the teachers that I was learning from when she she teaches ah, lot of different topics. One of the topics she teaches is how to be successful on skill share. So she has, as you can see, many different topic areas. Currently 84 classes and all and right at the top of her author bio. She lists the Siri's title, and then she lists class number. And each of those numbers are hyperlinked so that people can click on any of those and easily discover other classes that she teaches or other class topics that she teaches. And I thought this was an interesting idea. So this is what I mean by clicking through and seeing what other teachers do, because you'll get ideas for what you might want to add to your teacher channel. So let me show you my teacher profile because I'm just get the sense that people are wondering What is your teacher profile look like? So what I did is I created an image which I header image, which I added to the top. And then I put a brief greeting message and told a little bit about me. You can add hyperlink. So I added a hyperlink to my main website and my book page over on Amazon. And then I chose three of the ah first reviews that I received from students, and I created an image over on camera and added uploaded each of those as images. And then down here, skill share pulls the's in. And when students click on these, they will get to all of my class to, you know, to any of my classes. And so at the time of this recording, I have five classes, and that will be growing because you're part of a series now, which is a seven part series. So that's exciting. And then after that, I'm going to be diving deeper into mawr class creation type content, so this will be growing. And then these are projects that I've participated in as a student, so people will get to click through and find out what you're interested in. So that's what I have so far. I love the idea of some of the ideas that I'm seeing from the other teachers. As a teacher, you can see certain statistics over on the left hand side where you can see how many followers you have, how many people you're following. You can see how many classes you've published, how many hours you've spent learning and what topic areas you are studying in, how many projects you have, how many posts you've posted to the website to the skill share platform, and I'll be talking about why that's a good idea, and this is just a wonderful place for you to explore. 3. Get Seen on Skillshare: So now let's talk about how to get seen on skill share. There are many ways that you can get seen on skill share and become part of the community. It's a fun place to be, and it's a wonderful way to connect with teachers and connect with students. What I recommend is that you attend classes on topics that you're interested in for your hobbies, but that you also attend classes in your niche classes that are related to your expertise. Classes that are related to classes that you'll be teaching. And here's why you'll get a chance to participate in the community. You'll be able to participate in conversations. You'll be able to complete class projects, and you'll get exposure to students who are interested in your topic area. So participate in classes and in community wide workshops and events. You can also join a skill share group related to your topic, and you'll find the group's tab. It's at the top left of the page on skill share. When you click on, you'll see the drop down there for groups and you can find groups on topics you're interested in, and I recommend that you join the teachers group as a teacher on skill share. But I also recommend that you join AH group related to your topic area so you can gain more exposure to leaders in students in your niche area. And I do want to share with you here that you're not looking to spam or scoop students. You're looking to build relationships and get known for your expertise. And by becoming known as a giving, caring person, you're gonna just as a matter of course, grow you're following. So that would be the focus that you have is your be it. Be a welcome guest on the platform and be helpful to others and share your expertise in a way that has you participating as a member of the community. So let's dive deeper in each of these areas. In addition to attending classes related to your hobbies, consider attending classes related to your topic. Area what you'll be teaching because by participating in classes by other teachers who teach on topic related to yours, you'll have opportunities to gain exposure to your ideal students. So go through the training, complete the class projects and participate in the community discussions. What's gonna happen is, people will notice you. Your name will be hyperlinked, and if they're intrigued with what you're saying, they can click through and they can discover more about you and more about your classes. So that's a great way to grow your following. They like what you're saying. They'll also click the follow button and on skill share, you have the opportunity to send out a message to everyone who's following you. You want to use that wisely, but it's a great way to create an ongoing relationship with people who are following you and who are interested in your topic area and then participate in the community wide discussions. And there's a variety of places that you can do that below the class videos in every single class in skill share, there's a tab called Community. You have one in all of your classes, so click on the community tab off the classes that you want to participate in the conversations. There are also workshops and there are places where you can type in your comments there and join in the conversation and connect with the leaders and connect with the other workshop participants. And there's also a group section, and when you post to the groups, you can get to know the other group members and the other group members can get to know you . So when you join in the conversation, you have the opportunity to ask thought provoking questions. People will notice that you get noticed not just by answering questions, which is a wonderful thing to do because answering questions shows that you have expertise in the topic area but also ask questions. So that way you're you're you're participating in the give and take of an online conversation. And when you see people posting questions and you know the answer to the question, be a giving community participant and answer the questions. What you don't want to say is, Hi, I'm an expert in