Class 1: Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online

Dvorah Lansky, Author & Course Creation Specialist

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1 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Class 1: Fun Ways to Market Your Classes Online -Series Overview


About This Class

In This Class Series You’ll Discover a Variety of Ways to Market Your Classes Online

This class is Class #1 in the series. In this class you'll get an overview of what you'll learn in the other classes in the series.

Get ready to create a multi-pronged marketing campaign. It’s Important to market your classes on an ongoing basis in a variety of ways,

  • Class 2: Market Your Classes via Skillshare
  • Class 3: Market Your Classes via Your Blog
  • Class 4: Market Your Classes via Your Book
  • Class 5: Market Your Classes via Pinterest
  • Class 6: Market Your Classes via the Social Networks
  • Class 7: Market Your Classes via Audio

What Students Are Saying (From the Reviews of This Class)

"D'vorah is a wonderful teacher and her advice really works. I know that from past experience. She takes the most complicated processes and turns them into simple step by step actions that anyone can do."
- Margaret Reece

"his class gives you a taste for D'vorah's upcoming classes, and now I'm hungry for more! More than just an overview or introduction, D'vorah's class provides a springboard for ideas, encouraging me to feel free to explore as I wait (impatiently!) for her next class in the series."
- Donna K. Fitch

"Beyond being an overview of a series, this class is a great case study for course development, presentation layout, branding, and best of all, repurposing within a specialty. I'm going to study these aspects as I watch it again and follow the template."
- Jaye Tee Solomon

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