the field or I have a class on that topic or I wrote a book on that topic . You don't want to brag about what it is that you know, but simply share what it is that you know, and they'll see that you have expertise in the area. And of course, if they like what you're saying, they can click through and find out more about you, so participate is a helpful and giving community member. People will take note that you have knowledge in that topic area, and if they're intrigue, they can click through to your profile where they'll learn more about you and your classes . You can also join a skill share group related to your topic. Skill share offers a variety of groups in a variety of different topic areas. You can check them out and find one that focuses on your topic so you can gain exposure to people in your niche and then participate in the conversation. Help others and ask and answer questions. And by giving and sharing, you'll be seen as a kind and approachable person. And then people can again click through to your teacher profile and find out more about you and your classes. 4. Strategies to Increase Student Engagement: Now let's talk about ways to increase student engagement. This is really important. This might be one of the most important things that we're going to talk about today, because if you just create the class and then go on to the next thing without engaging with your students without encouraging your students to go through the content and participate in the class activities, your classes won't get noticed as well as if you spend time creating a class and then really marketing that class and engaging in that class before going on to the next class and then circle back and continue to interact with your students. So let's talk about some of the ways that you can increase student engagement. The key to increasing student engagement is to find warm and welcoming ways to include your students in the conversation while offering them support along the way. If they're going through the class and they feel like there's no accountability and no way to connect with the teacher, they might not go all the way through your class, and they might not complete the class projects. But if your students know that, if they ask questions, the of the community tab below your videos or they post a class project and they're going to get comments from you and get answers to their questions. Not only are they going to go through that class, but they're going to be more likely to go through other classes that you offer. So, for example, when a student post a comment, reply to that comment when they post a class project, respond and let them know that you appreciate them completing the project and make a positive comment about something about their project, or ask a question about their project. When your students post questions, answer the questions. Answer them in a way that other students who likely have those same questions would benefit from. There's a question section, and there's also under the community tab. You can post a question so you can post their a welcome message. You can also encourage your students to post questions, so under your community tab, you should be the 1st 1 to post there, so you get the ball rolling. You can also increase student engagement by offering awards or bonuses for participation, and I'll go into that further in this section so set the stage from the get go post a welcome message as the first comment under the community tab for each of your classes, and you can copy that message from one class to the next and just tweak it for the new class and then let students know in that message what to expect, that you welcome their questions via the community tab and the Projects tab and that you look forward to sharing this class with them. That warm, inviting message sometimes is all it takes for students to want to be part of your community, to want to learn more from you and to complete the classes. Because there are so many classes available on skill share. By creating that entry to where they walk through the door and go through with a few of your lessons and see that they're going to get support along the way, they're going to be more likely to complete the classes. And this creates that win win win situation. So win for them because they're gonna learn it's a win for future students because when they put when your current students post reviews and class projects, future students are going to see what they'll get, and then you'll gain because you'll have that fulfillment that your classes are being appreciated. And remember skill share will pay you based on minutes watched. You can also increase engagement by offering a handout or a worksheet to accompany the class. It could be as simple as a worksheet to help them complete the class project, and what you do is you upload that you upload the handout via the class projects tab in your classes, and this is another way to add great value and become memorable. You can also help them easily find you again because you can post a link back to your classes right in your hand out footer. You can also offer awards to increase student engagement. I recommend that you wait till you have at least two courses created so that you have a sense of how things work on skill share and then consider offering awards to your students , and I have some examples here. What this will do is it will boost class participation, and here's the exciting part. Increase the likelihood off students attending your current and future classes because skill share will email your current students every time you publish a new class, so that's exciting. And if they say, Oh, I remember that teacher he or she has fun contest and awards or I really like the way they teach their class or whatever it is that they enjoyed about learning from you on. They'll be likely to take future classes with you. So here's a bit about awards. You can offer simple awards such as bonus content or a digital badge, which could be an image that you create over on camera. Or you might want to give away a certain number of digital or physical copies of your book , whatever it is that you want to offer. And you can award students for a variety of things, such as completing the class project. That's a great one. Posting the answer to a question via the community tab posting a review, etcetera. She will get further ideas as you go along, but this will help you to get started as you increase student engagement for your classes. I'd also like to encourage you to view the skill share class on student engagement. It's a short, brief training video on student engagement and In that training, Dylan shares tips and best practices for engaging your skill share students, and she walks you through each section of the skill share platform and shows you how to use those areas to increase your student engagement and that will help you build on what you learned in this section. You'll also learn how to communicate your style and personality through your profile, right, compelling discussion post and provide helpful feedback for your students. And here's the link directly to that class. Or you can simply type her name in the search field on the skill share platform. 5. Get Your Classes to Trend on Skillshare: Now let's talk about how to get your class to trend on scale share. This is fantastic. It's like on being on Amazon and being noticed as a top book on Amazon. On skill share, you'll get noticed as a top class on skill share. And so here's a bit on class trending skills. Sure has a trending page. Actually, there are many trending page on each topic area. There's a trending page and that showcases the trending classes. The higher your class appears on the trending page, the more potential students will see it Now. Here is a key because when you first publish your class, you have a great opportunity. The greatest opportunity to get seen and for your class to trend the 1st 2 weeks after your classes published is the key time to get your class to trend. You have a lot of synergy behind you because skill share wants the feature new classes. And so what you want to do is get your class off to a good start. You want to actively promote your class, encourage reviews, encourage participation because those are the things that the skill share algorithm will notice to get your class to trend. So here's a little bit more on trending specifics, and this is according to scale share. This is from the Skill share website. To ensure freshness of content, newer classes are given a slight bump, which is why it's important to get started with class marketing As soon as your class goes live, the more students engage in your class, the higher your class will rise and the more students on skill share will discover it. Your classes position on the trending page is based on an algorithm created capture the attributes of the most enjoyable and engaging classes accounting for both quality and student engagement. So imagine your class on the trending pages for your topic area. So this is what one of the trending pages looks like, and I'd like you to imagine your class on this page so you'll see when you search for classes, you have main topic areas and main sub topic areas, and when you click on the main class topic area, you'll see the sub topics, and you'll also be able to scroll down that page when you scroll down the page. Do you see that on the right hand? side. There, Under this rectangle, you'll see it says trending creative classes, because I clicked on the creative tab. This will be great for you because you'll be able to discover new classes, both from a point of view of classes that you'd want to take as well as you might want to poke around and see what other teachers are doing so that you can make your classes and your teacher section and your teacher profile as effective as possible. So get excited about this, and I can't wait to celebrate your classes being published and your classes trending. 6. Share Class Projects to Showcase Your Class: The next thing I want to talk about is how you can harness the power of your students class projects. You can share class projects from your students with your email subscribers and on the social networks. What this will do is it will serve as social proof third party recognition that others are enjoying your training, and it can demonstrate that your class is actionable. Sharing class project is also a great way to promote your course while showing students what they'll be able to accomplish by going through the training. So rather than guessing what the classes about when potential students poke around and they see class projects from other students and they see how many people are engaging and you start with where you are and you build your gonna have more people participating and more people posting reviews and more people posting class projects and more people taking your classes, this is also a great way to shine the spotlight on your students and encourage others to complete the class projects. People love recognition, and so what happens is when your viewers click on your students class projects, it's going to bring them to your students profile. And if your students, our teachers or your students have a profile about their business, they're going to get more exposure. So you're again expanding that win win win scenario. 7. Ways to Get More Reviews: You can also expand your reach and get your class to trend and increase your class registrations by getting Mawr class reviews. And in this section, I'm gonna share tips on class reviews. First of all, you want to let your students know how their review helps and why you're asking for their review. Posting a review helps you as the teacher know that you're delivering content of value to your students. Reviews are also helpful to future students, as the future students will get a sense of the quality and content of the class. And if it's something that they want to pursue and the person leaving the review will have a chance to reflect on what they gained and what they joined about the class, and this is gonna help them retain more off what they just learned. So what you might want to do is create a slide where you actually ask for reviews and I'll show you an example of that. Here on the skill share platform is, you may have noticed there's a lot going on, and it's not always easy for students to locate the review tab. So what you can do is you can create an attractive slide that includes an image of the review section and you can. You can create a screen, capture off that image, and I'll show you an example off that in just a moment. And then you can take that slide that you create, and you can copy it from Slide Deck to slide that for your future classes, making any changes or updates as you go along. The other thing that you can do is create a brief generic video to use in your classes, and you can post that as one of the last videos in each of your classes. So that's something else that you can do. If you want it to be specific, you can use the slide at the end of each of your classes. Or again, you can create that generic video that you can use in each of your classes. So here's an example of what I created. So I'm gonna just read this as if I was reading this as part of a class which I am here, but that so this is the example of the slide that I created for my reviews and at the end of the class I I'll say something like, I like to thank you so much for taking this class. I hope you enjoyed it, and I'd like to share with you that your class review would be gratefully appreciate it Where you find the review section. You see that image there at the bottom of the page that goes across the screen. That is what it looks like, and that pops up above the videos after you've gone through a few of the videos in the class and you'll see the arrow where it points to the word. Sure, when you click that that will take you toothy Review page, and it's really easy to review a class. You just click a couple of buttons and, of course, they comment would be wonderfully appreciated. It will help me, will help you to recall what you learned in this class, and it will help future students to get a sense of what this class is about. And you also want to leave the review. You can explore my teaching channel where you'll find other classes on the topics of class creation and class marketing. So that might be what I would say in my on my review. Slight 8. How to Boost Class Enrollments: next let's talk about boosting class enrollments because remember, you get paid based on the number of minutes your classes are watched. The easiest way to boost class enrollments is by sharing your skill share referral link. And I'm going to share with you two different ways to do that here in this section. First of all, you can share a referral link to your class channel, where people can get a sense off all of the classes that you teach. Another option is you can share a referral link to specific classes. You get a referral link that you get credit for for each of your classes, and I'm gonna show you in this section of visual of how to locate those links. There are often promotions through skill share, where you'll be able to offer your referrals the opportunity to experience skill share for a free trial period. And that is enticing because people can then hop into skill, share and explore classes during the trial period and if they want to retained their membership than they can continue on. But that's a wonderful way, and you get credit for that, which we'll talk about in just a moment. Another way to boost enrollments for your future classes is one. Students take one of your classes and they follow you. They're going to get an email from skill share each time you publish a new class. You may have seen that if you're taking any classes over at skill share that each time someone you're studying with publishes a new clash, you get a lovely email from skill share, letting you know how to access that class and what that class is about because that announcement is sent out from skill share. Also, when people follow you, you can send out a group announcement, toe all of your followers from all of your classes, or to just students from specific classes. So there are wonderful ways where you can also communicate with your students. You want to use that sparingly. However, you do have that option, and that's a great way to increase engagement. Because you can post an announcement, you can let them know about an upcoming contest. You can share a couple of reviews or testimonials from students, and that will also boost enrollments to your future classes. So the first way to get a referral link is at the top, right? You see the text at the top right of this image at the top, right of the skill sheer page. You'll see a little profile picture of you. When you hover over that, you'll see a drop down and one of the menu items from that drop down is refer a friend on. When you click on that, you'll get to this page. What you see on the screen is what you'll see on that page, and this is your main link. You can either type in the email address and click send and skill share will send them a fancy, beautifully formatted invitation or below that you'll see your link. You copy that link and send that to your friends or social networking contacts, and that's your specific link to your teaching channel. The other thing that you can do is you can click on the social networking icons and that will allow you to post your link. You can add a comment about your class and you can post to the social networks, so that's one way to share refer a link. The other way to share a link is you get a referral ing to each of your classes. So when you go into the edit section of your classes, you see on the left hand side where it says promote. You click on that and you'll see you have a variety of ways that you can promote your link to your students and as a teacher, once you've created your first class on skill share, you can earn $10 for each referral for people who sign up, even for the trial account for a premium membership, so that can add up. And it can also help a lot of people because they get to experience the platform for free during the trial period. And many will continue on because it's such a great value. So those were the two main ways you can share your referral link so that you can boost enrollments to your classes. Let's talk now about ways that you can share those referral links. You can include your referral link in your email signature in your emails or in your email newsletters. You can add a referral link to your profile on social networks. You can add a referral link to your Amazon author profile that's a good one, as long as you add the H T. T p colon forward slash ford slash creating the hyperlink. Amazon is always changing things up over there, but currently, when you add the hyperlinked version of the URL, it becomes clickable, and people will be able to click to your class profile or your specific class from your Amazon author page. So adding you're referring to your Amazon profile is another great way that you can get noticed. You can also include your referral link in any handouts that you create. You can create a footer section, or you can create an about you section or about your classes section in each of your handouts, where you link people to your class profile with your referral link. And another thing that you can do is you can use your referral link as a hyperlink from your blog's posts. Now, in a future class in this series, we're gonna talk all about harnessing the power of your blog's, and that's just one of the things that will cover. But here's a sneak peak from that class. Every time that you published a new class right, a blonde post about that class and what intrigued you, too. Create that class and what people can look forward to learning and then add your referral link to that specific class says a great way to gain more exposure and then using the analogy of the World Wide Web and cross pollinating and marketing in a variety of ways, you can then take that link to that block post and publish it on social networks on Pinterest on YouTube wherever you want to publish it. So people are going to come to your blogging them from your blawg to your classes. So you're creating this multi pronged approach to your online marketing. 9. Create a Next Steps Video for Your Classes: All right, We are in the home stretch here. We're gonna talk about before we get to the class project for this class, we're gonna talk about how to harness the power of your next steps video. I like to post a next steps video as part of the training after I share with students about the class project, and that's where you can let them know and invite them. Teoh, leave a review or how to find other classes or invite them to post whatever it is that you want to share with them. And I'll share some examples here. So at the end of your class, you can have a next steps video, and I recommend that you have one specific for each class or you can make it really personalized. In this video, you can include things such as a thank you to your students for attending your class. Maybe you wanna include a brief recap of what they learned in that class. You can have a review request where you show students where to find the review button and how much you would appreciate their review and how they'll benefit and how future students will benefit from their review. You can also post an invitation to follow you so that they'll receive updates and you can put you can post an image a graphic image, which will show you an example of here of how they follow you, and that's how you'll be able to be in communication with them. And that's how they'll get updates every time you post a new class. You could also mention other classes in your channel. Encourage people to bookmark your classes so they can easily find them moving forward, etcetera, and you'll get more ideas as you go along. The first thing I want to share is that you want to let students know how they'll benefit by following you. By following you, students will receive news and updates about new classes. Special bonuses contest or resource is that you might be offering etcetera. You can also let them know what they can look forward to and how you look forward to sharing more with them. You can include a slide towards the end of your class that invites students to follow you and includes a visual. So I'll demonstrate that hereby inviting you to follow me grin So here I took a screen capture image of the follow section above the videos. You'll see the instructor's name and you'll see that it's hyperlink so people can easily hover over that and see more about you. And they can also click through and get to your teacher channel and you'll see the follow button and then the name of the class, whatever the class, whatever class they're attending will show up at the top of that section. So there is the follow button, and you can invite people to click to follow you. And then you can say something like, I'd like to invite you to scroll up to the top left of this page where you'll see the follow button. This will allow you to get news and updates about new classes in the series, as well as details about upcoming contest. Special resource is, and more so as we prepare to dive into our class project for this class, I'm going Teoh plant the seed in your mind. I'm gonna ask you to reflect for a moment off the marketing activities discuss in this class which intrigue you the most 10. Your Class Project: and here's your class project for this class scroll to the class Project section of this class just below the class videos. You'll see where to submit your class project. And based on what you learned in this class here, please share What are some key takeaways that you learned in this class and which marketing strategies will you use first when marketing your class, you'll also find an action guide that can help you with this exercise via the Projects tab . I'm going to encourage you to also leave an image with your class project because your class project will get noticed more by other students. It will also add visual appeal because class projects will show up on your profile. And you can either add your image, something about your class, something about your business. Or, if you'd like to look for something related, you can go to a public domain image site, such as picks obey dot com. So I look forward to seeing your class project. I comment on all class projects. I look forward to connecting with you 11. Next Steps: I would also like to briefly share some next steps with you. If you're interested in course creation and marketing classes, I'm gonna invite you to check out other classes on my skill shared teaching channel. You'll discover how to create classes based on your knowledge or expertise. You'll find out how to get noticed by your ideal audience, and you'll discover ways to take action as you grow your business by sharing your brilliance. You can find my teaching channel at share your brilliance dot com forward slash skill share . And as we wrap up, I want to thank you for taking this class and let you know that your review would be gratefully appreciated. Look for the review banner just above the videos, and you can click on the button that says, Sure, this banner will appear once you've gone through at least a few videos in this class. So I'd love to know What did you learn today and what did you enjoy most about this class, and your review would be helpful to future students as they discover more what this class is about. It will help you recall what you enjoyed most about this class And of course, it will show me what you enjoyed and will help me and developing content moving forward. So that's our training here today. I am so glad that you could be here. I am cheering you on, and I cannot wait to find out about the classes that you'll be sharing. As I like to say, Here's to your success.